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Medicinal Clay Colon Cleanse [message #531] Wed, 02 March 2016 14:00 Go to next message
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Hey guys! Anyone else have any experiences to share regarding this? I don't think it's a very common use for medicinal clays, but the main success I've had using my clay has been for high-strength colon cleansing. Sometimes taking it in smaller amounts helps, and sometimes with psyllium or applied topically, but I've derived the most benefits from drinking thick bentonite "mud." It's pretty disgusting actually... just smelling the dry sodium bentonite powder makes me a little queasy. BUT, I've used herbal colon cleansers and mineral-based formulas, apple cider vinegar concoctions and all sorts of other things, and bentonite really does the trick way better, with pretty much no side effects. My skin gets a little dry, but food and water fixes that later. Plenty of fiber in the diet after the fact is a requirement, of course, and I've recently been taking colostrum powder to help my digestive system repair itself post-cleanse. (That stuff works miracles if you get a true colostrum and aren't allergic or lactose intolerant, fyi.)

If anyone else is interested in a pure bentonite colon cleanse, I think the secret is in two things: 1, exceeding your bowel's tolerance level, and 2, achieving a gel-like consistency, rather than it being watery. It never seems to do any harm (though I'm open to others' views), but of course the bowels want to maintain the proper moisture. Clay is naturally very astringent and dense, so the bowels will expel it. But I feel like the bentonite does some stimulating itself. It works like magic for restoring digestive strength and bowel motility, and my energy levels get a kick every time. The only thing I'd warn against from experience is using your every-day favorite healing clay for this; like I said, the body starts to form an aversion to the smell and taste. (I'd take that as a "don't do this" if I didn't know how good it makes me feel every time!) Also, bentonite in such a high amount seems to start affecting beneficial microbes in the intestines as well as the bad guys. I usually restore balance with raw apple cider vinegar and fermented foods after the cleanse - seems to do the trick.

I know people use clay in colon cleanses, but I never hear about others using it alone in large amounts as a sort of purgative. Maybe it would exacerbate some conditions, like severe constipation or leaky gut - not sure.

Any experiences or opinions?
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Hi Colburn:

There are actually many people who use high dose sodium bentonite for colon cleansing. Donna Pessin wrote a book called "Unique Healing" that promotes such a use.

I would say that there are those that can benefit from this approach, and then there are those that shouldn't do it. As is true with anything, it is importnat to listen to how your body responds.

One thing is for sure: NEVER use high dose sodium bentonite in a state of chronic dehydration. And ALWAYS have a powerful HERBAL laxative on-hand when first starting out; a formula equivalent to Dr. Schulze intestinal formula #1.

I usually recommend that people start off slowly, and increase dosage only if they feel it is necessary. Risk of problems increase as the dosage of sodium bentonite increases above 1 tablespoonful 3TD. People with liver toxicity due to drug use (RX or otherwise) who start off taking a clay gel may... for example... find themselves unable to sleep for 3 or more days.

That said, yes you are correct. A complete terrain change to the colon can have amazing health benefits!

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Thanks for the reply! Guess most ideas have been thought up before. Done a recent third-in-a-row colon cleansing day using bentonite, and feel light and liberated! I think I'll stop there for now, since I feel like too much colon cleansing can be emaciating, and I don't have a lot of extra meat on me to begin with!
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