Earth Cures Antifungal Protocol Water Soluble Mineral Treatment Program

Complete Antifungal/Yeast Protocol – "Novice" Water Soluble Minerals Antifungal Program

Version 0.95 – Beta – March 2019

Water Soluble Antifungal Program

This protocol is designed to comprehensively go after yeast and fungal overgrowth in the primary circulatory system and reduce population counts in the body’s digestive system. It is designed to do this without being too hard on the body; without excessive symptoms due to die-off and related toxicity.

It is also designed to help head off systemic cancer by restoring cellular and soft tissue hydration in the body. This is often caused by digestive system failure... a lack or reduced ability to fully digest/convert minerals through a healthy diet. This is part of a cascading effect often accompanying any chronic illness, be it Lyme disease, CFS, etc.

For those who have studied the Digestive System Recovery and Detox Protocol @ Eytons Earth (now on hiatus), this new protocol will be placed immediately after the Water Module, and before the Mineral Restoration, pH, and Edible Clay Module.

Any individual experiencing serious die-off or a detox reaction should pause for three days, and start again. Also, please share your experience by posting in the forum (link below). This protocol respects the edict: First, do no harm!

This protocol is designed to be a preparatory protocol for a more complete anti-infective program. It has been used by individuals otherwise too ill to tolerate powerful herbs and other antimicrobial and antifungal treatments.

This protocol utilizes water soluble minerals in various forms, each for a very specific reason:

The protocol below should be used as a guide. Individuals may need to make adjustments based on individual needs. As with many EarthCures projects, this is a concept protocol before all else. It is designed to teach information on methods and principles so that individuals can be properly educated to make well-informed decisions, and to give individuals the capability to make any necessary adjustments.

Any individual experiencing serious die-off or a detox reaction should pause for three days, and start again. Also, please share your experience by posting in the forum (link below). This protocol respects the concept: First, do no harm!

This program is designed to be a preparatory protocol for a more complete anti-infective program.

Nine Times Roasted Purple Bamboo Salt

Sea salt is widely known for its ability to suppress fungal growth. Nine Times Roasted Bamboo Salt, due to the biochemicals it absorbs from the bamboo stalk, is significantly better at doing so. This amazing and naturally balanced mineral salt takes close to two years to make. The bamboo salt is roasted in bamboo shoots lined with clay to the point where all of the salt is completely ionized. This makes it the only salt in existence that is actually antioxidant. It has an ORP reading of more than negative 400 when first hydrated (upon use).

Since it is antioxidant, it cannot be used at the same time as the CDS (see below), which is an oxidizing agent. That said, it is very important to use it at this stage due to sea salt's ability to help heal and repair the digestive system.

Many individuals with fungal/yeast issues have severely impaired digestion. Cellular dehydration is an issue (no matter how much water one may be drinking), and the body may not be able to properly ionize minerals consumed through diet (digestion). Nine times roasted bamboo salt provides these minerals in a form that does not require any digestive system energy, and provides these critical minerals in a form that is immediately bio-available! It is these "nutrients" that the body needs to help heal the digestive system. This salt is also extremely alkaline, and will help alkalize the body.

It is also the most expensive salt on Earth. Even so, it is STRONGLY recommended that individuals use the nine times roasted purple bamboo salt for the full duration of this protocol.

If one cannot afford the cost, then substitute Himalayan Crystal sea salt, Celtic sea salt, or Redmond's Real Salt.

It is also important to take the bamboo salt one to two hours away from CDS, or any other oxidizing agent used internally.

The easiest way to use the bamboo salt:

Take between 1/4 and 1 tsp of powder in a minimum of six ounces of water in the morning, an hour or two before starting CDS. Take the morning dose about 10-15 after doing the baking soda and lemon juice. Start with 1/4 tsp of salt and slowly increase the dosage each day until you are taking a maximum of 1 teaspoonful.

Take a second dose one to two hours after finishing the last dose of CDS.

FYI: The maximum amount of roasted bamboo salt that can be taken per day is 16 grams, whereby at least 64 ounces of water would need to be consumed within the same time period. This program calls for a maximum of 12 grams daily, with at least the same amount of water.

The success of any systemic antifungal/yeast program relies upon the body's ability to normalize digestion. Without doing so, any success with this basic program will likely only be temporary! That's why we do have a digestive system cleansing program as one of our primary "EarthCures" projects.

We use bamboo salt from one or two companies, both in Korea: Insan, or Korea Salt. You can purchase Insan 9X Roasted Bamboo Salt from Amazon.

This is by far the most expensive ingredient of this program. However, it is well worth the price.

In the event that the morning dose is too problematic to use due to the baking soda and lemon juice, one can skip the morning dose of bamboo salt, and instead use Himalayan salt, Celtic salt, or Redmond's Real Salt. Rather than taking it in the morning, use it as "food" and dose after meals. If possible, always do the "evening" dose with the nine times roasted bamboo salt! While the stomach is healing, bamboo salt may cause some stomach discomfort. Simply cut back the dose if this does happen.

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) + Lemon Juice First thing in the Morning

This protocol utilizes baking soda and lemon juice to "rinse" the digestive system and kill as much fungal/yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract as possible. While this alone will not fix leaky gut syndrome, it will significantly reduce yeast/fungal population counts, and thus reduce the amount of pathogenic organisms entering into the bloodstream.

The benefits of using lemon and baking soda are too numerous to list here. Suffice it to say that this combination is something that can be used every morning as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended to take the purple nine times roasted bamboo salt about ten or fifteen minutes after completing the baking soda and lemon.

This should only be done once daily, first thing in the morning. People sometimes get overzealous and attempt to use baking soda throughout the day, thinking that it is alkalizing the body and killing fungus/yeast. However, doing so can have the exact opposite effect. Too much baking soda too frequently will change the pH of the colon, which in turn encourages pathogenic organism to grow. The colon's natural pH is acidic; increasing the pH of the colon for a prolonged period of time increases the microbial imbalance.

Baking soda is an amazing and often underestimated therapy. However, it should always be considered alternative medicine as apposed to natural medicine. Unless very specific circumstances dictate an exception, it should only be used first thing in the morning, and it should only be used medicinally (rather than proactively as a "nutrient").

As with most things in alternative medicine, there can be undesired and unforseen consequences to over-use.

Just one example: Baking soda "signals" the body that it is not under attack, which has a calming effect on the immune system. Specifically, this affects mesothelial cells. While this might be excellent for someone with arthritis (for example), there are certainly cases where this can be false signaling, and may have adverse consequences to health.

As always, please apply very sound judgment. There may be times where a person needs to using sodium bicarbonate for two, three, or even four weeks. It may not be wise, however, to use it all of the time. Yes, there are people who use it daily. Just because it works well for one person, does not mean it will work well for everyone.

What's the difference between natural and alternative medicine? Natural medicine is ancestral, and has been time tested for generations upon generations, with usage instructions and guidance based on wisdom developed over a very long period of time. Natural medicine almost always also utilizes substances in their natural form. Alternative medicine, even when using "natural" substances, are therapies that have not used by at least 3-4 generations; they are too new to really know the cross-generational effects, if any! Alternative medicine also often includes substances not used by the natural world, such as bio-electric medicine and ozone therapy, both of which use "natural" substances but do so in a manner that has never been done before in the natural world.

The First Day

First thing in the morning, take 1 teaspoonful of baking soda and mix it into 8 ounces of water. Add the juice of 1/2 - 1 lemon (about 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of lemon juice). Mix well. Consume.

This is one single dose.

The Second Day

Take two doses, one right after the other

The Third Day

Take three doses, one right after the other.

After the third day, decide which dosing strategy works best for you. This should be either one, two, or three doses. Learn to listen carefully to how the body responds. Some individuals might actually crave this formulation, and should take 3 doses every day. For others, 3 doses might loosen the stools too much.

If three doses produces loose stools, or results in other uncomfortable effect (such as prolonged dizziness or light-headedness), take two doses per day for the rest of the program.

If two doses causes unpleasantness, drop down to doing only one dose daily.

If even one dose is problematic, drop down to a 1/2 teaspoon dose rather than full teaspoonful. Periodically, try to increase back up to the 1 teaspoon dose.

If you have brain fog due to fungus/yeast, the baking soda and lemon juice should help. Pay attention to mental concentration levels and alertness. The CO2 released via the reaction between the citric acid (lemon) and the baking soda will enter the blood stream, resulting in a spike/increase in blood oxygenation.

When first starting out, just be mindful of a feeling of light headedness and slight dizziness, which should go away within an hour or so. If it does not, drop your dosage level down.

This part of the protocol is safe and not very controversial.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is amazingly effective against yeast/fungus, and acts quickly. Much of the sodium bicarbonate ends up passing through the colon. This is great for the digestive tract, but won't be very effective against against anything thriving in the extremities of the body or traveling through the bloodstream.

If a sensitivity to citrus exists, do the baking soda without the lemon juice (or perhaps just try a drop or two of lemon juice, if you are not certain why this sensitivity exists).

FYI: The maximum dosage of sodium bicarbonate is 4 teaspoons per day.

Boric Acid (Borax) & Colloidal Silver

The next part of this protocol starts to address fungus/yeast in the bloodstream. Fungus/yeast enters the bloodstream when it has successfully colonized elsewhere in the body. This perpetually places a burden on the body’s immune system and elimination channels.

In some cases, fungus/yeast sets roots in the walls of the colon. This causes leaky gut syndrome, and allows the pathogenic organisms to enter the bloodstream, as well as undigested food (often protoplasm).

Fungus in general can colonize virtually anywhere in the body where the conditions are right: Where it is warm and moist with a mild pH. It often colonizes in the extremities (feet, toenails), but in truth it is extremely opportunistic; it can colonize in the heart, the lungs, and even soft tissues.

To prepare the boric acid water, take only 1/4 tsp (1/8 tsp for women) of high quality Borax and mix it into 500 ml of distilled water (use 1 liter of water if not doing the CDS protocol).

Add to this one ounce of a high quality EIS colloidal silver 10-15 PPM product.

Consume a bit of this every hour, at the “30 minute mark”. The central idea is to consume this water slowly throughout the day.

Boric acid is water-soluble and readily dissolves in water. Fungal/yeast microorganisms have no defense against boric acid, and the human body has a natural tolerance to it; boron is utilized intra-cellularly.

Using Borax/boric acid internally is controversial. However, there is no real reason for the fear mongering. Evidence based medicine suggests that reasonable amounts of borax/boric acid are safe to use as a supplement, and likely have other health benefits as well..

Taking a dose of borax daily is a "treatment" for a limited time, not something to do regularly on a daily basis as a daily nutrient.

A suitable product may be purchased by visiting the link below:

USP Grade Borax / Boric Acid Powder

CDS – Chlorine Dioxide Solution Do the CDS Starting Procedure and Protocol 1000

The “top of the hour” treatment is taken 30 minutes apart from the boric acid.

The substance utilized is called CDS: Chlorine Dioxide Solution. Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidation agent in gas form, which readily dissolves in water.

CDS used internally is extremely controversial, and for good reason. Jim Humble developed protocols using a substance called MMS to treat a wide variety of conditions. The original protocols were terribly hard on the body and ill-advised. Since that time, he has changed his useage philosophy and instructions, but we still do not use MMS with an activator, because it is still very hard on the body.

Initally, MMS would be combined with an activator, and then consumed immediately afterward. The activating agent (at the time, citric acid) would cause a chemical reaction that produced CDS while in the body. This energy release in-body is not therapeutic, although the CDS it produces can be.

I have always called MMS therapy the " poor man's chemotherapy". That’s how difficult the old protocols were to successfully complete. The detox effects were brutal, and for many people, too hard to handle. I was a part of a test group of about one hundred individuals, and out of the hundred, only three of us completed the protocol. One individual died. The initial protocols had us consuming bleaching-levels of MMS; it turned my stool white. Also, imagine the imbalance caused to the microbiome during treatment. The idea to try to kill off everything and hope that the "good guys" recover naturally-- on their own-- is not practicing any sort of wisdom that I am aware of!

However, the advent of chlorine dioxide as a stand alone therapy is a game changer. Unlike MMS with the use of an acidic activator, CDS is actually very gentle on the body, and does not have the same side effects as MMS does. CDS is actually made be reacting MMS with an activating agent, and capturing the CDS which is released. This is all done before using it in the body. Therefore, when the CDS is consumed (unlike the MMS with activator), the immune system does not freak out. It is accepted by the stomach and enters the bloodstream without any systemic catalyst reaction.

In this antifungal/yeast protocol, we utilize Jim Humble’s new “Startup Procedure” and his new “Protocol 1000” developed for use with MMS. Instead of using MMS, we use a highly concentrated CDS product only. This therapy is so gentle that many people are disappointed because they do not experience severe die off reactions… so much so that some question whether the therapy is even working (it is!).

In this protocol, CDS is taken at the top of each hour. No food or beverage is to be consumed for 20 minutes prior to taking the CDS. Then, it takes an average of about 10 minutes to absorb. Another 10 minutes is reserved to allow it to travel through the bloodstream and do its work without accidental interference.

CDS therapy is a bit different than other oxidation therapies such as ozone therapy and hydrogen peroxide therapy. CDS is far more stable in-body than ozone; it is less reactive. CDS is also a SELECTIVE oxidizing agent. This has benefits and drawbacks.

The benefit is that it does NOT add stress to the body directly via oxidation... no need to worry about the body's antioxidant state.

The drawback: You don't get a "reset" on the immune system, nor immune system stimulation, like you do with ozone; no vast increase in cellular respiration.

CDS therapy is also much easier on the stomach (and taste buds) than a typical H2O2 oral-use program.

Please note that in this program, we use a highly concentrated CDS product for convenience. We refer to CDS with a concentration of 24,000 PPM as "CDS+" This is a term coined by us to avoid confusion. As such, you will not see it used elsewhere.

For 8 consecutive hours during the day, one takes a dose of the CDS+ at the top of the hour. Consume nothing for 20 minutes. Then, there is a 20 minute window to consume food (and the boric acid). Finally, consume NOTHING for the next 20 minutes.

Repeat by taking the next dose at the top of the next hour, once again.

Do not take any antioxidants during the eight hour treatment period. Wait one hour after your last dose to take any antioxidants.

This protocol gently oxidizes substances in the bloodstream (mainly) consistently for 8 hours a day.

The CDS protocol is nearly a 4 week protocol. So, during the 4 weeks, if at all possible, do all three treatments religiously.

Check your tongue regularly (white coating?) and you should start to notice improvements.

After week 4, it will be time to re-evaluate, based on the experience.

Over-consumption of carbs/sugars/alcohol could be problematic to the protocol. During this four week period, make every effort to clean up dietary eating habits.

Individuals who have addictions which likely support the pathogenic imbalance in the body should seriously AT LEAST try to cut consumption in half.

Purchase the CDS+ only from the link below. They produce a HIGHLY concentrated CDS. We use this due to the fact that it makes calculating its use very easy. 1 drop of CDS+ is the same as using 1 drop of MMS.

Concentrated CDS+ - 24,000 PPM (CDS+)

This protocol calls for a maximum of 24 drops daily. There is no established maximum dosage at this time, but many people have taken 100 drops daily without any issues, which is four times the recommend dose for this program.

CDS Starting Procedure (CDS+ = @ 24,000 PPM)

The first day of the Starting Procedure drink 1/4 drop of CDS+ every hour for 8 consecutive hours.

The 2nd & 3rd days of the Starting Procedure drink 1/2 drop of CDS+ every hour for 8 consecutive hours.

The 4th day of the Starting Procedure drink 3/4 drop of CDS+ every hour for 8 consecutive hours.

The 5th day of the Starting Procedure drink 1 drop of CDS+ every hour for 8 consecutive hours.

On the 6th day, begin the CDS Protocol 1000.

CDS Protocol 1000

Build up to taking 3 drops of CDS+ every hour for eight consecutive hours for three weeks.

After taking CDS+, wait 20 minutes before consuming food/beverages. Do not consume food/beverages 20 minutes before taking CDS+. This leaves a 20 minute window each hour to eat.

Only use distilled water.

Do not take antioxidants until at least one hour after the last CDS+ dose.

ALWAYS dilute CDS+ before use.

For technical information about CDS, visit and study this link to understand why we CDS is used in this program:

For Those with Steam Ozone Sauna Equipment

At week 3, start to do the ozone steam sauna therapy daily, for five days out of the seven day period. If there is ever a sign of the rash, stop the ozone. Treat the rash area(s) with a therapeutic clay gel until the rash is completely gone. Do not do ozone again at this point. This means that more work needs to be done. You probably need to do the advanced program.

Feet: An Indicator of General Health - Heal the Feet!

Many people, if not all, that develop yeast/fungal issues have foot and/or toe nail fungal issues. This is not a coincidence.

Even if one manages to heal the digestive tract, and cleanse the blood, there is no guarantee that the fungii that has colonized elsewhere will be destroyed. Life is resilient.

It is a good idea to treat the feet and any infected nail. Usually, the feet can be cleared up in a few short weeks. However, toe nail treatment needs to be done diligently for somewhere around a year.

To treat toe nails, simply mix a 50/50 solution of pure turpentine oil with oregano oil. Apply this liberally to any toe nail once to twice daily. It can be helpful to file down the "raised" portion of the toe nail each time you trim the toe nails. Do not file down the nail to far! Be gentle!

For the feet (and any rash/infection issues that are topical, we have an amazing antifungal and antimicrobial product: Antifungal and Antimicrobial Spray Tutorial. Use this twice a day for best results. It will kill all of the foot fungus very rapidly.

However, when the feet get really bad, there are actual changes in the skin itself. In order to restore the skin, we recommend using "Health Feet Foot Cream" by O'Keeffe's. This is not a natural product, and is probably the only "better living through modern chemistry" product we ever recommend. It is that good and effective.

And YES, fungal cells which have colonized in the feet and/or the nails can find their way back into the bloodstream and cause issues!

Remember, there is a very good reason that feet are treated as being sacred in most of the world's religions (the washing of feet, for example)! Take care of your feet!


This is a beginner’s protocol. While it might seem a bit daunting at first, after a few days it will become pretty easy, albeit time consuming. Some might ask if this is a beginner's protocol, what does a super advanced protocol like? Individuals should realize that some people are so ill that they do protocols that take 8-10 hours a day, WITH the help of another individual. One such program is the Incurables program by Dr. Richard Schulze. It is a good idea to start to get these issues dealt with BEFORE the body forces you to try to restore your health as a full time job!

During this treatment program, individuals are strongly encouraged to work on changing dietary habits that tend to support a disease condition. Ultimately, any antimicrobial program will fail if one dose not correct lifestyle choices!

Many people will need more work once this protocol is done. This protocol “sets the stage” for an advanced antimicrobial program which is far more aggressive.

If individuals do this program with diligence, it will make the next more advanced program far easier to tolerate!

Please note: While CDS is not harmful to the body in the concentration used, it is not meant to be used “prophylactically”, ie. on a regular, ongoing basis. Give the body a break for a few weeks in-between rounds.

For questions and/or to report your experience, please visit the forum:

Earth Cures Antifungal Treatment Program - Water Soluble Minerals Protocol - Discussion Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MMS be used instead of CDS+?

No. Interested individuals are welcome to develop their own antifungal protocol. In this program, ONLY CDS should be used.

What about antifungal herbs. Can I use them while doing this program?

If you are already using antifungal herbs like oregano or olive leaf extract, and you well tolerate them, you should continue. If you are not already using them, please refrain from doing so due to tolerance issues. This protocol involves ONLY modified water for a treatment strategy. Herbals, and other components, are used in more advanced protocols.

Can I make the CDS+ water to go?

Yes. If needed, the entire day's supply can be made in advance. Be certain to carry it in a sealed container. Then, simply consume the required amount every hour.

How do I measure 1/4 drop of CDS+?

Add one drop of CDS in a 4 ounce measuring glass. One ounce of water would then be the equivalent of 1/4 drop of CDS. Add this "one ounce" to an eight ounce glass of water and consume. Always dilute CDS before use!

What if I experience detox symptoms?

Detox symptoms should be very mild with this program. If you experience anything severe, discontinue the program and please report the symptoms on the forum.

I don't see the advanced program, when will it be posted?

If a link is not posted here, then the advanced program is still in development or simply has not been publically published. Feel free to write a post at the forum expressing interest ONLY IF you have completed this protocol.

Can I take more CDS+ per hour? Can I take it for more hours? Can I add Colloidal Silver? Can I add DMSO?

We strongly recommend beginners follow this protocol as written. However, if you are returning to this protocol for a second round, you can make these changes to increase the program's effectiveness. However, do so at your discretion, and at your own risk. Remember, this protocol should be virtually "side-effect" free.

I have questions, how can I get answers?

The only way to correspond with at this time is to post at the forum:

Earth Cures Anti-fungal Treatment Program - Water Soluble Minerals Protocol Discussion Forum

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