Advanced Adjuncts to the Digestive System Cleanse

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Specific Co-Therapies/Protocols

Below are optional therapies that can be used while doing the basic digestive cleanse. Most people should probably skip these unless there is a good reason to implement one or more.

There are, however, two therapies that anyone can add and use during the program. These may provide significant additional benefits to the detox protocol:

1. The adjunct which suggests making a complex clay colloid can always be used by anyone. Different colloids are usually co-compatible, because they share the same general characteristics.

2. The adjunct which suggests using fulvic/humic acid and Dr. Higa's Effective Microorganisms can be used by anyone, as desired. People with serious digestive system damage should consider adding this one!

However, as far as the rest goes, most individuals will do well just doing the basic cleanse. Stick with the basic cleanse for the first two month round, unless you have a very specific reason not to.

If one decides to do a second round and has been experiencing specific health issues, then the other adjuncts below can be useful to do at the same time. You can always do another cleanse in the future, and get more comprehensive.

It is not wise to stack too many of these protocols on top of each other (ie. don't do too many at once, and in some cases, TWO might be too many). For best results, use common sense and only do one at a time (except for the complex clay colloid and fulvic acid adjunct, which can be used along with any adjunct cleanse).

Please note that most of these therapies have potential side effects, including loose stools. Make sure that one knows the ideal Expel dose first, and stick with that dosage even if an adjunct therapy causes loose stools.

Check back often as we will be adding many more optional cleansing therapies. In the event that one desires to look them up independently, the therapies not yet added here are:

  • The vitamin C and sea salt flush (one morning once during the program)
  • Apple cider vinegar and honey cleanse (as needed)
  • A Homozon Colon Cleanse (as needed)

Please note that when no exact product brands/links are given, that we currently do not have a preferred vendor to recommend, or in some cases even a preferred brand.

Eventually each of these adjunct therapies/protocols will have its own page. There is a wealth of additional information available on these specific topics. Don't be afraid to do some independent research!

Protocol for Weak and Sluggish Digestion

Please remember, this adjunct therapy is optional. This may be one of the most important adjuncts in this program. This protocol is designed to treat weak, inhibited, sluggish digestion. Since these issues can be quite unique and difficult to isolate the exact cause(s), it is almost a complete program in and of itself. The best way to address weak digestion is via a comprehensive approach. All of the ingredients used in this protocol are health-promoting. Therefore, there is no reason to be shy about the approach, although some people can and will experience a healing crisis.

Did you know that your stomach should feel "warm", comfortable/cozy, and "firey" about ten to fifteen minutes after finishing a meal? Very few people experience this in the modern world due to impaired digestion. Weak and sluggish digestion is the norm, rather than the exception, in this "post industrial" world.

This "comprehensive" approach addresses everything possible to help promote healthy and full digestion. Everything, that is, except iodine insufficiency. If the body has depleted iodine levels, this can result in supressed digestion. Iodine is a subject to itself. At this time, iodine is not part of the cleanse, although it is a part of our comprehensive nutrition and detoxification program.

How do you know if you have weak digestion? Most people who do, know. However, here are some signs:

The recommended strategy:

First, acclimate to the main digestive system cleanse. For many people, a few dietary changes to eat healthier and the basic cleanse is all that is needed to normalize the digestive system. However, for those who continue to have weak, impaired digestion, the following protocol should provide the needed extra support to assist with digestion and nutrient assimilation.

It is advised that an individual add one element per day, rather than starting everything on the same day.

Please note that anything that contributes to stomach/digestive system discomfort should be reduced, paused or eliminated.

Necessary Supplies

  1. Biocore Digestive Enzymes - This "full spectrum" digestive system enzymes will assist the body with breaking down protein, fat and carbohydrates. This is a blend of vegetable-based enzymes that can be traced back to the very first producer of digestive system enzymes, Dr. Jokichi Takamine. There are of course other digestive enzyme blends out there. We have chosen these due to the affordable price as well as the history of production.
  2. Nutricology Pancreatic Enzymes - This is Dr. Nicholas Gonzales' pancreatic enzyme formulation (derived from pork), produced by Nutricology. We recommend taking some time and studying Dr. Gonzales' work with pancreatic enzymes and cancer. There is a book in the Earth Cures Forum download section, available to Charter Members.
  3. HCL (Beatine HCL/Pepsin) - Any of the common brands are fine. 500 mg - 750 mg capsules are fine.
  4. Organic apple cider vinegar - Raw
  5. Organic lemon juice
  6. Swedish Bitters (tincture) - Purchase ready made, or purchase some ready made and then purchase the herbs to make your own tincture
  7. Optional: Organic tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and ceylon cinnamon bark oil - liposomals if possible (you'd have to learn to make your own using the ultrasonic method)

Enzymes - Use With Each Meal

Fifteen to twenty minutes before eating, take a minimum of six capsules of the pancreatic enzymes. If forgotten, go ahead and take them with the meal. If forgotten, go ahead and take them right after eating. It is better to get them in the stomach than to skip the dose due to do scheduling!

Take one to four capsules of the digestive enzyme blend with every meal that includes adequate amounts of protein and/or fat.

Both types of enzymes are necessarily for proper enzymatic action during digestion. This would also be in addition to systemic enzymes for those doing our complete nutrition and detox program!

Digestive System Tonic - Use with Each Meal

In a shot glass, combine the following:

Briefly mix, and the consume immediately before eating. Drinking this and then waiting too long to eat may cause stoomach discomfort, so always consume it just before eating.

The idea is here is to normalize digestion so that all food consumed is properly broken down, to the point where one's stool texture and smell returns to being "healthy". Of course, this is also dependent upon proper microbial balance which is dependent upon proper nutrition!

Betaine HCL - Use with Each Meal

Low stomach acid production is a common cause of sluggish digestion, and can greatly affect immune system function. First, adjust to using the enzymes and digestive system tonic (say for three days or so).

Next, with a meal rich in protein/fat, start by taking one capsule with food. Do this with each meal of the day.

If stomach discomfort (a feeling of "heart burn") does not occur, up the dose to two capsules of Betaine HCL the next day.

If stomach discomfort does not occur at two caps, increase to three capsules on the third day. Keep increasing one capsule each day until you feel the discomfort. This tells you your ideal starting dose: One capsule LESS than what it takes to cause discomfort.

Take your "ideal" starting dose with each heavy meal. Continue doing so until/unless you start to feel discomfort. When this occurs, drop down to a lower dose.

Continue doing this until even one capsule causes discomfort. Once this happens, discontinue use.

This is a very effective method for normalizing stomach acid production. It is, however, not perfect! We recommend that an individual stop at six capsules even if experiencing no discomfort, and then holding at a dose of between 2 and 6 capsules per meal. Anything more than six capsules should be considered high dose HCL therapy, which is something completely different (and outside the scope of this program).

Individuals taking anti-inflammatory medications should ONLY do Betaine HCL under direct medical supervision. It is contra-indicated.

Complex Clay Colloid Useful to Improve Clay Cleansing Action

Add one teaspoonful of properly micronized zeolite and one teaspoonful of fresh water diatomaceous earth to the clay colloid detox drink recommended in the cleanse. Please note that the micronized zeolite can result in a pretty significant cleansing/detox crisis ofr some individuals. At this time, we believe that when this does occur, it is primarily due to kidney function / kidney retention toxicity. This is most often associated with heavy metals. The reaction is temporary, but one may have to reduce the amount used and build up slowly. Again, please make sure that one is well adjusted to the basic protocol before implementing this adjunct.

If needed, one can reduce the amount used. For example, some people may only want to take 1/2 tsp. of each.

You can use any "fresh water" diatomaceous earth.

You can use any ***micronized*** zeolite. High quality micronized zeolite (average particle size 10 microns) may be purchased at the wholesale/bulk store, if desired. Ideal product type is zeolite with an average particle size 10 microns or below. There is no added value to using milled zeolite with "larger" particles (40 microns and up).

Fulvic (and Humic ) Acid and Effective Microorganisms (EMs)
Critical for Nutrient Uptake and Digestive Tract Repair
Added Support for a Healthy Microbiome

Take one to four ounces of a high quality fulvic acid, two to three times daily. Fulvic/Humic acid is comprised of minerals in the form of decomposed plant material (organic acids).

Add just a few drops of Dr. Higa's EMs (Effective Micro-organisms). Dilute both in two to four ounces of drinking water. "EM-1" is a synergistic blend of soil based organisms created to support the "work" of one specific phototropic bacteria.

This can be taken once in the morning (20 minutes before taking the clay detox drink), and then again right before lunch and dinner. This is a great supportive protocol to do for those with a history of complex digestive system complaints.

For some people, this adunct is extremely important. If a person has been experiencing severe digestive system dysfunction, poor nutrition, and/or skin problems, consider adding this one to the basic program. This protocol is so beneficial that it has almost become part of the main "bare bones" cleanse.

Source for Higa's EM-1: EMs Source for high quality fulvic acid: Fulvic/Humic Acid.

You can also use a product called "Restore", which is a specific EXTRACT from fulvic acid. Keep in mind that Restore is at least three times as expensive for the "extract". Fulvic acid is a natural blend of minerals created by decomposed plant matter.

Small Intestinal Cleanse Useful for SIBO and to Stimulate Gastric Juice Production

Please remember, this adjunct therapy is optional. This particular cleanse can be slightly uncomfortable. Use this small intestinal cleanse very sparingly. It is designed to be used about once every two months. However, some people with known severe small intestinal issues have used it as much as once weekly. At most, we recommend using it bi-weekly (once every two weeks) during this 60 day program, provided that an individual responds well to it. Listen to the body, and use wise judgement. During a small intestinal cleanse day, do not drink the clay water. Take a one day break. Do this cleanse when you have a day off.

Necessary Supplies

1. Pure gum spirits - terpentine: You can purchase high quality turpentine here at

2. Organic cold press castor oil: You can purchase high quality castor oil here at

3. A small amount of orange juice.


Skip breakfast. First thing in the morning, mix 1 teaspoonful of turpentine into 3 tablespoons of the organic castor oil. Mix the castor oil and turpentine into an equal amount of orange juice. Individuals on the heavier side can use more castor oil, up to 6 tablespoons. Most people will do just fine with only three tablespoons of the castor oil.
Next, you're ready to go. Simply drink the orange juice containing the castor oil and turpentine.
After 15 minutes, start sipping on very warm, but not hot, drinking water. Keep sipping hot water until you have two to three bowel movements. Drink as much water as possible without becoming too uncomfortable... about three to four cups in an hour period is a good goal (32 ounces).
Continue this process until you have 2-3 bowel movements. This process can easily take 3-4 hours, however everyone will respond a bit differently.
Once completed, you may eat a light lunch and light dinner (listen to what the body desires).
This may cause some discomfort in the abdomen, loose stools, and possibly fatigue. It will pass
This is useful for cleansing the digestive tract, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and candida overgrowth.
Don't forget to take the probiotics later in the day.

Advanced Users

(those with a great deal of experience with this type of cleanse): Add one to three drops of Lipozonoil, or any Para Rizol formulation, to the drink.
Please read the following article on the oral use of castor oil. While we are using castor oil a bit different than with Gerson Therapy, the .pdf article is an excellent paper about its use.
Pay careful attention to the bile issue as it correlates to retention toxicity. One can thus see how valuable oral clay use is to help pull toxins out of bile and thus helping to prevent retention toxicity.

The Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and Lemon Morning Flush
Useful for Brain Fog and Candida Overgrowth

Please remember, this adjunct therapy is optional. This particular cleanse can purge the bowels.
In some cases, brain fog and fatigue are caused by yeast/fungus in the blood stream. In such a situation, doing the baking soda and lemon morning flush will help; sometimes very quickly and dramatically.
Use this cleanse as needed, first thing in the morning only. If one does not experience significant relief from symptoms, then there is no real benefit doing this every day. It can be done "every once in awhile" to knock down candida population counts in the gut, and flush the digestive tract.
Continue using clay with this cleanse. Don't do any other extra oral adjunct therapies when doing this cleanse.

Necessary Supplies

1. Baking Soda - Arm and Hammer is fine.

2. Fresh lemons or pure lemon juice.

3. Water.


Stir one teaspoonful of baking soda and 1/2 ounce of lemon juice into six to eight ounces of water. Drink this first thing in the morning.
Wait for between 15 minutes and one hour to drink your morning clay water detox drink.
Only repeat this cleanse if the body responds favorably. Listen to how the body responds.

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