Clay and Herbal Digestive System (and Colon) Cleanse

Basic "Bare Bones" Protocol + Advanced Adjuncts

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Colon/Digestive Tract Cleanse/Detox

What follows is a highly effective basic digestive system cleanse. It is designed to cleanse not just the colon, but the entire digestive system. Although it is extremely simple, it is extremely effective. It utilizes only a small handful of actual ingredients.

This document should not be construed as medical advice, and its authors do not actually advise that anyone do this program/protocol. It is presented as research material for individuals who have already independently decided to do a natural digestive system cleanse. Individuals are always advised to seek out and follow qualified medical guidance if experiencing digestive system complaints.

This basic cleanse is as simple as possible while still getting the job done. Once all of the elements are clearly understood, it may be modified to suit. As with many of the protocols at, this is a "plug and play" program. It does not require fasting or any specific diet.

However, for best results the following digestive system principles should be followed, to the best of one's ability:


Eat Only Food that the Digestive System is Capable of Digesting

This will vary greatly between different individuals, based on genetics, enzyme production ability, bacterial balance in the digestive tract, etc. Some individuals with weak digestion do better with properly cooked foods, others do better with a balanced diet rich in raw foods. The secret to digestive system mastery is developing the ability to listen to how the body responds to what is consumed, and make the appropriate adjustments.

FYI: According to the traditions of our ancestors, we each need between six and nine cups of healthy vegetation daily in order to support a robust microbiome... in order to properly feed the good bacteria that lives in the digestive tract! This includes green leafy vegetables, sulfurous vegetables, and other deeply colored vegetables. While not necessary for this cleanse, it is a good thing to keep in mind when making healthy changes to one's eating habits.

3 cups of varying vegetables per meal will help to transform your bio-terrain. It also helps prevent over-eating!

It would be very wise (but not necessary) to employ an elimination and detoxification diet during any such cleanse. An example (used in our complete program) would be The Wahls Paleo Plus diet.

Eat Only Clean Food

Work to minimize or eliminate processed food, including foods with added chemicals, hormones, and otherwise "fortified" food. Work toward eating food with minimal pesticides (organic) and other chemicals. Eliminate over-cooking and minimize the use of the microwave oven, whenever possible.

Here's an important fact: The body has evolved to neutralize plant toxins in plants that we can successfully eat. Specifically, eating bitter plants sends a signal to the liver that we've eaten something with toxins in it. However, the liver does not recognize many man made chemicals as toxic, so it does nothing to try to neutralize them. Therefore, eating at least some bitter food with each meal will greatly assist the body's innate detox ability... even if this means simply buying, or making, a Swedish Bitters tincture, and using it right before each meal!

Do Not Over Eat

Over-consumption of anything is a barrier to cleansing.

There are many good colon cleansing programs out there. For many years we recommended following the guidance of Dr. Richard Schulze, especially the use of his Intestinal Formula #1 for individuals with severe constipation issues, and his two month colon cleansing program along with his products. His programs are excellent, but can become quite involved.

This program is designed to be as "doable" as possible, without requiring a lot of extra equipment use (blenders, juicers, enema bags, etc.) and without extensive daily preperation. It is also not limited to the colon, but works to help address the entire digestive system.


This Cleanse Uses Exactly Four Ingredients

Expel - Seven Herb Formulation to Cleanse the Colon

Expel is a supplement sold by Tim O'Shea, Dc (who runs the website It is a blend of seven herbs designed to cleanse and restore function to the colon: Senna, Psyllium, Fennel, Kelp, Cornsilk, King Solomon's Seal, and Rhubarb Root.
It must be used for sixty consecutive days. Expel can be purchased here. A two month supply is needed. This would be two bottles, but it is advisable to purchase three bottles. This formulation, unlike many others, does not contain harsh, irritating herbs, and is not habit forming.

Edible Therapeutic Clay

For this cleanse, we do recommend a swelling clay, either a clay sold as calcium montmorillonite/bentonite or sodium montmorillonite/bentonite. Use the Eytons' Earth buyer's guide to purchase high quality edible clay.


High quality probiotics must be used. At this time, we can't recommend one single "best" probiotic. One can use Florabiotics made by Tim O'shea's company, one can use something like Dr. Mercola probiotics. As long as the probiotics are a high quality formulation, they will suffice. Make certain that the probiotics contain the DDS-1 strain.

Drinking Water

Detoxification always requires plenty of good, clean drinking water. Men should drink a total of 2 liters of water daily, while women should drink a total of 1.75 liters daily.

In Order to Transform the Digestive System Bio-terrain and Heal
Six Things Must Occur

Completely evacuate the colon

Evacuating the colon also means that all all mucoid plaque needs to be purged. This process takes about 2 months. This "purging" must be done every single day if the lining of the colon (etc.) is going to heal.

Neutralize / Bind all Toxic Substances

At the same time the colon is being purged, you need to transform the bio-terrain completely by using binders and bulking agents (this includes eating food for good bacteria).

Digest all Food Eaten

At the same time, you need to be certain that your body can digest every last morsel consumed (hence try to eat a natural diet for best results -- perfection is not required, but it helps). This is the only tricky part, as different people may have unique dietary needs. Undigested food stops the whole transformation process. Over consumption stops the detoxification process. Under-nutrition (malnourishment) also vastly effects the process (which is why this is very, very different from actual water fasting).

Eliminate Toxins in the Bile

At the same time, eliminate toxins coming through bile that kill off good bacteria and thus help support pathogenic overgrowth. Anything that does come through needs to be properly bound to avoid retention toxicity. This is a repeat of number three, but it's actually important to consider bile specifically, as it is recycled many times during its journey through the digestive tract!

Flood the Digestive Tract with Probiotics

Then, and only then (with all of the above in place), can probiotics really make a difference... and they have to be used in the proper quantity. You literally have to flood the system at the same time as you flush it. The idea here is to use probiotics by the bottle (as well as natural fermented food), not the capsule.

Most probiotics that people take are simply killed off by existing colonies when reaching the colon. This is also why purging daily is so important, so that the incoming organisms can actually live to establish colonies. When individuals aren't getting the best results with this cleanse, the next step is to double the amount of probiotics taken (this isn't usually required).

Do One Through Five Every Single Day

All of this needs to be done every single day while the digestive system heals. People who accomplish this successfully experience a transformation in gut function. If you experience a transformation in gut function, you experience a transformation in immune system function, as well. Most people have reported good to excellent results.

Others may need more help. Good digestion requires proper enzyme production, proper stomach acid production, and proper bile production. A thyroid condition (along with adrenal fatigue) is the #1 barrier to good colon function, with those who are otherwise eating healthy. Even so, most of these individuals can still benefit from doing a simple cleanse!

The Basic Protocol

Every night, about an hour after dinner, take one to four capsules of Expel with two full glasses of water. Start with one capsule, and increase by one each night until you evacuate your bowels in the morning. The idea is to eliminate more feces in the morning than you regularly eliminate when doing a bowel movement normally. Taking too much Expel (like taking four capsules when you really only need two) will simply result in looser stool with a bit more cramping. This is not necessary. Expel is meant to be very gentle on the digestive tract.

Once you have established your ideal dose (this should be done within the first week), then it is time to introduce edible clay.

The night before, mix one tablespoonful of edible clay into 250 - 500 ml of water. The best way is to use a BPA free plastic shaker bottle with a lid (do not use any metal aggitator that may have come with the bottle).

First thing in the morning, shake the bottle containing the clay water once more. Allow it to settle for three minutes, and then drink all of the clay water. You can leave any sediment behind (or you can drink it). Some clays have more sediment than others.

Ideally, wait one hour before eating breakfast. During this pre-breakfast morning period, try to drink a total of 500 milliters of water, including the water used for the clay.

Men need to drink a total of at least 2 liters of clean drinking water each day. Women need to drink 1.75 liters each day.

Finally, take a "maximum dose" of probiotics with each meal (three times daily). The amount of probiotics to take will depend upon the probiotics that you purchase. A general rule of thumb would be to take 3 to 6 capsules with each meal. The operative idea is to perpetually replenish the gut flora with while on this cleanse.

Most will tolerate starting clay very well with the colon cleansing herbs in use. However, if one experiences any difficulty with clay use, switch from taking clay in the morning to taking clay in between lunch and dinner (away from food).

Continue with the clay, drinking water, and Expel for a total of two months. It's that simple.

In addition, a section of "adjunct protocols" is provided. Please note that the adjuncts are all optional. It is perfectly acceptable to simply do the basic digestive system cleansing protocol. The basic cleanse is pretty easy and gentle, some of the adjuncts can be more "heavy hitting".

Also, please note that the method of adjusting to the use of clay in this cleanse is a bit different than what is recommended in the Eytons' Earth Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Using Edible Clay. This is due to the fact that we are using colon cleansing herbs along with the clay. It is highly recommended that individuals take some time to read the beginner's guide to using edible clay.


Expect the use of Expel to change your appetite. Once your bacterial balance starts to shift, the body will crave far less junk food. While going through this two month process, learn to listen to the body's feedback and trust what it is communicating. The use of Expel certainly helps to support a shift in dietary habits. In order for this effect to be fully realized, one must take the Expel every single day without fail, and be sure to take it with plenty of water to ensure effectiveness!

While this cleanse is designed to be very gentle, individuals with detoxification issues may experience some fatigue. Work with the body, not against it! If fatigue is experienced, allow the body to rest as it needs to.

Those who have read the material on the "doctorwithin" website will note that this is not the full cleanse that Tim O'shea does. This is a stripped down version, making it more affordable to do.

However, any ambitious individuals should feel free to add in digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, more minerals, and the basic chelation. However, we do not recommend doing the chelation therapy at the same time as the digestive cleanse unless you are also eating perfectly, and fasting intermittently.

There's nothing wrong with simply starting with the basic cleanse!

Clay is well known for its ability to help the body detoxify. However, it also has extraordinary healing power as well. It is useful for any type of injury or damage in the digestive tract, from stomach ulcerations to hemorrhoids. Please be sure to read the Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Using Edible Clay to learn about the amazing health promoting properties of a good edible clay.

If for some reason one cannot take it first thing in the morning, then any time will do, as long as it is an hour away from food and other supplements ( 2 hours is best).

A colon cleanse is usually the first recommended cleanse in any comprehensive detoxification protocol. It is imperative that the colon be in good working order before attempting other forms of cleansing, such as a liver cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, etc.

It can also be argued that forced heavy metal cleansing (using chelation agents) should be performed after colon cleansing. However, some comprehensive programs use chelation agents at the same time. As long as such a program is designed to prevent retention toxicity (the re-absorption of heavy metals and toxins that would otherwise be eliminated from the body successfully), then there is no real safety concern. Some people react to even tiny amounts of chemicalized oral chelation agents like ALA or EDTA.

Therefore, for extremely toxic individuals, if at all possible it is better to take a few months to work on the digestive system and cleaning up the diet before doing any other detoxification protocol.

The shortest effective colon cleansing program that we have seen is a two month program. Due to the "layers" that need to be uncovered, there is no effective short cut. A good digestive system cleanse does much more than getting the colon fully evacuated, which is relatively easy to do... even easier with "drugs". A good cleanse works to restore function to the digestive system by healing actual tissues back to their normal state, purging all of the accumulated waste present, and transforming the bioterrain of the digestive tract.

This program is extremely effective at purging mucoid plaque. When you begin to eliminate mucoid plaque, going to the bathroom will start to have a different sensation. Sometimes, one might notice strangely formed strips of material being purged. These can be short or long. This is mucoid plaque. Purging mucoid plaque is one of the main goals of this cleanse.

Many people are critical of detoxification protocols and programs. One scientific viewpoint is that the body is designed to be able to detoxify itself, and therefore has no need for extra cleansing protocols. To a certain extent, this is true.

If an individual has not grown old, has not had any significant chronic illness (especially infections), has a great genetic profile, has had perfect eating habits, and has avoided all of the man made toxic waste that currently permeates our modern environment, then a detoxification protocol might not be needed.

However, we know very few individuals who can fill those idyllic shoes. For everyone else, there is much to gain (and only a little bit of extra weight to lose) from learning how to effectively support the body's natural detoxification channels.

This can be done very safely, very affordably, and even in an enjoyable manner. Not everything healthy has to be torture! Why not let a great digestive system cleanse be the catalyst and inspiration for a healthier, happier lifestyle!

For a clear perspective on detoxification and cleansing protocols, please read this article @ Eytons' Earth:

Detoxification: A New Perspective on Detox & Cleansing Protocols

Many people are also critical of probiotic supplementation. It is actually rare for an individual to report good benefits or healing as a result of probiotic use. There are many reasons for this, and it is agreed that probiotic use in and of itself has very limited value when used alone.

1. In many cases, the existing colonies of bacteria view probiotics used as supplements as an invading force. The new comers are often killed off very quickly. In order for probiotic use to be effective, a new symbiosis must be established. The new micro-organisms must colonize.

2. Low quality probiotics won't likely survive the trip into the colon.

3. Very few supplement companies recommend using enough brobiotics to make a difference.

4. Individuals with toxicity issues will not have a bioterrain conducive to healthy gut flora. Heavy metals and other toxic waste simply kill off the new bacteria.

With this program, the central idea is a complete cleansing/transformation of the bio-terrain of the digestive tract, which allows for recolonization of healthy gut flora.

How critical the probiotic supplementation is in the program is largely individual. Some people will need probiotics more than others. If the microbiome is not healthy, probiotics can be critical to success.

The herbs used in this program may not be strong enough for individuals with a very severe case of an impacted colon (there are various "offical" types of conditions, but they all share the same problem). If, after a month on this program, the herbs are not working exactly the way that they should (evacuation of the bowels first thing in the morning, with the elimination of more feces than usual), and especially if one is experiencing abdominal pain, AND one does not take medications that are known to interfere with colon function, then one may need to take extra steps. One thing to try is two months using Dr. Richard Schulze's Intestinal Formula Number 1. These "heavy hitting" herbs work very differently from Expel.

The central idea here is to get the job done of completely evacuating the "concrete" stool trapped in the colon, and then returning to the use of Expel. At this point (after 2 months), one can even use them both together, if needed.

If said individuals are able to, employing integrative medicine may be a prudent decision: With the presence of abdominal pain, and/or unrelenting constipation with intermittent diarrhea that will not resolve, it is a good idea to get a CT scan to rule in or out any type of impacted colon that hasn't responded to diligent therapy.

How does this occur, even with a good program in place? Many times, these types of conditions are caused by a "perfect storm":

1. The consumption of things like hydrogenated oils, even if it has been years since one has eaten things like potato chips, fast food, and processed food. One must check labels!

2. A chronically dehydrated body/colon.

3. A pH/electrolyte imbalance in the body that results in things like calcium leeching from the bones. The result is that calcium deposits can form nearly anywhere.

4. A "lazy" colon, where peristalsis has been impaired. There are countless ways that this disease condition can occur, including the over use of antibiotics, chronic infections, and chronic fatigue, just to name a few.

5. Severe thyroid problems can interfere with colon function, although usually the herbs used will be enough to get the job done.

The Seduction of Other Protocols/Programs

As a writer, I'm always trying to find the perfect words to express an idea. As a researcher I am (and should be) very constrained from emotional manipulation, for ethical reasons. The protocols and programs at EarthCures are written in a manner to provide accurate and concise information, and are intentionally not written with the intent to motivate.

There are many researchers out there that operate on the exact opposite principle. The program/protocol is presented in a manner that is as alluring as possible. They not only encourage, they inspire. Some motivate by manipulating fear, and most offer bribery as a form of motivation ("you will lose 10 pounds!"; "you will feel a TON of energy!"). These are all very effective methods.

This is not "wrong", but it can easily be misguided. A program or protocol should stand or fall on its own merits. Individuals should do them not because they are seductive, but because the individual already knows the work is needed, and said individual is drawn to do the work. Ultimately, the value itself is in doing the work, and not just the results. It is the beginning of wisdom to understand that results are always deceptive. Why? Because the work is never done. The human ego is never satisfied, perfection may be persued with complete abandon, but never achieved. Achieving perfection would be, in itself, self defeating. Perfect truly is its own flaw. This is the exact nature of the living universe.

There is nothing wrong with the art of teaching; with enthusiasm; with aspiration, "ispiration" and inspiration. There's nothing wrong with basking in the sun. However, it should be done separately from the protocol, not as a part of it!

There can only ever be one promise: If you do the work, the work will get done. Period. Anything else is the bonus!

I enjoy studying other cleanses. There are even a few more that may eventually reach the EarthCures project (always where good science meets wise traditions!).

However, many cleanses, even when you've achieved the desired outcome, already set a person up for future failure (many juice cleanses are point and case). Some digestive system programs out there appear to be very effective because they often do achieve great things in the body... just not the very precise goal of permanently transforming the bio-terrain of the digestive system. Just because a cleanse cleanses, does not mean that any real healing has been achieved.

I like to state that these tutorials are concept pieces rather than instructions. The real intrinsic value is in understanding the exact principles behind the practices. Once you understand exactly what you want to accomplish, and know exactly what needs to be achieved, you then have the real capability of evaluating other programs, protocols, and even ideas.

There may be many different ways to achieve the end goal of restoring function to the digestive system. That said, they must all be able accomplish the exact things outlined in this protocol. There are many protocols and programs out there that claim to deliver, but most of them ultimately fail.

However, due to cognitive bias, it doesn't really matter if they work as advertised or not. Those that do them believe that they have succeeded, and encourage and congratulate each other, celebrate, and move on. This is human nature. Once a person believes that success has been achieved, a person often stops and moves on, or even begins their own well-intentioned crusade to help others.

This is why it has taken me thirty years to write this simple protocol. Even so, it is likely still not perfect as it stands, even with all of the advanced adjuncts included.

For example, the best way to re-establish microbial balance in the colon just might be with very special "super bio-terrain" probiotic suppositories. The best way to stimulate digestive system "organ function" might be with clay packs, castor oil packs, and electromedicine. There is always something more to be discovered.

It is very easy to succeed doing this very simple cleanse. Getting the digestive working well enough to do deeper cleansing (such as a heavy metal cleanse) and working more efficiently is relatively easy to do.

Mastering the digestive system and completely restoring it to perfect health? That is not so easy. With this goal in mind, this protocol is only the beginning.

How do you know if your digestive system is working perfectly? Not easily.

However, about ten to fifteen minutes after eating a meal, the stomach should feel like a beautifully warm furnace. You should feel a sensation, almost like a gently rolling heat that is quite comforting.

Bloating is eliminated. The body still does produce gas, but there is never any discomfort, and there is never a foul odor.

Feces should be perfectly formed. The body should effortlessly evacuate once, twice or three times daily. For most people, it should be twice to three times daily. The smell of the feces should be "pleasant" but pungent, or even have no smell at all.

MOST OF ALL, the body stops craving unhealthy foods. Carb cravings do not exist. The body stops craving sugar.

The body becomes a very sensitive instrument and lets you know exactly what it needs.

With this basic cleanse, it is unlikely that most will experience this transformation completely. Even with our basic 120 day program, most will not reach this "coveted" goal easily.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT, when such a person does eat something unhealthy, the digestive has no problem dealing with it (just like a child or teenager's digestive system), as long as it is not habitual. Eating it may not make you feel wonderful, but your digestive system won't feel like a bloated, twisting knot!

What is the ultimate goal then, far beyond "cleansing"? Actual healing. That is the goal. That is the journey. This protocol is ultimately designed to support that journey, but it is not the journey itself!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Expel be habit forming? I have heard that many bowel cleansing herbs result in developing a "lazy colon".

Unlike many other bowel herbal formulations, Expel is not habit forming. After the program ends, it takes just a few short days for the body to adjust back to normal.

Can I keep taking Expel?

After the first two months, take break. If desired, one can break for a month or so, and then do another cleanse. However, doing multiple "rounds" isn't very productive if one hasn't changed one's lifestyle to reflect a healthy digestive system!

Many people will not be able to completely heal the colon and permanently correct eating habits in a few short months. Perhaps the changes that you made to eating habits are starting to revert back. Perhaps you'd like to continue to lose a bit more weight. Perhaps you just sense that you can continue to benefit from another round of Expel. Provided that you are pleased with the results of the cleanse, there is nothing wrong with doing another round after a break.

Expel can be used "as needed" once the cleanse has been completed.

Can I use my home brew probiotics?

You can use substances like fermented cabbage juice or kefir in place of probiotics provided that they are properly made. However, you may wish to purchase a professional full spectrum probiotic, and mix one capsule into your home brew each time you take the probiotics, or even simply emptying one capsule of probiotics into one day's supply of fermented cabbage juice or kefir.

What's the best time to take probiotics? Before a meal, during, or after the meal?

If the formulation is high quality, it doesn't matter that much.

To be technical, though, probiotics will have to survive less hospitable bio-terrain conditions if taken about half way through the meal. A high quality probiotic contains strains that are highly resistant to stomach acid, and have been conditioned to survive the journey through the upper digestive system tract.

Considering quality, it is important to have a multi-strain formulation where all of the strains have been fermented together. Single strain probiotics, even in mega doses, are often viewed as foreign by the existing flora in the digestive tract, and can be eliminated quickly by the existing bacterial population.

Sometimes, in order to get the desirable strains to colonize, probiotics need to be taken in sufficient quantity to be able to "take over" the existing bio-terrain. This is likely why some probiotic proponents state that in order to really get the benefit, probiotic capsules should be taken by the handful, not by the capsule!

With this program, provided that one is not eating/consuming something that is killing off the probiotics, and provided that a person is consuming enough fiber with each meal, the maximum suggested dose three times a day should do the job.

What about enemas and colonics?

The best way to heal the body is from the inside out, and from top (digestion) to bottom (elimination). Individuals can elect to do colonics once at the beginning of the program, or do enemas if needed. Doing colonics and/or enemas has nothing to do with actually healing the digestive system. Coffee enemas can be useful for liver cleansing, for example, but do nothing to positively impact gut flora or colon function.

These types of therapies are simply not necessary with this program. In the future, we might add an advanced adjunct recommending ozone colonics, or an enema followed by rectal ozone insufflation, especially for individuals dealing with severe chronic infections and associated toxicity. Therapeutic ozone does have amazing healing potential.

It seems like I'm now eliminating more fecal matter then the amount of food I am eating. How is this possible?

This means that the cleanse is working perfectly. Not only does it indicate that the body is in cleansing mode, but it also indicates that you now have an abundance of healthy gut flora working in the digestive tract.

Most people will lose some weight during this cleanse, as the body works to restore homeostasis. The digestive system becomes much more efficient, which results not only in the elimination of accumulated toxins stored in the body, but it also results in improved nutrient uptake.

Can I do a heavy metal cleanse with chelating agents at the same time as this digestive system cleanse?

There is no such thing as gentle chelation, even when using completely natural heavy metal chelators. Having completed this 60 day digestive system cleanse, some individuals may elect to pursue a heavy metal cleanse. We have a bare bones heavy metal cleanse that is as safe as possible.

Please note that It is not possible to completely cleanse the body of its heavy metal burden in 60 days, although it is possible to return the body to a state of homeostasis and reduce the amounts of heavy metals travelling through the blood stream. How do we know this? From the work of Dr. Christopher Shade (among others), who has a phD in environmental mercury. His testing methods are far more advanced and sensitive than an average laboratory. His work, like what is commonly taught in many schools of natural medicine, supports the idea that the body goes through stages of heavy metal cleansing, even when using challenge/chelation agents.

Why do some doctors state with absolute certainty that their chelation program is completely safe and gentle? Are they lying? Not necessarily. What must be happening is that the doctor presents the program to his or her patients with so much enthusiasm and "fan fare", that patients who experience side effects feel guilty and lie to their doctors. Some doctors tend to blame patients for failures, and people can sense this subconsciously.

Researchers who approach heavy metal cleansing from an objective and open point of view quickly realize that some people do great on a heavy metal cleansing program, while others have a tough time.

Therefore, our position is that there is no gentle chelation program, but a properly designed program can have fail safes that make such a program both safe and effective. Part of this process, whenever possible, is to FIRST do a 60 day digestive system cleansing program to open the body's natural channels of elimination. Retention toxicity is the biggest barier to heavy metal cleansing, and an individual will not likely know ahead of time if using chelating agents will cause a problem.

Once an individual has completed a bare bones natural heavy metal cleanse successfully, one can then elect to do a more advanced program, using chemical agents such as EDTA, reduced alpha lipoic acid, micronized zeolite, NAC, etc., along with systemic enzymes to get some great repair work done in the cardiovascular system!

Can you recommend a complete nutritional and detoxification program?

This basic cleanse is actually a part of our nutrition and detox program. Please visit the page: Eytons' Earth's Nutritional and Detoxification Study Program for further information.

Where Did this Cleanse Come From?

This cleanse is a simple "distillation" of the works of V. E. Irons, Dr. Richard Anderson, and Dr. Tim O'Shea. It is also rooted in the natural medicine/herbal philosophy of Dr. Richard Schulze, and his mentor, Dr. Christopher.

It is designed as an entry level cleanse that can be safely and easily performed by anyone.

Recommended Reading

A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Edible Clay - Everything a new user needs to know about therapeutic edible clay.

Expel - Tim O'shea's page on the use of his herbal formulation Expel.

Detoxification: A New Perspective on Detox and Cleansing Protocols - Eytons' Earth publication outlining the principles of detoxification.

This program is still in beta development, which means that the core components are subject to change. If you elect to do the cleanse, it would be very helpful if you post your personal experience in the online forum: Digestive System Cleansing Using Edible Clay and Expel.

The Advanced OPTIONAL Adjunct Therapies Are Now Located on
Page 2: Adjuncts/Additional Protocols for Digestive System Recovery

Most people should just stick with the basic "bare bones" program. However, there are two great additions that anyone can use, plus adjunct therapies for very specific purposes. It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with these options so that you know that they are available if needed.

The two additions anyone can do: 1. Make a complex clay colloid to improve detoxification. 2. Add fulvic/humic acid and soil based organisms (SBOs). Examples of optional/specific therapies include an adjunct for candida/fungal overgrowth, and there is also an adjunct protocol for weak digestion. Visit page 2: Additional Therapies for Digestive System Restoration

Change Log

January 18th, 2019

No functional changes made to the program itself, this edit was simply adding additional information, expanding upon the dietary advice, and adding the brief history of the cleanse.

February 10, 2019

Added the fulvic acid and EM adjunct recommendation. Corrected a broken link. Changed some wording.

March 1st, 2019

March 29th, 2019

Corrected a few typos.

April 21th, 2019

Added the short essay on "the seduction of other protocols/programs" to the commentary section.

June 2nd, 2019

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Corrected a typo where the phrase "single strain antibiotic" should have been "single strain probiotic"

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