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Heavy Metal Cleansing - Simplicity is the Best Approach
« on: February 08, 2019, 11:46:30 AM »
Below is a link to the protocol for the "bare bones" heavy metal cleansing:


It is always advisable to first do a simple colon cleanse before doing any heavy metal detoxification protocol:

EarthCures Basic Digestive System Cleanse

There are many ways to reach the same destination when it comes to heavy metal cleansing and detoxification.  Ours is not the only protocol that works.  It is however, the simplest while still being thorough and as safe as possible.

Our approach is based on both hospital clinical trials (done with cilantro and clay in Japan) and a great deal of wisdom and experience.

Simple is always best.

When an individual chooses heavy hitting chelation therapy, or in fact any heavy metal cleanse, without first repairing and cleansing the digestive system, that individual is rolling the dice.  Maybe it will work out fine, but that person could end up making matters much worse, and for an extended period of time measured in months.

People ask things all of the time such as "shoudn't we add chlorella?", or some other addition to the EarthCures protocol.  While it is true that chlorella, when used properly, is an excellent aid to detoxification, did you know that nearly 1/3 of the population has an intolerance to it?  Reactions can be so bad it puts a person in bed for a few days.  Of course, the same person is told by "gurus" that they are experiencing a healing crisis, when in fact they are experiencing an intolerance due to genetics.  So, not only is this person experiencing the effects of the toxicity, they then have to deal with getting ill.

This is not the way to practice natural healing.

Others have developed protocols that work for a certain percentage of the population,  but HURT a small segment of the population as well.  An example of this is the Cutler Protocol.  The Cutler Protocol is AMAZING when done by the right person.  However, the Cutler Protocol does not even acknowledge retention toxicity which can be disastrous for someone with kidney retention toxicity or liver retention toxicity.

This is also not the way to practice natural medicine.

Others combine heavy metal cleansing with sauna therapy, which is almost always a good idea.  Almost always.  We do not suggest starting out with sauna therapy because there will be that one individual who is in Phase 1 Detoxification failure, whose detox genes have been completely down regulated, who also have retention toxicity.  That body is NOT ready for detox, not by a long shot.  Sauna therapy will force toxins... both water soluble and fat soluble, back into the active metabolism.  Such an individual is usually not equipped to handle the detox reaction.

This is another way not to practice natural medicine.

It is not wise to mistake someone else's passion for wisdom!  There are many demanding voices out there.  Practice discretion.  Remember that what works for one person may not work for another.

It is natural for us as humans to want to get creative with our projects.  In the case of toxicity, it would be wise to stick to the simplicity, at least for 3-4 weeks.

The best way to practice natural holistic medicine is to build on small successes, make small changes, and slowly and deliberately move forward.

First get the digestive system in order.  Take the 60 days.  Consider improving one's eating habits during this period.

Next, take another sixty days or so doing the bare bones heavy metal cleanse.

After that, the body should be able to handle more heavy hitting substances like ALA, EDTA, NAC; things like ozone therapy or some other bio-oxidation therapy.

If desiring to study heavy metal cleansing deeper, please stick with the experts first.  Study all of the work by Dr. Christopher Shade, and Dr. Klinghardt.

Find those of us who are always perpetually checking and rechecking our work, looking for weaknesses, looking to make improvements while following the dictate:  First, do NO harm!

The biggest issue that individuals have with this protocol is a deep (and strange) fear of cilantro.  All of South America would probably find this extremely humorous.

Yes, cilantro is a powerful heavy metal mobilizing substance.  So are things like ALA, NAC, and EDTA.  No cilantro does not and cannot bind all of the metals the body releases with its use.  Newsflash:  Neither can ALA, NAC, or EDTA.  If they could, people would not experience detox reactions, because the metals would be inert.

THIS IS WHY the first step is to hydrate the body properly, and do a basic digestive system cleanse.  It prepares the body for further detox in a safe and controlled manner.

It is then an amazing experience to feel the brain fog of toxicity melt away, and it should be almost effortless if done properly.

The origin of this protocol is unique.  For 20 years, I've been getting the emails from people who have been harmed by EDTA, who got ill trying The Cutler Protocol, who crashed trying to use things like NAC and ALA.  I've even corresponded with individuals who could ONLY tolerate drinking water and clay baths to start.

As an empath, I feel the pain, doubt, and confusion that others experience.  While it all looks simple, a great deal of painstakingly thorough research has gone into its development, in order to make it as safe and natural as possible.

For further information about detoxification in general, please read the following article:

Detoxification:  A New Perspective
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