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"Hold still now
For the moving information close to you
You could never force it in your life:
This decision
To break it
Without hope you cannot start the day..."
- Jon Anderson, YES

I've been studying the mind since I was about 17 years old. By age 22 or 23, I was teaching very specific meditation methods specifically to those who could not meditate, blending a specific form of metaphysics with a few specific forms of meditation to help overcome common...  and not so common...  mental and emotional blocks.

Recently I've (re-)started working on an interactive project designed to explore the very basics of meditation and metaphysics.  Like all of my work, it is being produced with one goal:   To help one person get to where they most need to go, even if that simply means giving this hypothetical person just enough information and experience to be able to figure out where they want to "go" next!

As such, I think that this will be a great starting place for those who are new to things like meditation and metaphysics.  Individuals will come to know the exact definition of what meditation is (and is not), and learn to carefully question their own MOTIVE for practicing.  The project has taken some interesting twists and turns, and it's turning out to be something very unique.  It was supposed to be completed within six months, but I'm already behind that "deadline".

By the end of the program, each individual will have experience in all forms of meditation, and thus have the information needed to make a decision on how meditation will fit into one's life.  Different people have different needs at different times in life.  The goal here is to remove the confusion and to find clarity of what motivates a person to continue the practice.

While this exploration includes all forms of meditation, there is a special emphasis upon sound-based and sound-enhanced meditation, including sonic-based mental training and healing music.

What started out as a basic tutorial has turned into something a bit new...  I'm currently entitling it "An Exploration into the Ways of Listening:  A Modern Beginner's Guide to Meditation"

I use a lot of very awesome technologies/tools to assist training the mind.  The interactive portion of the project will be an intensive daily immersion into different forms/variations of meditation.  The time required will be from one to two and a half hours, broken into two or three sessions daily.  Some things will be done every day, while others, only once to twice weekly.

Currently, this exploration includes:

*Understanding that there are exactly three distinct forms of meditation.  The world of meditation is not black and white, there are dozens of variations of these three forms:

1) Passive, 2) Active, 3) Creative

*Exploration of the three basic "pillars" that are at the core of all meditative practice:  A) Brain Training, B) Creativity, C) Healing

This helps an individual understand one's own motive and direction.  Things like the idea of enlightenment, achieving serenity, etc., are all simply about training the brain to behave in a specific manner; connecting to a greater reality; letting go of the past, the "present past", and the "past-future (in favor of the real, unknown future).

To help avoid confusion, note that all contemplative meditations are classified as creative.

More spiritual pursuits (concepts such as OBE and so-called remote viewing, distant healing, etc)-- anything that exists OUTSIDE of the SELF-- are outside of the scope of this work

*This program includes an exploration of various guided meditations, which includes one specific and comprehensive guided meditation that lasts from between 30 to 60 minutes.  This uses a very simple technology to focus the mind, quite similar to the Silva Method, and includes immersion into an EXPANDED "version" of the "traditional" seven chakras or energy centers.  This meditation uses only basic theta "beat" entrainment and music, and was written and recorded by yours truly.  It is meant to be a relaxation tool, a healing tool, and creativity exploration tool.

*The first "main" portion of the practice is a comprehensive brain entrainment program that takes exactly six months to complete. This uses a wide variety of audio/frequency methods to train the brain to easily reach deeper levels of consciousness.  This training is useful for more advanced work in the future.  I've explored six different programs, and have settled on Brain Evolution (Brain EV), for many different reasons.  Brain EV is a streamlined re-constructed "version" (reverse engineered) of HoloSync's program.

*The program includes a mindful meditation practice, but only AFTER the first six months for those who wish to pursue further training (using Iawake Technology, Profound Meditation 3.0).

*A healing breathing meditation (passive creative) is used for several months as the second daily session. This utilizes the Ison Method and variants, and is wonderful for those who need healing more than training.  This not only retrains the subconscious mind to live in a relaxed state, the basic breathing method is preparatory for more strict breathing methods-- such as Pranayama or advanced cobra-- should individuals desire to pursue such a practice later.

*After the first month of practicing one training and one healing session each day, there is an exploration of meditating to intentional music using specific frequencies which carry information.

*After two months, we further explore the idea of "listening to the body" by listening to sofleggio frequencies that target different parts of the body.  This further increases mind to body awareness.

*After three months, more healing and training work is introduced featuring several "programs".  This is an exploration of alpha-dominant states of consciousness featuring the "zen" state of being.  The alpha track is composed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is the guy that NASA called to study and produce the sounds of the planets.  In particular, his Psycho-Sensory Integration Series, and his latest work "Beyond".

Here, there is an optional sub-program exploring heart and brain coherence... this is a focus on taking responsibility for our emotional states, and working on increasing heart-centered living and changing the chemical addictions we have to past emotional states. This includes a few audios produced by IAwake, including a guided meditation and musical score by Nadja Lind.  This also includes an exploration of the "heartcentric" work of musician and composer Barry Goldstein.  Finally, it includes Dr. Joe Dispenza's heart coherence meditation which is seamlessly worked into "The Ison Method".

The end goal is to get the heart and mind working well with the body's own field of energy... to ultimately get the heart overflowing into the energy field of the person, and then into the energy field of the environment!  This, of course, is a very tall order for most people, and takes a great deal of work.

Theta is explored during month 4, with an optional sub-program on TRANCE states of consciousness, exploring the world's ancient traditions using dance, music, and especially drumming to induce deep states of transcendent consciousness.  This includes a score by Dane Potts, among others.

Finally, Delta (dominant brainwave states) is explored in month 5.  This includes using near sleep states to put the body into deep states of healing, and even learning how to use specific audios to take amazing 10, 20, or 30 minute naps.

Things like Gamma and Epsilon are explored later, AFTER the initial training and then AFTER 3-6 months more of mindfulness meditation training!

For our optional advanced study and exploration group,  we have things like the very specific science of pineal gland activation...  but what we need to find is the profound and exact science of surrendering!

I first decided to set aside about six to nine months of my life to fine tune and deeply research the methods involved, while I also write an extensive tutorial to clarify, simplify, and explore the depths of meditation... and from the exact individual perspective desired (as apposed to a strict theological approach, or one with a doctrine such as Buddhism or the multitude of Yogic paths such as Tantra, which also has multitudinous different "ways" or paths).  The "deadline" has been fast approaching, and I'm not yet done, so I may have to extend it.

I'm very excited about this program because as we, as individuals, get older, the old adage "The Best is Yet to Be" becomes harder and harder to justify.  I believe that the only way to continue to make this optimistic principle true is to start mastering the mind and liberating the heart; to do the work within, to travel inward. 

Ideally, this work really should be started in ones 30's-50's, in order to ensure a good level of mastery when reaching the 70's and up...  As they say, it's ideal to be able to "get your 10,000 hours in".  However, there is no time like the present, regardless of age!

This program will ultimately be a doorway to a life long daily practice.  I'm designing it to hopefully help avoid common pitfalls such as boredom, "overwhelm" walls, mental blocks, missed expectations, etc.

It is designed as an exploration and is not a "mastery class".  It will, however, explore avenues of meditation that even the most seasoned meditators are not aware of.  Since it is an exploration, participants will be introduced to very unique practices of many different cultures, including a not very well known contemplative Polynesian practice!

Not every practice is for everyone!  Practitioners are always encouraged to simply drop any practice that does not resonate; the idea is to get the experience and find the methods/practices that work best on an individual level.

Check back here at the Meditation and Concentrate forum, where I will post updates as I am able.  Since this has started to take much longer than I anticipated, I also try to include enough information in this forum and sub-forums to give interested individuals a glimpse into the ultimate program.

Until completed, of course, feel free to utilize and enjoy the forum on mental health, meditation, concentration, prayer, contemplation and communion!

***If anyone is interested in helping to test out the emerging "Exploration:  Meditation" program, please contact me with a request.  There may be an opening during the testing phase!***
"...Shadows come alight from the vision that flowed
Shake it off, passion is the flame of the fire
Does it matter? Can you give love?
Can you hear it come? Can you see what you like?
What's the matter? Don't you want to risk?
Don't you want to hold me? Hold me, dance in the rain
I feel the love in your eyes, I can see you coming..."
- Jon Anderson, YES
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Re: Meditation Exploration- Beginner's Program: Learn How to Meditate
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Greetings, all:

Here are some interesting  "reports" from "alpha" testers...


"Now that we are at the end of the first month I thought I would share with you my overall view.

"The first 2 weeks were challenging. Brain activity was high and learning how to relax and let go was a job. I found that I was searching, seeking experiences, focusing on an outcome.

The last 2 weeks have been incredible. Easing into deeper breathing and listening yet allowing thoughts and emotions to surface, acknowledging them and letting go..."

"A few experiences over last 2 weeks:

"-I watched as my body shrunk, aura pulled in and completely compressed around it - my entire body had electric feel similar to the vibration of tuning forks.

"-during deep relaxed states the body had many releases of tension (kriyas)l; some were subtle and others dramatic. What I did notice was that they occurred mostly on the left side of the body.

"-I experienced at one point a couple times where the body, mind, and spirit thought that the music had ended and said "ok, we are done now"... It felt as though my body got up and then suddenly the music started again bringing me back down and inward.

"-lastly I had one day only of complete "bliss" where I did not want the experience to end.

"Overall it was more relaxing, less focused on an outcome, brain activity has changed immensely, greater acceptance and allowing, and time goes by quickly."


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience to date!

It is really valuable to hear your experience from a more "yogic" perspective.

I do ****think**** this whole experience is going to be beneficial for individuals across a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. That's my goal, to help enhance whatever path a person is currently on! ...rather than trying to define an "alternate" one, or change it, or create a new one...

Yes, that one day of bliss! ...a gentle gift that lets us know we are moving toward the natural flow! :)


"Up to this stage of the meditations along with audio tracks I have observed how my awareness of sound has become more select.

"What may have resonated before now sounds sharp, distorted, irritating etc. When selecting spa type music for background noise the other day I could not believe how challenging it was to find songs where the tones resonated."

Using a brain training system is quite literally taking the time to build and reinforce new neural networks.  A side effect of this training
is that it will probably completely change the way one interprets sound and music.

Once completed, one will really notice the difference in the music of those that really understand sacred geometry, frequencies, and sound.

Most spa and "relaxation" music is not really relaxing at all.  At best, it is distracting in a pleasant manner!  There are exceptions, and we certainly will listen to some of them during this exploration program!
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Change to survive.  Adapt to thrive.
Jason R. Eaton
Author of Upon a Clay Tablet
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Re: Meditation Exploration- Beginner's Program: Learn How to Meditate
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Hi Jason, I would be interested in being a part of the testing if an opening should come up-thanks so much! Jane French