Topic: Using Green desert clay gel / magma with Himalayan sea salt sole  (Read 41319 times)

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I've been experimenting with using Green Desert Clay hydrated with Himalayan sea salt sole for skin and mouth conditions. It's proving to be effective in resolving the issues. Previously I've used clay gel by itself, and sea salt sole by itself. By combining the two, a healing synergy is created, which has just amazed me.

For making the clay-sole gel, I use Jason's basic method: I mix up the clay gel / magma with 2 parts water to 1 part clay, slowly sifting in the clay over the water surface. The mix is allowed to sit for 24 hours or more to fully hydrate and gel. The Himalayan sea salt sole can be added as part of the initial 2 parts water, or added after the clay gel is hydrated.

I use a thin layer of the clay-sole gel on my skin. Multiple thin layers can be applied, or just one.

Does it sting? Yes, at first. Intensely. Uncomfortably. I adjust the % of sole according to my skin's tolerance for the initial stinging. Of course, wherever there's tender, sore, damaged tissue, the stinging is increased. On intact skin, it stings less, but it still does sting. Fortunately, I find that the stinging dissipates as I leave the clay-sole mixture on.

I can leave the face / skin masque on for a long time, both re-hydrating with spring water or dilute sea salt water, or just letting the masque dry. The longer I leave it on, the greater the healing is achieved. After rinsing the masque off, I notice there isn't any drying of my healthy skin, but there is a healing of the unhealthy skin. Repeating the process proves beneficial. And yes, it still stings, every time, at the beginning.

Used as a mouth swish, the same thing is experienced --- discomfort initially, then dissipating. Continuing to swish for several minutes increases the healing, in proportion to the amount of time spent swishing the clay-sole, and the % of sole.

In my process of experimentation, I gradually worked up to this recipe --- starting with a very dilute mix. It's a relief to find I can max out the % of sea salt safely, and adjust it according to comfort. The sweet spot between comfort and speed of healing varies; the % of sole and the length of time of treatment can be adjusted accordingly.

As always, I Iisten to my body for guidance, direction, and inspiration. She knows best.
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Re: Using Green desert clay gel / magma with Himalayan sea salt sole
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Hi DancingTree:

Thank you so much for posting your experience and experiments with making the "salt sole" hydrated clay.

I was suprised to discover that when using the right amount of minerals with good water:  The clay becomes much less drying to the skin, and it can therefore be used longer and/or more often on the skin.

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