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Brain EV System - Brainwave Entrainment Program
« on: October 21, 2019, 02:21:24 PM »
I've spent quite some time looking at the differences between different brain entrainment programs.  Brainwave entrainment is certainly NOT for everyone, but for those that respond well to it, more "formal" training can be a very beneficial addition to a regular meditation practice.

Why Brain EV as the recommended system?

1.  It is simple.  You can't "do it wrong" and then second guess yourself. Other programs have people mixing and matching audios, are not clear on expected completion time frames, etc.  Brain EV did a lot of things right.

2.  In essence, it is a re-engineering of Holosync.   Holo Sync is the original pioneering work in the field of brain wave entrainment.  Their work, as such is not really too creative until you get to audio number 7.  Audio 7 shows that they didn't just hack Holosync, they must have learned a great deal from the whole process, because the 7th audio is one of the most impressive I've entrainment compositions I've personally experienced.

3.  They disclose the exact timing and frequencies used.  They explain their methodology very clearly.

4.  Once you get passed the sales pitch, there are no pretenses.

I don't believe that a system like this is an "end all".  In fact, I recommend using it ONLY and SPECIFICALLY to train the brain for further/future work.  I believe that it's true value is in training the brain/mind to accept/access deeper states of relaxation and awareness with relative ease.  Once a person has the ability to access these states, the real work can begin.

Does Brain EV do everything they sell/advertise?  Maybe.  Some people report great results, while others simply found the six month program relaxing.  It's all about what you put into it.

Brain EV will likely be part of the first "beginners" section of our interactive meditation/relaxation/concentration tutorial.

I thought I would throw this forum up in case anyone wanted to share their experiences, since the original Brain EV forum has been closed (but you can still find the archives online).
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