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I've been studying the "strange and unusual" since I was about twelve years old...  probably even younger.  I've found that the universe is far more strange and wondrous than it is "normal" and drab.

It is us, desperately holding on to our old and comfortable patterns, that narrow the scope of the experiential universe.  And that's ok, it is in our very nature to develop and then accept successful behavior patterns... and from a survival point of view. 

However, it is also in our nature to be explorers and adventurers... We are built with curiosity and the desire to communicate and create.   

It is also easy to get lost.  When exploring the far reaches of the human mind, it is quite necessary to have the capability to ground oneself and "know" thyself.  Ideas are more powerful than humans, and creativity is equally-- maybe even more-- powerful than "reality" itself.  So, be careful!

I usually don't like subliminal messaging.  However, I do see the value that it may bring in certain situations.  I also don't usually like to mess with things like "planetary influences", "higher beings", and other things that risk influencing or even usurping the soul's sovereign free will; not without a specific task or purpose.  I also don't think that humans are advanced or smart enough to really successfully play with forces that are far beyond our understanding.  When you play with fire, eventually you get burned.

That said, I am also extremely pragmatic.  The link below is to an audio recording that claims to be able to permanently change a person's eye color.  Based on all of the You tube comments, it either works fairly well or induces a shared delusional state!

I'm posting it here for further exploration.  I don't have time to explore everything on the planet, so if anyone wants to explore the ideas and methods presented, please do so and share results!   I don't particularly care about eye color; I think it would be more important for a person to learn to accept and love themselves.  However, "eye color" is a very testable change.  Color is not generally subjective.  A change from brown eyes to blue eyes would be document-able.  It's a great experiment to test the thesis of the audio's creators.

Vibration is everything.   Exploring sound and how it impacts the human condition is an amazing frontier well worth diving into!

Most spiritual practices can and often do change the eye color.  Usually, it is described as "brightening" or "lightening".  I've been aware of this for a long time, but have never really wanted to explored it.

The link above is the booster.  You also have to choose an eye "color", and then will get "best results" using the two audios together.

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