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"Overwhelm", Thompson's PSI Series, Thoughts and Notes
« on: October 29, 2019, 01:00:59 PM »
These are just some thoughts and notes saved from a facebook group discussion to consider for further refinement:

On the topic of "overwhelm", which is a state of consciousness that poses a resistance to brain entrainment or altered states of consciousness; it is most often a state of dissonance.  Generally speaking, one should listen to how the body responds and act accordingly.  However, here are some additional thoughts on the subject:

In particular, Dr. Thompson's work has helped me understand the "overwhelm" phenomenon much better than previously.  It is described as an overwhelm of the nervous system... and it can be this for sure... but I think most often it is two fields clashing. This is essentially meeting subconscious resistance.

The more that the fields you can consciously work with become equally powerful or even more powerful than the fields on the audio (or in the environment)... or even the "subconscious" default, the more you can simply mentally overpower the overwhelm with simple intention via concentration.

This takes a lot of practice!

When I hit a state of overwhelm for whatever reason (other than a flu/cold), I immediately sense that my brain is not going to cooperate with the entraining wave forms... By virtue of conscious will, I simply take my mind to a deeper state than the audio is entraining to, and focus on one single point, and return to that point over and over again while consciously commanding the body and mind to remain relaxed. Oh, I should state that I will usually only do that for 20 minutes, even if the meditation is normally an hour. I would use the rest of the time for a non-entrainment meditation if I was doing an hour session.

If one does not yet have the power to do that, one would first have to get very comfortable at reaching deep levels of relaxation using passive meditation methods....or even something like Silva's original method.  Concentration develops with simple practice.

I simply let the subconscious mind try to win a fight which it cannot, and keep my body in a completely relaxed state. The idea is to get the nervous system to follow the relaxed state, and not the frequency dissonance.

I came up with this method based on the central ideas of Mouni Sadhu in his landmark work "Concentration".

It may NOT be the best idea!  It is a better idea for most to simply rest and recover. I often don't have that luxury, I'm always working on time sensitive projects and tasks. I have to get about two to three hours in a day, rain or shine. ;)

To explore all of this personally, I would recommend Dr. Thompson's "Psycho-Sensory Integration Series". I wish he'd write more about it.
 This series seems to force a person to confront a wide variety of conscious to subconscious blockages.

It's the only audio set that I've ever done that provides a COMPLETELY different experience each time.  Doing the series is what gave me the training/capability to recognize the nuances.

This series is not a walk in the park and shouldn't be unless you happen to be a fully integrated human. I'm a tightly wound basket case of a human, so it's a great program. :)

It should not (but can) be approached as an active meditation or a passive meditation. Approaching it either way will be to miss the adventure. It should be approached as a creative meditation where you begin by approaching it passively, just listening, and then recognize when something changes the entraining, and then meeting that head on.

I am still not getting what you mean by "recognizing the nuances" though. If you care to explain, I'd be super grateful.

Quite a journey this all is, eh?

I first did training to be able to pick up and recognize abnormal environmental scalar waves. This made me sensitive enough to learn some additional things.

The mind blocks/filters/neutralizes a LOT of information within us and around us all of the time. But, just because the mind filters it, does not mean that this information is lost.

Doing these types of training exercises can (but doesn't have to) sensitize you to the nuances of many different energy systems.

For Thompson's PSI, for example, you should be able to, within a few weeks to a few months, be able to "know" the instant that your mind decides to harmonize with frequency entrainment. Sometimes, it is a "drift into", while sometimes it is a "snap".  You, ideally, will also be able to recognize "instantly" when the subconscious mind rebels against the wave forms (and then be able to make a conscious decision what to do about it).

With Thompson's PSI, once you are "in"... in cooperation and resonance with the energy/frequencies, other things might then start to happen, which you can learn to recognize.

As the "3D-->4D" audio sweeps, scans, rises, falls, etc., you might all of the sudden partially lose entrainment, and perceive a "blockage" which might feel like a wall or a heaviness. It could feel like anything, it is YOUR creative mind that is doing the translating.

You can "meet" this blockage with your conscious awareness. Unknown to you (unconscious), this blockage is connected to a trauma, injury, or blockage somewhere in the physical or emotional body, even though it feels like it is in the "head".

You can learn to find a way to "drift" with this blockage, and allow it to "push you" into the body where you will all of the sudden gain an awareness (you'll feel the actual blockage in the body tissue).

You can just sit there and "stare" at the wall/blockage.

Or you can muscle through it with sheer will power, perhaps, and dissolve it. Literally go into it with conscious awareness (similar to bringing light into a place where there was once darkness).

That's what I mean when I talk about "nuances". Not just deeper states of being (Alpha, Theta, Delta, etc.), not just an ability to meditate/relax, but increased awareness of things you were blind to before. With this increased awareness comes new opportunities and choices...  and even challenges to deal with.

I love many different forms of meditation aids... Iawake is near the top, but almost everyone out there uses a hammer and sand paper, while Dr. Thompson creates you into a symphony that you become a part of...  and PSI is unique in his portfolio/collection, as is "Beyond", as is "Delta Sleep 1.0".

It takes about six months of daily work to get the mind trained into "beginner mode" with some programs... with some programs, in takes 2-3 years.

But, even then, the mind has much further to go.

When I first did Thompson's work, I was only hearing sounds. Fifteen years later, and I think I'm picking up on about 60% of the information, maybe 70% with some pieces.

With the PSI, I would have a strategy of something like listening to number 1 for seven days, then number 2 for seven days...etc...
After the last one, run through the series again one day each audio. Then, drop it for a month or two. Then, return.
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