Topic: The Ison Method for Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Deep Relaxation  (Read 10771 times)

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The Ison Method for Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Deep Relaxation
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:30:55 AM »
For years upon decades I've been looking for an effortless way to teach an introduction to breathing; something that is attractive... simple yet profound...  something that sticks with individuals.  Something that, in short order, delivers an experience where the light bulb turns on and a person gets an "ahah I get it!" light bulb then exploding moment.

Funny thing:  I've been involved in natural and alternative medicine for about 30 years, and I can't remember one time where an individual was attracted to "change the course" and work on breathing.  Granted, most people are attracted to my work for things like digestive system healing, detoxification, working on infections, etc.  I've been away from the more spiritual arenas for a very long time.

I'm no exception to the "rule" of general breath work avoidance...  I've avoided breath work during many phases of my own life.  However, I don't have an excuse, because I've been well aware of the power of breath for most of my life.  The power of breath is the power of life itself.

Breathing is the single most important thing that we humans do.  People generally won't really be open to changing the breath until they are good and ready.  Why?  Because changing one's breathing is changing everything, and people, whether they are conscious of it or not, know this fact deep down.

Doing breath work changes the very nature of how we experience consciousness, and hence ultimately changes how we express consciousness.  Sometimes, this change is not easy, as conscious breathing forces us to face parts of ourself that we may not want to deal with.  Deep down we know we have the choice NOT to deal with some of this stuff during this life time.

So, the fact that a person has to be ready in order to do the work, doesn't bother me in the least.  That's very natural.  It's not something I've ever argued about, and I've never pushed anyone into doing anything.  In particular, I've never tried to "sell" people on breathing.

In the past, I've relied upon teachings such as four stage pranayama, which eventually induces a natural, rhythmic flow. I like pranayama because it involved both diaphragm breathing and chest breathing.  It is deep breathing without stress breathing.  However, it does take quite awhile for a person to be able to develop this skill to the point of effortless relaxation.  It is easy to give up the practice, and move on.  Breathing is either very difficult or very boring, until you become adept at it.

The fact that it has taken me this long to discover the work of David Ison is shocking to me.   Over a half of million people have done the Ison Method just through the NIH (National Institute of Health).  The NIH did clinical trials on his method for pain pain management, and scientifically established its effectiveness.

But the Ison Method is much more than a pain management program.  It can be a "manage anything you can imagine" program.

David uses exceptionally composed sound in the form of rhythmic music to entrain the mind and guide deep breathing.  One can consider his breathing method as a precursor to "formal" pranayama.  The brain entrainment methods he uses makes learning how to breath and relax at a very deep level almost effortless.

It is much more effortless than I ever thought was possible, previously, and that is saying a lot.

David Ison is way too unpretentious, humble, and a truly spiritual being who teaches, by his mere presence, what it means to be present.

The fact is, I almost missed his work entirely now that there is a nearly endless sea of new age audio material out there.  I would have overlooked it completely if I had not been studying the work of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson.

It didn't take me long to see that Thompson, for reasons I don't know, has been very selective with who he collaborates with.  Therefore, I started paying careful attention.  He's done some work with Steve Halpern, whom I'm already familiar with.  Then, simply by surfing Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Spotify material, I noticed a name I'd never heard before:  David Ison.

Now, I can tell instantly if a composer, musician, or technician really understands deep and relentless pain.  I can usually tell by the very first note played on their instrument.  David is the single individual I've found where it is evident that has chosen and explored real pain as an intimate lover, the divine master teacher that it is.

My advice:  Don't miss his work.  Don't underestimate it.  It may not look flashy all of the time, but who really needs bells and whistles?  Be your own bell, and blow your own whistle!

The link below is to David's Spotify material.  The recommendation here is to explore the first three audios on the spotify list.

The first is a lecture on pain.  The second is a five minute guided meditation that teaches his method interactively.  The third audio is mainly music specifically designed to use with the Ison Method.

This is now my go to recommendation not only for those with serious pain issues, but also as a beginner's tutorial on learning how to breath deeply and relax!

I'm also interested in his other material.  I've also been looking for a REAL kakra (chakra) tuning, balancing, and awakening system.   He has the "Chakra Sound System" which I am very interested in, as well the the "Musical Body" Chakra Meditations for Spiritual Exploration, which I THINK is a part of the Chakra Sound System.

I would love to hear any experiences that others have had with David's material... or even, if someone has found something even superior.  Many of the compositions and frequency programs out there are "good", but they seem to be missing something that I intuitively know should be there!


If you decide to utilize the Ison Method for breathing and relaxation, please consider supporting the artist and buying a copy of the material.  It is not expensive, and available at places like "Sounds True":

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