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Greetings, everyone:

Chakras aren't really real.  Like everything ethereal, understanding needs to be approached from a quantum level.  The seven chakra system is only one system used.  From ancient Sanksrit texts, scholars have identified traditions that use a three chakra system, a five chakra system, an eight chakra system.

However, just because chakras are not really real, doesn't mean that these systems are not extremely valuable as tools to work the body's subtle energy systems.   It also doesn't mean that the creative mind cannot create them spontaneously to work and channel energy.

In fact, one metaphysical system that I studied in depth takes the 7 chakra system and expands it perfectly to 12 energy centers in the body that correspond amazingly well to the human organ, and nerve cluster system.

So, while the "technical" details are sketchy and often misunderstood, these ancient traditions have been used since before recorded history, and for very, very good reason!  We don't have to get caught up in technicalities to explore being and nothingness through the inner world.  No need to fear or sweat the details!

Furthermore, most of what is taught about the chakras today is completely different than the ancient yogic texts.  The chakra system used by nearly everyone today is a modified, westernized version, significantly changed and colored by western esoteric understanding and practices.  That doesn't mean that these modifications don't have a valid or useful purpose.  They do.

With all of that said, I have long been in search of a way/system to work/balance/explore and assist with the subtle energy system of the body.  During my research, I've explored many different sacred music activations, guided meditations, and practices.  Nearly all of them I would describe as mediocre at best, most of them being nearly useless.

David Ison's work is the first that really drew my attention.  After all, here we are really talking about ENERGY, and ENERGY is ultimately vibration...  Mathematical vibration.  It is science.  It is where science and mysticism meet very well.

What better way to explore vibration than sacred music?

I've created this thread in case anyone out there wants to share their thoughts or experience.  If there is ever a need, I can create a sub-forum that exists specifically for this topic.

I love the music and the contemplation, but I'm not the biggest fan of the limited interpretation of the chakra system.  I do see the beauty and the elegance of the system that David has created, and I can appreciate it for what it is.

Luckily, you never have to limit the IS.  You can use the music to explore and meditate with your own understanding of the energy systems of the body!  You don't have to limit yourself to anyone's narrow interpretations!

Also, I am VERY interested if any researchers out there have found anything else that interfaces effortlessly with the body's energy systems!
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