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EIS/colloidal silver is great for most sore throats.  It's easy to use, and safe.  Treatment is simple:  Spray the back of your throat every so often, keeping in mind that after seven minutes, chances are that any remaining silver ions will have been "inactivated" or used up.

However, there are exceptions to the rule, and the exception could be life threatening.  I remember reading, quite a few years ago, the sad tale of a young girl dying because her father insisted to keep treating it with colloidal silver.  The problem:  The infection was "Strep throat", and the way that strep colonizes seems to give it a defense mechanism against silver, even silver ions with direct access to the treatment site (the throat itself).

Luckily, there is a way to treat tough throat infections.  My rule of thumb is this:  Provided that the person is not spiking a fever, it is generally safe and most of the time even superior...  to use natural methods to handle "regular" acute infectious illnesses.  The body should respond favorably within about 72 hours.  If after 72 hours there is no improvement, then it becomes wise to try changing tactics.  Unless you happen to be a real expert, medical intervention is always advisable if a person starts to spike a fever or if things get worse.

For a sore throat, using a 20:1 solution of betadine (a water soluble iodine) to colloidal silver is an ideal treatment system to deal with any sore throat.  And, it works very quickly.  If you catch a sore throat within the first hour or so, you can knock out the infection within a few short hours.

I simply take 1 ml of a commercial betadine solution, and add it to 20 ml of quality, highly ionic EIS silver.  Then you gargle with it.  You can probably get two or three gargles out of the betadine silver solution.

It is that simple, and very effective.  Of course, the longer you wait to work on the condition, the longer it will take to clear up, because then you are dealing with more actual tissue damage.  That said, a person should start to see improvements very quickly, which means that a person doesn't have to risk jeopardizing the health waiting to see how the body is combating the infection. 

I researched this after running into a tough sore throat that first resisted all natural treatments, and then resisted a round of antibiotics.  The antibiotics were as useless as the natural remedies.  I find this to be the case wayyyy more often than I would like!

Needless to say, the Betadine is available almost everywhere, very affordable, and I keep a bottle on hand at all times.

One thing:  Do not breath betadine into the lungs.  Sometimes, a creative person might think that if gargling is effective, then nebulizing it must be really effective.  Do NOT do this.  This is not safe.  It is extremely dangerous.  Gargling is fine.  Betadine should be consider an "external" type of treatment.  Do not drink it or breath it.

I think one reason that the betadine is so effective is that it leaves a thick coating on surfaces (in this case, the throat tissue).
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