Topic: Adjunct Therapy: Baking Soda Digestive System Flush  (Read 503 times)

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Adjunct Therapy: Baking Soda Digestive System Flush
« on: December 16, 2019, 12:22:31 PM »
Someone asked for more details about the baking soda flush.  There are many different ways people use baking soda, and it's great to flush the digestive system, help with systemic fungal issues, break down acid-formed deposits in the body (like kidney stones from oxalates).  It gives the body what should be a VERY temporary boost in alkalinity.

Some people just use the baking soda, without lemon, which is just fine, but I personally think that the added lemon is very beneficial.  The idea, though, is to use a small amount, not to completely neutralize the baking soda effect.

Here are the "general" instructions, which of course can be used outside of the "formal" digestive system detoxification protocol:

Start with 1 tsp of baking soda mixed in about eight ounces of water, add in 1/2 ounce of lemon juice, mix well, consume on an empty stomach.

The next day, do two doses (this will probably be the standard dose for most people, but if you are having constipation issues due to organ congestion which inhibits the production of gastric juices/enzymes, it may take more)

If you don't get loose stools, day 3, do 3 doses....etc.

Notice that you will be adding DOSES, NOT increasing the concentration!  This is an important point.  The idea is to drink 1, 2, 3... glasses of water, not one glass of water with 3 tsps of baking soda!

Eventually, you'll get a flush about two to four-six hours afterwards. Once you flush, you can drop the dosage down by 1 to stabilize the bio-terrain of the gut to prevent causing an additional microbiome imbalance.  You can do a flush whenever needed, but one flush should be enough, and then you can continue the therapy, if needed/desired, below the dosage threshold that causes runny stools.

This therapy can continue as needed as a corrective measure, some people make this simply a part of life, I prefer to work to correct the imbalance(s) so that the therapy is not needed.

Baking soda gives the blood a massive pH spike in the blood for a short period of time, it will push saliva pH up to about 8.0.  It should drop to 7.0 exactly by the hour mark.  If it over-compensates down to around 6 or 6.5, there are still metabolic issues. If it only drops to 7.5, and you are NOT in a fasting state (ketosis), it means that there are likely kidney issues involved.  If you are in fasting state, you can check pH an hour after eating.

This spike in pH indicates that there is certainly anti-fungal concentrations of baking soda circulating in the body's active metabolism... this effectively starts to wipe out fungus in the blood (usually from leaky gut syndrome).  Watch carefully to see if the there is an energy boost, and if any brain fog goes away (even if temporarily).  I've seen people who have had brain fog for years completely clear it up within 72 hours (hence this was likely caused by fungal/yeast issues). It won't work if brain fog is caused by mycotoxins or heavy metals, or blood sugar or fat starvation issues.

Yes, I suppose you could do the therapy at night, but the general purpose of a flush is to do it outside of your normal "bathroom routine" so that you can tell you've flushed the entire digestive tract.

This is the easiest flush I've ever worked with, and can be done by most people who are digestively ill.  Whereas, things like the castor oil turpentine flush is very difficult for many people to tolerate.

Now, once you've worked with your own body and your body now intuitively understands the process (and thus will either reject the process, or embrace it and work with it), you can get really, really creative with it.

For example, you can make complex colloids with DE, zeolite, bentonite, illite, etc. (another adjunct to the protocol)... wait 20 minutes after the last dose, and then drink the colloid.  Each of these colloidal minerals will do something a bit different, but it's OK to simply use one.  To note, I think that the mineral that will NOT eradicate all bio-film might be sodium bentonite. DE, Zeolite, and the natural calcium bentonite will rip it up, the DE being the most effective.

Then, 20 minutes after that, you could make a probiotic water solution using all of whatever great probbies you have, but I highly recommend NOT using people's favorite fat/milk based, because it is more effective to use something absolutely sugar/carb free.

Drink as much water as you can along with the probbies so that you dilute any stomach acid production, this helps preserve them.  Adding things like this is different than the "recommended" method in the digestive system cleanse protocol.  I just wanted to point out that one can get creative with any flush.

Keep in mind that drinking water therapy is something one should adjust the body to before adding ingredients; sometimes of course there's not time for this, so one must just listen carefully to the body and do the best one can.

With imagination, there are many different directions you can go.

Often times, as with me, I can do this therapy for a week or ten days, and my body just loves it.  Then, my stomach will start to let me know that the therapy is getting a bit too harsh.  But I've known people that continue to respond well to the baking soda therapy for extended periods of time.

The thing is:  only do it once daily (even if you choose to do that at night), you are alkalizing the entire digestive tract. You can do that temporarily, but if you do it over and over again during the day, you risk shifting the bacterial floral balance in the wrong direction.

There may be a way, creatively, to add more lemon juice in the mix to balance out the pH, but one just might be nullifying the sodium, or who knows...

Hope this helps, let me know if it does anything for you if you try it.  It is not a cure all, and won't work with every complaint, but as far as I know it is safe.
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