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COVID-19 - What NOT to Do and Why || What TO do Instead
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:47:41 AM »
There are a lot of wild rumors running around out there on different methods and "cures" for a corona virus infection.  In times like this, it is far too easy for people to panic and make bad choices based on misleading-- or even misunderstood-- information.

Wisdom is developed as a byproduct of careful attention to detail, and an increasingly increasing depth perception gained from actual, some times painstaking, real experience.

As such, this post will probably offend many people on all sides of the "isle".  That said, I feel I have to post it so that those looking for some form of clarity can find it.  Often, when some sort of action is required, the only other alternative is blind acceptance.

Much of this is based on real conversations I've had with otherwise very sane and competent individuals.  And even though I've laid out my case in a very concise and clear manner, cognitive dissonance has mostly ruled the day.  Arguing is counter-productive to my own health, so rather than creating negative energy in my social world, I've elected to deal with it by posting my thoughts and reasoning here, rather than arguing on social media and Facebook!

Here is the crux of the matter:

The 80% of the people who were destined to already weather COVID-19 with relative ease... are going to be screaming from the roof tops, absolutely certain that therapy "X, Y, or Z" cured them!  The reality is that some therapies may have even made the illness worse, but they would have no way of knowing that, since they were going to recovery easily anyway.

What we MUST look at is the 20%.  And we must ALSO look at the "why" of the 20, when trying to figure out the best natural ways to support them, and help prevent any given person from hospitalization.

Please take the time to understand the exact nature and progression of COVID-19, and steer clear of what ultimately may prove to be bad advice.  There is a LOT of it out there!

So, here we go:

Let's Kill the Coronavirus in the Body with a Hair Dryer!

How about we don't.  Where has this insane advice come from?  It came from a doctor who discovered that the coronavirus has an achille's heel:  Heat sensitivity. 

Well, is he lying or mistaken?

No, in fact, his research appears completely legitimate.  However, what people have seemingly missed, was the fact that it takes 133 Degrees F exposure for several minutes in order to kill the virus.  And that is the temperature that the mucus membranes must reach, and NOT the ambient temperature outside of the body touching the skin.  People think that if the sauna or heat reaches that temperature, than the tissues will also, and that is usually NOT the case.

Sadly, this is not feasible.  In fact, this treatment will be one of those things that people think is a great idea, until they try doing it with lesions in their chest... when it hurts just to breath.

Now, there is some merit to the idea of using heat.  In the original discussion thread, a TCM medical doctor has diagnosed COVID-19 as "Cold, wet, lungs".  So dry heat sounds like a great idea, right?

Not so fast.  One doctor, based on autopsies conducted in China, notes that the most potent MOD (method of defense) that the virus has, is a sticky, thick mucus protecting the tissue.  This mucus almost immediately starts to harden, which is VERY bad news.

Now, imagine taking dry, dehydrating heat into the lungs with lesions and heavy, drying mucus.

So, you would THINK that cold wet lungs would desperately need hot, dry therapy.  And in some situations, this might be true.  In my opinion, NOT COVID-19.  It is imperative that this mucus... which most people wouldn't even know is present, because they have a DRY cough... be liquefied and eliminated as one of the top priorities.  This is one reason why we use warm/hot steam vapor therapy (another reason is that this form of therapy is a time honored tradition that pre-dates modern history, ideal for respiratory conditions of all sort).

Now, the DRYNESS comes with the recommendation of using things like the iodine-spiked salt pipe, which is a vastly superior idea.

If heat is good, is there anything that can be done?  ABSOLUTELY:  Localized heat applied directly to the chest!

This can be a TDP heat lamp, a full spectrum infrared lamp/bulb... really, any HEALTHY heat, applied directly the chest to warm it... and WITHOUT raising the actual temperature of the entire body?

What about saunas?  That heat sounds awesome!  It is great for many acute conditions, right?

Right.  And... errrr... wrong.

The problem here is with education.  As Dr. Richard Shulze always taught, is that heat can be used safely under almost any condition...  provided that it is used properly  That's the catch.  Even people who are well versed in many different types of sauna therapy STILL put a great deal of stress on the cardiovascular system during therapy.   They don't know how to mitigate this effect, and compensate for it.

Cardiovascular stress is one of the biggest risk factors for death for COVID-19.  So, someone very health that is ultimately in the 80% bracket of mild symptoms, is going to get great results with doing saunas correctly.

But what about those other 20%, who desperately need to find a viable therapy that doesn't INCREASE pre-existing risk factors?

So, let us do everything we can to support the cardiovascular system, rather than challenge and stress it!

To summarize, preventing a fever with sauna therapy has always been excellent.  However, TREATING a fever with "fever therapy" is problematic and has many pitfalls, even if there are no pre-existing risk factors present.

This is one of those therapies that many people are going to tout it as wonderfully helpful... and yes,  to those 80% who have mild cases, indeed it probably will... but that is going to make a certain percentage of people... likely the ones who really, desperately need RELIEF as apposed systemic stress... it's likely going to risk making them worse.

If you have the training and knowledge to do it, you know what to do, and what needs to be done.

However, the most elegant solution?  Use localized heat, hydrate the body as a priority, you can give the body some needed moisture and support by using reasonable amounts of warmth with vapor inhalation therapy.

To summarize, the best no-risk heat treatment combines TARGETED dry heat (at safe temperatures) with therapeutic clay:  The device is called a TDP Clay Mineral Heat lamp.  TDP heat lamps have been studied in China for serious conditions respiratory conditions such as tuberculosis.  This is a heat therapy (infrared spectrum), and a frequency therapy (the infrared is "beamed" through a special black therapeutic clay rich with trace minerals... before it reaches the body), and a clay therapy, that is done WITHOUT using potentially "harmful" EMFs.

Many people who have been reading Eytons' Earth's clay information already have TDP lamps.  This is a GREAT time to use it!

Now, we can also take the idea of COLD/HEAT as it is intended in TCM:  Heat/cold is not just a "temperature", but an idea that describes the state of the lungs.  One of the best ways to convert cool damp lungs is not with LITERAL heat, but with herbs that are known to warm the body.  The original discussion thread touches on this, but as a secondary consideration, as there are more important things to consider first.

But for those that tolerate lemon, cayenne, garlic, warming herbs, ginger... You all the know the drill! :)

Bleach Kills EVERYTHING!  Let's drink a bleaching agent to kill the Corona virus in the Body!

Now here, my perspective will probably make both "sides" of the argument annoyed.  BUT, that said... Bottom line?  Let's not drink a bleaching agent to kill the corona virus!

Now are people actually talking about drinking something like Clorox Bleach?  No.  They are talking about "MMS", or some derivative thereof.

First off, MMS is a term coined by MMS zealot Jim Humble.  Jim discovered that using a solution of water enriched with bio-oxidiative and bio-active chlorine dioxide was extremely useful in combating malaria in those infected in Africa.  This much is absolutely true.  Africans infected with the often lethal infectious disease of malaria were given this water as an oral-use medicine, and in the proper concentrations, it DID eradicate the malaria in individuals who were otherwise deathly ill, and it did so safely.

That said, MMS is chemical substance that, when activated with an acid, produces water soluble chlorine dioxide gas.  This absolutely ****is**** a bleaching agent, just like chlorine is a bleaching agent.

Jim coined the term MMS as an anacronym  which orginally stood for:  "Miracle Mineral Supplement".

This is indicative of the whole problem:  It is NOT a miracle (it is simple science), it is NOT a mineral (it is a manufactured chemical compound designed to produce a GAS), and it is NOT a supplement (the body has no requirement to consume chlorine dioxide, hence it cannot supplement anything).

Eventually, years later, they started to change the name... first by changing supplement to "solution".   But it is always wise to look at ORIGINS for truth.

The first problem with using MMS or even highly concentrated CDS:  Advocates state emphatically that since it works for Malaria, it will work for COVID-19.  This is a huge leap, and it is a leap right off of a cliff.  Malaria is a blood-born, and blood-spread infectious disease.  It turns out that it wasn't so difficult to get a high enough concentration of the OXIDIZING AGENT, CDS, into the blood stream in order to kill the pathogenic organisms.  Fantastic!

The problem is, COVID-19 is not a blood-born illness, and it does not live in any substantial concentration in the blood stream.  It lives, primarily, on the outer tissue of the lungs where it infects lung tissue.  It is highly unlikely that you can get a high enough concentration of CDS through the blood stream and into the lungs-- without damaging the lungs-- to be effective.

However, there is a bigger problem at hand.  "Patients" in Africa responded amazingly to Jim Humble's original protocols.  When he brought them to the United States and the western world, it was disastrous.

Rather than take the time to study bio-oxidative therapies in depth (Bocci, for instance, in Germany has crunched all of the numbers making OZONE safe to use), Jim started blaming all of the users for their failure at using MMS.

But what was happening, is that individuals in the western world, due to environmental and dietary factors, were much more chronically toxic than the people in Africa, who always lived very close to natural in  an environment that was not (yet) over-burden with industrialized pollutants.

So, most individuals who were already very ill, were being made MUCH worse by using MMS.  I say "most" because I was a part of a ~200 group of people testing MMS according to Jim Humble's protocols.  Most had chronic issues of some sort.  At the end of the experiment, there were only ****three*** of us who could complete Jim's protocols.  The rest got too sick and had to quit... and they had to quick long before there was a high enough concentration of CDS in the body to do any real good.

However, NOT all.  When you get one in fifty people getting good results with something, soon you have troves of very loud voices touting the miracles.  Herein lies the bane of all anecdotal "data".  Compound THAT with the placebo effect, and you will start to see a very clear picture of what was REALLY going on.

You have an army of zeolots willing to hurt 50 people in order to heal one.  And most of the time, they don't even know that they are doing it.  Even if that number was 5 to 1, it is still far too high.

SO, I personally LOVE MMS... Or, should I say, highly concentrated CDS.  I always keep some CDS in the fridge, it is very useful.  I've also had decades of detox experience.  I can get an effective concentration of CDS into the bloodstream to get some really nice oxidative therapy going on, and only experience great things from it.

But would I dose someone with no such experience?  Absolutely not.

Jim eventually caved into the truth (after years upon years of complaints), and rewrote his protocols.   They are now MUCH more reasonable and "doable".  I still would not reccomend anyone take MMS who didn't already have a great deal of experience with it.

FURTHERMORE, ozone therapy -- and to a certain extent, H2O2 therapy-- is a more effective oxidizing agent.  One of the most significant benefits of ozone (activated oxygen O-), is that it is a systemic catalyst.  By its mere presence, it forces the cells of the body back to full respiration, re-normalizing the body's glutathione antioxidant system.  CDS does not have this effect.  In essence, even one round of medical ozone sends a huge reset signal to the immune system.

This is medical science.  The world's expert in medical ozone therapy, Professor Velio Bocci, has written troves of published research studies on the validity of ozone therapy, much of it has been translated into English.

Bio-oxidative therapy, in the form of ozone rectal insufflation or IV (see the  work of Dr. Rowen and Ebola in Africa), may be VERY useful to treat COVID-19... even just considering the fact that you can greatly assist oxygen-starved patients by increasing blood oxygenation almost immediately.

However, ozone therapy does require special training and special medical grade equipment.  This would not be a viable therapy for most people at home.  However, there are medical doctors out there trained in ozone administration, and rectal insufflation CAN be done safely at home if any person takes the time to study carefully, and learn the why's and why not's of any bio-oxidative therapies.

Final point and case?  Clearly, CDS is too concentrated to "huff" and treat the lungs directly.  There are warnings everywhere not to breath too much in.  Do I think that maybe there is an exact concentration where it can be therapeutic in-lungs rather than irritating or damaging?  Yes, I do.  Do I know what that number is?  No, I have no idea.

For ozone, I have the exact data.  Ozone used precisely at between 0.3 0.7 PPM is highly therapeutic to use in the lungs, without damaging the tissue.  That is good research, that is responsible research, and that is actionable in a safe manner.  Of course, the huge barrier to using this knowledge therapeutically is that the equipment that must be used to determine the exact concentration of ambient ozone is VERY, VERY, expensive!  Even to rent!

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Re: COVID-19 - What NOT to Do and Why || What TO do Instead
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2020, 10:49:35 AM »
You are the clay guy, what about warmed CLAY PACKS and/or CASTOR OIL Packs!  A sure fire viable therapy with no down side, right!

YES!   ...and no.  Here's the problem where it is good to have boots on the ground experience.  I've worked with many respiratory illness situations, some of them quite critical.  I even experienced a near death experience with one myself.

In these situations, I have never been able to "convince" someone that it is a good idea to put any more pressure on the chest.  This includes myself.  Breathing becomes so problematic, it can reach the point where every breath is a panic situation.  I've lived that.  It was NOT fun.

So, both of these things are great ideas if used quickly enough.

However, using a TDP clay "gou gong" mineral lamp, I believe is a superior method.  You get the energetic benefit of the clay, along with the penetrating power of infrared, along with the frequencies of the mineral plate.  There is a ton of authentic scientific exploration of TDP Lamp Therapy done in clinical settings, in China, it just can be hard to find the information written in English.

Bottom line:  Clay is great, but by the time a person thinks they need it, they may not be willing to do it.

Let's Find a Crooked Medical Doctor and Get a Stockpile of hydroxychloroquine (or other similar drug), and Treat COVID-19 Proactively!  Better Living through Modern Chemistry!

Please, let us not do this!  This has already been killing people who overdose on the stuff.  This is a powerful drug, and it can have severe side effects.

Furthermore, emerging double blind clinical trials are showing that the chloroquine drugs have almost ZERO effect on patient outcomes with COVID-19.  Now, don't ask me WHY the studies that I've seen referenced DO NOT use chloroquine PLUS the antibiotic...  Contradictory studies abound along with claims that the original research has been properly debunked.

...just keep in mind that even the initial "promising" research showed that the two drugs MUST be used together to have any possible benefit.

Instead, look to some basic herbal formulations that are well known to help with viral and respiratory conditions.  I have recommended focusing on a key few ones, because I have experience with them, and trust them.  But there are many out there that have been used in natural medicine for hundreds of years.

In fact, most antimicrobial drugs were FIRST discovered by studying plants!

UPDATE:  Emerging has shown that the reason chloroquine might be effective...that's its key method of action... is as a zinc chelating agent... That in fact zinc ionosphores may just be extremely valuable in treating viral conditions such as COVID-19.  We already suggest using zinc as a supplement to help the body resist/fight off these types of infections.

There is a strong case to be made for adding zinc ionosphores to a treatment regime.  Please follow the research and make a determination for yourself:

A general well thought out exploration of the topic:


An example of a scientific study exploring the value of zinc ionosphores against virii:


The idea is simple:  Get the proper amount of zinc into the body, and THEN get the zinc to where we need it to go simple.  Simple.  We're looking at a product such as Quercetin Phytosome by Thorn.  Not only may this be useful to support the body's natural immune defense, it is also beneficial for allergies, help to reduce histamine levels.

Please note, of course, that not enough clinical research has been done with any zinc ionosphores to know exactly how well it works, which is why we always use a comprehensive, holistic approach to dealing with both prevention and treatment.  We never rely upon one single idea.

Using zinc ionosphores as a therapeutic approach is an idea that should ONLY be explored once infected.  It should not be used as a daily supplement.

In some laboratory studies, zinc ionosphores were only 30% effective at suppressing the virus.  It may be much lower in the body.

This type of therapy is very "orthomolecular".  Any time you change or force the body to use key minerals in a different way, there will likely be unintended consequences.  I would not use this type of therapy long term, and I would listen carefully to how the body responds!

Take the time to read the research!

For a general, regular use SUPPLEMENT, it may be a good idea, instead, to simply use something that contains quercetin

For therapy, consider something like green tea extract (egcg):

Take a close scientific look at green tea extract:



Green tea extract may be FAR more potent of a zinc ionosphore than other forms.

Although, we are also looking at something like Quercetin Phytosome by Thorne Research.

Alkalizing the Urine will Help to Treat COVID-19!

Well... it won't.  Now, there are dozens of reasons to restore the body's macro mineral reserves and to help to assist the body eliminate acidic waste.  But, there is no way through diet to change the pH of the core affected bio-terrain:  The cell and extra-cellular fluid around the tissue of the lungs, or of the bloodstream itself.

In our core post about COVID-19, we do actually, recommend individuals consider using some of the most alkaline "foods" on the planet:  Namely, nine times roasted purple bamboo salt, and if necessary, high heat cayenne pepper.  But, while these things are alkaline, I'm not using them to shift the pH of the diseased tissue or fluid, there are a host of OTHER benefits that these foods/spices have.

Is there a case using sodium bicarbonate?  Yes, as noted in the original thread.  HOWEVER, the benefit is NOT with drinking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).  Doing a basic sodium bicarb flush can have a host of benefits, but killing the coronavirus and halting the infection is not likely to be one.

The case was made for NEBULIZING sodium bicarbonate.  While this is not part of my personal regime, I'm sure that an astute and clever individual can find a way to work that in, if so desired (some people use sodium bicarb and silver together).

...more to come...
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Change to survive.  Adapt to thrive.
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