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{Last Modified on 4/27/2020]

Here is the original thread that discusses therapies for respiratory viral illnesses including COVID-19:


REFERENCES BELOW - DON'T SKIP! :) - There is information here not located elsewhere due to SPACE CONSIDERATIONS!

Most people haven't even heard of the enzyme Seaprose S. ...but, and I can't stress this enough.... for mucous build up at the lungs, there is NO better enzyme.  I've seen very complex systemic enzyme formulations fail completely... and then the individual takes Seaprose S... one dose... and in a few hours is completely fine (late stage emphysema and COPD, in this case).  Here is a link that includes important scientific studies on Seaprose S:


Here are some interesting relevant links on silver:

Silver Particles, or Silver Ions?  How about both!


Silver vs. virii:


Below is some research on olive leaf extract and d-lenolate:


Links on the antiviral effects of olive leaf:



Interesting monograph about the medicinal uses of the olive leaf:


The importance of vitamin C for the body's healthy antiviral immune response:


The case for high dose vitamin C IV therapy:


Even China is conducting clinical trials with Vitamin C (24 grams daily) for the new corona virus:


Read about how the Chinese Government now officially recommends vitamin C therapy both for prevention and treatment of COVID-19:

The emerging clinical research on using vitamin C with COVID-19 (please read!):


Activated oxygen therapies always come under attack by the "establishment".  But the truth is, thanks primarily to "early" work of medical researchers like Dr. Bocci in Germany, there is a massive amount of scientific evidence supporting the use of bio-oxidative therapies for all types of infections.  The links below should be considered "experimental"/FYI, as you really need some very good training to use activated oxygen safely.

However, please don't do ozone nebulization for the flu or for any other reason.  High concentrations of medical-grade ozone at the very least severely irritate lung sacs, and CAN cause their destruction leading to scarring.  Ozone in the lungs is not a good idea.  Anyone who has accidentally huffed a bit of highly concentrated ozone usually makes sure that it NEVER happens again.

However, the exact RIGHT concentration of ozone, which is EXTREMELY tiny... in the magnitude of about 0.3 - 0.5 PPM, has been shown to be very effective with a wide range of conditions when used in inhalation therapy, including safely destroy lung cancer cells while living healthy cells alone. 

Ozonating water, and then immediately nebulizing the ozonated water, MAY be an extremely safe and effective treatment.  It may not work well, for many reasons.

However, ozone rectal insufflation, which would be the standard recommended protocol, should be the chosen method, if IV-based ozone therapy is not available.

Dr. Rowen has been treating COVID-19 patients, some of them critically ill, with excellent success:


I include this link as a "proof of concept" research idea, and to demonstrate the power of ozone:


Here is the "case" for using ozone in-lungs (remember, the proper concentration is critical for safety and effectiveness):


Eliminating virii on surfaces; virus inactiviation via ozone


A great overview of ozone therapy for infectious conditions, including dosage and concentration levels for rectal insufflation:


Aside from Korean nine times roasted, purple bamboo salt being an incredibly healthy, sulfur-rich alkaline antioxidant, it does have anti-viral properties.  It's activity is more of a catalyst and immune system modulator than a "virus killing" substance:


...I'm only including a few links, if I included them all, it would probably be dozens of pages long!

The case for molecular hydrogen water has already been made by hundreds of independent research papers.  Below is just one worthy of consideration.  Molecular hydrogen water can be used along with every other water modification method that does NOT involve oxidation....  For example, do not use at the same time using ozone therapy or H2O2 therapy.  Use any antioxidants away from any oxidation therapies.  Not that it will cause any actual HARM, the two therapies will simply compete against each other, and we do not want that.

https://symbiosisonlinepublishing.com/microbiology-infectiousdiseases/microbiology-infectiousdiseases70.php - "Hydrogen Medicine Therapy: An Effective and Promising Novel Treatment for Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) Induced by Influenza and Other Viral Infections Diseases?"

The Hot Shot Brain Fog Slayer herbal tonic formulation is a brain child of decades of exploration into the work of herbalists like Dr. Richard Schulze and Dr. Christopher.  I developed it due to a deep disappointment in results from Dr. Shulze's own formula.  The thing that this formula LACKS, however is B Vitamins, so make certain that one is getting plenty of all of the Vitamin B's elsewhere.

What about the science?  There are so many amazing things about this formulation that it would take a book to explore.  But I will try to add more scientific support as I get time.  To start with, the high heat cayenne PROFOUNDLY effects oxygen levels and distribution in the body.  Not only that, but it stimulates NOS production.  See the following "out of the box" think by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital:  https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/04/06/massachusetts-general-hospital-among-first-to-test-nitric-oxide-on-pandemic-patients/?fbclid=IwAR38kbCNLTelNzAQ8ywPqM4Skc-pmFRKMHmtCZUlJRNqDYXPj5kza_G_lt8

Fulvic Acid is recommended as a part of the prevention protocol, as a trace mineral supplement (and even a prebiotic).

Below is an excellent reference supporting the inclusion of fulvic acid in the treatment of many different acute and chronic conditions (with a "focus" on HIV):



It has been suggested that other factors may be involved in the Vitamin D COVID-19 study presented.  This may be POSSIBLE (but due to the nature of the entire data set, not very likely), however, if we look at the research conducted on Vitamin D and the flu, we will see that this study, while the only one done so far with COVID-19, is not new.


If something simple like vitamin D is too much for people to believe, first refer to the above link.  "...“Most people understand that vitamin D is critical for bone and muscle health,” said Carlos Camargo of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the study’s senior author. “Our analysis has also found that it helps the body fight acute respiratory infection, which is responsible for millions of deaths globally each year.”

This was a major, global study, and while it was observational, that doesn't mean it is not significant, nor does that mean it was "bad" science.  It's not that easy to get published by Harvard.

Even the National Institute of Health has issued formal warnings about low Vitamin D levels and the flu (with cited references, in the document):


If a person doesn't want to accept the information from those two studies, the problem isn't with the research or the ideas, it is with the "viewer"!


I just wanted to post enough supporting research and documentation to support the most important methodologies explored here.  I will be adding more information and expanding as time provides!
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