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PLEASE NOTE: [Modified last on 5/09/2020]  This post/thread is about what we are hearing from others.  We do not recommend anyone do anything here, nor do we advise that you take the information as real or at face value.  This is here, because I assume many people, like myself, want to hear what is going on so that I can draw my own conclusions.  I want access to the creativity and raw information being discovered and I want to hear about all of the ideas being explored, in an uncensored manner.  I don't need a baby sitter! I believe that there is ALWAYS value in exploring ideas, even if the ideas don't pan out.;)

HOWEVER, and IN FACT, if the information is not part of our own primary concept protocols or information about coronavirus (see the main topic threads), then there is probably a good reason for it!

Copper is a Cure for COVID-19

We've been hearing from more than one outlet that copper formulations are turning out to be very effective with COVID-19.  Copper works similarly to silver.  That said, copper can be very problematic to dose due to current bio-burden levels, issues of toxicity, and how excess copper effects the absorption of other minerals (like zinc).

That said, we have accounts of copper ascorbate (must make it yourself) halting infections very rapidly, when used orally...  Often used in conjunction with "standard" vitamin C formulations.

We have also heard of a case of late stage COVID-19 halted in its tracks with a "colloidal copper", which was, in actually, mostly an EIC/Copper solution (ions) made via electrolysis.

What Does it Mean?

It means that these metal ions known to have strong antimicrobial properties show great promise.

There is even a case to made about using both together:


Furthermore, there is a case to be made for using small amounts of copper orally (1 tsp - 1 tbs), in conjunction with using EIS/Silver formulations with a nebulizer.

However, there is no way for anyone at this time to tell anyone else what a safe, effective concentration or dose would be.

People are getting "cured", recovering, and getting sick again!

We are hearing this all over the place, both with heavy hitting "natural" remedies, and reports from Wuhan (for example).

What Does it Mean?

This most likely means that treatment interventions are working to help this disease, but the immune system is not producing enough antibodies before symptoms subside.

It is QUITE possible that the virus still exists, replicating out of the "sight" of the immune system...  for example, in lesions existing in the lungs, or even in the nasal passageways.  We are hearing that it can take up to five days for a virus particle to penetrate a cell membrane in order to reproduce.

This also means that even when a person starts to feel better, they should still keep up with preventative measures and treatments, and pay careful attention going forward, for at least a few weeks, maybe longer.

Symptoms that are recurring, signaling a renewed infection?  Loss off taste, loss of smell, fever, sore throat and cough.  Any combination thereof.

The idea is to keep diligent.  The idea is that eventually the body will produce enough antibodies so that the immune system can protect itself.

Anti-Malaria Drugs (chloroquine class) are working great!  They aren't working at all!  They aren't working and causing terrible side effects! They only work with zinc!  They only work in conjunction with antibiotics!

Reports, clinical studies, and publications are all over the place here.

What Does it Mean?

It is possible that the therapy hasn't been perfected, that there are those out there sabotaging research efforts, that research testing is not being done properly and skewing results... or maybe some strange combination of all of the above.

Bottom line:  There is yet a real and comprehensive, trusted source of information out there regarding drug therapies involving chloroquine.  I would not rely upon this drug therapy to save my life, but I wouldn't discount it either!

COVID-19 Patients, Oxygen Starved, are Being Cured with Nitric Oxide

Massachusetts General Hospital is reporting good results by giving oxygen-starved patients, via inhalation therapy, a drug which boosts nitric oxide levels.  The drug, with a low risk profile, has been used to treat oxygen starved babies in the past.

What Does it Mean?

This is true, but the effectiveness of the therapy still needs to be proven!

Some people now believe that while SARS-CoV-2 attaches to the ACE2 cell receptors in the lungs (and in the gut), that the oxygen starvation is the results of the virus attacking oxygen-carrying hemoglobin as a food source (probably iron).

While this would not alter the treatment ideology of treating the lungs as a primary infection site, it does alter what can be done to help individuals who are experiencing oxygen starvation.

Interested individuals should take this seriously.  Our recommendation of using the "Hot Shot Brain Fog Slayer" juice tonic formulation also improves NOS blood levels (via the medicinal high heat cayenne pepper).

There is also merit to the idea the NOS supplements could be used early on in COVID-19 presentation, including beet root extract and similar NOS-boosting extracts and agents... But THIS information IS indeed RUMOROUS and has not been tried nor tested, to our knowledge.  The best strategy is still not to let COVID-19 progress to the point of serious respiratory distress.

Ivermectin is a widely used anti-parasitic drug that inhibits SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

This is true, although nobody knows if it will work in the body yet.  This drug, however, is very widely used and understood, and exists on the WHO's list of "essential medicines".  The drug is FDA approved, and It is available for horses at most vets.


What Does it Mean?

If it works as well in humans as it does in the test tubes at inhibiting the expression of COVID-19, it might be able to arrest the illness quickly and safely, potentially within 48 hours of administration.  Drugs like this would likely be best effective when used earlier in the presentation of the illness, before a critical amount of actual damage is done to the lungs and the body's hemoglobin supply.

Nebulizing three percent hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2) will stop the Coronavirus (COVID-19) DEAD in its tracks!

Dr. Mercola, and others, are touting this as a miracle therapy, citing the works of Dr. Thomas Levy, and Dr. Charles Farr.  The idea is to do this immediately upon symptom presentation, and it will prevent the infection from taking hold.

Now, those familiar with my work probably already realize three things: 

1.  I purchase H2O2 in 35% gallon jugs, as well as quart sizes of 12% (for mixing convenience to reach 6%)...

2.  I've been using hydrogen peroxide regularly for all sorts of things for about 15 years, and I love the stuff!  I have a zillion uses for various combinations of silver and H2O2.

3.  I almost NEVER publicly write about it, nor do I suggest people actually do hydrogen peroxide therapy.  Privately, I help people who ***already have the desire to do it*** all of the time.

What I BEG that everyone do right now-- today--- if one is planning on using this as a treatment strategy-- is to nebulize 3% H2O2 now, and watch what happens.  I estimate that about 80% of people are headed for a major freak out.  I've seen the detox reaction of individuals nebulizing .5% concentrations of H2O2 become nearly bed-ridden for a few days.  The toxicity reaction of H2O2 atomizing who knows WHAT garbage presently residing in the lungs is among the worst reactions of any therapy that I've explored.

Even I had a terrible reaction when I first did it about 18 years ago.  At the time, I was a smoker.  I did a MASSIVE daily protocol to protect my lungs while I worked to figure out how to overcome this addictive affliction.  I had a regular doctor even swear that I wasn't a smoker at all.  Today, nobody would even be able to tell that I was ever a smoker.  That took a lot of work, a lot of liver cleansing, a lot of blood cleansing to keep healthy and work to protect the lungs.

Even so, about two minutes after nebulizing a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, my heart started pounding so badly that I collapsed.  My vision disappeared.  In a few short seconds, I thought I was going to be dead.  My vision started to clear even though my heart continued to pound.  Instantly I knew what a fool I'd been!

I was experiencing a nicotine overdose.  I literally sat very still in a silent pose for about 20 minutes.  Finally, my heartbeat began to return to normal.  I was OK!

Boy, did I learn my lesson.  Eventually, I carefully acclimated my lungs to H2O2 therapy.  With subsequent research, I learned that the body can go through THREE very distinct and very severe detox reactions.  1) Cleansing the lungs, 2) then H2O2 concentration starts to build up in the blood stream, and causes a blood detox reaction, and finally 3) High enough concentrations reach the liver to hammer the person with a hard hitting liver detox reaction.

What Does it Mean?

Do you know what is currently built up in your lungs?  Do you live the city?  Do you do regular cardio or breathing exercises to clear your lungs?  No?

YOU NEVER KNOW what kind of a reaction your are going to get the first time enough builds up to cause a detox reaction!

Now, can you imagine someone with lung conditions and diabetes, terrified because they are starting to hallucinate because of the COVID-19 fever, so in a panic, they reach into the medicine cabinet and grab a brown bottle of 3% H2O2, and nebulize like crazy?

H2O2 is an awesome therapy for the sinuses, for the lungs, for general detox via the oral protocols...  But this is something you want to gently acclimate the body to BEFORE you get ill.

Please, you want the body to be WELL acclimated to using H2O2, and you want the pathogens to be taken completely by surprise.  Not the other way around (the body in so much shock and panic that stress hormones cause the immune system to reek havoc on the mind and body).

A hospital in Israel-- for compassionate use-- has been testing stem cell therapy on individuals very ill "ICU" patients.

This appears to be true.  Doctors have been using stem cells derived from placenta, and they report a 0% mortality rate for those treated, in a situation where the expected outcome for each patient was probable death.  They only report moderate improvement (in some patients) in lung function due to the therapy, however.

What Does it Mean?

While this is very interesting, and shows that stem cell therapy research is progressing, it won't likely make a difference in the grand scheme of things, at least not in the short term.  This is not something that could be rolled out to the masses.   We also want to mention it because it could be that SCAMMERS/FRAUDS might try to profit off of this research as they almost always do.  Be wary of internet websites trying to sell stem cell therapy, and even so called "clinics".  There is a massive amount of criminal fraud out there in the stem cell "industry"!

Clay and sea salt baths help COVID-19 patients in recovery.

We're starting to get these reports, however, this is nothing new to us.  While clay baths shouldn't be considered an actual TREATMENT for respiratory infections, once a person is on the road to recovery, we've always received reports that doing a nice warm clay and sea salt bath helps a person feel much better.  In particular, individuals report that clay baths ease the lingering respiratory distress people often experience, sometimes for days, after the acute phase of the illness has passed, and when the body is recovering.

What Does it Mean?

This supports what I've noticed over many years of observation.  Clay doesn't always act as a cure, but it usually makes just about any situation at least a little better.  There is just something special about natural clay, sea minerals, and water!

Dr. Browstein is successfully treating COVID-19 patients using iodine and ozone therapy!

Dr. Brownstein runs a holistic medicine clinic, and HAS been treating COVID-19 patients in the parking lot of his clinic.  He recommends things like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and uses iodine and ozone to treat even the sickest of his patients.  He currently reports having treated 85 COVID-19 (or suspected cases of COVID-19) successfully.  Since he and his staff can only do ozone therapy at his clinic, he recommends  nebulizing hydrogen peroxide along with iodine.

What Does it Mean?

While we prefer using the iodine, for safety considerations, with the salt pipe, and hence suggest using H2O2 separately... it is becoming very clear that the combination is proving to be very successful:  Bio-oxidative therapy, along with iodine and nutritional support (such as plenty of zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc.... see our concept protocol posts).


In fact, ozone therapy is being trialed "officially" in more and more hospitals around the word.  See the following links for further research:

36 patients treated with ozone therapy just prior to having to make the choice to intubate:


The first patient:

"A 49-year-old man who had already required ICU admission was deteriorating on the ward. He had deteriorated to the point that he required oxygen at the highest concentration and yet it was oxygenating his lungs poorly. Intubation and connection to a ventilator was planned, but surprisingly, after the first session of Ozone therapy, the improvement was significant and oxygen requirements could be decreased.

Dr. Alberto Hernández explained that “the improvement after the first session of Ozone treatment was spectacular. We were surprised, his respiratory rate normalised, his oxygen levels increased, and we were able to stop supplying him with as much oxygen since the patient was able to oxygenate himself. To our surprise, when we carried out an analytical control, we observed how Ferritin, an analysis determination that is being used as a prognostic marker in this disease, not only had not followed the upward trend, but had decreased significantly; that decline continued in the following days. This result encouraged us to administer it to other patients who are following the same improvement as our first patient. “"

A study of 18% of COVID-19 deaths in Italy reveals that almost all fatalities were people with pre-existing conditions.

The noteworthy offenders?  Heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Dr. Mercola has a nice write up:  https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/04/13/how-to-defeat-coronavirus.aspx

What Does it Mean?

This is great news, right?  Well, yes and no. 

Many people don't realize it, but at least 60% of the American population lives with chronic disease that may significantly affect their COVID-19 mortality risk factors.  I see so many people "think" that they are perfectly healthy when in reality they are obviously and visually noticeably ten to thirty years in to progressive, chronic degenerative, disease.

Some health care ICU workers are placing patients on their stomach instead of intubating them (using a ventilator). 

Reportedly, this is saving lives by allowing more oxygen saturation in the blood from parts of the lungs that have been under-utilized. 

What Does it Mean?

Prone positioning (and even other physical poses designed by respiratory therapists to improve lung efficiency) may be more effective than ventilators in some situations, and without the risk of lung tissue damage.  Oxygen saturation levels, in some cases, have been reported to go from 85% to 95%.

Cuba approves the use of a homeopathic medication as a viable treatment option for COVID-19 infections.


 PrevengHo® Vir is the medication, and it is used, reportedly, for the ..."prevention of influenza, dengue and other emerging viral infections, recommending its use in conditions of epidemiological risk..."

What Does it Mean?

We see no included data on usage statistics, or whether or not it has been effective!

Dr. William Wong (Website:  "Dr. Wong's Essentials") recommends systemic enzymes for the treatment of COVID-19

Dr. Wong states, in his April 17th "News and Updates:

"While the enzymes can help prevent the virus from attaching to the mitochondrial DNA and replicating we now see the enzymes can also be used during the acute phase of Covid to prevent the formation of lung scar tissue, blood clots and to ameliorate the cytokine storm producing inflammation."

The enzymatic blend that he uses, along with Vitamin C and zinc, includes enterically coated  porcine pancreatin, serrapeptidase, bromelain, and papain.  Specifically, he uses 50,000 units of pancreatin, 50,000 units of amylase, 4,000 units of lipase, 14,000 units (SU) of serrapeptidase, 150 units (GD) of bromelain, and 720,000 units of papain.

Many commercially produced systemic enzyme blends are similar.

What Does it Mean?

We already recommend using Seaprose-S as a vastly superior systemic enzyme for mucus.  There is certainly a case to be made for using a high quality systemic enzyme blend for fibrotic tissue, and there really is no downside to doing so, aside from the expense (avoid using systemic enzymes before surgery, or with medical supervision only if on blood thinning drugs).

For acute conditions, most manufacturers recommend three of "their" capsules, three times daily on an empty stomach.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is now a page two for the "Rumor Mill".  Click on this link:  https://www.earthcures.org/forum/index.php/topic,187.0.html
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Hi Jason, since you mentioned stem cell therapy used on critically ill CV19 patients in Israel, and I am in Israel, I'd like to share something very very interesting that didn't even know exists. The video is on YouTube, called "Israeli Hospital Treat CV19 patients Virtually".
Very interesting, future way of medical care. Title is a little not correct, it is not treatment but a follow up. Nevertheless it's quite exciting to see. Also this will save a lot of problems treating, diagnosing, and following up.

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nice to have a thread that tracks the cures & things people are trying, & your comments on them. (especially during this Live event ; D)

You mentioned your experience with nebulizing h2O2 years back - what concentration did you use then ?..Do you remember ?
I'm a smoker and I plan to maybe try it sometime...but I'd use a much lower concentration than you used.
My lungs & respiratory function has improved quite a lot (due to various reasons probably), BUT one thing that has really seemed to have helped greatly is Magnesium-chloride solution (made at home) that i apply over my whole body. - it didn't happen quickly, but over a period of time (they are still far from normal i'd think, but even so its quite an improvement).
All this is in my personal assessment & how i feel, i've not done any formal tests or visited a doctor.
Oddly when i first started using magnesium-chloride(for other reasons), i'd not come accross any benefits listed or especially saying it can help the lungs....so it was a welcome surprise.


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...we love magnesium chloride so much that we wholesale food grade magnesium chloride flakes! :)

...well, I think I started off with a 0.1% solution.  Even that can cause a harsh detox reaction with some people.

Especially for a smoker, I would start with something like a 0.1% solution.... but more importantly, start off with doing only three or four deep inhales, then wait at least 20 minutes.

Some detox reactions you won't feel until the next day, but the serious ones you'll feel within minutes, like excess nicotine being released into the bloodstream.

Once you get the lungs clear, they tolerate H2O2 without much of a problem.  When you reach higher concentrations, it will also probably irritate your nose, throat, and even eyes... but the direct irritation is pretty mild, considering!

If I recommend something, I almost always have to do it myself.  I hadn't nebulized H2O2 in many years, I've never had the need.

But two days ago I started with 3% straight, just like Mercola et al suggest.  Now, my lungs are in GREAT shape.  I got flu like symptoms and aches the next day, nothing too seriously, but I started off with maybe six inhalations.

I'm up to about five minutes now.

The therapy is really "do-able", I still suggest applying some due caution and "wisdom".  If you get the body adjusted to it BEFORE you need it, nebulzing H2O2 is no big deal.

I used a 12% solution, added one ounce of 12% H2O2 to 3 ounces of distilled water, for 4 ounces of 3% H2O2.
Change to survive.  Adapt to thrive.
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hi Jason.

Thanks for the tips & reference percentage of H2O2 to start off with....also, for sharing some of those details that only a person who has smoked would know....

much appreciated.
have a great day!