Topic: Cholesterol decrease and other benefits of activated charcoal  (Read 2176 times)

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Cholesterol decrease and other benefits of activated charcoal
« on: September 17, 2020, 04:57:26 PM »
Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal will decrease your cholesterol, relieve you from flatulence and bloating, cleanse your kidneys, skin and whiten your teeth.

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Re: Cholesterol decrease and other benefits of activated charcoal
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2020, 09:22:23 AM »
...activated charcoal is great stuff, I think every household should have it.

That said, it really can't do all of the things that therapeutic grade edible clays can.

Like micronized zeolites (which is actually rock), activated charcoal is a "water rejecting" substance, and thus has no ability to form complex charge layers.  Unlike micronized zeolite, or other therapeutic clays, most activated charcoal used has quite chaotic particles.  They are often
 porous and strand like.  They also have no ability to respond selectively based on the local environment; this highly coveted property is what makes clay far more interesting and unique.

Fire produces chaos unless fire is taken to the extreme.  In other words, substances that are partially purified by fire are quite different than substances that are FULLY purified by fire.  To see how this works, look into the "sacred" production of purple, nine times roasted bamboo salt.

In order to fully purify by fire, you have to burn a substance until it can burn no more (it can take on no more electrons), and at temperatures that organic material cannot withstand at all.  This happens in places like volcanoes (volcanic origin clays), stars (where specialized elements are actually created), and in human procedures, which are usually hallmarked by burning substances at such a high temperature that it turns into actual molten magma.

However, like micronized zeolite, there are highly specialized forms of carbon nano-molecules which are highly organized and have very specific particle characteristics; highly ordered, non-chaotic, extremely dangerous OR extremely beneficial, depending largely upon the particle size and especially the SHAPE.  Those "tubular", strand like carbon particles so common in activated charcoal, have a similar/corresponding tubular shape in the nano-size range where the particles are extremely dangerous.  Thinks like C-60 or "buckyballs" should be used, which have "roundish" particle characteristics that help to prevent them from damaging cells.

Two of the benefits of activated charcoal:  1. ...activated charcoal does not really "hydrate" at all, it does NOT have a "sticky" state of hydration (sometimes this state IS VERY beneficial), and 2.  It has no ABsorption capability, does not "swell" with water, and thus it can travel through the digestive system with greater ease.

Sometimes I'll use activated charcoal just for the fun of it, but if I suspect any real toxicity exposure, my hand always reaches for hydrated healing clay instead, without hesitation or doubt!
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