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Multiple Sclerosis
« on: December 12, 2020, 05:58:02 PM »
Hello everyone !

My wife has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago. We've done many things - nutrition, supplements etc. - and she has improved a lot but still has a few symptoms. We are thinking/feeling that clay could be a really great help for her healing. We just ordered Bentonite on Greenclays.com and were wondering if anybody would have recommandations on how to best use the clay in this particular case.

Thank you very much !

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Re: Multiple Sclerosis
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2020, 10:23:49 AM »
Greetings, Vince!

...thanks for stopping by our little forum, here.

First thing, is that I truly believe that clay makes everything a little better.

As far as Multiple Sclerosis goes, I think MS should be listed as a syndrome.  Usually, syndromes are defined by the classification of the presentation of set of symptoms as the diagnostic tool (in the absence of any other formal diagnosis), but I think it should include illnesses that are defined ONLY by the associated symptoms or effects, rather than the root cause.  For me, it is more useful to look at it this way.

Therefore, clay's direct usefulness and efficacy is partly dependent on the actual cause of MS, which can be numerous things.

I don't believe that the immune system is stupid, and all of the sudden it decides it is going to attack itself for no reason.  There is always a trigger.  Finding that exact trigger may be very difficult, but considering that the assumption is that there is a pathogen, toxin, or protein that the body is reacting against which is causing the immune system over-reaction is a useful assumption.

Using clay internally absolutely helps the body balance immune system function.  Scientists now know that some of the symbiotic bacteria that live in the gut have cells very similar to brain neurons, and scientists have also recently discovered a direct lymph system link between the digestive tract and the brain.

In fact, no doubt in some cases, digestive system imbalances may actually be the causative factor for MS.

As such, I highly recommend that anyone interested in MS very carefully review the work done by Dr. Wahls ("The Wahls Protocol").  However, while using such an elimination diet (the strictest) is part of our own digestive system recovery program, it is very important to note that finding the exact right way for a person to eat, will NOT necessarily result in digestive system function restoration and healing. 

In fact, it seldom does.  So, while eating healthy can go a long way to restoring health, the results are usually either temporary or partial.  In some cases, the end result is that a person ends up only being able to eat a very few foods without reacting.  That is not actually healing, that is still treating symptoms.

Digestive restoration is best achieved from the top to the bottom.  That means starting with studying the health of saliva, then the stomach, then the small intestines, and THEN the colon....  and each interwoven system in between.

On the Earthcures main page(s), there is a digestive system cleanse that we recommend along with eating a truly science-based healthy diet.  It is a 2 month program.  The goal is singular, to transform the bio-terrain of the digestive tract, and especially to purge the "lethal" mucoid plaque that is almost always present in the colon.

Paying careful attention to the principles, rather than the program itself, is even more important, as it lists the things that absolutely MUST happen in order to achieve microbiome harmony.

There is also a good, two thread discussion on what makes a healthy diet, healthy, in the "nutrition" section of the forum as well.

As far as clay goes?  Absolutely!
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Re: Multiple Sclerosis
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2020, 11:19:23 AM »
Hello Jason,

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. We are already on the Wahls diet - it has been a year now - and most of the supplements she takes is based on Dr. Wahls recommendation in her books and website.

In terms of trigger, my wife had, in retrospect, the first symptoms of MS in 2015: double vision for 3 weeks which we thought was a muscular, issue. This happened about 5 months after we received many vaccines to immigrate in the US - it included Hepatitis B. Should we maybe try clay bath? If this this information gives you a clearer idea, please let us know!

Thanks again,