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Greetings, everyone:

This topic came up in a Facebook group recently, as I found a "new" video produced by the formulators of an amazing enzyme called "Seaprose", or "Seaprose S", whose formula is branded as "SeaXYM" (pronounced sea-zyme).

I know this is an expensive enzyme.  US Enzymes (the parent company) calls it "The Rolls-Royce" of enzymes.  It certainly is!

However, if you have ever been in the presence of a fellow human being literally drowning in their own mucus, you must know how terribly difficult it is to feel powerless to help them...  especially in situations like late-stage Emphysema.  That said, you need to know that you are, in fact, not powerless to help.  What if this situation could be turned around *****100%***** in less than four hours?

That's right, seeing a person go from nearly on their death bed (except that they CANNOT lay down without risk of drowning, so they must sleep in an upright position), to going out bowling in under 24 hours?

Not only that; but what if you learned that the clinical efficacy rate in situations similar to this scenario is over 80% (proven through peer-reviewed clinical trials).

...nothing short of absolutely amazing.

We always keep two bottles of SeaXYM on hand at all times, because we've run into critical care situations where the person really didn't have a week or so to wait for the delivery of a new order.

Now, we use this enzyme only for very specific situations, all of which involve mucus production.  The amazing thing about this enzyme is that the titration levels needed are very low.  It is amazingly effective at low doses, and we are absolutely certain that clinically significant, bio-active enzymes can reach any and all organs still maintaining effectiveness.  This includes, but is not limited to, the lungs, and the bladder (for certain bladder infections).

We are aware that there are full enzymatic formulas out there that include Seaprose S.  They don't work... at least, not for what we are looking for in these very specific conditions.

We are aware that there are cheap stand-alone Seaprose S products out there available for sale on Ebay (etc.).  I won't say they don't work.  I will say that maybe with triple the dosage, they might be 40% effective.  Maybe!

These clearly inferior enzymes might be useful to treat sinus conditions, where you may have to use higher doses four times a day to see results.  We don't see good enough results with SeaXYM to use with general sinus conditions involving mucus.

One of U.S. Enzymes closely guarded secrets is their mineral co-factors.  Does it make a difference, or is it just a marketing ploy to set their product apart from others... after all, so many companies throw in nearly useless ingredients to put potential customers in fear, steering them away from cheaper products that are probably even more effective.

I can't stand that sales tactic, and I see it all the time.  People needlessly spend  ****3 to 20 TIMES**** as much for money products, needlessly.

U.S. Enzymes is NOT one of those companies.  The mineral co-factors are absolutely amazing.

So amazing that I have long wondered exactly what they are.

Well, the amazing people at U.S. Enzymes made a mistake with their informational video exploring SeaXYM.

When explaining what the co-minerals are and what they do, they presented a very concise and awesome definition of... Clay.  Most likely bentonite clay.  I would hazard a guess that they might use American Colloid's Standardized Bentonite, maybe their USP grade.

So, if you get a chance to watch the video below, pay careful attention to the last section where they talk about particles with very specific tetrahedral shapes that act both as sieves that adsorb heavy metals and as a mineral delivery system (anions)!

In fact, some of the most qualified scientists have described edible clay as having enzymatic-- or at least "enzyme-like"-- properties.

Anyway, I urge everyone to explore this amazing enzyme for any situation where mucus needs to be rapidly broken down in the body; it may have excellent anti-inflammatory properties in some situations, as well!

Here is the informational video produces by U.S. Enzymes on SeaXYM (Seaprose S):

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