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There is a good (but rather esoteric) reason that I start my book, entitled (abbreviated) "Upon a Clay Tablet", with the following prose:


Upon a pale horse, death rode to reclaim what had been spun
And upon a clay tablet, life rose to birth what had begun.
And who could say for truth or dare?
What held and drove the beating hoofs of the mare?
And who could say in honest words?
What light has shown through clay’s crystal orchards?
Who but God himself and mystics born?
But God speaks not and mystics simply sit and churn...
Which only leaves the clay tablet upon which life rose
Beneath the pale horse death rode.


Poetic nuances aside, here is a replication patent (from an earlier disclosure document referenced in the patent) of a scientist who actually has replicated the science of birthing primordial life....

"Method and Apparatus to Create Primordial Life from Inanimate Materials"
...and... OF COURSE... the "inanimate material" used was, very specifically, bentonite clay!

What was used for this process?  Gas (aka atmosphere), an electric field (energy), and clay. 

Smectites are uniquely suited to this process due to their LARGE surface area and wafer-thin particle properties.  These particulate crystalline "sheets" can be 0.9 nm-thick...  that is just one unit cell thick!  So, they are long and wide (absolutely huge if placed on the nano particle scale), and yet they are nano-scale thin, extremely "small" on the nano particle scale (natural). 

Notice that Tao-like contradiction?  The unification of opposite properties?

I always caution researchers to throw out the "colloid manual" in regards to clay's particle characteristics (in comparison of other types of colloids and micro and nano particles), and how these particles should "interface" with Newtonian physics, because clay will always, annoyingly and often embarrassingly, break whatever mold one might have preconceived of due tothe standard scientific understanding of the typical properties of most colloids.

It is also no accident that the Eytons' Earth "Motto" is "Water, Earth, and Sunshine", where water is any (primarily hydrogen based) fluid medium, Earth is Clay (but also sea minerals and other volcanic or star origin material), and sunshine represents energy.

Nobel prize winning scientist Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith theorized that it was-- again, very specifically-- clay itself that was the actual blue print for the cell membrane itself... The cell being the core machinery of all organic, biological life.

However, that was all conjecture, and widely argued against.  Never before had any researcher or scientist build an actual working model on how this could possibly occur, let alone one that actually was functional; actually WORKING!

Now, some might be familiar with the amazing work of Bruce Lipton.  One of the ground-breaking discoveries that Lipton made was that the individuality, aka "personality" of life forms was NOT due to (unique) DNA or RNA, or any other genetic material.... but it is THE CELL MEMBRANE.

So, it is actually the cell membrane that makes you, you, and me, me; at least in the material sense as to how individuality expresses in-body and in-brain.  All other physical material is interchangeable, which is why organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, even blood transfusions are even possible in the first place!

Furthermore, it is the fluid, the "extra-cellular" material, which acts as the messenger for exactly what a stem cell forms into.  The membrane, then, is essentially a field of energy emerging from the unified quantum field, and all of the key information for the "life form" is stored in the fluid medium around the cell membrane.  The fluid medium determines what type of tissue a cell forms into, and that information is most likely stored in the "water", or more specifically, with the "data" being quantum, and the information (energy) being stored as a part of the "water's" energy.

This becomes much more "readily" probable the more that scientists (usually quantum physics scientists) explore the highly orderable, crystalline nature of water itself.

All of these key principles, as mind-bending and mind-blowing as they are, are not pseudo science or conjecture, they are scientifically proven knowledge and demonstrable facts, most of which have been demonstrated in laboratory settings (mostly in-vitro).

As far as the information on primordial life formation and clay, here is a link to the patent referenced above:


Clay.  Who knew? (We did!)
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