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Micronized Zeolite & Traditional Use Therapeutic Clay
« on: November 21, 2021, 11:21:14 AM »
I've been asked on many occasions why I don't have an abundance of information on our websites about using micronized zeolite.

Some people may not realize how much research I did on what I call traditional use therapeutic homeostatic clays.  I did decades worth of research long before offering clays commercially (which I did out of a market need, rather than a personal desire).

For traditional clays, I could examine literally hundreds to thousands of years of use by humans and animals.  With the help of an expert contact at the USGS, and other experts, I collected a tremendous amount of analytical data on all of the true therapeutic clay deposits I could find, globally.

In order to really start to understand clays, I had to overcome many obstacles, which I view as sort of initiations:  Was I going to follow the data and thus the truth, or hold onto confirmation bias?

I studied the earth from which "evolutionary" clays were born from.  I studied their individual components.  I studied how water and clay interacted in nature.  I studied how clay changed (or didn't) substances which were mixed with it.  I studied how different waters and clay interacted.

Native-use clays lead me on an incredible and highly personal journey over decades.  I feel confident about what I write about them because of all of the accurate and extensive information I have, as well as a great deal of personal experience.

When zeolite first started to hit the market for personal use, I was not impressed.  If clays were rubies and sapphires, zeolites were blocks of coal and rock dust, at best.

I purchased quite a few samples to test.  They offered me absolutely zero value.  What I always held in my hand was dead and dusty rock dust (yes I used dust twice because there was always more than one kind of dust), a far cry from the living clays I'd spent decades studying.

Incidentally, if "regular" zeolites were dead rock dust, then I viewed laboratory-grown zeolite crystals as pretty much UNdead.

I don't write about this or talk about it much because it is pseudo-science at best.  However, if it adds potential teaching value or potentially useful information, I would read tea leaves or beat a drum on a mountain top to learn something of true value.  I don't much care about the source.  Information can be evaluated on its own merits later. 

LIFE ITSELF has a consciousness that expresses through everything in nature.  Things that go through a natural process in creation are quite different than things that are created via current scientific means.  Until we can cut an apple in half, and then make it whole again, we really are still operating in the dark when it comes to the perfection of natural creation.  This isn't good or bad, it is simply an observation. 

A crystal might have the same chemical equation, the same expression of molecules, and even have the same exact chemical properties, but a laboratory crystal and a natural crystal are NOT the exact same.

When it comes to natural medicine, I try to stick with natural.

Anyway, I received complaint after complaint via email as zeolites went through the unwashed hands of multi-level marketing "gurus".  I simply avoided them.

As some studies begin coming out (using zeolites not readily available in North America, by the way), I noted with interest that the micronized zeolites worked very similar to clay, but without all of the added benefits that we say with clay use.

I saw absolutely zero reason to add any zeolite to my own personal health regime.  However, I didn't see any reason to bad mouth them, either.  So, when asked, I recommended people try to find a high-quality source from Europe.  I was no expert.

However, one day I was at my personal doctor's office.  He's a top-notch medical doctor with environmental toxicity expertise. He introduced me to the micronized zeolite we use.

The minute I put it in my mind, I felt the difference.  I began a long process of exploration which is ongoing.

There are other posts about the technical properties of micronized zeolite in the "Eytons Earth Discussions" sub-forum.  I won't repeat them here.

What I will say is that I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to micronized zeolite.  Unlike clay, there are no real experts to consult.  Not really. 

I don't like talking about things I really don't know.  I know that micronized zeolite is ALTERNATIVE medicine, not natural medicine.  Now, I love alternative medicine.  I love my ozone therapy, my specialized silver formulations, my liposomal essential oils, my advanced chelation therapies, etc.

BUT, these are alternative.  Not alternative to modern medicine (well, that too), but alternative to nature.

So, here is what I KNOW (not what I can prove) about using micronized zeolite... where I use micronized zeolite in addition to traditional use clays.  This isn't everything that it might be good for, or everything it might do, it is what I personally know via my own personal explorations and studies:

1.  The zeolite we use, and the TMAZ European ones, has 2-3 times the sorption (the pulling power) of any natural clay.  This is VERY USEFUL.

2.  The particle range of around 10 microns is the perfect complement to smectites or micas like illite.  Perfect.  The particles make it through the liver to detox the bloodstream and in particular the kidneys.  They do it WITHOUT MESSING WITH HUMAN CELLS.  This is a CRITICALLY important consideration.

3.  The particles in the bloodstream fix free oxygen.  This is amazing beyond belief, but may only be noticed by super high-end professional atheletes, or "pulmonauts", or those who are professional "breathers" of some sort.  I guestimate that it accomplishes this probably a thousandfold compared to smectites used in people without perfect liver function (which is very rare these days).

4.  The smaller particles have DIRECT anti-tumor/anti-cancer properties.

So, this mineral is an excellent addition to a detox program.

It is currently, personally, a top-five choice of minerals useful for detoxification (can you imagine how many detox substances I've studied over the last 30 years?).

It is not a replacement for therapeutic, homeostatic clays.  It CAN be used as a replacement for very specific detox programs when one is only looking for it ability to sorpt.

While this may change, if I only had the choice of one "detox" mineral, it would be our green desert clay.  If I only had two minerals, the second would be French green illite.  The third would be the highest quality micronized zeolite.

However, there is a 1.5, and the 1.5 would be nine times roasted purple bamboo salt.  There is also a 2.5, which is molecular hydrogen.  There is a 3.5 which would be bicarbonates (yes, special "fluid chalks" DO have profound uses).

Micronized zeolite simply works a bit differently.  I've seen a person detox for 2.5 YEARS using micronized zeolite daily.  The person knew because it significantly affected the smell of the urine.  It took closer to 3 years for the urine smell to return to normal, and kidney function went from stage 3 failure to normal (this is only one case history, it is not proof or scientifically significant...just interesting).

Now with several years of feedback, people just love using the micronized zeolite.  In my opinion, that is what it should always be about:  the love of it.
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