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Drinking distilled water gets tricky.   For most people, it is very health promoting.  People like Paul Bragg swore by drinking distilled water because of how it affected nearly everyone that tried it.

However, there is a segment of the population that will get great results at first, but then eventually run into problems.  The more "empty" water is, the more caustic, and the more it can leach things.

When a body is very toxic, this leaching ability is a GREAT thing.  But eventually, the active metabolism gets about as "washed" as it can get with water.  At this point, if a person has a very poor nutritional state, it can leach minerals from the body that it desperately needs.

So, anyone planning on drinking distilled water for longer than a few months should be CERTAIN that they are eating a nutrient-rich, dense, healthy diet!

There are some false ideas out there about distilled water.

Distilled water is dead.  Well, yes it is.  Most water that modern man uses is dead.  Is it better to drink Phase 4/EZ/living, energized, structured water?  Sure.  That has advantages. But please realize that this issue of dead water being problematic is more "made up" by imagination than based in reality!  The body itself is VERY capable of structuring water.  Just like plants structure water ideally for plant use, we structure water in-body for our use. 

Now, can this process go awry?  Probably.  People who have serious pH/mineral/electrolyte imbalances could probably benefit from energized water.  That said, there's nothing wrong with energizing DISTILLED water.

Next, there are people that say that distilled water is antioxidant, negatively charged water.  The other group says that distilled water is oxidative, with a net positive charge.

Actually, distilled water is "self ionizing", which means that it has both a negative charge and a positive charge, which is why so many people are confused... 

Either way, most positively charged IONS are proton donors... this can be good thing, like apple cider vinegar and citric acid (used by every cell in the body).  Distilled water is NOT in this category.  It does not have excess protons.

The charge itself really has no relevance to whether it is good water to drink or not.  Ozonated water is massively positively charged, whereas molecular hydrogen water is the world's smallest sized antioxidant water... I have uses for both.

The properties of distilled water itself:  Water.  Period.  Can it be made healthier?  Sure!  Very few people go through all of the steps I use to prepare my water for drinking!

Here is a link to an old blog post, which is ONLY an introductory article on balneotherapy via drinking water:


Bottom Line:  Drinking clean water is excellent.  Properly purified water is just as good of a starting point as steam distilled water.
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I have had since the 90's and even a website back then had quite an affinity to study h2o
outside the Biblical reference " the life is in the Blood " I feel specifically the red blood cell ,
nothing could mean more to the body than water
We can look at all the available sources and Jason does a wonderful job of covering most of them
This is why I wanted this post to include his commentary on water delivery including phase 4 water
I have been dealing with phase 5 water and find it to be more than I expected ...  but I will not go into that here
This water around the DNA in this 2017 study is fabulous in showing what our body can do with water inside us
True the purer the better and diamagnetically aligned , structured , and enhanced is easier to process internally
Perhaps you can take a little time and research this wonderful document ---  shine the light on our watery body