Topic: Exercise the Largest Muscles in the Body to Stimulate Metabolic Function  (Read 14363 times)

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One of the most important functional exercises to master is the squat.  With squats, you can work every single muscle chain in the body, and do it in a functionally correct manner with proper posture and motion.

Moving/Exercise stimulates mitochondrial replication and "up-regulates" many genes in the body.  Healthy motion is even more important than good eating habits (although you can't have excellent health without either -- not for long!).

Here is an excellent example of 20 different types of squats.  My daily goal is to do 100 near-effortless squats.  Currently, I do about 50 full squats each day.

The average person, once "re-awakening" and restructuring the lower back/leg muscle chains, should be able to do about 15 full squats without any "burn".  This indicates good/average energy conversion and re-conversion in the muscles being used.

Wall sits are another great exercise, but I find doing them more frustrating and not very enjoyable.

For hip and leg function, I also do standing lunges...  I do sets of 15 with 15 added pounds of weight.  I am not into bulk, I'm more into function and form. 

However, if a person has been sitting for a long time (years) and is not used to exercise, a condition known as a "sleeping iliopsoas" can cause serious injury with even one single lunge.  It's better to make sure all of those muscles are working properly before doing them, even without weight!
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THANKS for this info about exercise. i'm doing for last few months and taday i have big muscles and big bicsep.