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8 Point Planks - Foundation Training - Eric Goodman
« on: March 13, 2019, 02:29:01 PM »
Core strength training is very important.  Foundation Training is one of the few disciplines that explores the idea of core training from a very accurate functional perspective.  It is worth checking out!

I have my own theories about the body's "core".  I don't see the body as having only one "core", but two central cores.  Where these two come together (a pivot point) is often the source of most people's physical dysfunction as far as posture and muscle expression goes!  That said, I'm not a physical therapist, my ideas are only based on functional observations!

When I was first introduced to Foundation Training and the Eight Point Plank, I was doing three minute "normal" planks.  I kind of thought that switching would be a bit ridiculous.  What's the big deal?

I studied a video, took the time to understand the mechanics, and then set out to do my first eight point plank.  I COULD NOT EVEN DO 10 SECONDS!

A light bulb went on.  With a normal plank, the body can compensate for muscle chain dysfunction, masking the problem, and this can actually increase or at least support the dysfunction.  It certainly does not help it.

The eight point plank distributes the body's weight much more evenly along the spine, and activates the lower and upper body muscles (to keep balance).  The result?  The body cannot compensate, and your weak points are quickly revealed.  The eight point plank is corrective and helps to build real core stability.

In my book, the exercise is definitely a keeper!  Keep in mind that the eight point plank is an endurance pose.  Check out my other messages about AVOIDING endurance poses completely until the body's energy conversion is fixed... or at least, approach doing the plank with caution to avoid serious fatigue issues caused by bio-chemistry imbalances.

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