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Earth Cures Vision & Ideology
« on: March 13, 2019, 10:23:45 PM »
The Earthcures.org project is an independent public service project with a central theme/motto:  "Where wise traditions meet good science".

We have or are in the process of developing very simple and proven methods for the restoration and maintenance of health, and...SIMPLY:

Nutrition:  Fuel the body simply.
Detox:  Cleanse the body thoroughly.
Transform the bio-terrains of the Body.
Change to Survive, then adapt to thrive.

That's the simple ideology behind the Earthcures.org project.  The EarthCures core principle is simplicity with depth perception:  Presenting the most simple protocols and programs that produce the most thorough and lasting results.  EarthCures has been created not only to create and present these protocols, but to explore them in a community setting in greater and greater levels of depth perception... to perpetually go through them with a "fine tooth comb" to look for weaknesses, improvements, and inconsistencies, always striving for greater levels of excellence and accuracy.

The EarthCures Online Forum is an independent, cooperative support community.  As such, trolling is not permitted.  Treat everyone here just like you'd like to be treated.  This is a private entity and membership is a privilege.  There will be no warnings or second chances, bad actors are simply removed without any drama or fan fare.

That said, critical thinking is allowed and encouraged; at the right place and right time.  However, if you are a critical thinker, you also need to be a talented diplomat.  Furthermore, critical thinking should be applied to theories, ideas, processes, and procedures, NOT to people, for people, about people or even "near" people.  If you do not completely understand the spirit of these statements, then by all means, apply critical thinking, but do it minus the critical "speaking". :)
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