Topic: Why Swedish Bitters? What do they do? Why Consider Bitter?  (Read 360 times)

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Why Swedish Bitters? What do they do? Why Consider Bitter?
« on: March 27, 2019, 12:32:39 PM »
A Swedish bitter tincture is a part of the comprehensive digestive system tonic that I use.  Most people would want to first use bitters for awhile, then modify the bitters a bit, and THEN ask about my full digestive system tonic!

Just like conditioning the body for physical activity and performance, the body has to be conditioned to adapt to strong herbs and other medicinal substances.

It's all about the microbiome, and some people may have a perfectly healthy microbiome that doesn't respond well to bitters.  Some may be able to coax the body into adaptation to thrive on bitters, while others may not be able to... and may have no real need to do so!

However, more and more people are suffering from weak digestion, and need all of the help one can get.  One of the advanced themes of our advanced detoxification program(s):  The body, when given the chance to, WILL become lazy.  This is just as true with digestion as it is with things like cellular respiration.

So, ultimately it is up to you.  Will this change help you to survive?  Will you be able to adapt to thrive?

One important thing about considering adapting the body to powerful (and usually bitter) healing herbs:  The human body can adapt, whereas invading microbes will have no such "training". 

If I feel the flu coming on, for example, I can take five of the most potent olive leaf extract capsules every hour and suffer no adverse effects from the herbs.  My body has adapted.  The microbes responsible for the most common (and even uncommon)  acute infections?  No, they are going to get hammered.

So, Bitter me this! ;)

(conversation below transferred from a facebook group.  Topic:  Why bitters, what are they good for?)
I use "Greater" Swedish Bitters as part of a digestive system tonic.

The "main" benefit is that it signals to the liver that you have consumed bitter plants. This "flips a switch" for the liver to produce enyzmes to neutralize the toxic anti-nutrients that most bitter plants produce in order to try to avoid getting eaten.

This is the dance between plants which don't want to be eaten, and animals (us) who adapt. When they adapt best, they are "poisonous" to us. When we adapt best, the plants are "healthy food". :)  It is amazing that some of the most potent medicines that we have are the result of this perpetual dance!

Sadly, the liver cannot recognize most man made chemicals as toxic (the cells often can). If you don't eat something bitter with a meal, you don't get that very valuable liver response.

All and all, consuming bitters stimulates gastric juice production.  Swedish bitters do have some mild anti-parasitic and anti-microbial properties, as well, but the main use for them is that are usually great for digestive system function.

Where to buy Swedish bitters?  You MUST make them yourself!  All of the pre-made formulations I've tried are pretty weak.  They may make a good starter, but you are significantly shorting yourself if you don't make them with 50:50 grain alcohol:water.

What formula to use?  Where to purchase?

From the master "herself"!


If you make it yourself, it will even be much better than the ones they currently sell on their site.  I brew mine for longer than they recommend, it just gets a bit stronger with a bit more aging.

After you consume one batch, I recommend modifying it by maybe adding a bit of Gentian and Andrographis.

BUT, you first have to get your taste buds changed from loving sugar to loving bitter.

People who love sugar (addiction) usually hate bitter, so using bitters in a way helps a person change the taste buds.

It's one way I can tell if a person has a sugar addiction, they usually can't stand bitters.

The body will eventually change to where bitters don't taste BAD, but the body gently craves them, and they begin to taste powerfully good.

As an ex long time sugar addict (in my coffee a billion times a day), I can speak to this.
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