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Please refer to this page for links and important information regarding our information on respiratory viral infections and COVID-19.

[This page last updated on 5/06/20:  Los Alamos study added to the "pneumonia" page]

Note that all of the links below contain important information not located elsewhere.  Please review all of the information.

Please note that we do not provide actual recommendations, these are all just conceptual protocol ideas that researchers are exploring based on available and emerging independent research.  All of this is provided for research purposes only:

For example, the "Rumor Mill" post is important because it includes actionable information from other researchers.  An example would be either using H2O2 in a nebulizer, or using copper ascorbate to treat COVID-19 at symptom onset.  This information is not in our concept protocol pages, because we don't have any real research experience, can't predict side effects/detox reactions, and can't know exact dosing details.  However, just because we don't list it as a primary consideration, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be!

Another example is the scientific research page which provides supporting research.  There is a ton of valuable information presented by researchers if you have the time to click on the links and read the material!

We will try to update this page when anything changes, and note the "edit" date below, so that one does not have to continue to view these "living documents" over and over again!

Our main concept protocol (2 pages) for preventation and treatment:

Main Prevention and Main Treatment Concept Protocols



What NOT to do, Why NOT, and WHAT to do instead:


This thread actually has some good, actionable information.

Scientific References for the substances/therapies suggested: [Updated on 4/27/2020]


Don't miss this section.  For example, you can learn that a study done on virii suggests that silver ions act best within a cell to prevent viral cell replication, which silver nano particles work best extracellularly (linked study).

Taking care of the sinuses, throat, ears, and lungs, critical ideas for both prevention and treatment:


Specific page on Vitamin C therapy (we can't stress how important vitamin C is with infections, especially virii):


Note that I've been contacted by individuals stating that some cannot tolerate 3-5 grams of ascorbic acid, and so they are not using it.

Such individuals should read about the studies suggesting liposomal vitamin C may even be superior to IV therapy... it is certainly more tolerable than any form of water soluble C.  Anyone with some basic, rudimentary research and equipment can transform water soluble ascorbic acid into fat soluble "liposomal" vitamin C, which will, among other things, help prevent the digestive system irritation common with ascorbic acid.

An important topic, COVID-19 specialist MD at a New York City Hospital notices that COVID-19 is ***not**** presenting with regular pneumonia as all of the doctors and medical staff have been told; furthermore, the use of a ventilator use be hurting much more than it is helping (even though there DOES come a time where there is no choice).

I've even spoken to nurses in California who have changed their treatment protocol, based on this information, to using a ventilator as a last resort.

Latest update includes more hard data on the mutation of Sars-CoV-2:

New York City MD:  Not Pneumonia, Oxygen Starvation (the hemoglobin link) [Updated 5/06/2020]:

The most recent updates are very important, as there are conflicting assumptions as to the pathology of COVID-19 and what it means.  Is it the destruction of hemoglobin causing oxygen starvation, or the fluid/mucus, inflammation and/or scar tissue (fibrotic tissue).  Why is this becoming a blood-attacking and blood-vessel attacking illness, and what does THAT mean?  Why aren't CPAPs being used when they are so amazingly effective and can be used much earlier with greater recovery rates?

This post is very important, either way, the implications are serious!


The Rumor Mill [Updated 4/17/20]


This is an important thread, because it includes therapy suggestions that are NOT included in the main thread, for many reasons... BUT, some of them might be WELL worth taking a look!   For example, nebulizing 3% H2O2 at symptom onset may just arrest the illness.

The Rumor Mill - Part 2 [updated 4/24/20]


Both part 1 and part 2 are extremely important for any independent researcher.  Just because it is-- to us-- a "rumor" doesn't make it not true or valuable information!

Vitamin D Levels - Supplementing - COVID-19 Vitamin D Level Study

We've always recommended supplementing with Vitamin D to help protect against the flu and COVID-19.  This is our latest page, exploring the impact that Vitamin D levels have on the severity of COVID-19, and how to determine how much to supplement with:

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