Topic: Let's Take a Closer Look at the Intelligence of Biofilm  (Read 57876 times)

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Let's Take a Closer Look at the Intelligence of Biofilm
« on: April 01, 2019, 11:06:54 PM »
I think biolfilm colonies can exhibit even more "intelligence" than indicated by the following article, although the scientists of course define their intelligence as simple genetic ordering.

Either way, they can become quite pathogenic and adept at both hunting and hiding.  You might almost be able to define the right biofilm as an Apex predator of the world of microscopic organisms, because of their ability to change themselves to adapt to new circumstances.

It is never a good idea to allow the human body to become a desirable living space for pathogenic biofilm colonies.  Sadly, heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut, and other chronic inflammatory conditions can do just that.

The two greatest tools I've found that are the best "biofilm busters":  Therapeutic clays and systemic enzymes.  Here I see diatomaceous earth as really valuable, as well as French green illite, due to its particle size and characteristics.

Just like different types of bacteria and micro-organisms can band together to form cooperative colonies, I believe that they... when the conditions are right... can disband back to single cell, independent, often pathogenic organisms. 

I don't think Béchamp was completely correct, but I also think he was on to something:  At times, these disbanded micro-organisms can transform into completely different organisms.

I've run across a few "impossible" cases of what I hypothesize are advanced biofilm colonies in the human body.  One, as far as I can tell, colonized the lymph system.  What a journey that must have been to make it through all of the body's defenses.

The images in the article below are stunning!

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