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Blatant self promotion and/or advertising is not permitted on the forum.  Signature links, provided the user's posting is relevant and of high quality, will be allowed.  There may, or may not, be a post limit in place for signatures.  Meaning, we might implement a policy of suppressing signature links until you have some history.

Be warned:  If you do post specific product information, we are well seasoned researchers and have a lot of experience comparing products and seeing through marketing hype.  If your post is not deleted, it risks being edited, direct links removed,  and the product scrutinized!

All of that said, if you are at the top of your game/field, and would like to moderate a board, or even run an exclusive board, we are open to partnerships if they are the right fit.  If your focus is depth perception, excellence, and true service to the people/general public, then reach out!  We're in this all together!

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