Topic: The Importance of Balance - High Fat Diet Can Lead to Brain Starvation  (Read 7652 times)

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In our (upcoming) nutrition and detoxification program, we use an "elimination" paleolithic, ketogenic diet.  However, unlike many ketogenic fad diets out there, it is a very carefully balanced diet; neither high in protein or fat, and NOT low in carbs.

During the exploration phase, one individual commented that they wanted to cherry pick practices they were most drawn to.  This is NEVER a good idea when it comes to an "authentic" nutritional program.  Many things are done/consumed to counter-balance other practices/things consumed.  Proper nutrition is all about correct balance.

In our program, any "extra fat" needed for caloric balance (to avoid LOSING too much weight) is achieved through coconut consumption, which has been shown to have immense brain-boosting benefits when used properly.

Below is a link to an article which outlines an interesting study. The study, conducted with rats, demonstrated that a high fat diet can lead to brain starvation.  The article also explores the glucose/fat relationship in the body and the brain.


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