Topic: Micronized charcoal and Microbe Formulas- questions  (Read 71 times)

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Micronized charcoal and Microbe Formulas- questions
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:46:13 PM »
What do you think about micronized charcoal, and Microbe Formulas Bioactive Carbon products?

Can micronized charcoal add anything to a detox protocol? Can it be taken with clay? What organ processes the toxins it removes?
Micronized charcoal:  https://www.mollyssupplies.com/activated-charcoal-100-pure-food-grade-nsf-approved-8-oz-micronized-powder/

Microbe Formulas Bioactive Carbon contains fulvic and humic acids in tiny-medium sizes, and purports to both detox and nourish.
See https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/microbe-formulas/10-reasons-why-you-need-bioactive-carbon
This seems fairly unique. What do you think of it?  Have you tried anything like this?

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Re: Micronized charcoal and Microbe Formulas- questions
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2019, 10:12:46 PM »
Great topic!

Yes, there is great promise with nano sized carbon molecules for detoxification.

However, you need to know a LOT about those particles in order to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Tubular carbon particles in the "nano" size are extremely toxic.

So, you first need to know the average and mean particle sizing, and then you need to know about the shape of the particles.

For the charcoal, if it is a poor quality source, the micronized version will be dozens of times worse.  In this case, the NSF standard is probably a good thing, because to comply with NSF, you have to batch test for certain heavy metals.

An example of great type of carbon detox agent:  C-60.  C-60 is round and is believed to be completely non-toxic.

Also, "NFS" standard products are almost always purified.  I say "almost" because if I say "all", tomorrow I'll find one that isn't!

Some NSF products can only comply with certain standards because the product is chemically washed with a type of bleaching agent.

While safe, that doesn't mean it's the best product, and it certainly loses it's standing as "natural".

We use an NSF sodium bentonite, but we only use one that is purified by water washing.  We don't use the chemically washed grade.

If the formulators of the products can be trusted as far as quality goes,  these products are probably good.

Please keep in mind... while they kind of badmouth clay ("older" clay products), "binding" is the least of clay's healing qualities, although it is the attribute that is most known/sought after.

I haven't found any carbon/rock/soil product that even comes close to what clay can do, so I always see products like this as additions, rather than replacements!
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