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clay and cancer
« on: July 05, 2019, 02:17:44 AM »
Been diagnosed with breast cancer and been having clay and MgCL baths, clay poultice and drinking it.
When I come out of my hot bath I can be a bit dizzy. After CT scan, coming out, I collapsed, did not faint, fell and knocked my forehead and after my husband put me on the coach, I felt like vomiting  and when opening my eyes, I I could see too lines of "floaters", not very nice feeling. Anyway I was thrilled, thinking I was detoxifying from CT scan.
A week later I had a similar bath after a nuclear scan and not such a reaction and now I am doubting that it was a detox after CT scan. What is your opinion about that?
Can I keep drinking clay while on chemo? If not how long should I stop for after just receiving the treatment? 2Hours or 24H or more? Thanks.