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The referenced article is such a beautiful insight into these horrors. I'm commenting on this older post because I think your thoughts about the biofilms being elsewhere/anywhere in the body are correct, and it is an active research topic for me. In particular I have been fascinated by the ability of microbes to embed heavy metals into their biofilm matrix, which might be one of the most catastrophic components that is often not considered (including in the beautiful article that you linked to). There is a nice short summary of this in the article below, and I think that zeolite can be another key strategy to breaking down these biofilms... especially in those 'hard to get to' places (if the zeolite is small enough). https://www.ppt-health.com/lyme-disease-basics/heavy-metals-in-biofilms/

I'm concerned about doing 5K vitamin D every day, especially without know the levels of Vitamin A. My guidance is always A and D together, from natural sources as much as possible, and I am not so comfortable going above 2K vitamin D supplements on a daily basis. That's my comfort level. In any case, I would want to remind people to keep the A up along with the D. In any case, I absolutely love this post  ;)

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