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Healing with Clay / Re: Colloidal Silver
« Last post by Jason on September 20, 2021, 11:04:34 AM »

I'm sorry, I totally missed this post.  I'm not sure why I didn't get a notification!

If you are still interested in colloidal silver, let me know!

Healing with Clay / Re: diverticulitis
« Last post by Jason on September 20, 2021, 11:03:07 AM »
...quite a few people have used edible clay to successfully treat diverticulitis. 

However, I wouldn't rely "just" on using edible therapeutic clays.  It really helps to get one's eating habits in order at the same time.  Just like with most immune system over-sensitivities and reactions, what is actually causing it can vary from person to person.

Our basic digestive system cleanse is easy and great, along with a true elimination diet, or something like the Wahls Protocol's "Wahls Plus" dietary strategy.

Here are a few interesting external resources (I would always use clay if possible):

https://draxe.com/health/diverticulitis-diet/ (Dr. Axe)


Kind Regards,

Healing with Clay / diverticulitis
« Last post by marylise on September 20, 2021, 12:54:07 AM »
Has anyone experimented clay with diverticulitis?
Thank you so much for this post Jason, it's very interesting. I'm going to get the books! Rebecca
...there was a typo that made my reply confusing, I have corrected it.

Each of his "works" are pretty much separate and complete ideas.

If I had to choose two books, I would choose "You Are the Placebo", and "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself".

You are the Placebo is all about the science of healing yourself by overcoming yourself and the environment, having everything to do with (especially) chronic illness.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself teaches a person exactly how the mind and body function, so that a person can break free from the past and learn how to create a new future.

As far as his meditations go, it really depends on you.  He includes the text for meditations in his books, but also sells guided meditations.  Some people love the guided ones, others do not!
Not quite getting your answer jason.
His books and méditations are in sale on hay house for 24 hours. Do you think the 2 books you mentioned are enough or it is necessary to do his training?
Great observation, yes...

...how I would "frame it", is that the practice of Ho'oponopono is a fantastic way to utilize "the formula"; practicing it properly brings the heart and brain into coherence, and outside of space-time.
« Becoming no body, with no thing, in no place and in no time. »
Same idea as ohoponono, right?
[...taken from email query...]

[original author noted that dosing with clay once in the morning did not eliminate loose stools]

Healing clay used internally is extremely effective for one type of UC, and usually helps control symptoms for the other "main" type.

With loose stools, the idea is to increase clay consumption until stabilization occurs (stools become well-formed and normal).

This may not be possible if you are only using it once a day.  Ideally, it should be used once every time the digestive system is stimulated, if at all possible... and provided it is well tolerated.

When using larger amounts of clay, the quality of clay is important.

You are right to keep clay use away from medications.  However, you may need to take a closer look at this.  MOST (but not all) medications are absorbed by the stomach (or pass through it) easily by the 45-minute mark... Many go "straight in" and are active in the metabolism after 20 minutes.

Universally, unless it is a time-release medication, waiting for one hour will allow the medication to work without fear of interference from clay use.

I like everyone, if possible, to read my introduction to using edible clay, as it was written to answer all of the questions I've been asked (almost all!) over the last 20 years or so.  I've tried to make it "readable":


Next, consider using fermented cabbage juice if clay alone doesn't do the trick.  Cabbage juice is fun to make, tastes "ok" but smells TERRIBLE!  It can be a fun family project.

Using fermented cabbage juice has actually been researched by the Brigham and Women's Health Crohn's and Colitis Center.

There is a "push/pull" between clay and cabbage juice that works great.  Using clay to completely cleanse the digestive system, and then flooding the digestive system with the RIGHT kinds of probiotic bacteria can help to (permanently) restore floral balance.

It is MUCH, MUCH harder than most people realize to use probiotics for gut healing.  99 times out of 100, when you take "probbies", they are not very aggressive and are destroyed before reaching the colon.  The ones that DO reach the colon are actually often seen as competing invaders (not a part of the current colony system) and are killed off quickly.

Some stool studies have shown NO surviving probiotic bacteria surviving even with aggressive supplementation.

With clay, you are using a bio-terrain stabilizing force, along with billions upon billions of "good" bacteria that live INSIDE the tiny cabbage fibers;  this allows them to survive and reach the lower digestive tract.  Most pathogenic organisms feed off of fat, sugar, or protein... So they are not interested in the cabbage.

The cabbage fibers are their own bio-terrain, which gives them equal footing in the lower digestive tract.  They don't "need" to search out a food source, they are living and breeding in their own self-sustaining bio-terrain as they travel.

It's not perfect, but for some people, the cabbage juice/clay combination is exactly what the body needs to shift the bio-terrain and change it permanently.... and the immune system can FINALLY calm down.


There are other potential issues with immune-system modulation via bio-terrain recovery (healing the digestive tract), which are discussed in our "concept" protocol on digestive system cleansing:


For tough cases, I don't consider this "the cure", but I consider it as one of the best starting places.
The core of Dr. Joe Dispenza's practice is what he calls "The Formula".

The core of this "formula", and many of the meditative practices that he teaches, is based upon heart coherence and brain coherence.

As far as helping people learn how to change, and how to create better futures, his work can be technically distilled as follows:

He teaches people how to rewire their brain (the neural networks) primarily through specific meditations.  He teaches people how to create/manifest desired changes, directly from the unified quantum field... it is important to note that this process is creating from the UNKNOWN:

The process is dynamic, yet simple:

Unite a clear intention with an elevated emotion.  Let go of the outer world by dropping into a meditative, creative alpha-dominant state of consciousness, where the inner world becomes more real than the outer world, where the left and right hemispheres of the brain become one.

The next step is to surrender oneself completely into a deep theta-dominant state of consciousness.  In many cultures, this is naturally practiced by inducing various trance or hypnotic states of consciousness.

Next, switch from convergent focusing (focusing on MATTER, some "thing") to divergent focusing by expanding-- unfolding-- awareness into empty space (nothingness, the void), and then by perpetual and continuous surrender, follow the heart (via elevated emotion) into the quantum field with pure conscious awareness only...  Becoming no body, with no thing, in no place and in no time.

It is all about the energy.  To change, what is required is that a person experience elevated emotion with a GREATER amplitude than the energy holding the current "reality" in place.

That elevated emotion carries the clear intention into "the field" with pure consciousness.  Last, one simply surrenders absolutely, and turns everything over to "providence".

Get to the unknown, be in the unknown, and create as if you already have what it is that you seek, or already ARE the person you wish to become; get beyond any experience of "lack".

Most of Dr. Joe's work, one way or the other, teaches a person how to rewire their brain, and redesign their life, by utilizing the above practices.
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