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Title: Red Light, NIR, FIR, IR: Introduction and Resources
Post by: Jason on April 18, 2019, 09:05:31 PM
Photobiomodulation is a huge topic. There have been over 3,000 peer reviewed studies done on LED and NIR therapy.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different devices out there.  There is a great deal of misinformation, as well.

I'll be updating this post/thread with "vetted" research resources; resources that I feel are "must read" in order to get a proper education on Red Light and NIR therapy.

Educate yourself before you buy!

The first link is a "must read" document entitled "The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy" by Ari Whitten:

This publication covers just about everything you could possibly want to know about the basics of NIR and LED Red Light Therapy.  There is also a section on purchasing equipment, and it offers "pretty good" advice, but it is biased based on what is readily available on the U.S. "retail" market.  It's a great place to start looking for equipment, but it may not be the best place to "end"!

We did a ton of research before purchasing our unit.  Our goal was to get as close to a clone of Juuv's units--functionally-- as possible.  This means we purchased a unit which emits 660 NM wave forms, and 850 NM wave forms.  Dr. Hambly's research showed that these two wavelengths were sufficient for therapeutic purposes.  It is a 900 watt device.  Ideal usage time is ONLY six minutes at about six inches from the unit.  It is a 900 watt, medical (clinical) grade device which allows the user to do only red light, only NIR, or both at the same time, at a 50-50 split.  EMF emissions for any unit purchased should be below 3 mG at 1 cm.
Title: Types of Therapy Devices
Post by: Jason on April 19, 2019, 01:01:57 PM
There is a ton of confusion when it comes to red light therapy devices, far infrared, near infrared, and "full spectrum" infrared.  Below is a brief summary of these technologies to help you avoid confusion.

Red Light Therapy:  Red light therapy is achieved by emitting wave forms (light) between 600 and 700 nanometers.  This is at the end of the visible light spectrum.  Red light therapy is conducted with either cold laser technologies (very expensive) or LED-based devices.  The red light spectrum is a non-radiant.  It does not generate heat like far infrared does.  Red light therapy penetrates into the body through the skin, but not as deeply as NIR.  Emerging studies have been reinforcing the idea that red light therapy via LEDs has the same therapeutic effects as red light therapy with cold (and expensive) lasers.

Near Infrared Radiation Therapy (NIR):  NIR therapy is achieved by emitting wave forms between 700nm to about 1,100nm. NIR is above the human visible light spectrum.  It is also a low-radiant energy, and does not produce very much heat.  NIR penetrates much deeper into the body.  660nm and 850nm are the two frequencies that have shown the most powerful biological therapeutic effects.  Most devices that are both effective and affordable utilize LEDs to produce the NIR.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy (FIR):  Far Infrared Therapy is achieved by emitting wave forms between 5.0 Ám to 15.0 Ám.  5.0 Ám is the equivalent of 5000nm.  Far infrared produces a great deal of "penetrating" heat, and is thus often used in sauna or heat therapies.  High EMF-emitting panels are often used to achieve far infrared, although there are some companies who employ shielding.

Full Spectrum Infrared Heat Therapy:  Full spectrum infrared devices emit the widest range of wave forms (including visible red light and invisible near, mid, and far infrared), rather than the narrow bands of specific infrared technologies/therapies.  Since it produces far infrared waves, it is also a heat therapy.  The best equipment is made with halogen full spectrum infrared bulbs.  However, please note that none of the full spectrum infrared therapy devices sold generate enough NIR to really be considered NIR therapeutic devices.  In order to achieve a therapeutic dose of NIR, you would have to be close enough to the bulb(s) to burn yourself!  There is a huge problem out there with those claiming that full spectrum infrared sauna therapy is also NIR therapy.  IT IS NOT!

There are plenty of individuals and companies trying to convince potential buyers that one type of therapy is superior to any other.  This is unequivocally not true!  Each of the above therapies have unique capabilities.  For example, even though full spectrum infrared saunas cannot really be considered to deliver NIR therapy, an IR sauna offers superior overall systemic detoxification, even though it may not have as significant effect on, say, the mitochondria.

In this post, I'm not going to get into the specific uses of each type of device.  Everything (except IR sauna therapy) has been covered very well by "The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy And Near-Infrared Light Therapy" linked above.

Most of my own work is centered around therapies that are extremelyh advanced, or otherwise not very well known.  There has been so much great scientific research done on Red light and NIR, that I don't feel a need to re-invent the wheel!  That said, I'm sure we'll eventually have forum topic posts covering a wide range of uses.

The last point to cover has to do with which wavelengths to use.  The "ultimate guide" covers this topic perfectly.  Different wavelengths have different uses.  We personally use the most powerful frequencies.  There are devices that offer four frequencies and that don't utilize the most powerful frequencies.  Just remember that if you have a  device that emits four frequencies, you are getting far less exposure to any single one.  Knowing the exact power of a a frequency is critical to being able to calculate the exact duration/exposure time.  Over-exposure negates the affects, and under-exposure can severely limit the benefits.  So, be absolutely sure that you have access to all of this information!  The seller and/or manufacturer should be able to provide you with the exact specifications, and even the equation, used to calculate distance and duration!

The ultimate guide that we recommend on Red light and NIR therapy does not cover infrared saunas adequately.  The guide suggests that you can use a sauna that also includes NIR lights/panels.  Please do not do this.  It is not the brightest idea.  Do not get a "panel" type infrared sauna unless you get a low emf sauna, such as a Clearlight brand.  They are very expensive.  A better choice is infrared sauna via full spectrum infrared bulbs.  Do NIR and/or Red light therapy SEPARATELY, because ideal exposure times for each are quite different!

We recommend Dr. Wilson's guide to full spectrum sauna therapy.  It is a great guide.  Please note that we do not agree with everything Dr. Wilson teaches.  When it comes to health information, buyer beware, always!  Do not judge a piece of information by the personality presenting it, but by the merits of the research behind it.  Nearly everyone gets at least one major thing WRONG sometime!

Please also note that we strongly disagree that the infrared sauna is an NIR device.  We've seen the factor specifications on the NIR bulbs.  The simple fact is that it's too dangerous to get close enough the bulbs in order to get a therapeutic dose of NIR!
Title: Re: Red Light, NIR, FIR, IR: Introduction and Resources
Post by: Merrygoround on April 20, 2019, 12:36:18 AM
It is confusing 🤯, thank you, good article.  With your personal unit, do you always use both wave lengths in a treatment or do you separate them and use singly occasionally?   
Title: Re: Red Light, NIR, FIR, IR: Introduction and Resources
Post by: Jason on April 20, 2019, 10:12:59 AM
I haven't come across a situation where I need to use one over the other.  Perhaps for some cosmetic/skin applications?

I know that if I were to purchase a unit that forced you to use both at the same time, I'd come across a situation where I needed to use just one!
Title: Re: Red Light, NIR, FIR, IR: Introduction and Resources
Post by: Sholland on April 27, 2019, 04:10:21 PM
Would you mind telling us what unit you ended up purchasing?
Title: Re: Red Light, NIR, FIR, IR: Introduction and Resources
Post by: Jason on April 29, 2019, 11:58:37 AM

You can see a picture of the unit along with a link, posted in this topic/thread:,36.0.html

Please keep in mind that we are not recommending the unit, we don't have enough experience with it as of yet.