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Detoxification and Cleansing (General) / Does clay cause harm to kidneys?
« on: January 30, 2022, 06:08:34 PM »
Does clay cause harm to kidneys?

Today I came across a 2012 post at earthclinic.com, in which someone purporting to be a dialysis nurse said that clay was harmful to the kidneys. She said:

"I've worked with dialysis patients for years and bentonite clay has come up many times. It destroys your kidneys over a few years. The clay sticks to the inside of your nephrons. As the kidney disease advances (slowly) the nephrologist will ask you to allow them to perform a kidney biopsy, it is at this time that it is discovered that clay, actual clay, is stuck inside the millions of tiny nephrons in each kidney. Although you may see positive results, kidney disease, and eventually dialysis, is the end result."

Jason what is your position on this? Had you heard of it before? Should people with weak kidney function avoid clay because of this? Is this harm determined by particle size, so that larger particle size clay would not affect the kidneys? Or is there some other kind of clay that would have less effect on the kidneys? Or a substitute for clay?

A healer mentioned something called hypochlorous iodine or hydrochlorous iodine (something like that), and I can't find anything about it! She says that and ivermectin and covid is gone.  Does anyone know anything about this?

I have hypothyroid and difficulty detoxing heavy metals, so I have been reluctant to use iodine for covid. But if it is that effective I might be persuaded to use some for a short time.

I have had covid for I think about 6 weeks, and it is getting old. My immune system is weak and I have chronic inflammatory illness. The flu illness sat for a few weeks then quickly progressed into my lungs, until I went nuclear on it, and now it just sits in my throat and doesn't improve. I am grateful to not be in the hospital etc, but this thing really needs to go.

I am primarily using ivermectin, rife, quercetin/c/d/zinc, melatonin, a little cayenne, and inhaled colloidal silver/glutathione, and also inhaled hypochlorous acid (as recommended by Dr Klinghardt), all daily.

I do use high dose elderberry, which may be causing some problems, but I have to use it. I wonder if there is a cytokine-lowering remedy I could use to counter it.

I am purchasing the Seaxym mentioned elsewhere tonight. That is what I have been looking for. I am hoping it is better than guaifensin.

I am interested in the salt pipe, but concerned about the iodine, and also the different effects of nebulizing so many things at once- wouldn't the iodine get oxidized if I used the hypochlorous acid the same day? What would the wait be between the inhalations?

The Inspirol inhalation also looks interesting, but I have concerns about its toxicity. I am so frail that I literally avoid inhaling the fumes of rubbing alcohol, so it is hard to see how turpentine fumes wouldn't shred me.

It might be better to inhale the essential oils as noted earlier. I don't know if they are as strong as the hypochlorous acid in their killing ability, though, and there is a limit to how much inhaled substances I can handle. On the other hand, the essential oils may add something different that may sway the balance.

I am open to any suggestions. (I have a low toxin threshold. And can't sauna. Very limited diet. Autoimmunity means immune stimulation must be approached with caution.) This is a real drag.

These ideas sound wonderful!

Did anyone ever try doing the oil-clay combo as part of a castor oil liver pack?

The pack is too difficult for me- my liver cannot take the detox. Would adding clay take the edge off? 
Would there be a reason to do that?

Is there any reason I couldn't combine a little Pascalite with my green cay, for oral use?

I take clay twice a day with psyllium, and I'd like to combine doses. 
4 tsps green clay, could become 3 1/2 tsps with 1/2 tsp of Pascalite.

Would one absorb or somehow deactivate the other?

Healing with Clay / Pascalite compared with greenclay's green clay
« on: July 22, 2020, 11:31:40 PM »
I would like to substitute greenclay's green clay for pascalite clay, for a particular purpose.
Is there any idea of the difference in absorption/adsorption between the two? 
It is important to the purpose, which is sensitive and I need the clay to be just right- absorb not too much and not too little. I know the pascalite but I want to switch over to green clay.
Thanks for any input.

It seems there is some dispute about what the best particle size is for charcoal internally used to detox.

Some people say that the smallest particle sizes are better because they result in greater surface area of adsorption potential.

Others seem to say that when the particles are ground down the chambers are pulverized and don't work as well to adsorb.
Alternately, I have heard the idea that multiple chamber sizes are the most versatile for detox: mesoporous.

FInally, this guy Ray Peat thinks that small charcoal particles are dangerous because through "persorption" they lodge in lymph, small blood vessels, and elsewhere, becoming inflammatory and difficult to clear. So he recommends using granulated charcoal internally
(which the advocates of the first position -fine particle- informed me was absurd, because humans do not have gizzards.)  https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/activated-charcoal-should-be-used-with-caution.17352/   
I don't know who Ray Peat is, but I would sure like to know if he's right or not.

And which particle size is preferable for internal use.

And any recommendations and experiences for protocols and dosages for charcoal detox.
I found this one- simple but strong - http://charcoaltimes.com/2694-2/

I'm glad I asked about the Amazon zeolite!
Also a great catch about the fraudulent reviews.
I am interested in your thoughts about TMAZ.

While attempting to find out what TMAZ is, I found another product. https://www.bsynclife.com/product/zeoone-zeolite-powder-tmaz/
It looks like it is claiming to be .9 nanometers=  0.0009 microns- is that even possible?
Whatever TMAZ is, this zeolite claims to be even better- had you seen this one? http://store.augustineapproved.com/dynacol-zeolite-for-people-formerly-tmaz-zeolite    Do you believe that it is better? Maybe since it comes from Australia, it can be.
I am not sure if I should keep looking. I would like to find a good source of micronized zeolite (in smaller quantity) I can purchase or ship to the US that is not homeopathic.
(I see that greenclays is out of stock- is that temporary?)

Neither here nor there, I came across this book about zeolite that looks interesting. It seems to have practical tips. http://www.nikitanaturals.com/australian-zeolite-facts-figures

She can't use oral binders of any kind, because they absorb her medication, so she couldn't take oral zeolite. I am not sure of the mechanics of that, how that could even be possible it things are moving...
That is why I was thinking of a micronized zeolite suppository, since the meds should be already absorbed by the time they get to the large intestine.

I don't know anything about topical micronized zeolite, but I think it could be interesting. Do you think it would be good or mobilize more toxins to the area?

Back to my friend, unfortunately the condition has caused intestinal toxicity, which I think has become an issue in itself. Of course she can't do the obvious clay/fiber. She is on triphala, which is finally helping her bowels move- at all- which is an improvement.

The related problem is that she can't kill her (toxic) mold because this produces a toxin flood which she can't handle at all, and she can't take binders to resolve. So she can't use the chlorine dioxide and the silver. I don't know if the boric acid causes a die-off reaction. I think that the toxic mold die-off might cause psychiatric symptoms, but it is extremely unpleasant and she is already teetering on the edge- she is understandably reluctant to experiment.  I was hoping to get her to a place where she could successfully release more toxins, then move on to killing some mold and doing some intestinal cleansing

I think you're recommending this? https://www.earthcures.org/anti-fungal-protocol.php
Would you recommend this without the chlorine dioxide/silver? (maybe boric if it causes die-off) Are there any parts she could start with? Like the bamboo salt, soda and lemon perhaps? Any progress would help.
I personally found that minerals make me detox more than I can handle now!  So that would be something to watch for too.
It is a tough one.

Detoxification and Cleansing (General) / Binders and absorbing medications
« on: December 31, 2019, 12:48:16 AM »
I have a friend with an interesting dilemma in health.  She has had open heart surgery and consequently been on antibiotics frequently for many years. She had the misfortune of coming across some toxic mold 30 years ago and developed mold illness/toxicity, and I believe she is a carrier for that toxic mold. She has had severe intestinal toxicity/constipation, and in recent years has developed chronic pain and lots of infections.

The dilemma is this: because taking binders absorbs the psychotropic medication that is critical to her survival, she can't take binders conventionally. Because of her heart condition and the danger of shocks, she is afraid to use the ionic footbath. So she can't detox the mold toxins, and she's getting more and more toxic. She can't kill the mold in her body because it causes a flood of toxins which she cannot detox.

Her reaction to binders seems so extreme. I wonder how her intestinal motility is so stagnant that a binder taken 12 hours after a medication is affecting its absorption. Is the system so backed up, things are barely moving to the point the drug just hangs around?
The effect is extremely pronounced, and I feel like there is something else going on that needs to be addressed separately. I was wondering if taking a little psyllium might help move things along, though I am afraid of triggering some kind blockage emergency.

I was thinking that a micronized zeolite suppository might circumvent this. Maybe oral micronized zeolite if she would be willing to try it.
I thought she might try doing complete evaluation enemas every day - 3-5  2 quart bags to move it out. But I don't think she wants to devote an hour a day to this.
I am trying to encourage her to do some castor oil packs.
She has been successfully taking triphala to move her bowels, at least in recent months. She said she felt it triggered old stuff to move out and she wondered where the current stuff was going.

She lives near the ocean. Would getting in the water for a certain amount of time be a sort of detox?

Is there any advice for her? Anything she could try? Any cautions? The situation is becoming desperate.

This micronized zeolite powder is getting in under the radar- less than 2 microns. Silica aluminum ratio about 6:1; Si 69.73% and Al 12.06%. Not sold for human consumption.
What do you think?

I moved out of my moldy apartment last month. Thus I haven't been able to make any active progress on detoxing. 

I think my right kidney needs emergency help. I did my first clay pack in the new apartment today. I started a Dietrich Klinghardt remedy that protects the kidney called galactose. Have you looked into him? He is excellent. 

I tried the micronized charcoal I linked previously, and it is helpful in a unique way. I only had a detox reaction the first time.   I am taking 1 dose of 1/2 tsp 1x daily. I did not tolerate the Microbe Formulas Bioactive Carbon and returned it.

About liver regeneration- The use of lemon- I take 1 glass lemonade before dinner, and 1 whole lemon (deseeded) blended into the lemon olive oil drink daily, at night before my night sleep. I don't use lemon with food because the acids weaken my teeth too much.
About food digestion- I am having severe problems eating. I already have global allergic sensitivity reactions to all solid food. My body now wants me to nap after eating a fairly substantial raw blended dinner with cooked beef liver. I should mention I eat raw garlic, quite a lot of raw ginger, and in cold weather, cayenne pepper capsules. My schedule has become completely bizarre- eat dinner (my second meal) sleep for 4-8 hours, get up eat a lot of coconut butter, stay up 6-8 more hours, then go to sleep (and take "nighttime supplements"). I tried last night to stay up after the second meal and felt so awful I spilled and screwed things up badly and got a bit hysterical. I did go to bed a couple hours after the coconut, but had little usable function all day, beyond the few hours the coffee enema give me in the morning. As usual, I suppose, but a great deal worse due to not napping after eating. Eating less is possibly useful, but I am terribly deficient, tend to be underweight, and feel too hungry which is unpleasant. I can't tolerate juice fasting - even a modified version with a little protein caused me a severe germ attack which made me extra-sick for a week last spring. I am not sure whether to just give in to the napping. What is next?

About adrenals- I am more managing them than curing them. I have chronic severe health problems and chronic immune weakness/germ assault causing physical stress, and emotional issues including some ptsd, so that seems to keep me in a feedback loop. Pregnenolone 30 mg 2 out of every 3 days, adrenal glandular the other day. Ashwagandha and licorice. My test and consult with Dr. Poesnecker in the late 90s gave me the pregnenolone solution, and it has been very useful. It was originally life-transforming. I feel that it is sufficient for now. Eventually when some of the triggers are resolved, I would like to return to working actively on them.

About the anti-fungal protocol, I can't tolerate most of the ingredients at this point. I am exquisitely over-sensitive to salt, although I am drinking excessively to help the kidneys and taking 1/2 tsp celtic salt in the water spread out throughout the day. (I can't use the himalayan - the minerals cause too much detox). I take baking soda 3x 1/4 tsp- that is keeping the acidity under control. I can't tolerate the chlorine dioxide or the silver. I nebulize some silver daily, though, and that is the limit to it due to the metal toxicity. The boric acid- I don't know. I am using nystatin, Candex, probiotics (but not EM-1- yet) and a very low carb diet to control yeast. I wouldn't generally take other citrus fruits due to sugar. I can't tolerate acv- my body reacts to it severely like mold. (Does Megahydrate do some what the bamboo salt does? Check out https://phisciences.com/why-take-megahydrate  That and his Crystal Energy have a huge effect on me but I can only take a tiny amount due to detox insufficiency. It was originally very life-changing, and has been for others. ) 

I don't know where to go with the retention toxicity. Are there any online resources where I could earn more about it? I have a functional medicine MD who is superb, but doesnt know about it. I would like to introduce her to it, in addition to engaging more fully myself with any information available.I do daily ionic footbaths, coffee enemas, take daily showers, a tiny amount of wheatgrass, other fresh made juice, and a nearly absurd amount of binders. zeolite 3x, clay (4 teaspoons) 2x, cholestyramine 3x, micronized charcoal 1x. I know that the mold reaction causes my tissues to constrict which prevents detox. At some point I can increase a medication that is helping that reaction, when I am able to excrete more toxins. I think I need to let the toxin flow from the reduced exposure play out first. 

About your previous questions about retention toxicity- I drink about 180 (?) oz of water a day with electrolytes. I definitely have severe bile toxicity- between the metals, the mold and lyme. That is why I do a number of bile pushes daily and take in conjunction with binders, which makes me ill, for a time. But my bile, I think, is very stopped up and hard, and highly toxic. I haven't been able to tolerate eating saturated fat since the early 90s. I do extensive liver therapy, or I wouldn't be able to eat. I have several bowel movements daily.  I did a really thorough digestive cleanse in the 90s, though I did not rebuild walls. With iridology, I noticed in the last 6 years or so that my digestive system was getting more toxic again, and I didn't know why - now I understand the mold rxs, and body's inability to detox, circulate or function generally caused it. The food I eat is rotting in there, even though I take it with full enzymes. My colon is a lot better than the rest of my digestive tract, though.

Any more ideas?

Triphala at bedtime, assuming you have an empty stomach.

Questions about EM-1
Do you think these EM-1 organisms help detox heavy metals? I saw a study or two that alluded to metal detox, I think lead and chromium.
Would you recommend them instead of conventional probiotics or in addition?
Would there be specific timing, such as with meals or on empty stomach?
FInally, would you recommend taking the EM-1 straight or using it to ferment other edible things first? (I'm not sure I'm up to fermenting anything right now.)

About raw foods: I used to work for Ann Wigmore. The key for very sick people and raw foods is blending. She liked fermented rejuvelac blends in her old age, which I no longer tolerate due to the mold of the ferment. Also, for the last year I have been using a splash of peroxide and a drop of Dr. Bronners soap in my vegetable wash water. Now I feel less paranoid after your report about the ozonated produce. : )

About adrenals: I had the privilege of working with the great Dr. Poesnecker before he died. I am still on the adrenal protocol he put me on.

Where are these spas with clay detox pools? Sounds amazing.

I have been doing the clay packs with a clump of wet but stiff clay with plastic wrap over it. I can walk around and do stuff without making a mess, and it keeps drawing. I notice that you use a cloth instead and make the clay wetter and let it dry. Is there any reason why you recommend that instead?

My liver is quite bad, but I spend most of my day doing treatments for it directly or indirectly. So it is propped up, but creaking and complaining. The kidneys scare me because they seem harder to work with.

Where is the water soluble "metabolic wash" you mentioned? I take 1/4 tsp baking soda 3x per day. I tend to the acidic due to my liver probably.

My brain is a wreck- I once measured to have sleeping brain waves during waking time. I can't concentrate at all most of the time or barely read. Meditating is not much of a go.

What do you think of  http://www.karmic-health.com/detoxing/   ?  I feel like I am getting painted into a corner, here.
I've tried homeopathic arsenic which works to release arsenic, but a little too well- I can't excrete it once it is released so it floats around doing more harm. And that was some time ago, now I am a lot worse.

About "BTW:  Most of the binders you are taking contain arsenic.  In order to get a proper understanding of your heavy metal load, you have to stop taking binders for 3 days, and then do a urine heavy metal challenge test... which you might not be able to tolerate due to the chelation agent."
My arsenic test was a Doctor's Data hair metals test of the closest inch or so of hair to my head, so I believe that shows long term exposure.

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