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Detoxification and Cleansing (General) / Does clay cause harm to kidneys?
« on: January 30, 2022, 06:08:34 PM »
Does clay cause harm to kidneys?

Today I came across a 2012 post at earthclinic.com, in which someone purporting to be a dialysis nurse said that clay was harmful to the kidneys. She said:

"I've worked with dialysis patients for years and bentonite clay has come up many times. It destroys your kidneys over a few years. The clay sticks to the inside of your nephrons. As the kidney disease advances (slowly) the nephrologist will ask you to allow them to perform a kidney biopsy, it is at this time that it is discovered that clay, actual clay, is stuck inside the millions of tiny nephrons in each kidney. Although you may see positive results, kidney disease, and eventually dialysis, is the end result."

Jason what is your position on this? Had you heard of it before? Should people with weak kidney function avoid clay because of this? Is this harm determined by particle size, so that larger particle size clay would not affect the kidneys? Or is there some other kind of clay that would have less effect on the kidneys? Or a substitute for clay?

Healing with Clay / Pascalite compared with greenclay's green clay
« on: July 22, 2020, 11:31:40 PM »
I would like to substitute greenclay's green clay for pascalite clay, for a particular purpose.
Is there any idea of the difference in absorption/adsorption between the two? 
It is important to the purpose, which is sensitive and I need the clay to be just right- absorb not too much and not too little. I know the pascalite but I want to switch over to green clay.
Thanks for any input.

It seems there is some dispute about what the best particle size is for charcoal internally used to detox.

Some people say that the smallest particle sizes are better because they result in greater surface area of adsorption potential.

Others seem to say that when the particles are ground down the chambers are pulverized and don't work as well to adsorb.
Alternately, I have heard the idea that multiple chamber sizes are the most versatile for detox: mesoporous.

FInally, this guy Ray Peat thinks that small charcoal particles are dangerous because through "persorption" they lodge in lymph, small blood vessels, and elsewhere, becoming inflammatory and difficult to clear. So he recommends using granulated charcoal internally
(which the advocates of the first position -fine particle- informed me was absurd, because humans do not have gizzards.)  https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/activated-charcoal-should-be-used-with-caution.17352/   
I don't know who Ray Peat is, but I would sure like to know if he's right or not.

And which particle size is preferable for internal use.

And any recommendations and experiences for protocols and dosages for charcoal detox.
I found this one- simple but strong - http://charcoaltimes.com/2694-2/

Detoxification and Cleansing (General) / Binders and absorbing medications
« on: December 31, 2019, 12:48:16 AM »
I have a friend with an interesting dilemma in health.  She has had open heart surgery and consequently been on antibiotics frequently for many years. She had the misfortune of coming across some toxic mold 30 years ago and developed mold illness/toxicity, and I believe she is a carrier for that toxic mold. She has had severe intestinal toxicity/constipation, and in recent years has developed chronic pain and lots of infections.

The dilemma is this: because taking binders absorbs the psychotropic medication that is critical to her survival, she can't take binders conventionally. Because of her heart condition and the danger of shocks, she is afraid to use the ionic footbath. So she can't detox the mold toxins, and she's getting more and more toxic. She can't kill the mold in her body because it causes a flood of toxins which she cannot detox.

Her reaction to binders seems so extreme. I wonder how her intestinal motility is so stagnant that a binder taken 12 hours after a medication is affecting its absorption. Is the system so backed up, things are barely moving to the point the drug just hangs around?
The effect is extremely pronounced, and I feel like there is something else going on that needs to be addressed separately. I was wondering if taking a little psyllium might help move things along, though I am afraid of triggering some kind blockage emergency.

I was thinking that a micronized zeolite suppository might circumvent this. Maybe oral micronized zeolite if she would be willing to try it.
I thought she might try doing complete evaluation enemas every day - 3-5  2 quart bags to move it out. But I don't think she wants to devote an hour a day to this.
I am trying to encourage her to do some castor oil packs.
She has been successfully taking triphala to move her bowels, at least in recent months. She said she felt it triggered old stuff to move out and she wondered where the current stuff was going.

She lives near the ocean. Would getting in the water for a certain amount of time be a sort of detox?

Is there any advice for her? Anything she could try? Any cautions? The situation is becoming desperate.

Forum News & Questions / Where is Upon a Clay Tablet?
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:57:02 AM »
I can't find Upon a Clay Tablet.
A tip reads: "Charter members have access to protocols and downloads (when applicable).  Currently, this includes a free updated copy of the e-book "Upon a Clay Tablet".."
Under downloads, it is not listed among Natural & Alt Med Books.
What am I missing?

What do you think about micronized charcoal, and Microbe Formulas Bioactive Carbon products?

Can micronized charcoal add anything to a detox protocol? Can it be taken with clay? What organ processes the toxins it removes?
Micronized charcoal:  https://www.mollyssupplies.com/activated-charcoal-100-pure-food-grade-nsf-approved-8-oz-micronized-powder/

Microbe Formulas Bioactive Carbon contains fulvic and humic acids in tiny-medium sizes, and purports to both detox and nourish.
See https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/microbe-formulas/10-reasons-why-you-need-bioactive-carbon
This seems fairly unique. What do you think of it?  Have you tried anything like this?

What do you think of this stuff? Looks interesting. Effusive reviews, that's for sure.

Ion Charged Terramin Mineral Supplement 57  https://www.amazon.com/Ion-Charged-Terramin-Mineral-Supplement/dp/B0030VJ30E

(Some reviewer of it was snarking about the 3 Clay Blend, I have no idea why: I loved it)

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