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Oh, and I would like to add a few thoughts, from observing people for decades.

Many people, especially those interested in dynamic health, have some sort of spiritual and/or religious practice.

In many cases, these practices are far, far less effective than they could be.

The issue is that an elevated emotional state of being is required (creating from the HEART) for most spiritual/religious/metaphysical practices to actually WORK. 

The thing is, people of this modern age are completely trapped into stress-reaction living.  In many cases, we as people think that we don't even FEEL AT ALL.... that we become numb to living.

This isn't actually true, in most cases.  What happens is that we are so addicted to frustration, that we do not even realize that this is the state of being we are in.  It is normal.  We think we feel nothing, and yet if we were able to view our emotional/physical state objectively, we would see stress/frustration...  which is a form of anger.

Now, in the past ages, most of humanity operated from absolute fear (paralyzing fear).  This is why modern religion is geared the way it is, to reach/manipulate people from where they existed.  Fear was the language they spoke, and formal organizations knew this, and capitalized on it (while supporting it even more).

In this emerging age, things are at least a little bit better.  It is easier for a person to begin to address a state of frustration rather than a state of soul-destroying fear.

The singular answer for a person to overcome this state is a formal study of breathing.  Breathing is the way out.

In this case, I'm looking at breathing as a practice separate from meditation, although breathing certainly often moves one into a meditative state of consciousness.
OH, last thing.  So far, everyone I have corresponded with that got severe COVID I believe was Vitamin D deficient (even those supplementing, but not supplementing properly can be deficient).

My population sample is tiny, so this is indicative of what I already believed, but that's it.
...be VERY wary of any "authority" that claims their basic protocol cures all COVID.  It is VERY irresponsible to do so and shows a real lack of true character, and certainly a real disregard for others' health. 

What's the reason?  Due to the nature of COVID, you need huge data sets to understand how anything is working.

Even if that "authority" carefully observed 1000 patients personally, and their method worked on all of them, the data would almost be meaningless. 

Plus, things like Ivermectin ONLY work with early intervention, when the main threat is the spread of the virus through the bloodstream from the nasal passageways and the lungs.  After that, it is close to useless (but not completely useless).  Many people have died because they believed Ivermectin would cure them, because they were not taught that it MUST be used early in order to be completely effective.

I tend to move toward hypothyroidism, and it used to be a huge problem.  I did vast searches, and came to the understanding that there would be no recovery WITHOUT iodine.  This was a catch 22.  I don't believe in permanent catch 22s, so I kept searching, ignoring all of the fear-mongering (but of course taking NOTE how hard iodine can be for some). 

Then I found, IOSOL.  That was the exact product I needed to get my body USED to iodine.  I did that for seven to nine months, THEN switched to the "scary" Lugol's.  Don't listen to the naysayers, they don't understand the problem with IODINE, and IOSOL's solution.  Iosol can be used to acclimate the body to iodine, but not for iodine therapy itself as a healing modality.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use IOSOL with a salt pipe.  It won't be as effective, but IOSOL is the only hope a person has who has tried other forms and failed (generally, not directly related to COVID).

Due to ethics, I can't make direct advice regarding COVID.  But we have a LOT of research work posted in the "internal infections" sub-forum, and I suggest exploring them all looking for inspiration.

But of course, KNOW THYSELF FIRST!  ...which you are pretty good at!

Yes, I don't think that you should nebulize a bunch of things at the same time.

Just so you know, my experience to date is that silver is "pretty good", but H2O2 is much more effective with COVID, probably because it stays active longer in the bloodstream, and it has a higher oxidation potential.

The best "drug" out there for this type of infection, currently, is high-quality olive leaf extract.  However, you must note that it works by viral replication inhibition.  If you hit ANY type of flu virus FAST, you'll never develop advancing symptoms.  With COVID, if you keep the nasal passageways virus-free, you will not likely develop the disease, UNLESS it makes it through the stomach and attaches to ACE2 receptors in the digestive tract (clay is awesome for this expression).

If your lungs, lung capacity, and chests muscles/abs are still in good condition, you could slowly start to use breathing to modulate the immune system... this is one thing I haven't written about anywhere here, as it is very problematic for many.

You could also use DEEP meditation practices to put the body into a state of healing, but most meditation can't be done with acute illness, it must be sound-assisted or ultra depth hypnosis.  Basically, you have to put yourself into a deep healing trance, with theta and delta dominant brainwave states.

A healer mentioned something called hypochlorous iodine or hydrochlorous iodine (something like that), and I can't find anything about it! She says that and ivermectin and covid is gone.  Does anyone know anything about this?

I have hypothyroid and difficulty detoxing heavy metals, so I have been reluctant to use iodine for covid. But if it is that effective I might be persuaded to use some for a short time.

I have had covid for I think about 6 weeks, and it is getting old. My immune system is weak and I have chronic inflammatory illness. The flu illness sat for a few weeks then quickly progressed into my lungs, until I went nuclear on it, and now it just sits in my throat and doesn't improve. I am grateful to not be in the hospital etc, but this thing really needs to go.

I am primarily using ivermectin, rife, quercetin/c/d/zinc, melatonin, a little cayenne, and inhaled colloidal silver/glutathione, and also inhaled hypochlorous acid (as recommended by Dr Klinghardt), all daily.

I do use high dose elderberry, which may be causing some problems, but I have to use it. I wonder if there is a cytokine-lowering remedy I could use to counter it.

I am purchasing the Seaxym mentioned elsewhere tonight. That is what I have been looking for. I am hoping it is better than guaifensin.

I am interested in the salt pipe, but concerned about the iodine, and also the different effects of nebulizing so many things at once- wouldn't the iodine get oxidized if I used the hypochlorous acid the same day? What would the wait be between the inhalations?

The Inspirol inhalation also looks interesting, but I have concerns about its toxicity. I am so frail that I literally avoid inhaling the fumes of rubbing alcohol, so it is hard to see how turpentine fumes wouldn't shred me.

It might be better to inhale the essential oils as noted earlier. I don't know if they are as strong as the hypochlorous acid in their killing ability, though, and there is a limit to how much inhaled substances I can handle. On the other hand, the essential oils may add something different that may sway the balance.

I am open to any suggestions. (I have a low toxin threshold. And can't sauna. Very limited diet. Autoimmunity means immune stimulation must be approached with caution.) This is a real drag.
This post is a follow up to the discussion on CO2, O2 therapies and breathing:

https://www.earthcures.org/forum/index.php/topic,78.0.html ( 2 Pages)


...around the spiral I go, time to revisit what is likely the most important topic for quality of life:  BREATHING.

I first started studying breathing when I was 16 years old, and used to do a simple practice of "Pranayama".  In this case, the method I used was a full breath 4 step practice (3 steps plus a pause).  This "cadence"-based breathing method treats the lower lobes and the upper lobes of the lungs as distinct, separate steps in the breathing process.  The practice opens up both the diaphragm and the chest, as well as conditioning all muscles involved.

Later, I also did gentle breathing practices associated with Qi Gong, where breathing is quite gentle and the mind is trained to follow the pranic energy, or "qi".   This type of breathing, when combined with "gazing", can cause really neat altered states of consciousness, and with the eyes completely open.

Aside from this, and breath training for swimming purposes (designed for swim meet competitions), I didn't continue my studies until years later.  Boy do I wish I had continued, and not taken a twenty-some year break!

Here, I'd just like to share some introductory information that can save a person years of independent research (opened doorways for conception that might otherwise be completely missed).

There are four fundamental works that I recommend to anyone interested in the study of breathing, in order to get a great foundation to begin a serious study:

1.  The book, "Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art", by James Nestor - This book is an incredible dive into the importance of nose breathing over mouth breathing for health and even facial structure.  James was the first person to introduce me to the idea of "pulmonauts".  Pulmonauts are like astronauts, accept their focus is breathing; and yes, some of them are THAT serious!  James also provides a great overview of almost everything "breathing".  That said, the strength of his work is in the science and focus on nasal breathing for health purposes.

2.  Wim Hof - Even just one of his short tutorial videos.  The Wim Hof method involves moving energy through the extremes, combining rapid deep breathing with cold therapies.

3.  "The Oxygen Advantage", book by Patrick Mckeown - A little too "sportsy" for  my liking, but the initial chapters about breathing are excellent.

One really needs to explore all three to get a good overview of the practice and science of breathing... and this should just be considered an initial dive into an extremely important topic.

Of note and interest:  Patrick's oxygen advantage breathing methods are pretty much the exact opposite of Wim Hof, so exploring BOTH works is highly suggested.

Since this topic was originally about the benefits of CO2, and things like high altitude training:

The Oxygen Advantage teaches a person how to do "high altitude training", without the high altitude.  You can get the same advantages of high altitude training by using measured breathing methods which start to "starve" the body of oxygen in order to reset and train the brain's O2/CO2 regulation system.

If anyone not familiar with the art and science of breathing masters all of the concepts in these 3 presentations, it will completely transform one's life... and, all of it is completely free and can be done anywhere.

Even so, as I mentioned previously, this should all be considered just an initial dive.  If anyone wants to take a high dive down into the rabbit hole, there is much more to experience and learn,  and it all simply becomes more profound the deeper the dive!

And, #4:  What is sometimes called "Coherence Breathing", with a practice to completely resolve unresolved, subconscious and/or unconscious trauma.  There are several teachers of similar methods, but by far the most profound and enjoyable:

"A Walk Through The Presence Process", by Michael Brown.  I highly recommend doing the actual book first (even if you get a revised e-book edition).  There is an audio book, which I am told is actually missing a chapter, and then a workshop (audio), which is a great companion to the book.

The Presence Process utilizes a breathing method that *****avoids**** causing the extreme biochemical and energetic imbalances, unlike the other two breathing practices recommended above.

This is akin to a immersive, experiential dive into authentic Buddhism, but without the Buddha or the religion.  Therefore, this practice can be integrated into any emotional or spiritual practice without the "eastern bias".  Simply, you just experience itself as you do the work.

Some teachers have people do 100 breathing reps, but others (which I like) recommend using TIMING.  By using a timer, you can avoid getting stuck in alpha-dominant brainwave states due to the "counting".  This is one reason why I like Michael's work the best.  It helps that he has a nice sense of humor as well.

Anyway, if anyone wants to discuss the most important practice known to man (breathing), this thread is a great place!

The above suggestions, in my view, are key to understanding the scope of what breathing can be.   That said, this isn't really getting into the more advanced practices out there.
Hi Mary:

I would say with any highly limiting dietary strategy.

The best thing to do-- generally-- is to eat a well-rounded diet of real food, and learn to listen to the body!

Once the body has overcome addictions, it will really tell you if you are missing something when one starts to take the time to listen!
You say    It takes many people ten to fifteen years to start to notice negative effects if they've chosen the wrong "healthy eating" strategy. meaning with any strategy?
That is very wise.

Fundamentally, I also believe that the digestive system MUST be restored above any other consideration.

Sometimes, dietary changes work fantastic and nothing else is needed. Give the body what it needs, and it often does a great job healing itself.

But, especially with the people who find our work, there is a growing population that needs additional work.  Either, the foods that would otherwise heal them, make them extremely ill, or the body is simply not capable of utilizing the nutrients taken in.

I was actually pretty amazed to discover that if the microbiome is completely restored, individuals lose every single food craving... even when said individuals felt that their poor relationship with food was more linked to emotional trauma than physical dysfunction.

Your patients are lucky that you exercise your ability to really think about things! :)
Typical example from my practice.....virtually every hispanic/latino human moving to the USA/born in the USA who departed from diet of their anchestors and switched to SAD (Standard American Diet) diet is diagnosed with diabetes and lately in earlier age. Same with Native Americans, and same experience with humans of Indian origin.....all these humans have in common obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and other illness. And what they have in common? Stopped eating what their ancestors ate.....we are probably genetically adjusted to certain kind of foods over others based on our rase (and it can not be changed overnight). This was always my argument with raw vegans/vegans living in Northern areas (it is laughable and unfortunately within relatively short time their health is going south besides aging very fast). On the opposite end the closer we moved toward equator the more likely our bodies with crave raw vegan diet and naturally almost abandon animal protein.
On the opposite end raw vegan/vegan diet definitely have their place during alternative treatment protocols.
The fact that many humans abandoned Mother Nature, moved to bigger cities, "enjoying" artificial "psedo culture" have made deep scars on their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
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