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Forum News & Questions / Re: 120 Day Nutritional & Detox Study Program
« on: October 05, 2021, 11:57:44 AM »

Thank you for your interest in the complete nutrition and detox study program.

While the program is complete, I still need to do the final rewrite.  This project was put on hold due to the craziness of the last two years.

Hopefully, I will find the time to get the job done, it really is an excellent program!

Healing with Clay / Re: Colloidal Silver
« on: September 20, 2021, 11:04:34 AM »

I'm sorry, I totally missed this post.  I'm not sure why I didn't get a notification!

If you are still interested in colloidal silver, let me know!


Healing with Clay / Re: diverticulitis
« on: September 20, 2021, 11:03:07 AM »
...quite a few people have used edible clay to successfully treat diverticulitis. 

However, I wouldn't rely "just" on using edible therapeutic clays.  It really helps to get one's eating habits in order at the same time.  Just like with most immune system over-sensitivities and reactions, what is actually causing it can vary from person to person.

Our basic digestive system cleanse is easy and great, along with a true elimination diet, or something like the Wahls Protocol's "Wahls Plus" dietary strategy.

Here are a few interesting external resources (I would always use clay if possible):

https://draxe.com/health/diverticulitis-diet/ (Dr. Axe)


Kind Regards,


...there was a typo that made my reply confusing, I have corrected it.

Each of his "works" are pretty much separate and complete ideas.

If I had to choose two books, I would choose "You Are the Placebo", and "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself".

You are the Placebo is all about the science of healing yourself by overcoming yourself and the environment, having everything to do with (especially) chronic illness.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself teaches a person exactly how the mind and body function, so that a person can break free from the past and learn how to create a new future.

As far as his meditations go, it really depends on you.  He includes the text for meditations in his books, but also sells guided meditations.  Some people love the guided ones, others do not!

Great observation, yes...

...how I would "frame it", is that the practice of Ho'oponopono is a fantastic way to utilize "the formula"; practicing it properly brings the heart and brain into coherence, and outside of space-time.

[...taken from email query...]

[original author noted that dosing with clay once in the morning did not eliminate loose stools]

Healing clay used internally is extremely effective for one type of UC, and usually helps control symptoms for the other "main" type.

With loose stools, the idea is to increase clay consumption until stabilization occurs (stools become well-formed and normal).

This may not be possible if you are only using it once a day.  Ideally, it should be used once every time the digestive system is stimulated, if at all possible... and provided it is well tolerated.

When using larger amounts of clay, the quality of clay is important.

You are right to keep clay use away from medications.  However, you may need to take a closer look at this.  MOST (but not all) medications are absorbed by the stomach (or pass through it) easily by the 45-minute mark... Many go "straight in" and are active in the metabolism after 20 minutes.

Universally, unless it is a time-release medication, waiting for one hour will allow the medication to work without fear of interference from clay use.

I like everyone, if possible, to read my introduction to using edible clay, as it was written to answer all of the questions I've been asked (almost all!) over the last 20 years or so.  I've tried to make it "readable":


Next, consider using fermented cabbage juice if clay alone doesn't do the trick.  Cabbage juice is fun to make, tastes "ok" but smells TERRIBLE!  It can be a fun family project.

Using fermented cabbage juice has actually been researched by the Brigham and Women's Health Crohn's and Colitis Center.

There is a "push/pull" between clay and cabbage juice that works great.  Using clay to completely cleanse the digestive system, and then flooding the digestive system with the RIGHT kinds of probiotic bacteria can help to (permanently) restore floral balance.

It is MUCH, MUCH harder than most people realize to use probiotics for gut healing.  99 times out of 100, when you take "probbies", they are not very aggressive and are destroyed before reaching the colon.  The ones that DO reach the colon are actually often seen as competing invaders (not a part of the current colony system) and are killed off quickly.

Some stool studies have shown NO surviving probiotic bacteria surviving even with aggressive supplementation.

With clay, you are using a bio-terrain stabilizing force, along with billions upon billions of "good" bacteria that live INSIDE the tiny cabbage fibers;  this allows them to survive and reach the lower digestive tract.  Most pathogenic organisms feed off of fat, sugar, or protein... So they are not interested in the cabbage.

The cabbage fibers are their own bio-terrain, which gives them equal footing in the lower digestive tract.  They don't "need" to search out a food source, they are living and breeding in their own self-sustaining bio-terrain as they travel.

It's not perfect, but for some people, the cabbage juice/clay combination is exactly what the body needs to shift the bio-terrain and change it permanently.... and the immune system can FINALLY calm down.


There are other potential issues with immune-system modulation via bio-terrain recovery (healing the digestive tract), which are discussed in our "concept" protocol on digestive system cleansing:


For tough cases, I don't consider this "the cure", but I consider it as one of the best starting places.

The core of Dr. Joe Dispenza's practice is what he calls "The Formula".

The core of this "formula", and many of the meditative practices that he teaches, is based upon heart coherence and brain coherence.

As far as helping people learn how to change, and how to create better futures, his work can be technically distilled as follows:

He teaches people how to rewire their brain (the neural networks) primarily through specific meditations.  He teaches people how to create/manifest desired changes, directly from the unified quantum field... it is important to note that this process is creating from the UNKNOWN:

The process is dynamic, yet simple:

Unite a clear intention with an elevated emotion.  Let go of the outer world by dropping into a meditative, creative alpha-dominant state of consciousness, where the inner world becomes more real than the outer world, where the left and right hemispheres of the brain become one.

The next step is to surrender oneself completely into a deep theta-dominant state of consciousness.  In many cultures, this is naturally practiced by inducing various trance or hypnotic states of consciousness.

Next, switch from convergent focusing (focusing on MATTER, some "thing") to divergent focusing by expanding-- unfolding-- awareness into empty space (nothingness, the void), and then by perpetual and continuous surrender, follow the heart (via elevated emotion) into the quantum field with pure conscious awareness only...  Becoming no body, with no thing, in no place and in no time.

It is all about the energy.  To change, what is required is that a person experience elevated emotion with a GREATER amplitude than the energy holding the current "reality" in place.

That elevated emotion carries the clear intention into "the field" with pure consciousness.  Last, one simply surrenders absolutely, and turns everything over to "providence".

Get to the unknown, be in the unknown, and create as if you already have what it is that you seek, or already ARE the person you wish to become; get beyond any experience of "lack".

Most of Dr. Joe's work, one way or the other, teaches a person how to rewire their brain, and redesign their life, by utilizing the above practices.

Greetings, all!

First off, let me start by saying that I'm NOT into new age thought at all, although I love reading it and exploring some of the concepts.  The biggest problem with new age thought is that it is presented by people who usually only have a little slice of knowledge, and who have very incomplete practices.  There's nothing wrong with this at all, to err is human!  But, passing the "psycho babble" off as higher orders of truth is simply not true.  Not at all.

To give one example of how I think, just for context (I really do love Eckhart Toll, I'm not trying to single him out):

Eckhart Toll's presentation "A New Earth" is a beautifully written book that contains amazing insight, a lot of true love and plenty of heart-warming idealism.  I love it!  In my mind, it's on my bookshelf that includes a lot of great Science Fiction and Fantasy.

However, here's how I view it when trying to use it to change the world and create the world that he (and many others) envision:

Toll, in this case, is like a teacher teaching a room filled with dyslectic students who also have severe ADHD.  Toll tells them, with all truth and complete sincerity:  "If you read all of these text books three times each, write all the key information down, and learn it inside out...  After four years, having completed the final test, I will have the high-paying, life-long career of your dreams waiting for you!  The life you've always dreamed of! Just step into it!"

In the end, though, not one student will have completed the work.

What happened?  Toll didn't understand the nature of the problems faced, and his students didn't understand the true nature of learning.

So, personally speaking, we certainly have different models of reality.   Most new agers believe that we're all about ready to run our own "4-minute mile", but with a collective goal divinely inspired, and that the world is magically going to transform into Eden by the collective consciousness creating a new quantum reality.  Who will be the 100th monkey?

Unfortunately, I strongly disagree.  I really try not to, and I will NOT complain if that happens!  I'll run the four-minute mile and join in with Utopia and sing 1960s pop songs all night long with my hand-wrapped drum, burning the sweetest dried desert sage.  I'd be all in!

However, and sadly, I would have to counter:  This is NOT the nature of this world, nor this dimension of existence, and certainly not this species. 

Does that wonderful place exist?  Perhaps in some other universe, and with some other species, or in some time in the not-near future.

NO.  I believe that humanity's overall spiritual progress is achieved by the millimeter.  Even when a group of people manages to tap into the abundance of truth, love, peace and love, the expression usually has a very short lifespan.  That lifespan, at best, is often the lifespan of the leader.

However, often times, the flower stompers of the world smell that sweet nectar of true beauty, and come running to see if can be destroyed...just because.  Either that or the greedy suits come to hijack the whole thing, simply to turn a profit and elevate their own egos.

So, having the true heart of an idealist, you've all got my "well wishes" and friendly support, but alas, not my soul!

I've been studying truth for so long, I have quite a few different classifications.  Truth is actually situational.  It is a dimensional concept.  And, it often has nuances.  There is the universal truth, there are planetary (or perhaps more aptly called organizational) truths, personal truth, conditional truth... and one of my "Loki" favorites:  Truth which can only be built by lies.  But, my favorite of all:  Metaphysical truths!

I say all of this to build up to one phrase: 

Joe Dispenza is not one of those guys.  He is not "new age" at all.  His core philosophy is hermetic in origin, and true hermeticism has its roots in cold, hard science.  Perhaps one can say that Dispenza has stripped the whole ideology down, and is left with only two things:  Science and practice.

He has re-ordered the presentation of information, stripping the "religion", and the intertwined mysticism, and distilled it down to science along with step by step actions to take... ultimately he is simply offering the scientific practice as a gateway to the mystical.  He leaves "the mystical" up to the practitioner, just like the best artistic painter lets the viewer finish the painting.

So, you are doing yourself a great disservice by trying to classify Dispenza into any of the old 'metaphysical' or 'new age' boxes.

If you've never really looked at his work, and would like a sampling of it so that you can tear it apart with a fine-tooth comb (like I did), then I suggest starting with "You Are the Placebo", and then "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself".  Read those with an open mind, and if you are a researcher, see if YOU can find inconsistencies or inaccurate information!

Now, I don't see Dispenza as "perfect"...  I haven't met a perfect human being yet!  I have a very few select issues based on ethical considerations.  I have found one tiny piece of information that is not correct (inconsequential).  From my experience as a researcher into the less "hard" sciences, that fact alone is amazing.

OH, and I hear this all the time, please don't be this person:  "I WANT to believe Dr. Joe, but I just can't...."

This...is...science...  What you believe has no relevance.  Please approach "The Work" in this fashion!  You can fly to Toronto without believing in gravity, and without wings, but you have to board the plane. ;)

I'll update this thread with other thoughts as time goes by.  Feel free to sign up (or sign in ) and jump in!  The water is perfect!

...for anyone wanting help with Dr. Joe's work, I personally require six months of preparatory work that gives those new to meditation all of the experience and information one needs to make an informed decision about approaching the life-long practice of meditation and concentration, so people can tell the difference between doing theta trance work, using hypnotic states, why some belief systems ONLY have their students meditate in alpha-dominant states of consciousness, etc.

I do, though, have a small Facebook forum for "advanced", and solo practitioners of Dr. Joe's work, and I leave the evaluation of "advanced" up to the individual:


Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: clay and prostate
« on: May 25, 2021, 09:07:52 AM »

...clay is traditionally useful for any organ disfunction and as an integrated part of a whole cancer therapy program (used as a locally applied poultice or compress if poultices are not well-tolerated).

However, from what I've seen, the most useful alternative therapy for the prostate is external medical ozone therapy... done by using pure oxygen and a medical or therapeutic grade ozone generator.

[from Facebook Group]

There is a good (but rather esoteric) reason that I start my book, entitled (abbreviated) "Upon a Clay Tablet", with the following prose:


Upon a pale horse, death rode to reclaim what had been spun
And upon a clay tablet, life rose to birth what had begun.
And who could say for truth or dare?
What held and drove the beating hoofs of the mare?
And who could say in honest words?
What light has shown through clay’s crystal orchards?
Who but God himself and mystics born?
But God speaks not and mystics simply sit and churn...
Which only leaves the clay tablet upon which life rose
Beneath the pale horse death rode.


Poetic nuances aside, here is a replication patent (from an earlier disclosure document referenced in the patent) of a scientist who actually has replicated the science of birthing primordial life....

"Method and Apparatus to Create Primordial Life from Inanimate Materials"
...and... OF COURSE... the "inanimate material" used was, very specifically, bentonite clay!

What was used for this process?  Gas (aka atmosphere), an electric field (energy), and clay. 

Smectites are uniquely suited to this process due to their LARGE surface area and wafer-thin particle properties.  These particulate crystalline "sheets" can be 0.9 nm-thick...  that is just one unit cell thick!  So, they are long and wide (absolutely huge if placed on the nano particle scale), and yet they are nano-scale thin, extremely "small" on the nano particle scale (natural). 

Notice that Tao-like contradiction?  The unification of opposite properties?

I always caution researchers to throw out the "colloid manual" in regards to clay's particle characteristics (in comparison of other types of colloids and micro and nano particles), and how these particles should "interface" with Newtonian physics, because clay will always, annoyingly and often embarrassingly, break whatever mold one might have preconceived of due tothe standard scientific understanding of the typical properties of most colloids.

It is also no accident that the Eytons' Earth "Motto" is "Water, Earth, and Sunshine", where water is any (primarily hydrogen based) fluid medium, Earth is Clay (but also sea minerals and other volcanic or star origin material), and sunshine represents energy.

Nobel prize winning scientist Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith theorized that it was-- again, very specifically-- clay itself that was the actual blue print for the cell membrane itself... The cell being the core machinery of all organic, biological life.

However, that was all conjecture, and widely argued against.  Never before had any researcher or scientist build an actual working model on how this could possibly occur, let alone one that actually was functional; actually WORKING!

Now, some might be familiar with the amazing work of Bruce Lipton.  One of the ground-breaking discoveries that Lipton made was that the individuality, aka "personality" of life forms was NOT due to (unique) DNA or RNA, or any other genetic material.... but it is THE CELL MEMBRANE.

So, it is actually the cell membrane that makes you, you, and me, me; at least in the material sense as to how individuality expresses in-body and in-brain.  All other physical material is interchangeable, which is why organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, even blood transfusions are even possible in the first place!

Furthermore, it is the fluid, the "extra-cellular" material, which acts as the messenger for exactly what a stem cell forms into.  The membrane, then, is essentially a field of energy emerging from the unified quantum field, and all of the key information for the "life form" is stored in the fluid medium around the cell membrane.  The fluid medium determines what type of tissue a cell forms into, and that information is most likely stored in the "water", or more specifically, with the "data" being quantum, and the information (energy) being stored as a part of the "water's" energy.

This becomes much more "readily" probable the more that scientists (usually quantum physics scientists) explore the highly orderable, crystalline nature of water itself.

All of these key principles, as mind-bending and mind-blowing as they are, are not pseudo science or conjecture, they are scientifically proven knowledge and demonstrable facts, most of which have been demonstrated in laboratory settings (mostly in-vitro).

As far as the information on primordial life formation and clay, here is a link to the patent referenced above:


Clay.  Who knew? (We did!)

Greetings, everyone:

This topic came up in a Facebook group recently, as I found a "new" video produced by the formulators of an amazing enzyme called "Seaprose", or "Seaprose S", whose formula is branded as "SeaXYM" (pronounced sea-zyme).

I know this is an expensive enzyme.  US Enzymes (the parent company) calls it "The Rolls-Royce" of enzymes.  It certainly is!

However, if you have ever been in the presence of a fellow human being literally drowning in their own mucus, you must know how terribly difficult it is to feel powerless to help them...  especially in situations like late-stage Emphysema.  That said, you need to know that you are, in fact, not powerless to help.  What if this situation could be turned around *****100%***** in less than four hours?

That's right, seeing a person go from nearly on their death bed (except that they CANNOT lay down without risk of drowning, so they must sleep in an upright position), to going out bowling in under 24 hours?

Not only that; but what if you learned that the clinical efficacy rate in situations similar to this scenario is over 80% (proven through peer-reviewed clinical trials).

...nothing short of absolutely amazing.

We always keep two bottles of SeaXYM on hand at all times, because we've run into critical care situations where the person really didn't have a week or so to wait for the delivery of a new order.

Now, we use this enzyme only for very specific situations, all of which involve mucus production.  The amazing thing about this enzyme is that the titration levels needed are very low.  It is amazingly effective at low doses, and we are absolutely certain that clinically significant, bio-active enzymes can reach any and all organs still maintaining effectiveness.  This includes, but is not limited to, the lungs, and the bladder (for certain bladder infections).

We are aware that there are full enzymatic formulas out there that include Seaprose S.  They don't work... at least, not for what we are looking for in these very specific conditions.

We are aware that there are cheap stand-alone Seaprose S products out there available for sale on Ebay (etc.).  I won't say they don't work.  I will say that maybe with triple the dosage, they might be 40% effective.  Maybe!

These clearly inferior enzymes might be useful to treat sinus conditions, where you may have to use higher doses four times a day to see results.  We don't see good enough results with SeaXYM to use with general sinus conditions involving mucus.

One of U.S. Enzymes closely guarded secrets is their mineral co-factors.  Does it make a difference, or is it just a marketing ploy to set their product apart from others... after all, so many companies throw in nearly useless ingredients to put potential customers in fear, steering them away from cheaper products that are probably even more effective.

I can't stand that sales tactic, and I see it all the time.  People needlessly spend  ****3 to 20 TIMES**** as much for money products, needlessly.

U.S. Enzymes is NOT one of those companies.  The mineral co-factors are absolutely amazing.

So amazing that I have long wondered exactly what they are.

Well, the amazing people at U.S. Enzymes made a mistake with their informational video exploring SeaXYM.

When explaining what the co-minerals are and what they do, they presented a very concise and awesome definition of... Clay.  Most likely bentonite clay.  I would hazard a guess that they might use American Colloid's Standardized Bentonite, maybe their USP grade.

So, if you get a chance to watch the video below, pay careful attention to the last section where they talk about particles with very specific tetrahedral shapes that act both as sieves that adsorb heavy metals and as a mineral delivery system (anions)!

In fact, some of the most qualified scientists have described edible clay as having enzymatic-- or at least "enzyme-like"-- properties.

Anyway, I urge everyone to explore this amazing enzyme for any situation where mucus needs to be rapidly broken down in the body; it may have excellent anti-inflammatory properties in some situations, as well!

Here is the informational video produces by U.S. Enzymes on SeaXYM (Seaprose S):

...I think the effects of clay poultices vs. castor oil poultices are quite different, but I also think that clay is equally-- or perhaps even more-- potent.

When I come across reactions like this, it tells me that the body could greatly benefit from the therapy.

How I would approach it is to start with clay compresses.  IF you could also use a TDP Clay Mineral Gou Gong Far Infrared Lamp, that would even be more fantastic.

I would do compresses daily, paying VERY careful attention to the body.  Does it warm up nicely?  Does the body get cooler?  How are your energy levels throughout the day (better, lower, or same)...  making sure to pause as long as needed if the body's energy reserves get tapped.

If daily applications go OK, every four days or so I would try a full blown clay pack.

Of course, everything you can do for the liver otherwise is great, too.

As far as castor oil, I don't have enough experience to give guidance like I do with clay, but the general principles should be the same!

Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: Grit in clay
« on: April 03, 2021, 09:54:27 AM »
Hi Rebecca:

Yes, it is possible.  There will be a saturation point that is hard to "predict" with colloids.

I think a good practice is to "remix" the colloid vigorously, and then let it sit for about 2-3 minutes... or however is long enough to allow the grit to settle without allowing time for the "good stuff" to fall out of suspension.

All of this also depends upon the mesh or particle size of all of the particles as well.

[copied from Facebook Group Discussion]

Hi everyone!

I was asked to share my perspective on using clay externally, to detox the skin (clay facials in particular)... so, my thoughts are here.  Please feel free to contribute your own wisdom to this thread. 

To qualify my thoughts on the matter, here, I'm just exploring some of the ideas on the subject that are a bit less common!  Please remember that I tend to do things to the extreme... There are lots of different ways to use clay, not just my ways!

The person asking is going to be writing about it.  If teaching, or writing a blog post, etc., I would start off by documenting a cool experiment (at least, it was incredible to me at 21 years old).  Seeing is believing!  Seeing how hydrated clay actually works on the pores of the skin provides amazing perspective.  It also highlights the "healing" idea that clay works "with" the body, not just "on" the body!

Take hydrated clay gel (this works much better with water loving (swelling) clays like our green desert clay)  and put a relatively thick layer on ONE SIDE of the face only... Keep it wet/moist for about 15 minutes.  You can use a spritzer bottle with EIS silver, rosewater, or just plain water so that it never even starts to dry.

...After the 15 minutes, quickly remove it with neutral-temperature water, so that the temperature of the water cannot be credited for the results.   Examine the skin carefully, and you'll likely notice that the pores of the skin OPEN UP on the side of the face where the clay was applied.  You can see exactly how the drawing power of clay works by comparing the two sides of the face.

So, in this case, rather than using fancy terms like CEC or ion exchange capacity, I like to use use the old fashioned term "drawing power" to describe this particular clay action, because CEC-- sorption-- works by contact only, and cannot explain the deep action of clay.

Taking pictures of this process is a great way to educate people.  So many "Aztec"-type users think that clay action is due to the drying of the clay squeezing the pores.  They like to market to that "pulsing/pulsating" sensation that happens as clay begins to dry on the skin.

When I used to teach "Hollywood types" how to do clay for facials, I taught them to never allow clay to dry at all.  It is not necessary.  So many people here have their skin/face directly tied with their income, so paying careful attention to detail here can be beneficial. 

Now, I do love a good clay mask that dries, pulses, and really deep cleans via physical action, but doing this often will eventually increase wrinkles, and it also dries the skin out much more than is actually needed.

A thick clay "pack" applied to skin will work to cleanse ALL of the dermal layers, given enough repetition.  This can be a problem, because sometimes the body holds toxins in-tissue on purpose.  Then, when you liberate toxins, they cause the face to break out (etc.).  However, if a person's diet is right for them, eventually using clay for skin care can result in profound healing for the skin.

A person who already has good skin usually reports great skin via clay use.  A person with problematic skin will usually report great improvements.  A person with serious detox issues can run into challenges, but those challenges just highlight the fact that the person has some work to do in order to avoid more long term health trouble.

When clay results in challenges, they are usually what I call "exteriorizations".  An exteriorization is where via clay use, a LATENT condition that has been dormant becomes active and visible.  Many times this is because the immune system's "lights" turn on to the condition in question.  Sometimes this is due to the mobilization of diseased tissue, pathogens, or toxins, but not always. 

Exteriorizations, while rarer when just using clay for skin care, are always a good thing.

In this writing, I'm not even going to go into how valuable clay is for a myriad of challenging pathogenic infections!

Sometimes using clay on the skin also begins to pull toxins out of the fat deposits below the skin.  That's truly how powerful the clay is.  This effect is directly related to the amount of clay used on-body, so this usually would only occur when using clay as a thick poultice.

Sometimes clay even pulls FROM the lymph system out THROUGH the skin... and that can cause some very scary results in rare cases.  People have reported ejecting glass-like shards from the skin, wood splinters, tiny bits of metal, etc.  When I first started hand mixing clay (literally mixing it with my hands), I was amazed for a few months what was ejected via the skin of my hands; usually the palms. 

Even when larger "pieces" of debris are ejected via clay use on the skin, it is always painless.  In fact, using clay to remove staples from skin graph donor sites is one of the most amazing things I've seen...  The situation went from the person screaming at each pluck of the "plyers" trying to rip the staples out of the skin... to dozens of staples being ejected without any effort at all, and painlessly.

For healthy skin, it takes about 4 hours or so for the skin to re-hydrate after a clay treatment (under normal conditions).  Therefore, it can be wise to protect the skin during that "recovery" time.  The best thing I've found is a Frankincense facial serum... very light weight, very gentle.... especially for sensitive skin that often won't tolerate thick creams or layers and layers of surface oil on the skin.

I also use a ROSEWATER spritzer with EIS silver to spray on the skin (coating the clay) during the treatment...  just to keep the "pulling" polarized TOWARD the skin, and to prevent clay from drying... not using so much that it runs, just a light misting.

Also, for skin care, clay can also work to exchange substances (known as its ion exchange capacity).  A great way to demonstrate this is to make a clay paste rich with high grade olive oil.  Each clay is different, so I can't give ratios... but it CAN be mostly olive oil, but with enough clay to hydrate the clay.  Every clay is different, different waters are different, and different oils are different. 

A great "ad hoc" way to make it quickly is to take a real thick clay gel/paste, and slowly mix in some olive oil.  Our green desert clay is different than other clays, I'm not exactly sure why, but you will notice an amazing texture change once the clay "accepts" the olive oil.  It's transformative in a way similar to alchemical processes of the ancients.

Perhaps of interest, in my personal formulations, I always operate off of the principle of "two becoming one"... so, when able, I like to fully realize single reactions before mixing in more ingredients.  Commercially, this is not easy to do, but it is easy to do at home.  When experimenting, you'll learn a lot more by practicing this, rather than throwing all ingredients together at once!

With the olive oil clay facial...  Here you do a treatment by just leaving the clay on for 10-15 minutes.  There is no need to do anything but let the clay sit.  It should be thick enough so that the skin cannot breath, but it doesn't have to be "poultice" thick.  Maybe 1-2 millimeters thick or so.

When done, remove the clay, and gently wash the face with nice warm water.  Pat dry.

A cool thing happens:  There will be olive oil IN the skin, but not sitting ON the skin (provided that the clay was not over-saturated with olive oil).  Don't use so much olive oil that it doesn't mix with clay or continues to separate from the clay...  too much olive oil, and the oil will build up on the clay surface (and then perhaps the face as well).  It should be a cohesive gel, not too wet and not too dry.

Of course, a favorite is the apple cider vinegar and water clay facial.  This combination is excellent, because it doesn't disturb the pH of the skin as much, and the acid works quite differently to cleanse skin than clay.  The old "spa and skincare clay" that we used to make and sell was pH balanced with the consideration that healthy skin pH is slightly acid, from pH 4.5 to about pH 6.7.  We used an amazing acidic clay to blend in with our green desert clay (alkaline) and the red desert clay (very close to pH neutral).

Another thing that is compatible with clay use is high grade/pure aloe vera gel.

I do ****not**** consider herbs, in their native form, to be co-compatible with clay therapeutics.  For me, when a person uses clay with herbs, the person is practicing HERBOLOGY, not pelotherapy/clay therapy! I have many reasons for this perspective.  To be clear, it is perfectly fine as a part of the practice of herbology to use clay.  Dr. Schulze, for example, has always used edible clay along with slippery elm for digestive system cleansing internally (among other herbs).

That said, essential oils are so chemically pure (composition) that they ARE co-compatible; there is nothing really for clay to react with to break down... EOs do not change the way clay works.... You just have to be careful not to use too much.  And you can't formulate by the strength of the smell, because clay sorpts/absorbs much of EO; the EOs won't smell as much, but they will still be fully potent when used on the body.
A few words on the application of "spa" clay:

You always see fancy spas using wooden (or plastic) spoons to apply clay, and then the practitioner smooths it over until it looks perfectly smooth and to where the "coat" is applied uniformly...

...consider NOT doing that if your idea is to achieve mastery!

If you want the best effects, apply the final clay layer without ANY compression whatsoever. You don't want to compress the very amazing and fragile charge layers if you can help it.

Also, consider applying it as if you were making an ocean surface rather than a glassy lake surface.. meaning, let it be highly textured.

This changes the way the information works in/with clay and the body in ways that are baffling to me.

As quantum  physics expands our understanding of the micro-cosmic universe, we have learned that therapeutic clay has information that it passes to the WATER upon hydration.  We believe that this information is then stored in the Quantum field in wave form.... but, much of the information is actually stored by the field that the water generates.

I can't exactly explain the difference, but many people can actually feel the difference having compared  both methods! (meaning, highly textured, almost "fluffed", and applied with attention to avoid compressing the clay as much as possible).

Of course, spas are always going to apply clay in the traditional way, and that is just fine... It's certainly not "wrong", I'm just saying that there is quite a difference between different methods... and the more water a particular clay holds naturally, the greater the difference can be.


For those with amazing healthy and "glowy" skin, I do the most powerful facial possible this way:

First I apply a tacking coat. Almost like people put on their thousand dollar facial cream...  So that it goes into the pores, and dries almost instantly... but NOT enough to actually STRETCH OUT the skin.  This can also be done as a quick fascia massage, as apposed to a deep tissue massage... by applying very little actual pressure on the skin while applying the clay.

Then I put a second coat on, that is just a bit thicker, but still a very thin tacking coat.

I do the second layer quickly so that it doesn't fully dry. It might tighten JUST a pinch, but not that much.

Then, I apply a thick coat of clay, "plopping" it gently on the skin, then using my fingers to carefully spread it out a bit without compressing the clay at all.

At this point, I like to texture it, which almost has a "fluffing" effect... so it's actually expanding the charge layers a bit, as apposed to compressing them by applying downward pressure on the face/skin.

Then, I use a rosewater/silver spritzer every so often, to keep the clay from drying (but not so much that it runs down the face).  This keeps the clay "fully" bio-energetically active, and prevents the skin from stretching.

Treatment time is variable... from a short 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Finally, the clay is gently removed, and the face is gently rinsed with warm water carefully so that all of the clay particles are removed.  Remember to always remove ALL of the clay.  The clay will adhere to any damaged tissue (but tends to be repelled by actual scar tissue, it seems they have a LIKE electrical charge/field) and so there may be places on the skin that need extra attention for rinsing/removal.

Pat dry the face, and then apply a high quality facial serum.

This treatment can be too powerful of a treatment for people with problematic skin.


Another thing I would like to add:

The water used matters and so does the way you hydrate the clay.  I've spent a LOT of time studying natural and "artificial" waters because I noticed such a great difference in formulations just by using different types of water or water sources.

Hint:  A great water to use is "The Water of Presidents", if you must use an "out of the bottle" water to hydrate clay with.  Despite what some tend to believe, RO (Reverse Osmosis) is excellent, although I consider it nearly "blank".

See an example of a clay hydration tutorial below. You don't have to go crazy when making clay gel/paste, but you can if you want!

The structured water I use here is a deeply RESTING water... and by naturally hydrating clay without mixing, you create a HEAVY/DENSE clay, which is almost exactly opposite from the way spas tend to use clay for facials.

"Resting water" is apposed to a highly ACTIVE water, and using a mixing device to create a very LIGHT (or even 'fluffy') clay.

If you don't want the "dragon" portion of this formula, only use a TINY amount of dragon sole...  The dragon sole is VERY powerful and tends to be pungent.


If I think of anything else, I'll post it here!

[from Eytons' Earth Correspondence]

Hi Jason,

Can H2O2 be used against lung cancer?


Actually, I'm sure it can, but the big problem is finding the right concentration, and the issue with cancer and H2O2 (any oxygen therapy) is extremely complex.  H2O2 production is sometimes already present with tumors because of a metabolic failure, AND if you use too high of a concentration it is going to cause way too much tissue damage, it can even cause severe hemorrhaging (I've seen this PERSONALLY with cancerous lesions and ozone therapy).

BUT, with all of those questions and problems, I don't think that this form of therapy (bio-oxidative) should be dismissed.  I think we need to look at it carefully, and also NEVER try to rely on it as a stand-alone cure.  When metabolic processes outside the tumor are failing, those need to be corrected.  Identifying the CAUSE, and correcting it, restoring the body itself to homeostasis, should always be done as the primary goal.

I got an email once from a reader who found some of my articles on ozone.  He had pretty bad sinus issues, and then was diagnosed with lung cancer.  In order to breathe better, for his sinuses, JUST so that he could get a good night's sleep, he bought an ozone air purifier.

He got really "lucky" (I personally don't believe in luck!).  He placed the ozone-generating air purifier in his room in just the right place to keep the ozone below the irritation level while still saturating the room with a small amount of ozone.

After months, he accidentally cured his cancer... while he was just trying to breathe easier through his sinuses.  Imagine accidentally curing cancer! ;)

After his story, I began doing some in depth research, and found an authentic study that shows something like 0.1 - 0.3 PPM of ozone destroys lung cancer cells without harming "good" cells.   That is a VERY low level of ozone, and nobody in the field of ozone therapy would even consider that to be a therapeutic amount!

But, tracking ozone concentration would have to be done continuously (concentration is always variable based on numerous factors) AND  the equipment needed to determine exact concentrations can be expensive...  too much ozone, just like too much H2O2, can cause real problems, especially in areas of tissue damage and/or illness.

Please consider that ozone therapy, and H2O2, are both CHALLENGE therapies, what are also known as HORMESIS therapies.  They don't work by healing, they work by forcing the body to do very specific things, which stress the body, but cause highly beneficial effects.  Yes, they also have a direct effect, but the hormesis can never be dismissed, because you always have to be careful when "challenging" an ill person, and manage things with care.

If it were me, I would use a top notch ozone purifier, and keep experimenting where to put it and how high to have it running... and try to find a way to keep the concentration low, well below the point of causing any irritation.

With H2O2, the treatment method would be nebulizing it.  I have absolutely no idea the proper concentration.  To be clear, a too high concentration of ozone or H2O2 can cause serious hemorrhaging.  If this happens, and it is not in the lungs, it might be scary, but the body usually responds and it stops on its own (with no further ozone exposure).  So, erring on the side of caution, and also not RELYING on bio-oxidative therapy for a "cure" would be very wise.

Would I actually RECOMMEND it to someone?  Absolutely not.  There are way too many unknowns. 

Would I be open to trying it myself?  Absolutely.  I'm getting better and better at tuning in and listening to my body!  Plus, I already have experience with both H2O2 and ozone, so I know how my body SHOULD respond, and I'm not afraid of either one.  Remember, fear also produces a stress response, and the fear of something can actually be more detrimental, rather than healing, even if the substance is fine!

For everyone with cancer, I recommend researching very carefully Dr. Nicholas Gonzales' work with pancreatic enzymes... but you have to use a LOT of them.  Hundreds of dollars worth per month, handfuls at a time.  I've put a LOT of time into looking at this, and have corresponded with individuals who have even cured stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Some people think that it might work with the pancreas because you are using pancreatic enzymes, but this is not the case.  There has been a smear campaign by the medical community regarding this type of therapy, but you just have to research deeper.

I don't remember off hand how much he recommends, but it has to be a very specific strength/product, as well.  Another doctor thought more powerful would be better, but all of his patients kept dying.  Gonzales realized that the co-factors were just as important, and that the strength had to be exacting.  His protocols are available online and can be found with a internet search!

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