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Title: Chronic Degenerative Illness: Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis...
Post by: Jason on February 16, 2019, 01:20:57 PM
(source:  email conversation)

I get a lot of requests for information on how to reverse things like osteoporosis, mainly because of the NASA red desert clay study done on calcium bentonite and bone density, which is published in my book.  I also assisted my mother in reversing her osteoporosis, which took several years of slow but steady progress.

"Bone/Joint/Tissue" degenerative disease is a huge topic, and can't be covered adequately in a single document.  For someone like an Air force astronaut or test pilot, it would be much simpler to maintain ideal bone health and density; they usually have world class athletic bodies and are in fantastic health.

Simply using a calcium bentonite as a supplement orally would likely be ideal, along with healthy eating habits.

However, for people that are already experiencing degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc., it is not always quite so simple.

Reversing this type of degenerative illness is hard to do, but by no means impossible.  First you have to find out what is causing the degeneration.  Usually, this is due to mineral and pH balances in the soft tissues.  It can also be auto-immunity along with poor nutrition.

Then, you have to start (if not already) eating very nutrient-dense, healthy meals.  It is especially important to remove foods that the body's immune system might be reacting to (like in our nutrition program which uses a comprehensive and complete elimination diet).

Next, you have to supplement with substances designed to repair these tissues.  Examples:

1.  VERY HIGH QUALITY hydrolized collagen.   Here, the particle size in daltons matters.  The best I've found is from Dr. Tim O'Shea of "thedoctorwithin".  You have to take a lot of it:  3 tablespoonfuls twice daily.  Read Tim O'Sheas article on collagen on his website.    It is also good to do organic bone broth every day.

2.  VERY HIGH QUALITY MINERALS - The best I've found for healing is Korean Nine Times Purple Bamboo Salt.  It's best to take a bit on/under the tongue every hour or two.  Keep in mind that it will give you "dragon's breath" temporarily!  Sadly, while definitely the best, it is also the world's most expensive salt.  I also recommend using quality fulvic/humic acid twice to three times daily combined with Dr. Higa's Effective Microorganisms (EMs).

3.  High dose MSM therapy - This is very controversial, but works amazingly well for some people.  You have to start off slowly.  If you get a bad detox reaction, you know you need it that much more (it is a sulfur detox reaction)... the worse the reaction, the more valuable supplementation will be, but some people simply cannot tolerate it.  When detox or healing reactions occurs, stop use for 3-5 days, then start again at half dose.

4.  Systemic enzyme therapy to help break down scar tissue (the body needs to be in a very good nutritional state first).

You can do searches about these topics in conjunction WITH the term osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, etc.

If the problem is limited to a particular joint, clay packs work very well, but the treatment can sometimes take a long time... months.

If the problem is limited to a particular joint, prolozone therapy can help  relieve pain/inflammation and stimulate healing.

For many different types of arthritis, some people simply use clay packs, and report that it helps with the pain and function.  Depending on where it is, it can be easy to treat (like fingers/wrist/hand), or very difficult and uncomfortable (like the spine).

All of that said, even with all of the above, if a person has not corrected hydration, pH balance (macro minerals), and electrolytes, the body will not likely be able to heal.  The body must be well conditioned to detox properly, and be restored to homeostasis!

Therefore, the first thing I would always recommend is doing a program that teaches you how both to measure this stuff, and fix it.

We have a module the size of a small book that details this process.  In our full program, the idea is first to do 120 days of dietary changes and a basic detox, and THEN work on any remaining issues.  However, the module has been designed as a "stand alone" protocol and can be used by anyone.  In fact, I did all of that work on myself long before I was able to start eating properly.

A copy of this module is available here, as well as a dedicated forum.  This is available and visible only to Charter Members.  The module is located in a board called:  "pH, Electrolytes, and Mineral Balancing", in the nutritional section.

If interested, please first sign up as a forum member, and then request Charter status by sending a message or an email.  At the moment, it is free.

Then, you will have access to the board/posts/downloads:,18.0.html

Also, there is a great thread specifically on regeneration and remodling "worn" joints that may be of interest.  Again, ideally pH issues and minerals/hydration should be corrected before (or at the same time) working specifically on damaged joints:,139.msg411.html#msg411