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A very interesting approach to remineralization of teeth. I did not know about this unique investigation of Dr. Weston Price. When I go on vacation, I'll read a book too. Thanks for the recommendation.

I have been successful in using Calcium Bentonite clay as toothpaste and mouthwash. My teeth have better texture and color. I have one tooth with an early decay and I will try to use clay and maybe another approach by Dr. Weston Price for remineralization. This will probably take months. I'll write what happened.

Thanks a lot for the fast info. I will search books on the topic of remineralization and repairing teeth.

Thank you very much for the information on the duration of the clay treatment. Do you know (or have experience) whether bentonite clay can clear/remove tooth decay (black caries) and remineralize the tooth cavity?

I do not found this information, although I research other forums, android app "Clay - cosmetic & healing", or Raymond Dextreit book: The healing power of clay.

Best Regards

Thanks for all the info on this post and this site. Hope my experience with clay will help someone.

I solved some of my mouth problems using clay. I had a tooth infection, which was bleeding. Almost instantly, as I packed densely hydrated - activated clay, blooding stopped and no longer appeared. The infection disappeared completely after using 3 packs of bentonite clay. Second, I occasionally brush my teeth with a thick clay paste. After a year I noticed that my teeth had a more uniform texture and color. Third, I solved aphthous mouth ulcer (aphthae) that once appeared in my mouth by packing clay on them and rinsing my mouth with liquid activated clay. So I solved all three problems by using clay inside my mouth.

For internal use, I always use clay marked by the manufacturer for internal use.
For external use, I always use clay marked by the manufacturer for external use.

Recipes how to properly prepare clay, I found in the android app "Clay - cosmetic & healing". The clay should not be mixed with metal spoons, or keep in metal bowls or jars with a metal lid. Also, I experimented with spoons - I took 3 different metal spoons and filled them with bentonite clay. After about 10 days, I looked at the spoons and saw that one of them has a different color partially. The other 2 remain exactly the same, which probably depends on the quality and type of alloy.

In addition, I use clay (especially bentonite and kaolin) in many ways with positive results. I used bentonite clay for clay baths (for the first bath I was amazed at how dark the water was after bathing, for the second bath it is not), massage for tired legs and feet, cleansing and softening of the skin of the feet, activated clay for pimples and oily face (and for peeling dead cells on face skin), for varicose veins in my grandfather (he has less painful legs when using clay masks - wraps). For internal use, I sometimes use bentonite clay for diarrhea - usually several days, and for heartburn where clay helps me almost instantly.

It is best to buy clays with less aluminum content in them, and buy branded clay with mineral content highlighted.

If anyone has questions about my experience, I will be happy to answer.
Best Regards

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