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In rereading the posts above, you use the term..."In our 120 day nutrition and detox program".  I've read most of your posts but want to make sure I did't miss one.  As I stated, I had tried the BP coffee but dropped the butter and liquid MCT oil yrs ago.  I replaced the oil with a powdered MCT plus add a collagen powder.  I've been rewarded with improved skin.  You suggest to take MCT with fiber... veg.  The coffee was an easy place to put the two powders as I don't care for them in a cooler drink that doesn't mix well. I may make a small, mainly veg./ one fruit smoothie for my first food of the day at 11-ish. Always learning.  : )

Internal Infections / Re: Cold and Flu Season
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:31:58 PM »
I used CS in my nebulizer on my cats occasionally, thanks for the reminder.   I have a counter top ozone machine but only for cleaning food and drinking.  I watched a good YT video just posted by Dr Berg.  Excellent information concerning the corona virus.  Incubation is 2-5 days, if you have it can shed it before symptoms appear, you can catch it 5 - 7' away from someone, the virus can live up to 5 days on a surface, no meds for a fix only supportive care, can be caught in any body orifice.  Of course the preventive measures... stay home, don't get in any enclosed spaces.. bus, train, plane, even car/taxi. Wear a mask and also wrap around safety type glasses which I thought was an excellent idea.  Stay away from hospitals.  Lets hope this virus doesn't get out of hand. 

Good info and use of water pic although seems a little powerful.  ; )    I've seen ads for a sinus "washer" which inserted into both nostrils, liq. goes in one side and pulls out the other. I would imagine thats a challenge for some to use.  I watched a video about using salt water to kill biofilm in the mouth which helps with dental decay.  Salt is so valuable in our health, but I still see those avoiding the good types as they equate all salt as bad. 

Diet and Nutrition (General) / Re: ReMag
« on: December 16, 2019, 02:22:30 PM »
Yes, I've never seen those terms.  I take L-threonate and bisglycinate, I think they're doing their job.
I will ask my friend if she sees any improvement/difference.  I also like that they suggest testing and give the name of a lab.
I've not thought about magnesium testing. Isn't the mag chloride the kind we use to make mag oil?

Diet and Nutrition (General) / ReMag
« on: December 16, 2019, 11:06:00 AM »
Hi all, I was wondering if any has tried or has thoughts on this magnesium? ReMag (the magnesium miracle) https://www.rnareset.com/products/remag-magnesium-solution?variant=13899661319
A friend of mine is taking this. Thanks

Diet and Nutrition (General) / Re: Glycine
« on: December 13, 2019, 05:28:44 PM »
I only use sweetener in morning coffee. I have xylitol but have to be very careful as I have a dog, not even a tiny bit can be ingested. The drop or two of stevia offsets the collagen and MCT powder. I researched glycine and its part of the makeup of collagen but collagen is not sweet. I use the Dr within brand. I suppose a little glycine a day can't hurt.

Diet and Nutrition (General) / Glycine
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:29:37 PM »
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone is using glycine as a substitute for sweetener in drinks?  Is it safe to use daily?  I want to substitute stevia in my coffee/tea.  Thanks

Certainly good advice and knowing not all protocols work for everyone.  I see some just jump on to a protocol (sometimes out of desperation) and truly need to start at a basic level with digestion THEN start with levels of treatment.  I wasn't familiar with Cutler so did some research.  I found one site where the gal contradicted him and boy did she get attacked.  Her statement was valid about him.  On another note, 30+ yrs ago I used to follow Hanna Kroegers advise, even went to her retreat in Boulder, CO. She wore many hats but mostly a herbalist.   She said to start healing, one must do a parasite cleanse first.  She also stated, anyone who had cancer had parasites.   Goes along with treating digestion. 

Always a good reminder, thanks Jason.

Yes, I like beets and did have them at that time. But I would say a lot of beets.  I tried to be varied, changing out veggies daily. That diet change happened in the early 90's so learned from books and HFS.  I also had my husband and child on the same.  Husband was not too happy with vegan but went along with it. Wish I would have had his bloodwork done back then.  He was happy when we went back to meat.  Hes Italian so pasta was a large part of his diet so thats probably what kept him happy during the vegan year.  ; )

I tried a vegan diet for a year, many years ago. It was varied and as balanced as vegan can be.   I became anemic.  I could not, no matter what I did, get out of that state.  Dr said... you need to eat red meat at least once a week.  So I did and that fixed the issue.  On a health note of that time period, I had been diagnosed with Hashi and Graves a few yrs earlier so was trying to find the best balanced diet.  I have been eating meat ever since and remain non anemic.  Like you said in your post, some people may be able to survive well on a vegan diet.  It just wasn't for me.   

Great info! and its enough to get someone investigating into their own joint issues. I'm sure this is eye opening as they feel its inevitable to accept joint issues.  The Mobilee supplement sure looks good. I have hyaluronic powder which if I can remember, take it in a drink.  I've purchased chicken feet to make coll. broth but was told I had to peel the skin back to release the good stuff. Pulling a boat to shore was easier!  I reverted to chicken bone broth. Thanks Jason for sharing your always on track information!

The only place where sugar was added was for soldiers in the WW's.  They carried two containers on their belts, one pemican, the other choc and sugar.  When officer said eat, they mixed them together.  Yes, I would say pemican is the original paleo.  I have lard, tallow and duck fat in my refrigerator that I use occasionally to cook with. My son told me the best French fries he ever ate were cooked in duck fat.  I don't make FF but if I did, maybe I'll try it. I'm with you on the dark choc.

If I may go a little OT....Interesting comment about lard and the healing properties. Many years ago I came across a survival site about Pemican. I researched and found out it was used extensively by indigenous people as the main food for travel, N. Pole expeditions for survival (dogs too) also by soldiers in WW's which was mixed with chocolate and sugar. There was even a Pemican War.  Fat is the main ingredient in Pemican, adding in dried meat plus dried fruit, Saskatoon berries, etc. Curious, I made some using tallow, dried beef, a few other ingred and put it up for storage.  I have to say... its an acquired taste. 😳  Heating pemican with what ever the traveler found along the way made it much more palatable. As everything centuries back was organic, food was far more healthier, including fat.  We now know balance in food choices is healthier and staying away from processed food is key including bacon. 

Diet and Nutrition (General) / Re: Iodine
« on: September 25, 2019, 03:59:17 PM »
Thanks Jason, I think I've tried Iosol but its been a while, feel the need to start again.  I like IHerb, have ordered many times from them. Finding the right supps is such a trial and error situation, esp. with chronic illness. 

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