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Title: Wide Spread Dermatitis - Chronic Skin Infection - Colon Cleanse - Clay
Post by: Jason on July 30, 2019, 01:13:34 PM
I wanted to take a few moments and write up another "testimonial" report of someone using the basic digestive system detox/cleanse and getting great results.

The individual was diagnosed with a severe case of wide spread dermatitis that was bad enough to interfere with sleep.  For the first few months, it was wide spread on the legs, then it migrated to the upper body.

Three months of medical and alternative intervention produced almost zero results (all topical treatments).

After exhausting the topical treatment route, the individual became open to the idea that the body's immune system is completely regulated in the gut. Most likely, the immune system had become overly sensitive to environmental factors that were not problematic before... maybe the "air freshener" (can't stand those!), maybe the laundry detergent, maybe a food source, such as dairy or grains.

The individual did the "bare bones" digestive system cleanse, and the rashing started to subside at about two weeks into it.

The individual didn't do a whole new diet, but she already had pretty decent eating habits to begin with.

Using clay topically didn't do much, although EIS silver always eliminated the itching and redness. Ozonated oils also did nothing.

The individual did get good results with the LEOs blend I make (liposomal essential oils, the "anti-fungal" blend that is listed on the earthcures main website.... but she only got good results once she started the clay-based digestive system cleanse.

This is the 2nd time this has happened... the first was a very severe case of cellulitis that was bad enough to require hospitalization at one point.

This really hammers in the idea that gut health is key to immune system modulation; it also shows that a good diet is sometimes not enough to result in immune system normalization.