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Title: Feeling much better, great cleanse
Post by: Jason on February 08, 2019, 05:28:04 PM
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Tom and I started the digestive system cleanse at the beginning of the year.  We both have noticed a difference. 

Tom, especially, has not been fazed by several viruses that he's been exposed to.  That's the "old" Tom that had disappeared!   

My weight is right where I want it to be.  I lost 5 pounds of the extra weight I have been wanted to shed.  I feel better, stronger, lighter, and more alert; I think my memory is better too.

I'm 60 today - but feeling like I'm going on 40!!   So thank you for that recommendation.  I'm going to continue the probiotic part indefinitely.  Let me know if you have any questions, since you said this was something like a beta test. :)


...from one of the early beta-testing pioneers of the cleanse.  I estimate that about 80% of people who did the cleanse during the testing phase... as directed... experienced excellent results, as expected.

Those whose results were less than ideal all had mitigating circumstances, such as long term chronic illness issues like Lyme and deep seated co-infections.  Sometimes, powerful medications can interfere with the herbs used in the cleanse, also.