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I've been studying the mind since I was about 17 years old. By age 22 or 23, I was teaching very specific meditation methods specifically to those who could not meditate, blending a specific form of metaphysics with a few specific forms of meditation to help overcome common...  and not so common...  mental blocks.

Recently I've (re-)started working on an interactive "book" project on the very basics of meditation and metaphysics.  This will be a great starting place for those new to the field.

I use a lot of very awesome technologies/tools to assist training the mind.  The interactive portion of the project will be an intensive daily immersion into three different forms of meditation.  The time required will be from one to two and a half hours, broken into two or three sessions daily.

*A comprehensive guided meditation that lasts from between 30 to 45 minutes.  This uses a very simple technology to focus the mind, quite similar to the Silva Method.

*A comprehensive brain entrainment program that takes exactly six months to complete. This uses a wide variety of audio/frequency methods to train the brain to easily reach deeper levels of consciousness

*A mindful meditation, most probably done with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's "Beyond" audio experience.

The "third" session will eventually be a free creative time to explore and develop very specific mental abilities, such as concentration, deep meditation, contemplation, and even the ultimate "communion".

I've decided to set aside about six to nine months of my life to fine tune and deeply research the methods involved, while I also write an extensive tutorial to clarify, simplify, and explore the depths of meditation... and from the exact individual perspective desired (as apposed to a strict theological approach, or one with a doctrine such as Buddhism).

I'm very excited about this program because as we, as individuals, get older, the old adage "The Best is Yet to Be" becomes harder and harder to justify.  I believe that the only way to continue to make this optimistic principle true is to start mastering the mind and liberating the heart; to do the work within. 

This work really needs to be started in ones 30's-50's, in order to ensure a good level of mastery when reaching the 70's and up...

This program will ultimately be a doorway to a life long daily practice.  I'm designing it to hopefully help avoid common pitfalls such as boredom, "overwhelm" walls, mental blocks, etc.

Check back here at the Meditation and Concentrate forum, where I will post updates as I am able.

Until then, of course, feel free to utilize and enjoy the forum on mental health, meditation, concentration, prayer, contemplation and communion!

I wanted to take a few moments and write up another "testimonial" report of someone using the basic digestive system detox/cleanse and getting great results.

The individual was diagnosed with a severe case of wide spread dermatitis that was bad enough to interfere with sleep.  For the first few months, it was wide spread on the legs, then it migrated to the upper body.

Three months of medical and alternative intervention produced almost zero results (all topical treatments).

After exhausting the topical treatment route, the individual became open to the idea that the body's immune system is completely regulated in the gut. Most likely, the immune system had become overly sensitive to environmental factors that were not problematic before... maybe the "air freshener" (can't stand those!), maybe the laundry detergent, maybe a food source, such as dairy or grains.

The individual did the "bare bones" digestive system cleanse, and the rashing started to subside at about two weeks into it.

The individual didn't do a whole new diet, but she already had pretty decent eating habits to begin with.

Using clay topically didn't do much, although EIS silver always eliminated the itching and redness. Ozonated oils also did nothing.

The individual did get good results with the LEOs blend I make (liposomal essential oils, the "anti-fungal" blend that is listed on the earthcures main website.... but she only got good results once she started the clay-based digestive system cleanse.

This is the 2nd time this has happened... the first was a very severe case of cellulitis that was bad enough to require hospitalization at one point.

This really hammers in the idea that gut health is key to immune system modulation; it also shows that a good diet is sometimes not enough to result in immune system normalization.

Fermented cabbage juice is one of the most valuable tools out there to assist the body with digestive system health.  But, it's actually NOT part of our digestive system cleanse and recovery program, nor is it directly a part of our nutritional health and detoxification program.

Why not?  Simply because these projects are set up to require as little prep work as possible, and making fermented cabbage juice, as apposed to simply taking probiotics,  requires a lot of effort.

When I did a program test a few years ago, one of the things that I learned was that people will-- at first-- be all "gung-ho" and excited to do highly involved tasks such as make tinctures, make complex juices, make cabbage juice, ozonated formulations, liposomal formulations... But, the people that would stick with so much work regularly were among the minority.

Our projects here are aimed at "do-ability"...  Things that are highly involved for a short period of time (30 to 120 days), OR things that should be done over the long haul that don't require any more work than a person would otherwise have to do while living a healthy lifestyle.

The idea then is to rotate complex tasking to keep things interesting, and keeping the mind and body from getting lazy.  It has been quite the puzzle figuring out how to combat human entropy.  From a cellular level?  We can use ozone to stimulate full cell respiration (there IS such a thing as cellular laziness!).  From a mental perspective?  We can keep things fresh by rotating tasking and employing creativity.

Cabbage juice is one of those things that I strongly recommend people rotate in and out!

Below are two links to articles on the "why" and "how" of cabbage juice.

In the articles, I only mention the use of EM-1 "effective microorganisms", because the article is not really about EMs.  However, below I'm going to post some more thoughts as to why EM's are so amazing.  Now that Dr. Higa's books are out of print (at least in English), there isn't a great deal of information available, which is saddening to me.  I hope to do more work with them in the future!

Digestive System Benefits of fermented cabbage juice:


Tutorial on how to make fermented cabbage juice:


See the next reply to this post for some thoughts on EM-1.

In our (upcoming) nutrition and detoxification program, we use an "elimination" paleolithic, ketogenic diet.  However, unlike many ketogenic fad diets out there, it is a very carefully balanced diet; neither high in protein or fat, and NOT low in carbs.

During the exploration phase, one individual commented that they wanted to cherry pick practices they were most drawn to.  This is NEVER a good idea when it comes to an "authentic" nutritional program.  Many things are done/consumed to counter-balance other practices/things consumed.  Proper nutrition is all about correct balance.

In our program, any "extra fat" needed for caloric balance (to avoid LOSING too much weight) is achieved through coconut consumption, which has been shown to have immense brain-boosting benefits when used properly.

Below is a link to an article which outlines an interesting study. The study, conducted with rats, demonstrated that a high fat diet can lead to brain starvation.  The article also explores the glucose/fat relationship in the body and the brain.


Photobiomodulation is a huge topic. There have been over 3,000 peer reviewed studies done on LED and NIR therapy.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different devices out there.  There is a great deal of misinformation, as well.

I'll be updating this post/thread with "vetted" research resources; resources that I feel are "must read" in order to get a proper education on Red Light and NIR therapy.

Educate yourself before you buy!

The first link is a "must read" document entitled "The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy" by Ari Whitten:


This publication covers just about everything you could possibly want to know about the basics of NIR and LED Red Light Therapy.  There is also a section on purchasing equipment, and it offers "pretty good" advice, but it is biased based on what is readily available on the U.S. "retail" market.  It's a great place to start looking for equipment, but it may not be the best place to "end"!

We did a ton of research before purchasing our unit.  Our goal was to get as close to a clone of Juuv's units--functionally-- as possible.  This means we purchased a unit which emits 660 NM wave forms, and 850 NM wave forms.  Dr. Hambly's research showed that these two wavelengths were sufficient for therapeutic purposes.  It is a 900 watt device.  Ideal usage time is ONLY six minutes at about six inches from the unit.  It is a 900 watt, medical (clinical) grade device which allows the user to do only red light, only NIR, or both at the same time, at a 50-50 split.  EMF emissions for any unit purchased should be below 3 mG at 1 cm.

Here is a video on a simple "work out" routine for the joints, done from a neurological perspective.

The author, Garrett Salpeter, is founder of "Neufit", which is an absolutely amazing e-stim (electromedicine) device (along with specific physical therapy) for muscle strength and recovery.  If you have an opportunity to go to a clinic that has his equipment, it is well worth exploring!  It is quite different from things like tens unit therapy, as you are actually actively engaging the muscles (moving them) while using the e-stim device. 

The unit is first used as a scanner to find the actual cause of the muscle issue.  The electrodes are placed as indicated which removes the guess work of trying to figure out exactly where stimulation would be beneficial.  Results are dramatic and almost immediate, although repeated therapy sessions are usually required.

The difference?  It is all a neurological practice, completely different than trying to over-stimulate/strengthen/wake muscles with electrical current.

While this post isn't specifically about e-stim, I wanted to give some background as to why this gentleman and his work is unique.  And yes, from the video I know and see that he has a forward tilted pelvis and a bit of a bow in his legs.  But he's not your typical personal trainer or muscle head, so ignore all of that!  He's a computer geek that developed an interest in the spacial relationship between the brain, nervous system, muscles, and movement.  :)

In the video below, he teaches a set of very simple joint exercises that works to retrain the brain and central nervous system.  These are "spatial recognition" mobility exercises that correct the brain's' misconception of where in space/time the body actual exists.  They are deceptively easy to do, and can make a profound difference in muscle function due to modulated/corrected neurological function.

I love the difference in his approach to physical therapy.  His unique perspective adds exceptional value, especially for those who are already experiencing neurological challenges!  As we age, we all start to experience neurological, spatial-relationship issues.

This gives me a new perspective on how practices such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong work from a neurological standpoint.


Blatant self promotion and/or advertising is not permitted on the forum.  Signature links, provided the user's posting is relevant and of high quality, will be allowed.  There may, or may not, be a post limit in place for signatures.  Meaning, we might implement a policy of suppressing signature links until you have some history.

Be warned:  If you do post specific product information, we are well seasoned researchers and have a lot of experience comparing products and seeing through marketing hype.  If your post is not deleted, it risks being edited, direct links removed,  and the product scrutinized!

All of that said, if you are at the top of your game/field, and would like to moderate a board, or even run an exclusive board, we are open to partnerships if they are the right fit.  If your focus is depth perception, excellence, and true service to the people/general public, then reach out!  We're in this all together!

Eytons' Earth motto is everything "Water, Earth, and "Sunshine".

EarthCures' focus is:  Nutrify Simply, Detox, and Transform Bio-terrain.

Apparently, most bio-hackers don't know their hacker history very well.  As a one time active part of the first generation of the computer hacker community, let's get clear about a few facts.

1.  Hacking-- except for true masters-- is generally destructive.  Hence the term:  Hack.  With hacking, you are breaking in, and forcing a change.  This often requires hijacking processes, and making them work in a manner that they were not designed to.  There is seldom an elegance to hacking.  There are almost always unforeseen consequences.  Hacking is single-minded, and the goal is to accomplish the given task with little regards to the consequences!

2.  Hacking is always incomplete programming.  Sometimes it is not programming at all, sometimes it is bypassing existing programming... Existing programming that an engineer put a lot of time and thought into developing.

Hacking should be an act of desperation, a last ditch effort, not something you do when you first wake up in the morning.

Let me give one simple example:

The Bulletproof Coffee Bio-Hack with coconut oil.  On the surface, this practice looks great.  It feels great.  However, like most hacks, it is incomplete programming and can have unintended consequences.

Using coconut oil on its own floods the body with lauric acid.  Lauric acid, in quantities used by many "bio-hackers" in the morning, is toxic.  A little extra lauric acid once in a while is not going to be a big deal.  After all, people can smoke cigarettes for twenty years and the body adapts.

The point is:  It is not actually a health practice, nutritionally.  It is eating out of balance.  It is also alternative medicine.

In our 120 day nutrition and detox program, we use a LOT of coconut, so we know a LOT about coconut.  Coconut oil... or real coconut milk...should NOT be used without the proper amount of vegetable carbs.  Eating vegetables along with coconut completely mitigates the risk associated with excessive lauric acid.  Therefore, any time you consume coconut products, it should be accompanied by fiber-rich vegetables.  (By coconut milk we don't mean the watered down version found in milk cartons at your grocery store-- there is very little lauric acid per serving).

So yes, hacking around in the body with things like bulletproof coffee can be fun and can be great for your Youtube channel and blog posts, but when it comes time to get serious about nutrition and detoxification, please step away from the fad and fringe bio-hackers...

...and learn how to become your own bio-engineer.

Yes, engineering takes a much more refined and in depth education.  It takes patience.  It takes work.  It takes revisiting problems over and over again in order to finally solve problems.  It takes failing, and it takes learning.  Most of all, it takes the ability to desire to NOT fool yourself with things like "body hacks" and using ideologies involving things like "nootropics" to try to bypass problems rather than solve them.

You can steal from Peter to pay Paul for a very long time.  But, eventually, you have to pay the Piper!

I think biolfilm colonies can exhibit even more "intelligence" than indicated by the following article, although the scientists of course define their intelligence as simple genetic ordering.

Either way, they can become quite pathogenic and adept at both hunting and hiding.  You might almost be able to define the right biofilm as an Apex predator of the world of microscopic organisms, because of their ability to change themselves to adapt to new circumstances.

It is never a good idea to allow the human body to become a desirable living space for pathogenic biofilm colonies.  Sadly, heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut, and other chronic inflammatory conditions can do just that.

The two greatest tools I've found that are the best "biofilm busters":  Therapeutic clays and systemic enzymes.  Here I see diatomaceous earth as really valuable, as well as French green illite, due to its particle size and characteristics.

Just like different types of bacteria and micro-organisms can band together to form cooperative colonies, I believe that they... when the conditions are right... can disband back to single cell, independent, often pathogenic organisms. 

I don't think Béchamp was completely correct, but I also think he was on to something:  At times, these disbanded micro-organisms can transform into completely different organisms.

I've run across a few "impossible" cases of what I hypothesize are advanced biofilm colonies in the human body.  One, as far as I can tell, colonized the lymph system.  What a journey that must have been to make it through all of the body's defenses.

The images in the article below are stunning!


Over the years, we've had countless of emails from individuals panicked because they start to experience neurological symptoms after mercury removal.

It pains me to say this, but some of them used "holistic" biological dentists, as well. 

Is holistic dentistry better than traditional dentistry when it comes to replacing amalgam fillings?  Absolutely.

But, please, let me be perfectly clear:  There is no way to safely remove a mercury filling from a tooth.

Most people will do just fine.  However, individuals that are already extremely reactive to mercury (do a MELISA or ELISA test), and/or who are in a state of retention toxicity (either kidneys or liver), can react extremely bad to any amalgam removal, and these neurological symptoms can last weeks or months, and can cause a cascading decline in overall health.

It took me quite awhile to figure out what the problem was.  After all, if you look at all of the precautions and methods used by advanced biological and holistic dentists, it looks safe.  It looks like a holistic dentist is taking heroic, herculean steps to remove fillings safely.

They are not to blame, although I will make a second post discussing the ethical considerations that many...if not all... of them ignore.

I was listening to a lecture given by Dr. Christopher Shade, who is one of the top experts on mercury in the country.  I don't even remember what he was saying that triggered my thought process.  I believe he was talking about how mercury coats the throat and esophagus, and how he experimented with using NAC in a mouthwash to bind nascent mercury in-mouth.

It hit me like a hammer... why I've gotten so many emails from people who have had mercury removed properly, yet still run into trouble: 


Mercury is not just "trapped" in the amalgam filling.  Over time, it slowly leaches out into the surrounding tissue.  In fact, the surrounding GUMS are especially at risk.

As soon as the drill hits the tooth it acts like a sonic hammer, releasing mercury both into the bloodstream, and into the mouth.  This process of liberating mercury into the active metabolism probably continues for around 48 hours.  No amount of suction is going to make a difference.

The amount of mercury that hits the body is probably not significant for a healthy individual.  But for individuals that are already in "detox trouble", it can send the immune system over the edge.

I have some great ideas on how this can be reduced.  However, they are only ideas, and testing them, as far as I'm concerned, would be putting a person at risk.

I still have eight silver-mercury fillings in-mouth.  My personal medical doctor specializes in environmental medicine, and currently believes that if the fillings have already been there for years, it's best to leave them alone.  His opinion is that after a certain number of years, the amount of mercury being released from the amalgams keeps reducing.

Now, I do all sorts of detox to keep my mercury levels low and my immune system non-over-reactive to mercury (I've done ELISA testing to be sure).  I do cilantro, I do garlic, I do clay, I do zeolite, and I do ALA as well as EDTA rounds... ozone rounds... saunas...  So don't let anyone tell you that you can't detox while mercury is in mouth.  It can be done, but it must be done carefully, especially at first.

Based on the correspondences I've had over th e years, if I ever do have to have my own fillings removed, I will remove the teeth.  It is more affordable, it is by far safer, and the only real reason to avoid that in this day and age is vanity.  I've seen mouth problems kill first hand; a simple root canal gone wrong in a tooth that should have simply been pulled, or healed holistically.

Either way, I think that anyone planning on having fillings removed should at least do a 60 day general colon/digestive system detox before getting them removed.  Ideally, Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification in the body should also be up-regulated, although for some people, this is not feasible (they can't tolerate the healing foods to up-regulate detox).

Either way, my advice is to be wise and careful.  Just because most people can go through amalgam removal with flying colors doesn't mean everyone can.  Educate and evaluate yourself, because I don't know of any dentists that will explore this with or for you.

A Swedish bitter tincture is a part of the comprehensive digestive system tonic that I use.  Most people would want to first use bitters for awhile, then modify the bitters a bit, and THEN ask about my full digestive system tonic!

Just like conditioning the body for physical activity and performance, the body has to be conditioned to adapt to strong herbs and other medicinal substances.

It's all about the microbiome, and some people may have a perfectly healthy microbiome that doesn't respond well to bitters.  Some may be able to coax the body into adaptation to thrive on bitters, while others may not be able to... and may have no real need to do so!

However, more and more people are suffering from weak digestion, and need all of the help one can get.  One of the advanced themes of our advanced detoxification program(s):  The body, when given the chance to, WILL become lazy.  This is just as true with digestion as it is with things like cellular respiration.

So, ultimately it is up to you.  Will this change help you to survive?  Will you be able to adapt to thrive?

One important thing about considering adapting the body to powerful (and usually bitter) healing herbs:  The human body can adapt, whereas invading microbes will have no such "training". 

If I feel the flu coming on, for example, I can take five of the most potent olive leaf extract capsules every hour and suffer no adverse effects from the herbs.  My body has adapted.  The microbes responsible for the most common (and even uncommon)  acute infections?  No, they are going to get hammered.

So, Bitter me this! ;)

(conversation below transferred from a facebook group.  Topic:  Why bitters, what are they good for?)
I use "Greater" Swedish Bitters as part of a digestive system tonic.

The "main" benefit is that it signals to the liver that you have consumed bitter plants. This "flips a switch" for the liver to produce enyzmes to neutralize the toxic anti-nutrients that most bitter plants produce in order to try to avoid getting eaten.

This is the dance between plants which don't want to be eaten, and animals (us) who adapt. When they adapt best, they are "poisonous" to us. When we adapt best, the plants are "healthy food". :)  It is amazing that some of the most potent medicines that we have are the result of this perpetual dance!

Sadly, the liver cannot recognize most man made chemicals as toxic (the cells often can). If you don't eat something bitter with a meal, you don't get that very valuable liver response.

All and all, consuming bitters stimulates gastric juice production.  Swedish bitters do have some mild anti-parasitic and anti-microbial properties, as well, but the main use for them is that are usually great for digestive system function.

Where to buy Swedish bitters?  You MUST make them yourself!  All of the pre-made formulations I've tried are pretty weak.  They may make a good starter, but you are significantly shorting yourself if you don't make them with 50:50 grain alcohol:water.

What formula to use?  Where to purchase?

From the master "herself"!


If you make it yourself, it will even be much better than the ones they currently sell on their site.  I brew mine for longer than they recommend, it just gets a bit stronger with a bit more aging.

After you consume one batch, I recommend modifying it by maybe adding a bit of Gentian and Andrographis.

BUT, you first have to get your taste buds changed from loving sugar to loving bitter.

People who love sugar (addiction) usually hate bitter, so using bitters in a way helps a person change the taste buds.

It's one way I can tell if a person has a sugar addiction, they usually can't stand bitters.

The body will eventually change to where bitters don't taste BAD, but the body gently craves them, and they begin to taste powerfully good.

As an ex long time sugar addict (in my coffee a billion times a day), I can speak to this.

Diet and Nutrition (General) / "Regular" Ketogenic Diet has Pitfalls
« on: March 26, 2019, 06:46:40 PM »
There are huge reasons our 120 day nutrition and detox program is being developed with a ****modified****, elimination, paleo ketogenic diet.  Our "keto" diet is much higher in carbohydrates, and much lower in animal fat, then your standard ketogenic diet.

After the 120 day program, some people may wish to remain on a modified ketogenic diet.  We then recommend intermittent "fasting then feasting".  Break the fast two to three times weekly.  Of course, "feast" on healthy foods!

Below is a link to a blog post by a person with Type 1 Diabetes who ran into serious problems with the standard ketogenic diet.

We will always continue to follow the clinical science on nutritional ideologies, and make adjustments to our ideology and practice, when and if it is ever warranted.


What mods do we make that veer off of the typical ketogenic diet?

1.   Six to nine cups of very specific vegetable types daily.  TWO TO THREE CUPS of green leafy vegetables (raw if possible), two to three cups of sulfurous vegetables, and two to three cups of brightly colored fruits/vegetables (about 1/4 cup of berries is great). Two cups of each if eating two meals daily, three cups of each if eating three meals daily.

2.  When intermittent fasting, animal product portions are strictly controlled.  Extra calories are consumed via coconut oil/milk to help power the body's metabolism and feed the brain.  Coconut oil and milk should only be used in this way when a person is also consuming PLENTY of green leafy vegetation!  This is key!

3.  More electrolytes:  A keto eating strategy requires more electrolytes than any other dietary strategy.  To compensate for this, as well as to enhance health, we utilize plenty of lemon and nine times roasted bamboo salt.  Both of these substances are medicinal healing foods.

The goal to produce as many ketones as possible is "wrong thinking".  For a healthy ketogenic diet, the goal should be to produce small ketones; just "barely" get the body into a fat burning state!  Yes, eating six to nine cups of veggies a day looks like it will throw the body out of its "coveted" ketogenic state.  But guess what?  It does not.  You can use keto testing strips to verify that the body remains in a ketogenic state.

To summarize, the trainer that wrote the blog post did great on a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet at first.  However, eventually he started to become extremely sensitive to any carbohydrate intake.  Any carbs ingested would cause a serious spike in blood sugar levels, that was becoming unmanageable.

But one of the biggest reasons to eat more carbohydrates, in the form of organic vegetables?  To care for your microbiome!  If you want true health, you have to feed the good "probbies" (probiotic organisms) in the body!

Want to know when our 120 day program is ready?  Simple.  Sign up to forum and then request charter status (or the homepage newsletter).  Currently, everything at EarthCures is freely given.

Using therapeutic grade clay (in our case, our green desert clay, calcium bentonite) is the best cure for the viral infection known as Molluscum Contagiosum.  This viral infection, which produces painful wart like bumps, is most common among children.  It is actually quite infectious and spreads via skin to skin contact and also infected surface to skin contact.

The standard medical treatments... using the current "standard of care"...  are pretty primitive.  However, in this case, by primitive I mean barbaric, not primitive as in traditional medicine!  The only treatments involve burning, freezing, or scraping the "warts" off and then trying to keep the "skin" sterile.

There is also a co-treatment that works amazingly well that is not mentioned in our "clay cure" article (see below), that I wanted to mention:  Silver iontophoresis.  By electrically delivering silver ions THROUGH the skin using a minute amount of electrical current, the condition resolves.

Ideal treatment would be to first treat the "lesions" with a silver iontophoresis device, and then utilize clay.

The following article presents two methods of curing this disease using clay.  Which is best?  We don't know.  I personally love clay baths, and would have no problem taking a nice sea-mineral rich clay bath, zapping the virii with silver ions, then putting on a clay poultice.

We simply don't have large enough population samples to even theorize if one treatment is better than the other.

That said, I actually learned something new about clay therapy from this gentleman.  I absolutely love it when I get to learn something new about clay.  After 25 years, I figure I've pretty much been there and done that!

Usually, I keep clay wet for the duration of the treatment period, and then remove it once it is done and/or starts to dry and is ready to fall off.

This gentleman packed clay on, and used a hair dryer to dry it completely, then left it on for 4-6 hours.

I can now clearly see the advantage--in very specific situations-- to use clay to dry tissue super-fast.  This might be the best treatment method for all warts. Twice a day.

A hair dryer. Huh. Imagine that.


Researchers are always changing their minds about the causative factors in brain degenerative disease.  Why?  Because scientists are only really ever able to see "results"; what happened.  Then, they formulate theories based on observations.

However, new research strongly suggests that we're back to mercury, and not aluminum, as the primary causative factor.  It might be mercury that starts the chain of events leading to neuro-degenerative disease.

Is it the only cause?  Probably not.  Brain starvation (good fats) can clearly cause cognitive decline.

However, this research is compelling and well worth considering.

Mercury and all heavy metal detoxification is part of my normal daily activity.  You don't HAVE to have a fancy new drug to pull mercury out of the body!

RX Drugs usually have undesireable side effects, and can have unintended consequences...  Consequences which drug companies often try to mask or hide as best as they can for as long as possible!


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