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[Eytons' Earth answering question via email correspondence]
[in essence, a continuation of this thread: https://www.earthcures.org/forum/index.php/topic,3.0.html


I've been working with the issue of "recovery diets" for a very long time, and of course there is no "one size fits all" solution, especially when it comes to the idea of "healthy" eating habits.

There are a few fundamental points that almost all nutritionists ignore or simply don't know; sometimes I think perhaps that it is too simple!

The first principle of nutrition, is that the body MUST be able to digest everything consumed.  While this sounds like a no-brainer, nearly all "experts" ignore this principle, and instead form elaborate rules and regulations governing eating habits to harness what they imagine to be how the body works.

Most of them are just plain wrong, which has been a real source of frustration for me over the years as I've tried to find and explore "the truth".

The second principle that they ignore, forget, or simply don't know, is that you have to feed the microbiome before you feed yourself.  This becomes very problematic in the modern world, since I would say that 90% of people's microbiome is ill, which means that it is not hospitable to human health and wellness.

Principle number one and rule number two are the primary reasons why people can't get well with diet.

Principle number two also gets complicated by the fact that this 90%, even if they are trying to feed the microbiome properly, are usually poisoning it and themselves.  This happens on several levels.  The first is digestive failure, or what you might want to call "pre"-digestive system failure.  What happens in the saliva and in the stomach.

Food that cannot be broken down becomes poison. This can be caused by lack of HCL production (often a function of deficiencies, such as minerals and in particular, iodine), lack of enzymes, and/or lack of cellular energy conversion coupled with organ deficiencies such as a low functioning thyroid.

Next, and equally common, is retention toxicity.  Even if primary digestive juices are adequate, many people experience liver retention toxicity, which translates to toxic bile (heavy metals are usually indicated here).  Bile is recirculated over and over again as it travels through the digestive tract.  This results in a very inhospitable bio-terrain for "beneficial" micro-organisms... but provides a great bio-terrain for many pathogenic ones...  the person is literally killing the good bacteria and supporting the pathogenic ones.

All of this eventually culminates into leaky gut syndrome, where the integrity of the colon wall is compromised.  This "compromise" also often includes a layer of mucoid plaque that exists within the colon walls.

I have not found any nutritional diet on the planet that purges mucoid plaque, and I've looked at them all.  Sometimes, someone might accidentally support their body in a way to create the right conditions to allow that purging and true colon wall healing... but it is certainly not by a "principle" of diet, because it won't be repeatable with any meaningful percentage of people.  It is usually just a "happy accident" or simply the mind/body connection working at a different level for healing.

Therefore, because of this, nobody using a diet to heal is actually transforming their bio-terrain completely.   Therefore, results are always going to be spotty, temporary, or illusory.  People end up doing massive amounts of very hard work on themselves, and getting a return that is often deeply depressing...  even though DOING that work is creating discipline which will always be very valuable.

I've worked with detox for a few decades, without that final key.  When I started experiments on myself, I did not think I would get any results.  Very few people on the planet have detoxed (but to be fair, I've done my share of modern world 'toxing" as well)  like I have.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I did a mucoid plaque cleanse that I actually DID have a purge, at about week three, and it completely resulting in the transformation of my bio-terrain, which changed everything.  It changed my taste, and it completely eliminated any and all cravings.

People with chronic conditions and illness have to put all of this together, and have to put it together in the order that is right for them.

My experience with nutrition is that extreme dietary philosophies, ideologies, and practices can be very useful for the short term, but rarely serve a person over the long term.  To complicate this, it can easily take ten years for dietary issues to show up as actual symptoms, by which time the damage has been done (but of course, is often "repairable).

This is why I have twenty five years of dietary research, but I still can't tell someone exactly how to eat.  Some people actually need to be on what I call the divorced cave man diet... what a "man" would do that loved hunting, but didn't particularly care that much for gathering, and certainly had no farming skills.

Other people (perhaps like yourself), may need the exact opposite for a period of time.

My long winded point here is that these extremes are usually only viable temporarily.

The great news is:  If a person does an elimination diet, a full detox and digestive system recovery program, one can then teach the body and the mind that the body's innate intelligence can once again be trusted.  One need not rely so heavily upon intellectualizations, no matter how well thought  out or convincing they may be.

Zeolite is some amazing stuff, but there is no company that I'm aware of, at least in the United States, that really represents their product honestly.  I use the word "honestly"  instead of "accurately", because-- while there are certainly issues with marketing companies and their accuracy-- you can be accurate and still not honest.

I would say that the exception is us, as I refuse to publicly write that much about zeolite, other than its fundamental properties.  I really like to have 10 to 20 years of experience with something new, especially if it falls in the realm of "alternative" rather than natural medicine.  Just because something is found in nature, doesn't mean it is natural medicine!

I do talk about zeolite quite a bit in this "Eytons' Earth Discussions" forum, but most of my focus in this aspect has to do with educating our customers about the differences between different colloids.  Here I'd like to expound upon zeolite itself, as far as consumer products available in the world, as used for health and healing.

There are four distinct, and quite different, classifications of "zeolite" (clinoptilolite).  They all share the same general properties, but they all work very differently in the body.

The first one is the most expensive and the biggest rip off, as far as I'm concerned.  It is usually called "liquid zeolite", which is a misnomer, because all zeolite is rock, and it is non water-soluble.  My regular readers know just how much I love it when marketing companies name their products impossibly!  Zeolite always is, always was, and always will be a non-water soluble colloid.  Even more than that, it is simply ROCK.  So, in other words, they call their product liquid rock.

In all of these types of products, there is only a minute amount of actual zeolite.  When it first came out,  after examining the product with a laser to check its Tyndall effect, I drank a six month supply in one sitting, and it did nothing (except rob my pocket book, but I wrote it off as a business expense as I was testing a potential product for our business).

This type of product is-- or so it seems-- actually, effective... but not for the reasons people think.  There appears to be a homeopathic response, as well as an elevated placebo effect.  Now, I'm all for utilizing the placebo effect, and I'm all for effective homeopathic remedies, but they don't work in the same way.

I've seen a few separate and independent lab studies that show that these liquid zeolites don't actually pull metals out of the body...  so, when they are effective, it is the body's response doing the work.  This is pretty easy look at, from an analytical perspective.  So, if you use this type of product, and it works, that's great!  If you recommend it to others for any serious condition, you are putting their health at risk, because homeopathics and placebo effects are very individual, not universal.

Let's be clear.  If a person has an MRSA (staph) infection due to a cut on the finger, 100% of the time our green desert clay, when used in hydrated clay gel/magma form, will eliminate the infection, and in very short order.  We have done time kill comparison studies in vitro lab experiments to prove it, and we've done many personal experiments, over and over across the years, as well.  It has even worked with diabete heart transplant patients on powerful immune system suppressing drugs. 

That's science.  We know the exact method of actions.  You don't have to want it to happen, or believe it to happen, and you can even strongly disbelieve it will happen;  it will still work.  It is not subject to the nacebo effect, either (natural clays are part of the animal kingdoms innate instinct, which over-rides the potential for psychological intentions to interfere... it truly does seem that the body "knows", right down to the cellular level).

Ok, the next type of zeolite, is the one which most of the world's most impressive studies have been done with:  Fully micronized zeolite.  This type of zeolite used to be widely available in North America until (of course) the FDA stepped in and pulled it all off of the shelves.  I have about five pounds saved from the last run we had, so that I can compare it to any other emerging products in the future.

The FDA stepped in, and stated that fully micronizing zeolite would "probably" liberate too much lead (zeolites are loaded with non-bioactive, non-bioavailable lead) from the zeolite crystalline structures.  They set  VERY low microgram dosage levels for human consumption... so, only the liquid zeolites can comply, since there is hardly any zeolite in any of them.

These amazing fully micronized colloidal particles are still "cage" shaped.  This has advantages and disadvantages, but is very important the smaller the particle sizing.  The "best" stuff is marketed under a process called TMAZ... the stuff you want to COMPLEMENT our product, is a product with particles sized from 0.1 - 1 micron in diameter. TMAZ is a PROCESS, so the particle size can any size, although it a wasteto use TMAZ to produce particles 10 microns and above.

These are the particles that the body pretty much treats as water; that's how tiny they are (although they are still quite LARGE from a nano-particle perspective!). They can enter and detox cells.  Because of the shape, they do not have cytotoxicity issues, as long as they are micronized properly (hence the TMAZ process).  They have two to four times the sorption power of other colloids/clays used for detox.

However, many people believe that these particles are too small to detox what I am currently calling mid-range toxic elements/compounds:
 Heavy metals and other positively charged particles too big to enter cells, but can still cause havoc in organs, soft tissues, and of course at and on the outer edge of cells.  This IS conjecture.  I've inquired as to the exact science, corresponding with some of the greatest minds in related fields, and no one is absolutely certain that this is the case, but it makes the most sense, given the differences in how people respond to use.

So, to be clear, these don't seem to do a great job at acting at the ORGAN level, or even really at the FLUID level.  I view them as specifically for "cellular" use.  There are CERTAINLY far superior things to use for blood, fluid, and organs.

Next, is what we currently love to use and carry in our wholesale store.  It is about "half" micronized zeolite. It is actually very well produced, and has "bell curve" particle sizing, with the top of the bell curve at about 10 microns (so, 10 microns would be the average particle size).  In the end, this translates to about half the particles small enough to enter the blood stream, and half that work through the digestive system.
As far a digestive system work goes, they at PHYSICALLY (chemically/molecularly) very similar to bentonites (smectites) and illites (mica)... but without the "healing" aspect.  The body has an innate awareness and intelligence when it comes to volcanic-origin ash type earths, but not zeolite, as zeolite is a rock.  There are quite a few things that zeolite doesn't do which healing clays do extremely well.

It should be noted that Indigenous cultures around the world have been using these "regular" healing earths long enough for them to become part of the human instinct.  The animals, same.  To date, we haven't found any animals chomping on actual rocks, and if they did, the particle size would be too large to be "cellularly" or biologically interesting to living systems. 

This isn't said to belittle zeolite, it's just an observation that zeolite has advantages and limitations.  By knowing what they are, you can develop the most effective protocols.

The final type that is used for human health is standard milled zeolite.  The best stuff is about 400 mesh (which limits the particle size to about 40 microns), but 325 will do (325 is actually larger than 400 mesh).  This type of zeolite works to detox the digestive tract; the particle are way too large to be biologically significant for any other function.

The benefit is that zeolite is "water rejecting" (I use to call it "water-hating", but, while accurate, the word hate is a bit too harsh!), so it is less likely to reveal/exteriorize constipation issues.  One should still drink plenty of water when using it, constipation can still happen, especially with those who are dehydrated or have thyroid issues (hypothyroidism).

The limitation is that it does not form charge layers, and so it has a very weak collective electromagnetic field... BUT, that "character" isn't needed to detox the digestive tract, anyway.  Again, micronized zeolite has a CEC rating of 2-4 times more than any other "detox" mineral/clay, so it has an amazing sorption capabilities. 

I had to find a specialized lab to do testing, all of the labs in the US wanted to prepare the samples incorrectly.  I found a lab in Canada where the scientists were familiar with the nature of colloids, so I tested a wide range of the colloids that we enjoy using.

Since it rejects water, it doesn't need to be "fully hydrated" to work, there simply must be water/fluid present. 

Here's just one  practical example of the differences being important:

One user had too great of a detox effect at the liver for standard healing clays; while this is very rare, it does happen.  So she tried using a "half" micronized zeolite, which doesn't do all that much for liver cleansing (compared to smectite with its "wafer" thin and flat particles) because of the shape of the particle.  However, the kidney reaction she experienced put her in bed.  That's two checks:  liver toxicity and kidney toxicity, no doubt resulting in the genetic down-regulation of Phase I - Phase II detox.  A complex, and often "catch 22" situation.

So, she switched to milled zeolite, and this worked perfectly. This allowed her to begin to detox the digestive tract without causing liver/kidney detox reactions.  The operative idea is to get as much work done where you can, in this case the digestive tract, and then SLOWLY expand.  A wise course of action would then to start to put TINY amounts of the "half" micronized zeolite into the mix, and proceed from there.

If I had my choice of product to use, it would be our micronized zeolite with the average particle size of 10 microns, mixed with 10-25% of European TMAZ zeolite sized between 0.1 - 3 microns in diameter.  If I had to choose between TMAZ 0.1 - 3 microns, and ours with a very wide range of particle sizes, I would choose ours.  There are other substances that can be useful for cellular detox... EXCEPT in rare situations, well a cellular effect may be absolutely critical.

The big issue with toxicity at these levels (such as the example, which is more common than one might think)...  is that things like ALA, EDTA, chlorella, etc... things that work at the level of Phase 1 - 2 detoxification... can cause a catastrophic detox reaction that can last, 3, 6, even 9 months of serious issues.

When people even have a smidgen of this type of detox reaction, they become very unwilling to try detox again.  They would often stay in their current, sometimes completely disabled condition, than risk another reaction like they experienced.  That is saying a LOT!

I've correpsponded with a few people that could only take some smectite clay (calcium bentonite), and place a glob of gel on the roof of their mouth, and then would spend 4, 6, even eight hours a day in a clay bath... with MCT and environmental toxicity reactions so serious that the only time they felt sane and "regular" was while they were in the clay bath.

These types of individuals swear that they can feel the clay gel pulling at the metals in their head/brain.  Later, they spit out the clay without ingesting it.  For individuals this ill,  the most "effective" detox agent that they can tolerate internally is water... anything else just sends them off of a cliff.  In some cases, milled zeolite may be a viable option.

It would be nice if we could find one "super mineral" that does everything.  It is just not possible.  You might find one that does everything YOU need it to do, however!  That said, you don't have to limit yourself to one colloid.

Forum News & Questions / Spammers and SEOs - Attention Please!
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:05:27 AM »
This is the 4th forum I've run since the internet was born.

The first one was extremely popular, but it was old technology.  It was almost a full time job fighting off spammers, who always salivate over forums that rank well in Google.

I kept up with it, but when Russian hackers targeted it, and kept finding exploits to hide their content on my site, I finally gave in and threw in the towel.

Since that time, with each new forum, I get a bit smarter and bit more capable.

You should all know that I love it when you guys spam this forum.  I know exactly how long it takes to set up an account, and then make a new post.

You should know that with this forum, it takes me less than five seconds to delete ALL of your posts, your replies, and your account.  It is almost effortless.

This isn't a challenge to the actual real hackers out there.  Give me a break, I cannot afford to run a fully secure server at this time.  But, I know how to, if I had the funds available, so any triumph that you might enjoy will actually be quite empty.  No need to attack the forum software itself, either, please note that it is open source and completely free; it is community supported.

Thank you! :)

(this discussion edited and re-posted from our "Clay Disciples" Facebook Group)
I got distracted the other day when cooking dinner in an oven set at about 425 F.

I thought I had a pot holder covering my fingers. Apparently, I didn't.  I was distracted enough that I used the wrong hand.

I grabbed at the grill, thinking my hand was positioned properly; I was still looking away, distracted. Apparently, it wasn't positioned properly.

I was so distracted, I didn't notice that I grabbed the hot grill.  I  missed it completely with my palm, but hooked it with four of my fingers. I didn't even notice THAT until I heard sizzling.

I knew this was going to be a third degree burn. Normally, I would head for my clay. However, instead I wanted to try an experiment. I had a spray bottle of silver sitting on the counter, almost within reach of the oven. Within a few seconds of being burned, I was spraying my fingers with EIS/silver; standard stuff, a hydrosol with about 10 PPM EIS.

I elected to simply not use clay at all. I wanted to do the silver experiment to reproduce a treatment I had experienced before.   I also wanted to be able to use my hand for the rest of the evening. With clay gel covering my fingers, that would have been a no-go.

I already know how great hydrated clay is for burns, even 4th degree burns where the tissue is past recovery, charred dead. I had been wondering if silver would be any better, in very specific situations.

I did not let my fingers dry, I just kept spraying my fingers about every four minutes or so, for about 30 minutes.

My fingers hurt terribly. Check one: With clay, the pain often goes away, usually quickly. With the silver, it did not.

However, I noticed that there was zero inflammation response, and zero cell production around the burn.

This was something I looked at carefully. Usually, macrophages send cell signals that cause a whole host of tissue changes... many of those "changes" cause as much harm as good; although it is all part of the natural healing process.

In this case, by ten minutes, the redness was gone. There was only a slight discoloration.

After an hour, the only way you could tell there was an issue was the fact that the fingerprints on the tips of my fingers were burned off.

The fingers continued to hurt on and off for the rest of the night.

By morning, I could barely tell they had been burned at all, and I could only tell because I knew exactly where to look.

Clay usually REDUCES swelling, redness and tissue damage. The best thing, is that it removes the pain!  But it can't quite do what silver can do in this situation.

Now, I do usually spray silver on an area before treating it with clay.

If it is a cut that is profusely  bleeding, I spray silver on it for a bit, add cayenne powder to stop the bleeding, and then put a clay poultice on to finish up.  It is an excellent treatment strategy.

Now, it's pretty clear that there are situations where I might wait a bit before using clay, and continue with the silver instead.... but ONLY when all damage it topical. Silver can't penetrate deeply into wounds without electrical current... clay has no such barrier to its efficacy, in many cases.


Sounds like good reason to keep clay hydrated with EIS on hands.


Yes, I do often hydrate clay with about 50% EIS.

However, I'm not yet sure what the exact effect will be. The type of silver that is effective against tissue damage (as proven by Dr. Bart Flick, MD of Silverlon, as well as Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD) is silver ions.

Silver ions have a POSITIVE charge. Clay Particles have a NEGATIVE charge.

Here is what I think happens:

You hydrate your clay with silver. The silver ion comes in contact with a hydrated clay particle. Silver will be more reactive than many other (but of course not all) types of ions (anions) that clay will currently have sorpted (is holding). So, let's say that the clay particle is currently holding, via sorption (electrical attraction), a potassium anion.

The clay particle will swap out the potassium (releasing it), and grab the silver ion, with its properties completely intact.

The silver ion is now buffered, and will not have any affect in the outer environment, until the clay particle comes in contact with something else even more reactive.

We had the opportunity to do comparative studies between (a SILVER, b) CLAY, and c) SILVER AND CLAY, against MRSA bacteria (antibiotic resistant staph).

Here is what we learned:

SILVER was the most effective, because it reacted QUICKLY. Oligodynamic silver (as apposed to silver compounds, which do NOT work like this, even at 500 to 1000 PPM).

The CLAY/SILVER formulation was EQUALLY effective, it just took longer to kill the MRSA.

CLAY alone worked, but not as well as either the silver alone, or the silver and clay together.

Some would read this study and think that this means that silver is superior. But, IT DOES NOT.  Silver is limited severely by barriers that clay is not.

Silver won't reach through dermal layers at all, nor will it have any effect whatsoever on the underlying lymph system, or organs.  It's effect is strickly electro-chemical; directly physical. 

Silver is limited by electromagnetic fields and charges. It is easy to repel silver with either a neutralizing or a "buffering" charge.
It might seem like clay has this limitation, but not usually. If clay "meets" something with a like negative charge, whereas one clay particle will be repelled, clay with hydrated charge layers has a cumulative effect, and you can create a field which literally overpowers any adjacent fields.

You can clearly see this with scar tissue, and I believe, some types of tumors. You simply have to use more hydrated clay gel, and thus create a stronger field.

I've seen clay cure tumors, and I think it does this primarily by turning the lights back on for the immune system (along with a detox effect). It creates a field charge that literally collapses the tumor's, and the immune system all of the sudden knows that the tumor is there, and mounts a defense (if it is healthy enough to do so).

This is one reason why I think that some tumors respond so quickly and well to tumors, while clay has zero effect on others.... it has more to do with the state of the body and its metabolism and/or toxicity levels than anything else.

Of course, in this writing there is a lot of great "hard" science, but also quite a bit speculation on my part... I think of it as practical, informed speculation based on theory, observation, and experience/experimentation over a very long period of time.

I have my own pretty profound cancer treatment theories, but again, all speculation; get even a little bit wrong and it can be life ending.

SO, back to the original thought, when seconds count, I believe that silver is superior, at least at first! But only when the silver ions have direct access to the cells that need the "help"!

It is ****possible*** that you can ramp up the PPM so that you wash clay with silver, and take up as many anion spots as possible, and then make sure that there are plenty of silver ions left over... AND that the clay is in a form that I call SUPER-HYDRATED, where there is always a very thin layer of water molecules, almost like a sheath, covering, and on the outside of the clay charge layers.

This would be HIGHLY, HIGHLY structured "4th Phase" water with a field barrier to prevent the water from over-hydrating the clay and turning it from its gel form, with highly organized and interconnected charge layers, to "aqueous" clay water, where the single molecules of clay no longer combine with other molecules of clay to form the amazing field characteristics that clay has when properly hydrated.

In THIS case, the clay might be equal to silver, if that "sheath" or water layer on the outside of the clay gel is rich with positively charged silver ions.

This "super-hydration" state is only possible with clays like our green desert calcium bentonite/montmorillonite, something like Redmond clay (not Pascalite or Terramin), something like pure sodium bentonite, but not Pyro clay, or Illite.

While I think it is very interesting, there are a lot of "ifs" there, LOL.... Practically, it is a bit easier to keep spraying on silver for 20 minutes are so, and THEN donning a clay poultice if needed!

We strongly recommend individuals supplement with Vitamin D3 and K2 as a preventative measure, both for the general flu and especially to help protect against infection from Sars-CoV-2.

I've long believed that adequate levels of vitamin D in the body protect against acute viral infections.  However, I have come across individuals who have supplemented with D, and yet have still come down with pretty severe case of the flu.  What gives?  Is the information wrong, or are there more elements and variables at play?

I used to believe that supplementing with a good D/K product was enough, without giving it much thought.  It turns out, though, that some people-- maybe even a lot of people-- might need to take as much as 10,000 units daily (temporarily!) in order to reach ideal levels of Vitamin D (and cofactors) in the body. 

"Traditionally", most people only supplement with 1-2K units... So, it's no wonder that some people might still be at greater risk for getting ill.

I personally thought my 1,000 units of D, along with at least 30 minutes out in the Las Vegas sun, would do the trick.  It wasn't until I got tested that I realized my levels were still far too low!  But, that is the beauty of real functional medicine.  You can test to get an accurate baseline.

Therefore, it is strongly advisable that individuals get tested to determine how much Vitamin D to supplement with in order to achieve "levels" between 50 ug/ml and 60 ug/ml, while maintaining levels below 80 ug/ml.  Home testing kits are available.

Please review the following charts, provided by "Grassroots Health", which document the conclusions of a study done in Asia, which was compiled from studying data taken from three different hospitals.  All test subjects had their vitamin D levels tested having been admitted to the hospital, with varying degrees of severity of the COVID-19 infection:

As this limited, but statistically significant data shows, nearly all of those with higher levels of vitamin D generally had far less severe cases of the illness.

The second chart (below)  shows that only 13% of the individuals tested (all with COVID-19) had the recommended levels of Vitamin D (greater than 40 ng/ml).  This is a serious problem!

So, now, how to supplement?

Dr. Mercola, for example, has a suitable supplement, with 5,000 IU of Vitamins D3 & 180 mcg of K2.  Some people might need one capsule, others may TEMPORARILY need to two.  Other supplements out there dose with 1,000 or 2,000 units.

The best action?  Don't guess, test.  Home test kits (finger prick blood test) cost around $80-100.  We don't currently know enough about how these tests are conducted to have an educated opinion on what company would be the best choice.  Luckily, it's not rocket science, just choose a reputable company/lab, or check with your doctor!

If you have to guess to start with, you could start with one 5,000 unit dose per day for a period of time, and then do a home test to check your levels. 

DO NOT PANIC DOSE with Vitamin D, overdosing can cause kidney failure. 

If Dr. Mercola's product of 5,000 units of D (single daily dose) turned out to be an actual serious PROBLEM due to the high dosage level, we probably would have heard about it by now.

Some individuals can't seem to believe that something as simple as Vitamin D can have such a big impact on health.  I understand!  Devil's advocates like to point out that this is just one single study.  That is true!

Therefore, on the science reference page ( https://www.earthcures.org/forum/index.php/topic,175.0.html ), we've added an abundance of research material (influenza) which lends credence to the idea of using Vitamin D in a preventative manner for respiratory viral infections.  These studies, some of them massive in scope, were of course NOT done with COVID-19, but with influenza and pneumonia.

The truth is, nobody knows exactly what is going to work with this new coronavirus.  However, we have a whole human history dealing with respiratory virii, both pandemic outbreaks and "regular" seasonal "flus".

See the page below which outlines all of the pages we have exploring COVID-19:


Welcome to Part 2 of our "Rumor Mill" project.  Don't miss Part 1.  Just because it is a "rumor" doesn't make it not true!  We don't include it if we don't feel it has significant implications!

Single-blind, controlled study done in China shows statistically significant improvement in patient outcome (less mortality) when critical care level patients added alpha lipoic acid to the treatment program.

This is true, a pre-peer review paper has been released by the team of researching medical doctors who put this study together.


For people who want to study an extensive and well thought out "plant based" (only) treatment regime for COVID-19, I highly recommend studying the work done by Stephen Harold Buhner.  It is excellent and very comprehensive:


What it Means

"Result: Nine patients were randomized to placebo group and 8 patients were randomized to ALA group."

I could never do this kind of research (excluding the control group), although I do appreciate the value that it brings!

The ~37% reduction in mortality may at first seem "lack luster", but we have to ask the question, "what if intervention had occurred PRIOR to the critical care level of this disease?  Could it have changed the trajectory of the entire illness?  How protective would the ALA have been?  There is no easy answer to such questions!

OR, perhaps the numbers are misleading, as one commenter pointed out that ***three*** patients in the ALA group were later given ventilator care, and that may have skewed the numbers.  Probably not, because we can assume that the control group was given comparable treatment when necessary!

The great thing is:  ALA is a very valuable supplement anyway. 

FYI:  ALA is a key ingredient in our advanced detoxification protocol (not published publicly for safety considerations):

(Liposomal Glutathione, liposomal ALA, liposomal vitamin C) + NAC + (the sodium version of EDTA) + systemic enzyme therapy + ozone steam or full spectrum infrared sauna + red light therapy (add clay baths to help finish the cleanup work)....  definitely NOT safe for people unless they've done a full elimination diet and then a permanent diet change, a 90 day digestive system detox, plus a 60 basic heavy metal cleanse first!

Warrington Hospital in Cheshire (UK) avoids the use of ventilators in favor of modified "sleep apnea" machines.

Doctors, saying they learned from the mistakes of their colleagues in Italy, start the use of the modified sleep apnea CPAC machines as respiratory failure intervention "early on" in order to try to avoid ventilator use, often times immediately upon admitting patients with respiratory issues.

What it Means

Doctors report much faster recovery times with no need for intubation and the risk associated with forced respiration via ventilators.

Original story:  https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-hospital-cuts-covid-19-death-rates-with-black-boxes-for-sleep-disorder-11977789

A recent study shows that taking adequate amounts of potassium reduces the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

A study of 125 patients in a China showed that almost all COVID-19 sufferers experienced Hypokalemia, which is low levels of potassium ions in the blood stream.

What it Means

In our "preventative" concept protocol, we already recommend taking a balanced macro mineral supplement, as well as a trace mineral supplement.  Unlike some minerals, potassium is pretty safe to use by itself, although it is usually recommended to take a balanced macro mineral supplement with includes calcium, magnesium and potassium.   Astute researchers, however, may look up how to use potassium hydroxide as a water additive to raise blood serum levels quickly.  Doing this method must be done with extreme care.  Potassium hydroxide (often available USP at 50% in water) is very corrosive and dangerous to use without proper dilution.

New clinical study conducted by Oxford University shows that a low dose steroid therapy reduces COVID-19 deaths by 30% (those having been placed on ventilators), by preventing a cytokine storm from occurring:

https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53061281 - The drug, Dexamethasone, is very affordable and widely available.

Utilizing grain alcohol and EIS to Cure COVID-19

This is an important discovery, something we have been talking about for a long time.  For the toughest lung infections, the "old timer's" would use grain alcohol to quickly resolve any flem and congestion issues.  This is well known to be a very effective method.

What the old timer's would use, is (very specifically) RUM.  They would soak a sponge, and huff the vapors.  This works very, very quickly to resolve even the worst cases of congestion/fluid build up.

One individual's sister was slick with COVID-19 for a couple of months.  The aggressive use of EIS/CS in a nebulizer was not resolving the issue (but probably still preventing the illness from progressing to late stage).

The individual did a different treatment protocol, using pure vodka mixed with colloidal silver, and sipping on it over a period of one hour.  She did this three times a day:

The formula was 50 ml CS mixed with (25%) 12.5 ml of 40 % alcohol in a glass. She sipped every 5 minutes, keeping it under the tongue 2-3 minutes, until the glass was empty in about one hour. She did that 3 times a day. And some extra pure CS in between. And she continued for safety's sake with one glass a day another 5 days after she became well.

We currently believe that using rum, and NOT vodka, and mixing it with EIS/CS, and using it in a nebulizer would be far more effective much quicker.  The problem is, nobody knows the best concentration to use, or how much is required.  IT IS EASY TO GET ALCOHOL POISONING by nebulizing too much grain alcohol!  We can't stress that enough!

So, perhaps, using the oral administration route, was a wise decision!

The Role of Enzymes in Developing Strategies to Treat COVID-19

New, novel research has been focusing on the human proteins affected by the virus, and enzymes that the virus exploits.  This has resulted in some excellent end research, including the use of existing drugs to successfully address the illness:


This research article also delves deeper into how the virus operates in the human body, at the cellular level.

'Theoretical' data study done in vitro on SARS-Cov-2 demonstrates that turmeric, neem, ashwagandha and black pepper should be effective at protecting the body from COVID-19

Using a fascinating data-based approach, this peer reviewed study done in India, used a wide database of herbs to isolate those Ayurvedic herbs that should be the most effective against the virus.
Read more at:

Please refer to this page for links and important information regarding our information on respiratory viral infections and COVID-19.

[This page last updated on 5/06/20:  Los Alamos study added to the "pneumonia" page]

Note that all of the links below contain important information not located elsewhere.  Please review all of the information.

Please note that we do not provide actual recommendations, these are all just conceptual protocol ideas that researchers are exploring based on available and emerging independent research.  All of this is provided for research purposes only:

For example, the "Rumor Mill" post is important because it includes actionable information from other researchers.  An example would be either using H2O2 in a nebulizer, or using copper ascorbate to treat COVID-19 at symptom onset.  This information is not in our concept protocol pages, because we don't have any real research experience, can't predict side effects/detox reactions, and can't know exact dosing details.  However, just because we don't list it as a primary consideration, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be!

Another example is the scientific research page which provides supporting research.  There is a ton of valuable information presented by researchers if you have the time to click on the links and read the material!

We will try to update this page when anything changes, and note the "edit" date below, so that one does not have to continue to view these "living documents" over and over again!

Our main concept protocol (2 pages) for preventation and treatment:

Main Prevention and Main Treatment Concept Protocols



What NOT to do, Why NOT, and WHAT to do instead:


This thread actually has some good, actionable information.

Scientific References for the substances/therapies suggested: [Updated on 4/27/2020]


Don't miss this section.  For example, you can learn that a study done on virii suggests that silver ions act best within a cell to prevent viral cell replication, which silver nano particles work best extracellularly (linked study).

Taking care of the sinuses, throat, ears, and lungs, critical ideas for both prevention and treatment:


Specific page on Vitamin C therapy (we can't stress how important vitamin C is with infections, especially virii):


Note that I've been contacted by individuals stating that some cannot tolerate 3-5 grams of ascorbic acid, and so they are not using it.

Such individuals should read about the studies suggesting liposomal vitamin C may even be superior to IV therapy... it is certainly more tolerable than any form of water soluble C.  Anyone with some basic, rudimentary research and equipment can transform water soluble ascorbic acid into fat soluble "liposomal" vitamin C, which will, among other things, help prevent the digestive system irritation common with ascorbic acid.

An important topic, COVID-19 specialist MD at a New York City Hospital notices that COVID-19 is ***not**** presenting with regular pneumonia as all of the doctors and medical staff have been told; furthermore, the use of a ventilator use be hurting much more than it is helping (even though there DOES come a time where there is no choice).

I've even spoken to nurses in California who have changed their treatment protocol, based on this information, to using a ventilator as a last resort.

Latest update includes more hard data on the mutation of Sars-CoV-2:

New York City MD:  Not Pneumonia, Oxygen Starvation (the hemoglobin link) [Updated 5/06/2020]:

The most recent updates are very important, as there are conflicting assumptions as to the pathology of COVID-19 and what it means.  Is it the destruction of hemoglobin causing oxygen starvation, or the fluid/mucus, inflammation and/or scar tissue (fibrotic tissue).  Why is this becoming a blood-attacking and blood-vessel attacking illness, and what does THAT mean?  Why aren't CPAPs being used when they are so amazingly effective and can be used much earlier with greater recovery rates?

This post is very important, either way, the implications are serious!


The Rumor Mill [Updated 4/17/20]


This is an important thread, because it includes therapy suggestions that are NOT included in the main thread, for many reasons... BUT, some of them might be WELL worth taking a look!   For example, nebulizing 3% H2O2 at symptom onset may just arrest the illness.

The Rumor Mill - Part 2 [updated 4/24/20]


Both part 1 and part 2 are extremely important for any independent researcher.  Just because it is-- to us-- a "rumor" doesn't make it not true or valuable information!

Vitamin D Levels - Supplementing - COVID-19 Vitamin D Level Study

We've always recommended supplementing with Vitamin D to help protect against the flu and COVID-19.  This is our latest page, exploring the impact that Vitamin D levels have on the severity of COVID-19, and how to determine how much to supplement with:


PLEASE NOTE: [Modified last on 5/09/2020]  This post/thread is about what we are hearing from others.  We do not recommend anyone do anything here, nor do we advise that you take the information as real or at face value.  This is here, because I assume many people, like myself, want to hear what is going on so that I can draw my own conclusions.  I want access to the creativity and raw information being discovered and I want to hear about all of the ideas being explored, in an uncensored manner.  I don't need a baby sitter! I believe that there is ALWAYS value in exploring ideas, even if the ideas don't pan out.;)

HOWEVER, and IN FACT, if the information is not part of our own primary concept protocols or information about coronavirus (see the main topic threads), then there is probably a good reason for it!

Copper is a Cure for COVID-19

We've been hearing from more than one outlet that copper formulations are turning out to be very effective with COVID-19.  Copper works similarly to silver.  That said, copper can be very problematic to dose due to current bio-burden levels, issues of toxicity, and how excess copper effects the absorption of other minerals (like zinc).

That said, we have accounts of copper ascorbate (must make it yourself) halting infections very rapidly, when used orally...  Often used in conjunction with "standard" vitamin C formulations.

We have also heard of a case of late stage COVID-19 halted in its tracks with a "colloidal copper", which was, in actually, mostly an EIC/Copper solution (ions) made via electrolysis.

What Does it Mean?

It means that these metal ions known to have strong antimicrobial properties show great promise.

There is even a case to made about using both together:


Furthermore, there is a case to be made for using small amounts of copper orally (1 tsp - 1 tbs), in conjunction with using EIS/Silver formulations with a nebulizer.

However, there is no way for anyone at this time to tell anyone else what a safe, effective concentration or dose would be.

People are getting "cured", recovering, and getting sick again!

We are hearing this all over the place, both with heavy hitting "natural" remedies, and reports from Wuhan (for example).

What Does it Mean?

This most likely means that treatment interventions are working to help this disease, but the immune system is not producing enough antibodies before symptoms subside.

It is QUITE possible that the virus still exists, replicating out of the "sight" of the immune system...  for example, in lesions existing in the lungs, or even in the nasal passageways.  We are hearing that it can take up to five days for a virus particle to penetrate a cell membrane in order to reproduce.

This also means that even when a person starts to feel better, they should still keep up with preventative measures and treatments, and pay careful attention going forward, for at least a few weeks, maybe longer.

Symptoms that are recurring, signaling a renewed infection?  Loss off taste, loss of smell, fever, sore throat and cough.  Any combination thereof.

The idea is to keep diligent.  The idea is that eventually the body will produce enough antibodies so that the immune system can protect itself.

Anti-Malaria Drugs (chloroquine class) are working great!  They aren't working at all!  They aren't working and causing terrible side effects! They only work with zinc!  They only work in conjunction with antibiotics!

Reports, clinical studies, and publications are all over the place here.

What Does it Mean?

It is possible that the therapy hasn't been perfected, that there are those out there sabotaging research efforts, that research testing is not being done properly and skewing results... or maybe some strange combination of all of the above.

Bottom line:  There is yet a real and comprehensive, trusted source of information out there regarding drug therapies involving chloroquine.  I would not rely upon this drug therapy to save my life, but I wouldn't discount it either!

COVID-19 Patients, Oxygen Starved, are Being Cured with Nitric Oxide

Massachusetts General Hospital is reporting good results by giving oxygen-starved patients, via inhalation therapy, a drug which boosts nitric oxide levels.  The drug, with a low risk profile, has been used to treat oxygen starved babies in the past.

What Does it Mean?

This is true, but the effectiveness of the therapy still needs to be proven!

Some people now believe that while SARS-CoV-2 attaches to the ACE2 cell receptors in the lungs (and in the gut), that the oxygen starvation is the results of the virus attacking oxygen-carrying hemoglobin as a food source (probably iron).

While this would not alter the treatment ideology of treating the lungs as a primary infection site, it does alter what can be done to help individuals who are experiencing oxygen starvation.

Interested individuals should take this seriously.  Our recommendation of using the "Hot Shot Brain Fog Slayer" juice tonic formulation also improves NOS blood levels (via the medicinal high heat cayenne pepper).

There is also merit to the idea the NOS supplements could be used early on in COVID-19 presentation, including beet root extract and similar NOS-boosting extracts and agents... But THIS information IS indeed RUMOROUS and has not been tried nor tested, to our knowledge.  The best strategy is still not to let COVID-19 progress to the point of serious respiratory distress.

Ivermectin is a widely used anti-parasitic drug that inhibits SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

This is true, although nobody knows if it will work in the body yet.  This drug, however, is very widely used and understood, and exists on the WHO's list of "essential medicines".  The drug is FDA approved, and It is available for horses at most vets.


What Does it Mean?

If it works as well in humans as it does in the test tubes at inhibiting the expression of COVID-19, it might be able to arrest the illness quickly and safely, potentially within 48 hours of administration.  Drugs like this would likely be best effective when used earlier in the presentation of the illness, before a critical amount of actual damage is done to the lungs and the body's hemoglobin supply.

Nebulizing three percent hydrogen peroxide (3% H2O2) will stop the Coronavirus (COVID-19) DEAD in its tracks!

Dr. Mercola, and others, are touting this as a miracle therapy, citing the works of Dr. Thomas Levy, and Dr. Charles Farr.  The idea is to do this immediately upon symptom presentation, and it will prevent the infection from taking hold.

Now, those familiar with my work probably already realize three things: 

1.  I purchase H2O2 in 35% gallon jugs, as well as quart sizes of 12% (for mixing convenience to reach 6%)...

2.  I've been using hydrogen peroxide regularly for all sorts of things for about 15 years, and I love the stuff!  I have a zillion uses for various combinations of silver and H2O2.

3.  I almost NEVER publicly write about it, nor do I suggest people actually do hydrogen peroxide therapy.  Privately, I help people who ***already have the desire to do it*** all of the time.

What I BEG that everyone do right now-- today--- if one is planning on using this as a treatment strategy-- is to nebulize 3% H2O2 now, and watch what happens.  I estimate that about 80% of people are headed for a major freak out.  I've seen the detox reaction of individuals nebulizing .5% concentrations of H2O2 become nearly bed-ridden for a few days.  The toxicity reaction of H2O2 atomizing who knows WHAT garbage presently residing in the lungs is among the worst reactions of any therapy that I've explored.

Even I had a terrible reaction when I first did it about 18 years ago.  At the time, I was a smoker.  I did a MASSIVE daily protocol to protect my lungs while I worked to figure out how to overcome this addictive affliction.  I had a regular doctor even swear that I wasn't a smoker at all.  Today, nobody would even be able to tell that I was ever a smoker.  That took a lot of work, a lot of liver cleansing, a lot of blood cleansing to keep healthy and work to protect the lungs.

Even so, about two minutes after nebulizing a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, my heart started pounding so badly that I collapsed.  My vision disappeared.  In a few short seconds, I thought I was going to be dead.  My vision started to clear even though my heart continued to pound.  Instantly I knew what a fool I'd been!

I was experiencing a nicotine overdose.  I literally sat very still in a silent pose for about 20 minutes.  Finally, my heartbeat began to return to normal.  I was OK!

Boy, did I learn my lesson.  Eventually, I carefully acclimated my lungs to H2O2 therapy.  With subsequent research, I learned that the body can go through THREE very distinct and very severe detox reactions.  1) Cleansing the lungs, 2) then H2O2 concentration starts to build up in the blood stream, and causes a blood detox reaction, and finally 3) High enough concentrations reach the liver to hammer the person with a hard hitting liver detox reaction.

What Does it Mean?

Do you know what is currently built up in your lungs?  Do you live the city?  Do you do regular cardio or breathing exercises to clear your lungs?  No?

YOU NEVER KNOW what kind of a reaction your are going to get the first time enough builds up to cause a detox reaction!

Now, can you imagine someone with lung conditions and diabetes, terrified because they are starting to hallucinate because of the COVID-19 fever, so in a panic, they reach into the medicine cabinet and grab a brown bottle of 3% H2O2, and nebulize like crazy?

H2O2 is an awesome therapy for the sinuses, for the lungs, for general detox via the oral protocols...  But this is something you want to gently acclimate the body to BEFORE you get ill.

Please, you want the body to be WELL acclimated to using H2O2, and you want the pathogens to be taken completely by surprise.  Not the other way around (the body in so much shock and panic that stress hormones cause the immune system to reek havoc on the mind and body).

A hospital in Israel-- for compassionate use-- has been testing stem cell therapy on individuals very ill "ICU" patients.

This appears to be true.  Doctors have been using stem cells derived from placenta, and they report a 0% mortality rate for those treated, in a situation where the expected outcome for each patient was probable death.  They only report moderate improvement (in some patients) in lung function due to the therapy, however.

What Does it Mean?

While this is very interesting, and shows that stem cell therapy research is progressing, it won't likely make a difference in the grand scheme of things, at least not in the short term.  This is not something that could be rolled out to the masses.   We also want to mention it because it could be that SCAMMERS/FRAUDS might try to profit off of this research as they almost always do.  Be wary of internet websites trying to sell stem cell therapy, and even so called "clinics".  There is a massive amount of criminal fraud out there in the stem cell "industry"!

Clay and sea salt baths help COVID-19 patients in recovery.

We're starting to get these reports, however, this is nothing new to us.  While clay baths shouldn't be considered an actual TREATMENT for respiratory infections, once a person is on the road to recovery, we've always received reports that doing a nice warm clay and sea salt bath helps a person feel much better.  In particular, individuals report that clay baths ease the lingering respiratory distress people often experience, sometimes for days, after the acute phase of the illness has passed, and when the body is recovering.

What Does it Mean?

This supports what I've noticed over many years of observation.  Clay doesn't always act as a cure, but it usually makes just about any situation at least a little better.  There is just something special about natural clay, sea minerals, and water!

Dr. Browstein is successfully treating COVID-19 patients using iodine and ozone therapy!

Dr. Brownstein runs a holistic medicine clinic, and HAS been treating COVID-19 patients in the parking lot of his clinic.  He recommends things like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and uses iodine and ozone to treat even the sickest of his patients.  He currently reports having treated 85 COVID-19 (or suspected cases of COVID-19) successfully.  Since he and his staff can only do ozone therapy at his clinic, he recommends  nebulizing hydrogen peroxide along with iodine.

What Does it Mean?

While we prefer using the iodine, for safety considerations, with the salt pipe, and hence suggest using H2O2 separately... it is becoming very clear that the combination is proving to be very successful:  Bio-oxidative therapy, along with iodine and nutritional support (such as plenty of zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc.... see our concept protocol posts).


In fact, ozone therapy is being trialed "officially" in more and more hospitals around the word.  See the following links for further research:

36 patients treated with ozone therapy just prior to having to make the choice to intubate:


The first patient:

"A 49-year-old man who had already required ICU admission was deteriorating on the ward. He had deteriorated to the point that he required oxygen at the highest concentration and yet it was oxygenating his lungs poorly. Intubation and connection to a ventilator was planned, but surprisingly, after the first session of Ozone therapy, the improvement was significant and oxygen requirements could be decreased.

Dr. Alberto Hernández explained that “the improvement after the first session of Ozone treatment was spectacular. We were surprised, his respiratory rate normalised, his oxygen levels increased, and we were able to stop supplying him with as much oxygen since the patient was able to oxygenate himself. To our surprise, when we carried out an analytical control, we observed how Ferritin, an analysis determination that is being used as a prognostic marker in this disease, not only had not followed the upward trend, but had decreased significantly; that decline continued in the following days. This result encouraged us to administer it to other patients who are following the same improvement as our first patient. “"

A study of 18% of COVID-19 deaths in Italy reveals that almost all fatalities were people with pre-existing conditions.

The noteworthy offenders?  Heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Dr. Mercola has a nice write up:  https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/04/13/how-to-defeat-coronavirus.aspx

What Does it Mean?

This is great news, right?  Well, yes and no. 

Many people don't realize it, but at least 60% of the American population lives with chronic disease that may significantly affect their COVID-19 mortality risk factors.  I see so many people "think" that they are perfectly healthy when in reality they are obviously and visually noticeably ten to thirty years in to progressive, chronic degenerative, disease.

Some health care ICU workers are placing patients on their stomach instead of intubating them (using a ventilator). 

Reportedly, this is saving lives by allowing more oxygen saturation in the blood from parts of the lungs that have been under-utilized. 

What Does it Mean?

Prone positioning (and even other physical poses designed by respiratory therapists to improve lung efficiency) may be more effective than ventilators in some situations, and without the risk of lung tissue damage.  Oxygen saturation levels, in some cases, have been reported to go from 85% to 95%.

Cuba approves the use of a homeopathic medication as a viable treatment option for COVID-19 infections.


 PrevengHo® Vir is the medication, and it is used, reportedly, for the ..."prevention of influenza, dengue and other emerging viral infections, recommending its use in conditions of epidemiological risk..."

What Does it Mean?

We see no included data on usage statistics, or whether or not it has been effective!

Dr. William Wong (Website:  "Dr. Wong's Essentials") recommends systemic enzymes for the treatment of COVID-19

Dr. Wong states, in his April 17th "News and Updates:

"While the enzymes can help prevent the virus from attaching to the mitochondrial DNA and replicating we now see the enzymes can also be used during the acute phase of Covid to prevent the formation of lung scar tissue, blood clots and to ameliorate the cytokine storm producing inflammation."

The enzymatic blend that he uses, along with Vitamin C and zinc, includes enterically coated  porcine pancreatin, serrapeptidase, bromelain, and papain.  Specifically, he uses 50,000 units of pancreatin, 50,000 units of amylase, 4,000 units of lipase, 14,000 units (SU) of serrapeptidase, 150 units (GD) of bromelain, and 720,000 units of papain.

Many commercially produced systemic enzyme blends are similar.

What Does it Mean?

We already recommend using Seaprose-S as a vastly superior systemic enzyme for mucus.  There is certainly a case to be made for using a high quality systemic enzyme blend for fibrotic tissue, and there really is no downside to doing so, aside from the expense (avoid using systemic enzymes before surgery, or with medical supervision only if on blood thinning drugs).

For acute conditions, most manufacturers recommend three of "their" capsules, three times daily on an empty stomach.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is now a page two for the "Rumor Mill".  Click on this link:  https://www.earthcures.org/forum/index.php/topic,187.0.html

I think that this video, literally from "ground zero" -- in more ways than one-- is VERY, VERY important.  At the time of this writing, NYC is still the epicenter of COVID-19, with the next wave of "epicenters". following about seven to ten days behind (or so they say).

Pay careful attention to what the ER doctor is describing, and contrast that to the Earthcures recommended treatment strategy.

This doctor lends a great deal of credence to the idea that some strange thick solidifying mucus may be a significant contributing factor to the cause of death, just like the autopsy doctors hinted at in China.

Those ER and ICU doctors and nurses are so out their league it is frightening... even terrifying.

Since the docs from China also indicated that it would take up to 5 days to break down that mucus once patients were admitted to ICU, it is CRITICAL that this be a main priority in order to avoid what would otherwise become the worse ordeal anyone would experience.

UPDATE:  The doctor that shot this video eventually resigned over the hospital's policy on ventilator use.

Here is a "newer" account of this same issue, given to a friend by a nurse working at the same hospital:

The doctor that made the original video questioning how ventilators were being used, eventually resigned over it.

Here is another perspective, I believe from the same hospital.  This is not easy to watch, and I believe that it is 100% authentic:


If all of this isn't enough to convince a person to take care of one's health and act quickly to AVOID going into the hospital, I don't know what would!

On a related "aside", I read a report from a nurse working in ICU in a California hospital who shared that they have completed changed their ventilator use based on the experience reported coming out of New York.

But, sadly, while CPAP and BiPAP both have proven to be HIGHLY effective and MUCH better than ventilators, many hospitals will not use them because they also risk spreading the virus in aerosol form.

Here is another situation where us not being properly prepared is costing people a great deal of pain, misery and even death.  If hospitals would put in place a policy of converting ICU rooms to negative air flow, properly designed rooms with UV air filtration as well, this would not be an issue.

Would this be expensive?  Comparatively, yes.  But, people are not given the choice, and people are not told the truth at all.

They are simply frightened into accepting forced ventilation as their only treatment option.  Would there be situations where a ventilator would HAVE to be used?  Absolutely most certainly... but not in the same manner as they are being used now, and not as frequently.

I believe that most hospital policies prioritize forced ventilation due to all of the initial reports coming out of Italy, where doctors reported that patient outcomes were GREATLY improved if forced ventilation was used for EARLY intervention.  I truly wonder what the disconnect has been between observations in places like Italy, as composed to places like New York intensive care units.

Also, doctors are getting a 100%+ increase in patient blood oxygen levels (those with low levels due to COVID-19) by using warmed and humidified oxygen via high flow O2 therapy using a simple, non-evasive nose cannulas. 

This can even be tried at home with a good quality oxygen concentrator.  Most have optional humidifier feeds in-line. 

If you have a simple oxygen saturation meter (the "cheap" fingertip monitors that measure blood oxygen saturation and current heart rate), you can do this with no risk.  Everyone should be testing their O2 saturation levels anyway, if at all possible.

The operative idea would be to monitor your O2 levels, and then add the O2 if oxygen saturation drops to below ~90% - 94% (you should have a normal baseline established so that you know what YOUR "normal" O2 saturation level is...before any respiratory distress).

This link documents how UChicago Medicine is using this therapy with great success, rather than turning to ventilators:


They are not the only medical professionals trying to opt out of early ventilator intervention.  There are a LOT of medical professionals who aren't willing to simply apply failing protocols that they know will likely lead to a high patient mortality rate.  Some are even testing out breathing ozonated saline solution to address the infection:


Also, to read all of our current material on COVID-19, don't forget to visit our landing page:


Continue reading below for the original post responses that were added as we learned more information.  Most of it was posted prior to the "new" updates shown above.

{Last Modified on 4/27/2020]

Here is the original thread that discusses therapies for respiratory viral illnesses including COVID-19:


REFERENCES BELOW - DON'T SKIP! :) - There is information here not located elsewhere due to SPACE CONSIDERATIONS!

Most people haven't even heard of the enzyme Seaprose S. ...but, and I can't stress this enough.... for mucous build up at the lungs, there is NO better enzyme.  I've seen very complex systemic enzyme formulations fail completely... and then the individual takes Seaprose S... one dose... and in a few hours is completely fine (late stage emphysema and COPD, in this case).  Here is a link that includes important scientific studies on Seaprose S:


Here are some interesting relevant links on silver:

Silver Particles, or Silver Ions?  How about both!


Silver vs. virii:


Below is some research on olive leaf extract and d-lenolate:


Links on the antiviral effects of olive leaf:



Interesting monograph about the medicinal uses of the olive leaf:


The importance of vitamin C for the body's healthy antiviral immune response:


The case for high dose vitamin C IV therapy:


Even China is conducting clinical trials with Vitamin C (24 grams daily) for the new corona virus:


Read about how the Chinese Government now officially recommends vitamin C therapy both for prevention and treatment of COVID-19:

The emerging clinical research on using vitamin C with COVID-19 (please read!):


Activated oxygen therapies always come under attack by the "establishment".  But the truth is, thanks primarily to "early" work of medical researchers like Dr. Bocci in Germany, there is a massive amount of scientific evidence supporting the use of bio-oxidative therapies for all types of infections.  The links below should be considered "experimental"/FYI, as you really need some very good training to use activated oxygen safely.

However, please don't do ozone nebulization for the flu or for any other reason.  High concentrations of medical-grade ozone at the very least severely irritate lung sacs, and CAN cause their destruction leading to scarring.  Ozone in the lungs is not a good idea.  Anyone who has accidentally huffed a bit of highly concentrated ozone usually makes sure that it NEVER happens again.

However, the exact RIGHT concentration of ozone, which is EXTREMELY tiny... in the magnitude of about 0.3 - 0.5 PPM, has been shown to be very effective with a wide range of conditions when used in inhalation therapy, including safely destroy lung cancer cells while living healthy cells alone. 

Ozonating water, and then immediately nebulizing the ozonated water, MAY be an extremely safe and effective treatment.  It may not work well, for many reasons.

However, ozone rectal insufflation, which would be the standard recommended protocol, should be the chosen method, if IV-based ozone therapy is not available.

Dr. Rowen has been treating COVID-19 patients, some of them critically ill, with excellent success:


I include this link as a "proof of concept" research idea, and to demonstrate the power of ozone:


Here is the "case" for using ozone in-lungs (remember, the proper concentration is critical for safety and effectiveness):


Eliminating virii on surfaces; virus inactiviation via ozone


A great overview of ozone therapy for infectious conditions, including dosage and concentration levels for rectal insufflation:


Aside from Korean nine times roasted, purple bamboo salt being an incredibly healthy, sulfur-rich alkaline antioxidant, it does have anti-viral properties.  It's activity is more of a catalyst and immune system modulator than a "virus killing" substance:


...I'm only including a few links, if I included them all, it would probably be dozens of pages long!

The case for molecular hydrogen water has already been made by hundreds of independent research papers.  Below is just one worthy of consideration.  Molecular hydrogen water can be used along with every other water modification method that does NOT involve oxidation....  For example, do not use at the same time using ozone therapy or H2O2 therapy.  Use any antioxidants away from any oxidation therapies.  Not that it will cause any actual HARM, the two therapies will simply compete against each other, and we do not want that.

https://symbiosisonlinepublishing.com/microbiology-infectiousdiseases/microbiology-infectiousdiseases70.php - "Hydrogen Medicine Therapy: An Effective and Promising Novel Treatment for Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) Induced by Influenza and Other Viral Infections Diseases?"

The Hot Shot Brain Fog Slayer herbal tonic formulation is a brain child of decades of exploration into the work of herbalists like Dr. Richard Schulze and Dr. Christopher.  I developed it due to a deep disappointment in results from Dr. Shulze's own formula.  The thing that this formula LACKS, however is B Vitamins, so make certain that one is getting plenty of all of the Vitamin B's elsewhere.

What about the science?  There are so many amazing things about this formulation that it would take a book to explore.  But I will try to add more scientific support as I get time.  To start with, the high heat cayenne PROFOUNDLY effects oxygen levels and distribution in the body.  Not only that, but it stimulates NOS production.  See the following "out of the box" think by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital:  https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/04/06/massachusetts-general-hospital-among-first-to-test-nitric-oxide-on-pandemic-patients/?fbclid=IwAR38kbCNLTelNzAQ8ywPqM4Skc-pmFRKMHmtCZUlJRNqDYXPj5kza_G_lt8

Fulvic Acid is recommended as a part of the prevention protocol, as a trace mineral supplement (and even a prebiotic).

Below is an excellent reference supporting the inclusion of fulvic acid in the treatment of many different acute and chronic conditions (with a "focus" on HIV):



It has been suggested that other factors may be involved in the Vitamin D COVID-19 study presented.  This may be POSSIBLE (but due to the nature of the entire data set, not very likely), however, if we look at the research conducted on Vitamin D and the flu, we will see that this study, while the only one done so far with COVID-19, is not new.


If something simple like vitamin D is too much for people to believe, first refer to the above link.  "...“Most people understand that vitamin D is critical for bone and muscle health,” said Carlos Camargo of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the study’s senior author. “Our analysis has also found that it helps the body fight acute respiratory infection, which is responsible for millions of deaths globally each year.”

This was a major, global study, and while it was observational, that doesn't mean it is not significant, nor does that mean it was "bad" science.  It's not that easy to get published by Harvard.

Even the National Institute of Health has issued formal warnings about low Vitamin D levels and the flu (with cited references, in the document):


If a person doesn't want to accept the information from those two studies, the problem isn't with the research or the ideas, it is with the "viewer"!


I just wanted to post enough supporting research and documentation to support the most important methodologies explored here.  I will be adding more information and expanding as time provides!

There is a lot of confusion about vitamin C, what to use, and how to use for both prevention and treatment.

For prevention and "maintenance", it's easy.  On the concept protocol page, we recommend 3-5 grams of vitamin C daily.  This can be pure ascorbic acid taken in water (may cause loose stools or stomach discomfort in some), buffered vitamin C (for those with sensitive stomachs, especially), or liposomal vitamin C.

Liposomal vitamin C is superior for oral use.  It is also much more expensive to purchase.  The highest quality product is probably Dr. Christopher Shade's Liposomal Vitamin C (from his company, Quicksilver Scientific).  We consider most of his products "top shelf", and for very good reason!

However, you can make a fantastic product at home.  There are many tutorials out there, and it is as simple as combining the right amount lecithin with the right amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and water in a simple blender.  Or, you can use a refined approach to get the best possible product, using an ultrasonic bath device (like the ones people use to clean jewelry). 

The best tutorial:  https://qualityliposomalc.com/

When supplementing, simply try to spread out the consumption throughout the day.  If you eat three meals, you can take a gram or so with each meal.  Liposomal vitamin C can be taken at any time, with or without food.

Now, for COVID-19.  Please start off by reading Dr. Mercola's great article which documents the emerging research on using vitamin C to treat COVID-19:


To be clear again, the body can only absorb 1 gram per hour of any water soluble C (like pure ascorbic acid). In order to get the effects that one gets from doing high dose vitamin C therapy via IV,  a far greater blood serum level must be achieved.  It doesn't matter how much you take orally, the body can utilize one gram, and the rest simply flushes the digestive tract (which in itself has value, but not directly like with an IV treatment).  Of course, even a gram an hour can be beneficial, but it won't have the same therapeutic effects.

There is a critical point where the concentration of vitamin C changes the effect of the Vitamin C; it reverses it's oxidative properties, like flipping a switch.  There are many papers out there documenting this, so we won't repeat the information here.

The maximum IV dosage of vitamin C is usually quoted to be between 3-5 grams (they are using much less when using IV C to treat COVID-19, however), taken over a period of six hours.

For home use, there are different ways and strategies to use vitamin C for acute infections.  Here is a brief commentary I wrote about the IDEA of using Liposomal vitamin C over water soluble C (for oral use), for HIGH DOSE vitamin C therapy:

I cannot say, nor can anyone else as of yet, which method of use would be superior:  The "traditional" method of using ascorbic acid, finding your maximum dose level, and using THAT daily while you are sick... or using a more experimental approach which utilizes a liposomal formulation for oral use. It might even be a matter of personal response.

I, personally, don't tend to enjoy pure ascorbic acid in water.  Many people have a very low tolerance, which may or may not change when a person gets ill.

In the "general concept" post, we link to a scientific study that tries to make the case for taking 4 grams of Lip C in an hour to achieve high blood serum levels via the oral route, making IV administration unnecessary.  Don't forget to read up on that thread!


To be clear, all historic and traditional ORAL use of vitamin C used for acute illness was done with water soluble ascorbic acid.  Not buffered, not ester C, not "natural" vitamin C, but plain old pure ascorbic acid powder mixed in water.  Is there a case for using these other formulations for general health?  Absolutely.  Would I do that in this situation?  Absolutely not.

That said, with ascorbic acid, you can never even come close to the vitamin C blood serum levels like you can with an IV... no matter how much vitamin c you take every 15 minutes, the body can only absorb 1 gram per hour. The rest simply helps the body flush the system/digestive tract (which is useful, but not the point).

The traditional way to do use vitamin C orally is to take a certain amount of vitamin C every hour (or every 15 minutes, whatever)... like between 5 and 10 grams total per hour (10 is ideal). You keep track. You keep dosing until you get loose stools. You see how much C you have taken. Then, you stop for the day.

There are troves of tutorials out there that document this process step by step.  It is actually often referred to as a "Vitamin C Challenge Test", because the idea is to figure out exactly how much vitamin C that the body will tolerate, and then dose with that amount each day during an acute phase of illness.

What happens is that you finally reach a dosage point where you can loose, watery stools.  You stop there.  Then, the next day, you take 1 gram LESS, so that you do not get loose stools.

For an ill person, that might be 30, 40, even 50 grams a day.  So, what you are doing, is establishing your maximum daily dose... For COVID-19, you only do this if you start to get ill.  The amount of C that the body can tolerate when one is well is VERY different to what it can tolerate when one is actually sick!

Now, It will most certainly HELP if one is using this time-honored method of vitamin C therapy!  This was first popularized decades ago, mainly by the Linus Pauling Institute.

...but you still will NOT even get close enough vitamin C in the blood stream, as you can with an IV treatment.

As mentioned before, In the general concept protocol post @ the EarthCures forum, I post a link to a scientific study that makes the case that with LIPOSOMAL vitamin C, one may be able to take four grams an hour and absorb it ( 2 grams every thirty minutes, perhaps even 1 gram every 15 minutes). This would mean you could  easily reach elevated blood serum levels of vitamin C.

Trying to reach maximum blood serum levels with liposomal vitamin C should be considered experimental. And, if you don't make it yourself, it can also get VERY expensive!

We now believe that using the liposomal form of vitamin C is superior (this document has been updated).  However, for those curious about the experimental treatment methods, we'll keep them here, as they have value to someone.  And, there may still be value to choosing one of these methods if one needs to save money by using less liposomal vitamin C, and more water soluble ascorbic acid.

Of course, I'm sure that there will be those who want to keep using ONLY water soluble vitamin C, because they know it well and trust it.  It's fine to just stick with the time-honored tradition of max dosing with ascorbic acid!


The first experimental method is to dose with ascorbic acid just like all of the traditions teach...to tolerance. Once you establish tolerance for a day or so, you then begin to STACK liposomal C on top of that maximum dose of ascorbic acid (at the 30 minute mark, ideally). Thus, you see if you can get maximum tolerance of water soluble C, plus a higher blood serum level of C.  No matter what, the rule is always the same:  Dose to maximum tolerance.  If you get loose stools, reduce amount taken.

The second experimental way is opposite: to first max out on taking 4 grams of liposomal vitamin c per hour for 4 hours. THEN, you can develop a timing strategy to dose ascorbic acid on top of the liposomal, essentially doing the same experimental therapy, but flipped.

This is all that can be said, because to say anything else would just be an opinion, or one person's personal experience.  It may be that a person can't tolerate any liposomal vitamin C when maxed out on ascorbic acid, who knows?

I personally will be using liposomal vitamin C, with a maximum dose of 4 grams per hour (2 grams every half hour) for 4 hours.... TWICE... in a 24 hour period....for a total possible dose of 32 grams in a day. One of the main reason is that my body doesn't like pure ascorbic acid in any form, and I don't like buffering it if avoidable. 

And THAT is probably overkill!  (see the information Dr. Mercola published below for more details).

My body LOVES and gravitates toward liposomal vitamin C.

Remember, breast milk is liposomal!

Are there unknowns associated with COVID-19, and high doses of liposomal vitamin C?  Of course!  There always are with natural and alternative medicine!

Updates posted here as available on vitamin C:

Again, please read this document, exploring vitamin C and COVID-19:


According to the research conducted by Dr. Andrew Saul, the body can actually tolerate 100 grams of liposomal vitamin C.  If true, that is great news for those who would like to use liposomal vitamin C with acute illness rather than plain ascorbic acid.

Saul also claims that you can even reach a higher blood serum level than standard IV therapy!

Generally speaking, Dr. Saul states:

"“What I suggest, and have for some 44 years of professional life, is to take enough vitamin C to be symptom free, and when you're well, that isn't very much. I knew one lady who would take 500 mg of vitamin C a day and she was just fine. [Another person] with multiple chemical sensitivity, she needed 35,000 mg a day. Any less and she wasn't fine …"

I myself suggest a general "feel good" dose of between 3-5 grams daily (also the advice of Dr. Sara Myhill).

The link below is presented in the event anyone wants to research comparing blood serum levels and other useful data, derived from using different forms of vitamin C, ie. IV, liposomal, and water soluble ascorbates.


Don't forget to check out all of the other pages relating to COVID-19, especially the main page and the "Rumor Mill" pages!


There are a lot of wild rumors running around out there on different methods and "cures" for a corona virus infection.  In times like this, it is far too easy for people to panic and make bad choices based on misleading-- or even misunderstood-- information.

Wisdom is developed as a byproduct of careful attention to detail, and an increasingly increasing depth perception gained from actual, some times painstaking, real experience.

As such, this post will probably offend many people on all sides of the "isle".  That said, I feel I have to post it so that those looking for some form of clarity can find it.  Often, when some sort of action is required, the only other alternative is blind acceptance.

Much of this is based on real conversations I've had with otherwise very sane and competent individuals.  And even though I've laid out my case in a very concise and clear manner, cognitive dissonance has mostly ruled the day.  Arguing is counter-productive to my own health, so rather than creating negative energy in my social world, I've elected to deal with it by posting my thoughts and reasoning here, rather than arguing on social media and Facebook!

Here is the crux of the matter:

The 80% of the people who were destined to already weather COVID-19 with relative ease... are going to be screaming from the roof tops, absolutely certain that therapy "X, Y, or Z" cured them!  The reality is that some therapies may have even made the illness worse, but they would have no way of knowing that, since they were going to recovery easily anyway.

What we MUST look at is the 20%.  And we must ALSO look at the "why" of the 20, when trying to figure out the best natural ways to support them, and help prevent any given person from hospitalization.

Please take the time to understand the exact nature and progression of COVID-19, and steer clear of what ultimately may prove to be bad advice.  There is a LOT of it out there!

So, here we go:

Let's Kill the Coronavirus in the Body with a Hair Dryer!

How about we don't.  Where has this insane advice come from?  It came from a doctor who discovered that the coronavirus has an achille's heel:  Heat sensitivity. 

Well, is he lying or mistaken?

No, in fact, his research appears completely legitimate.  However, what people have seemingly missed, was the fact that it takes 133 Degrees F exposure for several minutes in order to kill the virus.  And that is the temperature that the mucus membranes must reach, and NOT the ambient temperature outside of the body touching the skin.  People think that if the sauna or heat reaches that temperature, than the tissues will also, and that is usually NOT the case.

Sadly, this is not feasible.  In fact, this treatment will be one of those things that people think is a great idea, until they try doing it with lesions in their chest... when it hurts just to breath.

Now, there is some merit to the idea of using heat.  In the original discussion thread, a TCM medical doctor has diagnosed COVID-19 as "Cold, wet, lungs".  So dry heat sounds like a great idea, right?

Not so fast.  One doctor, based on autopsies conducted in China, notes that the most potent MOD (method of defense) that the virus has, is a sticky, thick mucus protecting the tissue.  This mucus almost immediately starts to harden, which is VERY bad news.

Now, imagine taking dry, dehydrating heat into the lungs with lesions and heavy, drying mucus.

So, you would THINK that cold wet lungs would desperately need hot, dry therapy.  And in some situations, this might be true.  In my opinion, NOT COVID-19.  It is imperative that this mucus... which most people wouldn't even know is present, because they have a DRY cough... be liquefied and eliminated as one of the top priorities.  This is one reason why we use warm/hot steam vapor therapy (another reason is that this form of therapy is a time honored tradition that pre-dates modern history, ideal for respiratory conditions of all sort).

Now, the DRYNESS comes with the recommendation of using things like the iodine-spiked salt pipe, which is a vastly superior idea.

If heat is good, is there anything that can be done?  ABSOLUTELY:  Localized heat applied directly to the chest!

This can be a TDP heat lamp, a full spectrum infrared lamp/bulb... really, any HEALTHY heat, applied directly the chest to warm it... and WITHOUT raising the actual temperature of the entire body?

What about saunas?  That heat sounds awesome!  It is great for many acute conditions, right?

Right.  And... errrr... wrong.

The problem here is with education.  As Dr. Richard Shulze always taught, is that heat can be used safely under almost any condition...  provided that it is used properly  That's the catch.  Even people who are well versed in many different types of sauna therapy STILL put a great deal of stress on the cardiovascular system during therapy.   They don't know how to mitigate this effect, and compensate for it.

Cardiovascular stress is one of the biggest risk factors for death for COVID-19.  So, someone very health that is ultimately in the 80% bracket of mild symptoms, is going to get great results with doing saunas correctly.

But what about those other 20%, who desperately need to find a viable therapy that doesn't INCREASE pre-existing risk factors?

So, let us do everything we can to support the cardiovascular system, rather than challenge and stress it!

To summarize, preventing a fever with sauna therapy has always been excellent.  However, TREATING a fever with "fever therapy" is problematic and has many pitfalls, even if there are no pre-existing risk factors present.

This is one of those therapies that many people are going to tout it as wonderfully helpful... and yes,  to those 80% who have mild cases, indeed it probably will... but that is going to make a certain percentage of people... likely the ones who really, desperately need RELIEF as apposed systemic stress... it's likely going to risk making them worse.

If you have the training and knowledge to do it, you know what to do, and what needs to be done.

However, the most elegant solution?  Use localized heat, hydrate the body as a priority, you can give the body some needed moisture and support by using reasonable amounts of warmth with vapor inhalation therapy.

To summarize, the best no-risk heat treatment combines TARGETED dry heat (at safe temperatures) with therapeutic clay:  The device is called a TDP Clay Mineral Heat lamp.  TDP heat lamps have been studied in China for serious conditions respiratory conditions such as tuberculosis.  This is a heat therapy (infrared spectrum), and a frequency therapy (the infrared is "beamed" through a special black therapeutic clay rich with trace minerals... before it reaches the body), and a clay therapy, that is done WITHOUT using potentially "harmful" EMFs.

Many people who have been reading Eytons' Earth's clay information already have TDP lamps.  This is a GREAT time to use it!

Now, we can also take the idea of COLD/HEAT as it is intended in TCM:  Heat/cold is not just a "temperature", but an idea that describes the state of the lungs.  One of the best ways to convert cool damp lungs is not with LITERAL heat, but with herbs that are known to warm the body.  The original discussion thread touches on this, but as a secondary consideration, as there are more important things to consider first.

But for those that tolerate lemon, cayenne, garlic, warming herbs, ginger... You all the know the drill! :)

Bleach Kills EVERYTHING!  Let's drink a bleaching agent to kill the Corona virus in the Body!

Now here, my perspective will probably make both "sides" of the argument annoyed.  BUT, that said... Bottom line?  Let's not drink a bleaching agent to kill the corona virus!

Now are people actually talking about drinking something like Clorox Bleach?  No.  They are talking about "MMS", or some derivative thereof.

First off, MMS is a term coined by MMS zealot Jim Humble.  Jim discovered that using a solution of water enriched with bio-oxidiative and bio-active chlorine dioxide was extremely useful in combating malaria in those infected in Africa.  This much is absolutely true.  Africans infected with the often lethal infectious disease of malaria were given this water as an oral-use medicine, and in the proper concentrations, it DID eradicate the malaria in individuals who were otherwise deathly ill, and it did so safely.

That said, MMS is chemical substance that, when activated with an acid, produces water soluble chlorine dioxide gas.  This absolutely ****is**** a bleaching agent, just like chlorine is a bleaching agent.

Jim coined the term MMS as an anacronym  which orginally stood for:  "Miracle Mineral Supplement".

This is indicative of the whole problem:  It is NOT a miracle (it is simple science), it is NOT a mineral (it is a manufactured chemical compound designed to produce a GAS), and it is NOT a supplement (the body has no requirement to consume chlorine dioxide, hence it cannot supplement anything).

Eventually, years later, they started to change the name... first by changing supplement to "solution".   But it is always wise to look at ORIGINS for truth.

The first problem with using MMS or even highly concentrated CDS:  Advocates state emphatically that since it works for Malaria, it will work for COVID-19.  This is a huge leap, and it is a leap right off of a cliff.  Malaria is a blood-born, and blood-spread infectious disease.  It turns out that it wasn't so difficult to get a high enough concentration of the OXIDIZING AGENT, CDS, into the blood stream in order to kill the pathogenic organisms.  Fantastic!

The problem is, COVID-19 is not a blood-born illness, and it does not live in any substantial concentration in the blood stream.  It lives, primarily, on the outer tissue of the lungs where it infects lung tissue.  It is highly unlikely that you can get a high enough concentration of CDS through the blood stream and into the lungs-- without damaging the lungs-- to be effective.

However, there is a bigger problem at hand.  "Patients" in Africa responded amazingly to Jim Humble's original protocols.  When he brought them to the United States and the western world, it was disastrous.

Rather than take the time to study bio-oxidative therapies in depth (Bocci, for instance, in Germany has crunched all of the numbers making OZONE safe to use), Jim started blaming all of the users for their failure at using MMS.

But what was happening, is that individuals in the western world, due to environmental and dietary factors, were much more chronically toxic than the people in Africa, who always lived very close to natural in  an environment that was not (yet) over-burden with industrialized pollutants.

So, most individuals who were already very ill, were being made MUCH worse by using MMS.  I say "most" because I was a part of a ~200 group of people testing MMS according to Jim Humble's protocols.  Most had chronic issues of some sort.  At the end of the experiment, there were only ****three*** of us who could complete Jim's protocols.  The rest got too sick and had to quit... and they had to quick long before there was a high enough concentration of CDS in the body to do any real good.

However, NOT all.  When you get one in fifty people getting good results with something, soon you have troves of very loud voices touting the miracles.  Herein lies the bane of all anecdotal "data".  Compound THAT with the placebo effect, and you will start to see a very clear picture of what was REALLY going on.

You have an army of zeolots willing to hurt 50 people in order to heal one.  And most of the time, they don't even know that they are doing it.  Even if that number was 5 to 1, it is still far too high.

SO, I personally LOVE MMS... Or, should I say, highly concentrated CDS.  I always keep some CDS in the fridge, it is very useful.  I've also had decades of detox experience.  I can get an effective concentration of CDS into the bloodstream to get some really nice oxidative therapy going on, and only experience great things from it.

But would I dose someone with no such experience?  Absolutely not.

Jim eventually caved into the truth (after years upon years of complaints), and rewrote his protocols.   They are now MUCH more reasonable and "doable".  I still would not reccomend anyone take MMS who didn't already have a great deal of experience with it.

FURTHERMORE, ozone therapy -- and to a certain extent, H2O2 therapy-- is a more effective oxidizing agent.  One of the most significant benefits of ozone (activated oxygen O-), is that it is a systemic catalyst.  By its mere presence, it forces the cells of the body back to full respiration, re-normalizing the body's glutathione antioxidant system.  CDS does not have this effect.  In essence, even one round of medical ozone sends a huge reset signal to the immune system.

This is medical science.  The world's expert in medical ozone therapy, Professor Velio Bocci, has written troves of published research studies on the validity of ozone therapy, much of it has been translated into English.

Bio-oxidative therapy, in the form of ozone rectal insufflation or IV (see the  work of Dr. Rowen and Ebola in Africa), may be VERY useful to treat COVID-19... even just considering the fact that you can greatly assist oxygen-starved patients by increasing blood oxygenation almost immediately.

However, ozone therapy does require special training and special medical grade equipment.  This would not be a viable therapy for most people at home.  However, there are medical doctors out there trained in ozone administration, and rectal insufflation CAN be done safely at home if any person takes the time to study carefully, and learn the why's and why not's of any bio-oxidative therapies.

Final point and case?  Clearly, CDS is too concentrated to "huff" and treat the lungs directly.  There are warnings everywhere not to breath too much in.  Do I think that maybe there is an exact concentration where it can be therapeutic in-lungs rather than irritating or damaging?  Yes, I do.  Do I know what that number is?  No, I have no idea.

For ozone, I have the exact data.  Ozone used precisely at between 0.3 0.7 PPM is highly therapeutic to use in the lungs, without damaging the tissue.  That is good research, that is responsible research, and that is actionable in a safe manner.  Of course, the huge barrier to using this knowledge therapeutically is that the equipment that must be used to determine the exact concentration of ambient ozone is VERY, VERY, expensive!  Even to rent!


****This thread documents one method of how we are cleansing and protecting the sinuses, and thus by extension, the throat and lungs****

Upper respiratory (viral) infections often start by pathogenic organisms spreading from the nasal passageways to the throat, and then from the throat to the lungs.  It makes sense, then, to come up with a "doable" system to both properly cleanse and protect the nasal passageways, so that no pathogenic organisms can migrate through the nasal cavities into the lungs.

Cleansing and "sterilizing" the nasal passageways can be done by using a sinus irrigation system (like a Water Pik with an adapter) or a simple Neti Pot.  They even have sinus irrigation systems, although I personally prefer my Water Pik.  However, there have been complaints that adapters aren't working for some models of the Water Pik.

We like to use one teaspoonful of gentle baby shampoo per two cups of water, as pioneered by Dr. Mas Takiana from Baylor University.  Soap is a surfactant, and will eliminate any biofilm in the sinuses.  This will allow the sea salt to do a better job of sterilizing the sinus cavity. 

We also like to add just a bit of ***water solube*** iodine, such as Iosol.  It is not wise to over-do any form of iodine.  Using a water soluble iodine is not as effective  as using something like Lugol's, but it is far more gentle and safe.  We do use, as Dr. Sara Myhill advises, Lugol's (highly concentrated iodine) in the portion of this protocol where a salt pipe is used.

Use one to two tsp. of sea salt (we use ionized sea salt) per two cups of water.

Our water pik has about a two cup reservoir, so we irrigate with two cups, but the standard recommended amount is just a cup (1/2 tsp baby shampoo, 1/2 - 1 tsp salt).  One can use less sea salt to get the sinuses adjusted to irrigation.  It is uncomfortable and irrigating.

We also warm the water a bit.  Water that is too cold is uncomfortable, and water that is too warm is uncomfortable.  One can experiment a bit to find the ideal temperature that's right for the individual.

See the reply to this thread below to learn how we often do a second flush can be with some properly diluted hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).  Once the sinus cavities are cleaned, alternatively, one can simply use a "snoot" bottle to huff a bit of properly diluted H2O2.  This is ONLY for those of us already very comfortable using H2O2 in the respiratory tract responsibly!

Once the sinus cavity has been properly cleaned, the next step is to use a salt pipe inhaler spiked with a bit of iodine.  Before using the salt pipe, allow the sinuses to calm down a bit after irrigation!

A sea salt pipe ( https://www.amazon.com/Plant-Therapy-Himalayan-Inhaler-Crystal/dp/B006U41QN0/) is fantastic for a wide range of respiratory ailments.  In this case, however, we are going to combine the power of salt ions with concentrated iodine.

Therefore, one will need some form of concentrated iodine.  Dr. Sara Myhill, an amazingly creative medical doctor specializing in things Like CFS/ME, who runs a robust medical practice in the U.K., is the pioneer of this method.  She recommends using 12-14% Lugol's Iodine.  Can other types of iodine be used?  Most certainly.  However, keep in mind that the major benefit of using something like Lugol's is that ****it coats and penetrates*** the airways.  Use it with care, it is powerful stuff.  More is not better!  Also, please make sure that you are not allergic to iodine-rich products.  Simply dab a drop on your arm, and check for a rash.

Before using the salt pipe, drizzle about 4-5 drops of iodine down different areas of the interior sides of the ceramic pipe mouth piece.  The idea is NOT to combine it WITH the salt, but simply to deposit it on the ceramic portion of the pipe.  When you inhale through the salt pipe, the salt ions will pick up some iodine, and one can actually feel it in the nasal passageways.

Once the pipe has been properly prepared, simply "sniff"/inhale 10 to 15 "puffs" through the inhaler.  Make sure to treat each nostril equally.  One can feel the iodine coating the sinus cavities.

The best salt pipes come with Himalayan crystal sea salt.  Any high quality salt can be used, including adding a bit of once to thrice times roasted bamboo salt.  However, if experiment with other amazing salts, please keep in mind that some will act as throat and lung irritants.  Bamboo salt WILL, due to the sulfur content.  When I for one use a bit of bamboo salt in the pipe, I'm careful not to breath too much into the lungs.  I just "huff it" into the nasal passageways, and then exhale it out from whence it came.  Most people should probably just stick with the basic salt, but I did want to mention that there are alternatives.

This can be repeated  throughout the day to help protect the sinuses, throat, and lungs from pathogenic infectious organisms.

It is easy!  ...one just needs to carefully listen to the body's response.  Too much is never a good thing, but your sinuses will start to "complain" if one becomes a bit overzealous.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT IODINE USE:    Use iodine only as directed by Dr. Sarah Myhill's protocol/instructions (give here).  You do NOT want to use iodine in a nebulizer, or do anything to get ***too much*** iodine into the lungs.  At higher concentrations, it first becomes an irritant, and then it becomes dangerous.  Used as directed, it is very safe and effective.  Also, be certain that you are not allergic to iodine before using it (the simple skin test)!


At the first sign of anything happening in your throat, take a 10% betadine solution, dilute it in water by adding 1 part of betadine to 20 parts of distilled water (or colloidal silver).  Gargle often.

It is wise to keep the ears clean as well.  Right before treating, mix a solution of 50/50 3% hydrogen peroxide to colloidal silver (or distilled water).  Lay on one side and fill the ear canal with the solution.  Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  Then, do the second ear.  The more it boils and bubbles, the more it is needed.

A perfectly "clean" ear will not react at all.  Doing this daily will eventually leave a nice antimicrobial coating of silver oxide (which releases silver ions) on the surface of the ear canals.

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