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I'm glad that worked.

It really depends upon how you hydrate the clay that you are using.

I used to almost always use what I call super hydrated clay.  Raymond Dexreit paved the way for me to experiment and understand the different ways swelling clays can be hydrated.

With our green desert clay and with most smectites (aside from a river clay like Terramin), clays that are hydrated to the point that the clay BARELY holds together is a "sloppy clay."  It is very slick and slippery.  If a surface has a nuetral or negative surface charge, the surface will reject the clay and it will slip and slide away.  If a surface has a net positive surface charge, then with a sloppy clay, individual clay particles or tiny clusters of clay particles will actually adhere to the surface.

This is why smokers and others with throat issues sometimes complain that drinking clay or clay water can act as a throat irritant.  The damage and irritation to the throat causes clay particles to adhere to the tissue.  This is healing.  However, because we breathe through the throat, the air causes the clay to dry out, causing the irritation.

Now, for external uses, I mostly make a sticky clay.  This is a clay that is a bit more dense and is not quite hydrated to its full potential.

I think our green desert clay is rare, in that you can make either a sticky clay or a sloppy clay, if desired.

I haven't been able to do that with sodium bentonite... but to be honest, I haven't actually set out to try.  The clay either turns out to be like puddy, muddy, or sloppy.  The sodium bentonite I use has 4 hydration points, but I don't think any of them are sticky.  That said, I generally don't use sodium bentonite for poultices, so I have limited experience actually making clay gel with it!

I still do like to follow the general principle of covering clay with a dressing, because this polarizes clay activity toward the skin or treatment area, rather than the surrounding air or tissue, and it slows the drying process down... but that said, it obviously isn't necessary to use clay in this manner!  I'm very pragmatic, whatever is convenient, as long as it works!

Hi Goldengirl:

Welcome, and thanks for "stopping by".

I'm glad that the information here is resonating with you.  We try to be detail oriented and present accurate information in an easily accessible manner.  I'm always studying and learning and have been involved with various detoxification projects for over twenty years.

Finding the right starting point is the biggest issue people run into as far as tolerance to protocols, expenses, and basic "do-ability".  Once you gain momentum things get easier.

Let us know how things progress, if you get the time!


I've been studying the mind since I was about 17 years old. By age 22 or 23, I was teaching very specific meditation methods specifically to those who could not meditate, blending a specific form of metaphysics with a few specific forms of meditation to help overcome common...  and not so common...  mental blocks.

Recently I've (re-)started working on an interactive "book" project on the very basics of meditation and metaphysics.  This will be a great starting place for those new to the field.

I use a lot of very awesome technologies/tools to assist training the mind.  The interactive portion of the project will be an intensive daily immersion into three different forms of meditation.  The time required will be from one to two and a half hours, broken into two or three sessions daily.

*A comprehensive guided meditation that lasts from between 30 to 45 minutes.  This uses a very simple technology to focus the mind, quite similar to the Silva Method.

*A comprehensive brain entrainment program that takes exactly six months to complete. This uses a wide variety of audio/frequency methods to train the brain to easily reach deeper levels of consciousness

*A mindful meditation, most probably done with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's "Beyond" audio experience.

The "third" session will eventually be a free creative time to explore and develop very specific mental abilities, such as concentration, deep meditation, contemplation, and even the ultimate "communion".

I've decided to set aside about six to nine months of my life to fine tune and deeply research the methods involved, while I also write an extensive tutorial to clarify, simplify, and explore the depths of meditation... and from the exact individual perspective desired (as apposed to a strict theological approach, or one with a doctrine such as Buddhism).

I'm very excited about this program because as we, as individuals, get older, the old adage "The Best is Yet to Be" becomes harder and harder to justify.  I believe that the only way to continue to make this optimistic principle true is to start mastering the mind and liberating the heart; to do the work within. 

This work really needs to be started in ones 30's-50's, in order to ensure a good level of mastery when reaching the 70's and up...

This program will ultimately be a doorway to a life long daily practice.  I'm designing it to hopefully help avoid common pitfalls such as boredom, "overwhelm" walls, mental blocks, etc.

Check back here at the Meditation and Concentrate forum, where I will post updates as I am able.

Until then, of course, feel free to utilize and enjoy the forum on mental health, meditation, concentration, prayer, contemplation and communion!

Triphala is a great suggestion. It is very safe and healthy to use.

There are probably many people who have dehydrated colons where bowel herbs might not be enough to get the job done.

The three biggest barriers to regularity in the morning:

1.  Dehydrated colon due to lifestyle choices

2.  Low thyroid function...  This is the toughest one.  When thyroid problems become very problematic, it can be nearly impossible to deal with some of the symptoms.

3.  Drug use.  Even common OTC drugs can inhibit bowel function.  Some of them actually effect peristalsis, while others simply result in dehydration.  Plus, the more "powders" a person takes, the more fluids are needed to keep the body hydrated.

Finding out why the issue exists can help, but meanwhile, there are options.

Another option is...first thing in the morning...  drinking sodium bicarbontae water to flush the bowels.  This is actually healthy, although I would consider it alternative medicine rather than natural medicine.  It can be tricky to find the right dose.  Two little will result in no change to bowel function.  Too much will result in loose stools.

The problem here is that it can take a few hours.  The benefit though is that it quickly knocks down fungal population counts in the digestive tract.

So, if you are using herbs the night before, and it doesn't do the trick first thing in the morning, you can do a flush which is like hitting the reset button for you to adjust water intake, increase or change bowel herbs, etc. for the next day.

Lastly, keep in mind that bowel stimulating herbs tend to be habit forming, since they are dealing with symptoms rather than problems.  There are scores of people around the world that use bowel stimulating herbs for the rest of their lives to maintain regularity.  There's nothing "wrong" with this; the benefits can easily out way the dependency issue by far. 

That said, the "hard way" is to figure out why the body is having a digestive issue, and fixing that! :)  It is completely natural for the body to evacuate the bowels once to three times daily every day, and in an effortless way.

I wanted to take a few moments and write up another "testimonial" report of someone using the basic digestive system detox/cleanse and getting great results.

The individual was diagnosed with a severe case of wide spread dermatitis that was bad enough to interfere with sleep.  For the first few months, it was wide spread on the legs, then it migrated to the upper body.

Three months of medical and alternative intervention produced almost zero results (all topical treatments).

After exhausting the topical treatment route, the individual became open to the idea that the body's immune system is completely regulated in the gut. Most likely, the immune system had become overly sensitive to environmental factors that were not problematic before... maybe the "air freshener" (can't stand those!), maybe the laundry detergent, maybe a food source, such as dairy or grains.

The individual did the "bare bones" digestive system cleanse, and the rashing started to subside at about two weeks into it.

The individual didn't do a whole new diet, but she already had pretty decent eating habits to begin with.

Using clay topically didn't do much, although EIS silver always eliminated the itching and redness. Ozonated oils also did nothing.

The individual did get good results with the LEOs blend I make (liposomal essential oils, the "anti-fungal" blend that is listed on the earthcures main website.... but she only got good results once she started the clay-based digestive system cleanse.

This is the 2nd time this has happened... the first was a very severe case of cellulitis that was bad enough to require hospitalization at one point.

This really hammers in the idea that gut health is key to immune system modulation; it also shows that a good diet is sometimes not enough to result in immune system normalization.

I would say "doable" if at all possible.

There are individuals so ill that they cannot tolerate any form of detoxification (and have no choice but to do water-based therapies only to try to help the body), but I don't think you are one.

I haven't run into anybody yet that hasn't been able to do the basic cleanse, but that doesn't mean that it won't happen!

I would say pause for 3-5 days to allow the body to catch up from any induced retention toxicity, under most circumstances.  Individuals dealing with serious microbial issues (such as conditions like Lyme disease) may have to pause longer.

This digestive system cleanse is designed to be very gentle and supportive.

Hi Suzanne:

Keep in mind that for years I recommended people use Dr. Schulze's intestinal cleansing products/methods.  The most important thing is to get the mucoid plaque taken care of, by whatever method you can, as well as heal the intestinal lining of the gut.

I did various cleansing for years as a part of my normal life, without really doing a comprehensive digestive system cleanse.  Since I found clay early in life (I was 19 or 20), I didn't feel a need to do one.  I was very surprised at the results of doing the basic cleanse, and then doing a few rounds of oral chelation therapy.

Yes, eating healthy and and generally living well is often not enough to actually transform and heal the digestive system, although it certainly does help to do so.

Getting the digestive system working as designed will help prevent retention toxicity, and reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with deeper levels of detoxification.

Hi Suzanne:

The thing about Expel, is that it is extremely gentle and not habit forming.

The formulation that you link to is a modification (a bit more complex) of the old Dr. Richard Schulze intestinal formula number one.

This type of formulation is awesome if you need it.  I do keep a bottle handy in case anyone I know runs into an "emergency" situation and needs it for short term use.

However, it has hard hitting and addictive ingredients such as Cascara Sagrada Bark.  There will be probably about 15% of people that won't tolerate it at all (causing stools that are too loose, even with one capsule).

This bark is a two edged sword:  On the one hand, it can greatly increase bowel peristalsis... but on the other hand, if used for too long, it can cause the bowels not to function without its presence.

The only "questionable" ingredient in Expel is Senna... and there isn't enough Senna to cause any potential problem that people run into if they purchase pure senna, and then panic and take too much.

Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: clay and cancer
« on: July 28, 2019, 11:54:09 AM »
..we had an extensive discussion about this @ the Clay Disciples group, I don't think I can answer this question in a forum post and do it justice!

It's a complex question, and using clay internally when on powerful toxic medication(s) is riddled with problems.  The short answer is that you need to make sure that clay is taken only after such medications are metabolized and have had a chance to do their job(s).  Different drugs have different absorption times and different half lives.

There's no way to know for sure what the reaction you had to the clay bath was and/or wasn't.  Like most systemic detoxification protocols, it's often like peeling an onion.  And "sensations" that one has at the beginning of any bath detox protocol can fade pretty quickly, but that doesn't mean that the therapy isn't working.

For people who are not body sensitive, as an example...  The individual can do clay baths three days in a row and feel nothing.  Then, pause for five days and take another bath and then all of the sudden "get it" and feel the effects.

How consciousness connects to the body through the nervous system and the brain is quite complex... through what researchers are now calling the brain's "Default Node Network".  95% of what is going on in the brain/body is subconscious or unconscious.

Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: clay and metal bits in body
« on: July 28, 2019, 11:43:48 AM »
There shouldn't be any problem, as long as the body itself is not reacting it or rejecting it!

Healing with Clay / Re: Does the salt burn?
« on: July 28, 2019, 09:36:52 AM »
Hi Happy1:

Great question!

Salt is "salty" specifically due to the change in osmotic pressure between the two meeting environments (the salt and the skin, for example).  I'm sure there is actually a measured saturation point (a percentage) that is considered "salty" for humans, but I don't know what that would be.  In our deodorant tutorial, if I remember correctly, we use a 10% salt saturated solution as measured by a hydrometer.  That is almost enough to act as an irritant, and can temporarily as sensitive skin adjusts.

Next time I make hydrated clay, I will use my hydrometer to test the actual salt concentration, but it is not going to be anywhere near 10%.

What this translates to functionally, is that salt added to water or clay for poultices will just be "minerally" right up to the point where "too much" salt is added.  When the water is salty enough to start to pull moisture from the skin/tissue (in other words, when the osmotic balance shifts between the human tissue and the hydrated clay), then it will irritate the tissue.

For clay baths, I actually want the osmotic pressure to change between the water and the body, so I make a very salty clay bath.  This increases the detox ability of the clay water.

BUT, for internal use and for clay poultices, I simply never use enough salt for it to become an actual irritant.

Interestingly, the human taste buds give you a pretty accurate picture of a salt solution.  If you taste the water, and it doesn't "taste" salty, chances are the water doesn't contain enough salt to act as an irritant.  For drinking, it should taste neutral.  For external use, it should taste like non-specific mineral water; it should have a mineral taste, but you won't be able to identify it as salt, metal, etc.

The measurements I use on the "dragon sole" clay hydration tutorial advise using enough salt to enhance the clay, but should not be enough to irritate open wounds.  To be absolutely sure, you can always simply use half of the "dragon sole"... With the dragon sole, it's not the mineral salts that pack the punch, it is the sulfur!

...I recommend using EMs with probiotics, clay, AND/OR alone at any time.  I even have been known to add EMs to my clay drink.

Some people are scared of them, but my experience is that they are SUPER friendly to highly organized life.  Even when they help with "infectious" conditions, they do so in a non-lethal way, by out-competing other organisms for food, not by actually killing them.

I believe that they can greatly assist detox, but I think that the MOA is more of a mystery.

Hi -

Such clay baths no longer exist, as far as I know.  My partner, Cano Graham, used to run the Crystal Cross Clay Healing Center at a little hot springs location many years ago.

Blending will make digestion of raw foods better, but it won't lower the bacterial counts.  The act of blending actually causes an increase in aerobic bacterial growth.  This isn't a problem for people who aren't having a bacterial issue in the body, but it can be a huge issue for those who do, so much so that I always suggest that while a person is in this state of health, that they cook their foods very much.  This has always worked well, but it is of course not the only way.

You can use plastic wrap, but it cuts down the activity of the clay.  I recommend people use plastic only if they have to have clay on for an extensive period of time, like over night, so that the clay doesn't completely dry on the body.  Clay needs to be able to breath in order to function optimally.  The difference might not be that great, who knows, but here I do stick with tradition.  When I do use plastic, I recommend placing the clay directly on the body, putting a thick cloth dressing over the clay, and then applying the plastic.  This helps stop clay from absorbing the plastic, and it gives the clay some room to breath.

Clay is most active when all of the charge layers are full/hydrated; when each two clay particles are sufficiently active with water between them (making like a sandwich)...  the total energy field of the clay gel increases with each hydrated particle of clay.  That said, as long as the clay is wet, it will work.  As Raymond Dextreit taught, the most active clay is clay that barely holds together...but does hold together.  There is a trade off:  Fully hydrated clay can be difficult to work with compared to clay that has more consistency.

Using my "long method" of clay hydration via layering...with mastered water...  you can get fully hydrated clay gel that I call a "resting/heavy clay".  This is how clay is made in nature, and the benefit as far as our green desert clay goes:  It is STICKY.  Other ways of making/mixing clay render clay fully aerated and slippery.  Nothing wrong with it!  As Dexreit mentioned, never clarifying, clay made by adding water to clay is quite different from clay made by adding clay to water!

But-- please-- when you are not feeling well and you don't have energy, just mix the clay whatever way works best for you.  These nuances are just that:  Nuances.  Don't sweat the small stuff. 

Make clay wet and put on body.  Simple!

I really can't comment further without knowing if the adrenals are actually working.  I've known people on "adrenal protocols" for five, seven, even ten years, whose adrenals were still non-functional, due to issues like pain/stress feedback loops, bromide toxicity, iodine deficiency, who knows...  it happens due to excessive acidity (acid waste made by I assume pathogenic organisms) with Lyme sufferers.  I'm sure it can happen with mold as well.

The adrenal test is very simple to do once you have an upper arm cuff blood pressure monitoring device.  Hopefully, yours are online and working!

The water soluble, basic cleanse is located at the link below.  Please note that everything on this site is comprised of concept pieces.  They are designed to show principles at work, and give examples of how certain things can be done safely...


The idea behind knocking down population counts with only water soluble minerals is that they should be well tolerated by people with impaired livers/digestion, etc.  It MIGHT help the body to cleanse enough so that it can tolerate more aggressive therapies.

The liver, every time I've ever seen, can be completely healed using clay and lemon.  Even late stage scarring.  The body can slowly be adapted to the change of using lemon as a primary source of electrolyte hydration (in water), and the acids work well to cleanse and regenerate the liver without down-regulating the detox genes (unlike things like milk thistle).  Coaxing the body to tolerate lemon can be quite a feat for some.  However, the same can be said for other healing foods, as well!

Sometimes, you can learn more about what is going on by therapy failures.  Every body response is a valuable communication.

In the toughest cases, change is always needed for survival, followed very closely by adaptation.  Once you start to get the body vested in adaptation, it becomes better and better at it.

Regarding the link, have no idea if their products are good...  for me, as long as the air and soil/earth is filled with industrial toxins, detox will always be a daily thing for me.

Regarding meditation:   Few people even know what it actually is, because it is always taught using either strange language, or taught as a strict discipline.

People who are ill should not learn to meditate using a passive method.  The brain is too tortured to entrain.  The brain is already concentrating, it is concentrating on chaos, which will always grab its attention over anything subtle.

Instead, an ill person should consider an active, vibrational, heart based meditative exercises that don't require any mental stamina at all.  Finding some way to break free of the perpetual stress/depletion/fatigue feedback loop may be the only way for some people to heal.

When the brain cannot function, the heart can step in.  I guess few people know this, but the heart sends like 3X the amount of signals to the brain, then the brain does to the heart.

You know they say love conquers all, and love IS ever present.  As humans, we just have to find a way to open up to it.

If you are interested in testing something out for fun, send me an email about it.  I'll introduce you to a specific advanced method, and you can decide if it resonates.  I'm not at the point where I would recommend such things publicly, although I am getting closer to finishing a project I started when I was around nineteen years old. :)

Oh - last thing to add.

Sometimes, I am absolutely amazed at how a simple solution can make such a dramatic difference.  These problems get VERY, VERY complicated, but sometimes, there is a very basic, simple solution that turns things around.  The trick is finding it, and learning how to adapt the body to it.

I really like earthcures.org's primary "mottos"...  Change to survive, adapt to thrive... and...  Where good science meets wise traditions.

I firmly believe that there is always a solution out there.

I mentioned adrenal testing because things just are not going to work if adrenals are "down".  The cure that should/will work, won't, as long as adrenals are in a "time out".

This is frustrating, but it is a clue people often miss as they discard "cures" that don't work.

Coaxing the adrenals back online can take time.  In fact, one of the best ways to help the adrenals is very deep meditation.  Getting into very deep meditation also takes time to develop the skill/changes in brain function!

You have a very impressive handle on things which shows how long you've been dedicated to solving these issues.

Arsenic:  YES.  The mold toxicity could be the cause of the retention toxicity.  Once any organ starts to be affected, the body can down regulate detox, which will cause toxin retention.  It could very easily be normal exposure to arsenic (via something as simple as rice) that has been building up in-tissue for  a long time.

Retention toxicity is tricky.  It can literally be ONE metal or toxin that the kidney stops filtering.  The most common thing, of course, is mercury.

I'm sure you've already considered this and covered this:

Usually, when people have depleted systems/low functioning metabolisms, very well cooked food works better.  I would even say soups and stews.  Very few can well tolerate the coolness of raw vegetables.  If the body CAN process them well, then that is ideal.

A doctor that invented the ozone food sterilization equipment I used to use invented it because... he wanted his patients on a diet rich in raw vegetation.  But, it was making his patients sicker.  Upon doing blood studies, he realized that an imbalance in the microbiome resulted in a vastly increased burden of micro organisms that were not healthy.  This was CAUSED by the raw food and weak digestion.

He felt strongly that these patients needed to be doing raw vegetation, but he also knew that making them sicker was not the answer.  He therefore started having them ozonate, under water and with  a bubbler/diffuser, all food (no dairy, doesn't work) just prior to food preparation/eating.

This worked for every last patient with this particular problem.

Have you done the simple blood pressure arm cuff adrenal function test?  It's pretty easy to do, and in my opinion, as accurate (even more so) than any other diagnostic method.  Sometimes, adrenals will be working well in the morning, but start failing in the afternoon (for example).

Timing on clay packs must be 100% individualized.  Some people can only tolerate them, say, once weekly.  The idea is to build up tolerance.

Imagine going into a full vat of clay gel made from about 2 tons of dry clay.  An hour or two here will sometimes knock a person out for one to three days, enducing a deep healing sleep.

I don't like the way some teach using clay compresses/poultices.  They are too wimpy.  They underestimate the power of clay, and mis-judge what it means when a person has a deep fatigue reaction.  IF the body cannot well tolerate clay placed on the body, then it is not likely to be able to find any other way to heal.  This is my belief, but I do not have any real data to support it.

Clay works WITH the body, rather than just ON the body; you've experienced this first hand!

So, you have to give the body the time it needs to recover, and then resume, unless you can have someone take care of life's responsibilities and you just sit in a vat of clay, eat, drink water, and sleep.  I've never had such a luxury! ;)

I do know people who have ONLY been able to do clay baths...for six, eight hours a day, because they were quite literally too sick to do anything else (so why not be in a clay bath).  Even going to visit a doctor would be an impossibility.  This has worked... but, you can force the body into shock, so it is always an artful dance until the body finally adjusts to regular clay use.

Most people do not understand what fatigue from a cellular level is like, it's not their fault!  If your ND/MD understands it, you're way ahead of the game.

I would guess that your liver is pretty good since you can tolerate edible clay well.  If your diet is clean (able to digest every last morsel), using clay internally WILL regenerate the liver and restore function, and fix free O2 in the blood stream.  Dextreit swore by this, and it has been my experience as well.  Of course, add lemon/citrus/ACV to this and it is all wonderful for the blood/liver/digestion.... if tolerable.

Finally, we have a water soluble "metabolic wash" to knock back yeast/fungal counts in the active metabolism.  Even parts and pieces of the protocol can do wonders if there is a co-issue going on.

The baking soda portion of the flush can turn things around on day 1, or by day 3/4.... IF that is a central cause to metabolic distress.

How you know it is needed/working is that you start to feel better by hour 1, 2, 3.  A light bulb turns on, the body lets you know there is no question that this is a good thing.

Finally, yes, please, clay away from food when any type of exhaustion is present!

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