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...I think the effects of clay poultices vs. castor oil poultices are quite different, but I also think that clay is equally-- or perhaps even more-- potent.

When I come across reactions like this, it tells me that the body could greatly benefit from the therapy.

How I would approach it is to start with clay compresses.  IF you could also use a TDP Clay Mineral Gou Gong Far Infrared Lamp, that would even be more fantastic.

I would do compresses daily, paying VERY careful attention to the body.  Does it warm up nicely?  Does the body get cooler?  How are your energy levels throughout the day (better, lower, or same)...  making sure to pause as long as needed if the body's energy reserves get tapped.

If daily applications go OK, every four days or so I would try a full blown clay pack.

Of course, everything you can do for the liver otherwise is great, too.

As far as castor oil, I don't have enough experience to give guidance like I do with clay, but the general principles should be the same!

Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: Grit in clay
« on: April 03, 2021, 09:54:27 AM »
Hi Rebecca:

Yes, it is possible.  There will be a saturation point that is hard to "predict" with colloids.

I think a good practice is to "remix" the colloid vigorously, and then let it sit for about 2-3 minutes... or however is long enough to allow the grit to settle without allowing time for the "good stuff" to fall out of suspension.

All of this also depends upon the mesh or particle size of all of the particles as well.

[copied from Facebook Group Discussion]

Hi everyone!

I was asked to share my perspective on using clay externally, to detox the skin (clay facials in particular)... so, my thoughts are here.  Please feel free to contribute your own wisdom to this thread. 

To qualify my thoughts on the matter, here, I'm just exploring some of the ideas on the subject that are a bit less common!  Please remember that I tend to do things to the extreme... There are lots of different ways to use clay, not just my ways!

The person asking is going to be writing about it.  If teaching, or writing a blog post, etc., I would start off by documenting a cool experiment (at least, it was incredible to me at 21 years old).  Seeing is believing!  Seeing how hydrated clay actually works on the pores of the skin provides amazing perspective.  It also highlights the "healing" idea that clay works "with" the body, not just "on" the body!

Take hydrated clay gel (this works much better with water loving (swelling) clays like our green desert clay)  and put a relatively thick layer on ONE SIDE of the face only... Keep it wet/moist for about 15 minutes.  You can use a spritzer bottle with EIS silver, rosewater, or just plain water so that it never even starts to dry.

...After the 15 minutes, quickly remove it with neutral-temperature water, so that the temperature of the water cannot be credited for the results.   Examine the skin carefully, and you'll likely notice that the pores of the skin OPEN UP on the side of the face where the clay was applied.  You can see exactly how the drawing power of clay works by comparing the two sides of the face.

So, in this case, rather than using fancy terms like CEC or ion exchange capacity, I like to use use the old fashioned term "drawing power" to describe this particular clay action, because CEC-- sorption-- works by contact only, and cannot explain the deep action of clay.

Taking pictures of this process is a great way to educate people.  So many "Aztec"-type users think that clay action is due to the drying of the clay squeezing the pores.  They like to market to that "pulsing/pulsating" sensation that happens as clay begins to dry on the skin.

When I used to teach "Hollywood types" how to do clay for facials, I taught them to never allow clay to dry at all.  It is not necessary.  So many people here have their skin/face directly tied with their income, so paying careful attention to detail here can be beneficial. 

Now, I do love a good clay mask that dries, pulses, and really deep cleans via physical action, but doing this often will eventually increase wrinkles, and it also dries the skin out much more than is actually needed.

A thick clay "pack" applied to skin will work to cleanse ALL of the dermal layers, given enough repetition.  This can be a problem, because sometimes the body holds toxins in-tissue on purpose.  Then, when you liberate toxins, they cause the face to break out (etc.).  However, if a person's diet is right for them, eventually using clay for skin care can result in profound healing for the skin.

A person who already has good skin usually reports great skin via clay use.  A person with problematic skin will usually report great improvements.  A person with serious detox issues can run into challenges, but those challenges just highlight the fact that the person has some work to do in order to avoid more long term health trouble.

When clay results in challenges, they are usually what I call "exteriorizations".  An exteriorization is where via clay use, a LATENT condition that has been dormant becomes active and visible.  Many times this is because the immune system's "lights" turn on to the condition in question.  Sometimes this is due to the mobilization of diseased tissue, pathogens, or toxins, but not always. 

Exteriorizations, while rarer when just using clay for skin care, are always a good thing.

In this writing, I'm not even going to go into how valuable clay is for a myriad of challenging pathogenic infections!

Sometimes using clay on the skin also begins to pull toxins out of the fat deposits below the skin.  That's truly how powerful the clay is.  This effect is directly related to the amount of clay used on-body, so this usually would only occur when using clay as a thick poultice.

Sometimes clay even pulls FROM the lymph system out THROUGH the skin... and that can cause some very scary results in rare cases.  People have reported ejecting glass-like shards from the skin, wood splinters, tiny bits of metal, etc.  When I first started hand mixing clay (literally mixing it with my hands), I was amazed for a few months what was ejected via the skin of my hands; usually the palms. 

Even when larger "pieces" of debris are ejected via clay use on the skin, it is always painless.  In fact, using clay to remove staples from skin graph donor sites is one of the most amazing things I've seen...  The situation went from the person screaming at each pluck of the "plyers" trying to rip the staples out of the skin... to dozens of staples being ejected without any effort at all, and painlessly.

For healthy skin, it takes about 4 hours or so for the skin to re-hydrate after a clay treatment (under normal conditions).  Therefore, it can be wise to protect the skin during that "recovery" time.  The best thing I've found is a Frankincense facial serum... very light weight, very gentle.... especially for sensitive skin that often won't tolerate thick creams or layers and layers of surface oil on the skin.

I also use a ROSEWATER spritzer with EIS silver to spray on the skin (coating the clay) during the treatment...  just to keep the "pulling" polarized TOWARD the skin, and to prevent clay from drying... not using so much that it runs, just a light misting.

Also, for skin care, clay can also work to exchange substances (known as its ion exchange capacity).  A great way to demonstrate this is to make a clay paste rich with high grade olive oil.  Each clay is different, so I can't give ratios... but it CAN be mostly olive oil, but with enough clay to hydrate the clay.  Every clay is different, different waters are different, and different oils are different. 

A great "ad hoc" way to make it quickly is to take a real thick clay gel/paste, and slowly mix in some olive oil.  Our green desert clay is different than other clays, I'm not exactly sure why, but you will notice an amazing texture change once the clay "accepts" the olive oil.  It's transformative in a way similar to alchemical processes of the ancients.

Perhaps of interest, in my personal formulations, I always operate off of the principle of "two becoming one"... so, when able, I like to fully realize single reactions before mixing in more ingredients.  Commercially, this is not easy to do, but it is easy to do at home.  When experimenting, you'll learn a lot more by practicing this, rather than throwing all ingredients together at once!

With the olive oil clay facial...  Here you do a treatment by just leaving the clay on for 10-15 minutes.  There is no need to do anything but let the clay sit.  It should be thick enough so that the skin cannot breath, but it doesn't have to be "poultice" thick.  Maybe 1-2 millimeters thick or so.

When done, remove the clay, and gently wash the face with nice warm water.  Pat dry.

A cool thing happens:  There will be olive oil IN the skin, but not sitting ON the skin (provided that the clay was not over-saturated with olive oil).  Don't use so much olive oil that it doesn't mix with clay or continues to separate from the clay...  too much olive oil, and the oil will build up on the clay surface (and then perhaps the face as well).  It should be a cohesive gel, not too wet and not too dry.

Of course, a favorite is the apple cider vinegar and water clay facial.  This combination is excellent, because it doesn't disturb the pH of the skin as much, and the acid works quite differently to cleanse skin than clay.  The old "spa and skincare clay" that we used to make and sell was pH balanced with the consideration that healthy skin pH is slightly acid, from pH 4.5 to about pH 6.7.  We used an amazing acidic clay to blend in with our green desert clay (alkaline) and the red desert clay (very close to pH neutral).

Another thing that is compatible with clay use is high grade/pure aloe vera gel.

I do ****not**** consider herbs, in their native form, to be co-compatible with clay therapeutics.  For me, when a person uses clay with herbs, the person is practicing HERBOLOGY, not pelotherapy/clay therapy! I have many reasons for this perspective.  To be clear, it is perfectly fine as a part of the practice of herbology to use clay.  Dr. Schulze, for example, has always used edible clay along with slippery elm for digestive system cleansing internally (among other herbs).

That said, essential oils are so chemically pure (composition) that they ARE co-compatible; there is nothing really for clay to react with to break down... EOs do not change the way clay works.... You just have to be careful not to use too much.  And you can't formulate by the strength of the smell, because clay sorpts/absorbs much of EO; the EOs won't smell as much, but they will still be fully potent when used on the body.
A few words on the application of "spa" clay:

You always see fancy spas using wooden (or plastic) spoons to apply clay, and then the practitioner smooths it over until it looks perfectly smooth and to where the "coat" is applied uniformly...

...consider NOT doing that if your idea is to achieve mastery!

If you want the best effects, apply the final clay layer without ANY compression whatsoever. You don't want to compress the very amazing and fragile charge layers if you can help it.

Also, consider applying it as if you were making an ocean surface rather than a glassy lake surface.. meaning, let it be highly textured.

This changes the way the information works in/with clay and the body in ways that are baffling to me.

As quantum  physics expands our understanding of the micro-cosmic universe, we have learned that therapeutic clay has information that it passes to the WATER upon hydration.  We believe that this information is then stored in the Quantum field in wave form.... but, much of the information is actually stored by the field that the water generates.

I can't exactly explain the difference, but many people can actually feel the difference having compared  both methods! (meaning, highly textured, almost "fluffed", and applied with attention to avoid compressing the clay as much as possible).

Of course, spas are always going to apply clay in the traditional way, and that is just fine... It's certainly not "wrong", I'm just saying that there is quite a difference between different methods... and the more water a particular clay holds naturally, the greater the difference can be.


For those with amazing healthy and "glowy" skin, I do the most powerful facial possible this way:

First I apply a tacking coat. Almost like people put on their thousand dollar facial cream...  So that it goes into the pores, and dries almost instantly... but NOT enough to actually STRETCH OUT the skin.  This can also be done as a quick fascia massage, as apposed to a deep tissue massage... by applying very little actual pressure on the skin while applying the clay.

Then I put a second coat on, that is just a bit thicker, but still a very thin tacking coat.

I do the second layer quickly so that it doesn't fully dry. It might tighten JUST a pinch, but not that much.

Then, I apply a thick coat of clay, "plopping" it gently on the skin, then using my fingers to carefully spread it out a bit without compressing the clay at all.

At this point, I like to texture it, which almost has a "fluffing" effect... so it's actually expanding the charge layers a bit, as apposed to compressing them by applying downward pressure on the face/skin.

Then, I use a rosewater/silver spritzer every so often, to keep the clay from drying (but not so much that it runs down the face).  This keeps the clay "fully" bio-energetically active, and prevents the skin from stretching.

Treatment time is variable... from a short 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Finally, the clay is gently removed, and the face is gently rinsed with warm water carefully so that all of the clay particles are removed.  Remember to always remove ALL of the clay.  The clay will adhere to any damaged tissue (but tends to be repelled by actual scar tissue, it seems they have a LIKE electrical charge/field) and so there may be places on the skin that need extra attention for rinsing/removal.

Pat dry the face, and then apply a high quality facial serum.

This treatment can be too powerful of a treatment for people with problematic skin.


Another thing I would like to add:

The water used matters and so does the way you hydrate the clay.  I've spent a LOT of time studying natural and "artificial" waters because I noticed such a great difference in formulations just by using different types of water or water sources.

Hint:  A great water to use is "The Water of Presidents", if you must use an "out of the bottle" water to hydrate clay with.  Despite what some tend to believe, RO (Reverse Osmosis) is excellent, although I consider it nearly "blank".

See an example of a clay hydration tutorial below. You don't have to go crazy when making clay gel/paste, but you can if you want!

The structured water I use here is a deeply RESTING water... and by naturally hydrating clay without mixing, you create a HEAVY/DENSE clay, which is almost exactly opposite from the way spas tend to use clay for facials.

"Resting water" is apposed to a highly ACTIVE water, and using a mixing device to create a very LIGHT (or even 'fluffy') clay.

If you don't want the "dragon" portion of this formula, only use a TINY amount of dragon sole...  The dragon sole is VERY powerful and tends to be pungent.


If I think of anything else, I'll post it here!

[from Eytons' Earth Correspondence]

Hi Jason,

Can H2O2 be used against lung cancer?


Actually, I'm sure it can, but the big problem is finding the right concentration, and the issue with cancer and H2O2 (any oxygen therapy) is extremely complex.  H2O2 production is sometimes already present with tumors because of a metabolic failure, AND if you use too high of a concentration it is going to cause way too much tissue damage, it can even cause severe hemorrhaging (I've seen this PERSONALLY with cancerous lesions and ozone therapy).

BUT, with all of those questions and problems, I don't think that this form of therapy (bio-oxidative) should be dismissed.  I think we need to look at it carefully, and also NEVER try to rely on it as a stand-alone cure.  When metabolic processes outside the tumor are failing, those need to be corrected.  Identifying the CAUSE, and correcting it, restoring the body itself to homeostasis, should always be done as the primary goal.

I got an email once from a reader who found some of my articles on ozone.  He had pretty bad sinus issues, and then was diagnosed with lung cancer.  In order to breathe better, for his sinuses, JUST so that he could get a good night's sleep, he bought an ozone air purifier.

He got really "lucky" (I personally don't believe in luck!).  He placed the ozone-generating air purifier in his room in just the right place to keep the ozone below the irritation level while still saturating the room with a small amount of ozone.

After months, he accidentally cured his cancer... while he was just trying to breathe easier through his sinuses.  Imagine accidentally curing cancer! ;)

After his story, I began doing some in depth research, and found an authentic study that shows something like 0.1 - 0.3 PPM of ozone destroys lung cancer cells without harming "good" cells.   That is a VERY low level of ozone, and nobody in the field of ozone therapy would even consider that to be a therapeutic amount!

But, tracking ozone concentration would have to be done continuously (concentration is always variable based on numerous factors) AND  the equipment needed to determine exact concentrations can be expensive...  too much ozone, just like too much H2O2, can cause real problems, especially in areas of tissue damage and/or illness.

Please consider that ozone therapy, and H2O2, are both CHALLENGE therapies, what are also known as HORMESIS therapies.  They don't work by healing, they work by forcing the body to do very specific things, which stress the body, but cause highly beneficial effects.  Yes, they also have a direct effect, but the hormesis can never be dismissed, because you always have to be careful when "challenging" an ill person, and manage things with care.

If it were me, I would use a top notch ozone purifier, and keep experimenting where to put it and how high to have it running... and try to find a way to keep the concentration low, well below the point of causing any irritation.

With H2O2, the treatment method would be nebulizing it.  I have absolutely no idea the proper concentration.  To be clear, a too high concentration of ozone or H2O2 can cause serious hemorrhaging.  If this happens, and it is not in the lungs, it might be scary, but the body usually responds and it stops on its own (with no further ozone exposure).  So, erring on the side of caution, and also not RELYING on bio-oxidative therapy for a "cure" would be very wise.

Would I actually RECOMMEND it to someone?  Absolutely not.  There are way too many unknowns. 

Would I be open to trying it myself?  Absolutely.  I'm getting better and better at tuning in and listening to my body!  Plus, I already have experience with both H2O2 and ozone, so I know how my body SHOULD respond, and I'm not afraid of either one.  Remember, fear also produces a stress response, and the fear of something can actually be more detrimental, rather than healing, even if the substance is fine!

For everyone with cancer, I recommend researching very carefully Dr. Nicholas Gonzales' work with pancreatic enzymes... but you have to use a LOT of them.  Hundreds of dollars worth per month, handfuls at a time.  I've put a LOT of time into looking at this, and have corresponded with individuals who have even cured stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Some people think that it might work with the pancreas because you are using pancreatic enzymes, but this is not the case.  There has been a smear campaign by the medical community regarding this type of therapy, but you just have to research deeper.

I don't remember off hand how much he recommends, but it has to be a very specific strength/product, as well.  Another doctor thought more powerful would be better, but all of his patients kept dying.  Gonzales realized that the co-factors were just as important, and that the strength had to be exacting.  His protocols are available online and can be found with a internet search!

This is fascinating stuff. Iíve read through twice and probably will again.

Iím so happy to hear about the Pfizer technology. It also validates my internal instinct, which was strongly telling me
to hold out and only get Pfizer shot.

Dealing with the weather insanity in Austin, and no water, but will add that clay right away.

Iíd give anything to regenerate my underactive thyroid, which has been at the base of many of my issues. I wish Iíd researched this more back when I was diagnosed and started with the armour thyroid etc med.

Going to dive into the links youíve included. I get a little lost on the site, so thank you for answering directly! óI donít get lost because of the siteís organization, I donít mean thatóI just start going down rabbit holes and reading on and on.

Iíve struggled with taking care of myself this year. I need to do better. Gained weight, ate sugar, stopped moving so much. This has inspired me to just start with one thing, breath work, and add on to that, with some meditation, add some yoga, and try and get myself right again. I read an article that said our brains are not equipped to deal with so much cortisol and stress, and that people react differently to that. Iíve been a sloth.

You are not alone out there, and frankly, stress is the #1 health problem.  I mentioned breathing, because we get into bad breathing habits from stress, and then those breathing habits create a feedback loop, where breathing tends to support more stress.

This is one reason why I've spent so much time on our meditation tutorial program over the last year and a half.  To say that I tend to be tightly wired is an understatement! :)

With food, when working on our complete nutrition and detox program, I learned something interesting.

If you change the microbes in your gut, and eat to fuel the body only, you shed ALL "bad" cravings... and by bad, I simply mean here foods that support a "less healthy" microbiome.

When these are gone, it's no issue at all.  This proves to me, experientially, that the microbes in the gut DO communicate with the brain (recently, scientists have discovered that some microbes have cells very similar to cells in our brain and central nervous system, and thus have the capability to communicate on that level).

Now, even if you are "compliant" 90% of the time, and have only ONE cheat meal, you have to deal with cravings for the rest of that week.  And, the strength of cravings depends upon the neural net you've built.  Cells that wire together, fire together...

This not a moral statement or trying to make anyone wrong for choices...  In many cultures, the enjoyment of food is one of the primary and thus extremely important social engagements.  I'm also sure that a person could rewire their brain to balance this out; having a healthier neural network associated with foods used for stimulation and enjoyment.

Doing the basic cleanse, when done properly along with good eating habits, can really help, and if done masterfully, there's less than two weeks of discomfort (and if you are detoxing, the discomfort can over-ride cravings).


Kind Regards,


[from Eytons' Earth email discussions]

...I should have updated you after this email thread!! ówe were safe, have never caught covid, and
so far so good, still.

I finally got a giant bucket of clay but have been reluctant to start because I canít seem to get myself to hydrate enough on a daily basis.
I just start working and forget. I donít want to drink clay water and get stopped up. But I look forward to getting it together and starting this
habit. After these emails I also never tried the H202óif thereís a forum thread about that Iíd like to see it.

I have a question for you. Re Covid, I got the first Pfizer shot and getting the second on March 1. I donít normally do shots, no flu, nothing like that,

But this, I went for it. Got fearful and I see my 85 yr old mom every week. My question is: should I or can I do anything to help my body deal with this shot? Should I do a strong, consistent immunity building routine? Should I do chelation after? Iíd love your thoughts, because I hear people can feel pretty bad after that 2nd shot and Iíd like to make sure Iím optimum.

I chose Pfizer because I read it had 70mg less vax than Moderna but was the same efficacy. I figured, same result, less junk.

As always, I appreciate so much your willingness to share what you have learned.


It's great to hear from you, I'm glad that everyone is ok!

...you could even just add a DASH of clay to 1-5 gallons of water.  It does make a difference:


Although we are still very much operating in the unknown, I'm actually pretty excited about the "new" technology behind the Pfizer vaccine...

From my perspective, this technology is nothing more than a cell programming tool (yes, the idea can be just as dangerous as beneficial).  There is no purposeful antigen like mercury or aluminum.  What it is a liposomal formulation that is designed to enter a cell and program the RNA directly.  The program teaches the RNA how to turn that particular cell into a molecule making factory/machine... in this case, COVID antibodies.  I'm NOT an expert, however!

Some people comment that it does include a molecule that **can** act as an antigen, but they don't understand the proper context.  It's the same chemical used in most soft drinks.  It can produce a rare reaction, that is almost always mild.  It is not in the vaccine in order to act as an antigen; the vaccine efficacy doesn't rely upon this effect.

I still remain completely open-minded about potential problems, and I'm watching things as carefully as I can... It's tough to find a "proper" skeptic... one who is not skewed by cognitive dissonance OR resonance!

I DON'T agree with things like the flu shot, which often works not quite as good as a placebo, especially for the elderly.  The risk, in my mind, doesn't out way the benefit, especially since the "regular" flu is very treatable.

This newer vaccine technology, because it does not directly change DNA, when that cell dies, the programming dies with it.

Can this process "go wrong".  Certainly it is possible, and it has happened to one person so far that I am aware of.  Other than that, if you don't have an allergic reaction the same day, as far as we know, you are clear.

Liposomes don't last long in the body, they are very transient, and the body treats them like the best food on the planet if it doesn't contain toxins (breast milk is liposomal).

Keeping immunity strength up, especially in this world, should always be a top priority.  Vitamin D and K2, vitamin C, the basics, good food but most of all, good breathing and proper stress management.

I think I may have found a way to overcome the "constipation" issue... but please understand that in many books, clay is listed as a CURE for constipation.  Constipation with clay use is always a symptom of a problem that is being exteriorized.

The new "discovery" has to do with how the central nervous system regulates and communicates with the body....  it's based on the "polyvagal vagus nerve theory", which is paradigm changing, in my opinion.  The central idea is that if you find a way to reset the entire nervous system (especially cranial nerves and the vagus nerve system), the body will return to proper self-regulation.  You can do a search, the "corrective" exercise are VERY easy and simple to do.  Breathing dysfunction might also be involved!

I'm not sure yet if this can overcome the central problem, which is most often an underactive thyroid.  Time will tell!  Of course, one first must correct diet and water intake...  at least, within reason! (perfection is not required).

For H2O2 and related strategies, see below:



The bottom line, is that if you STOP COVID from replicating, you won't get sick.  As I understand it,  it takes some days for the virus to actually "infect" a cell in the nasal passageway/lungs.  During that time, it is VERY vulnerable.  Viruses are amazing, because they can be SO effective and yet are extremely fragile!

We have not seen the methods outlined in the forum posts fail.  That said, there is no way to know anything for sure, because you'd have to have a test population size in the thousands to really see how any given method truly works.

Keep in mind also that COVID can "infect" the digestive tract, and that COVID is actually GRAM POSITIVE.  We've tested clay extensively with gram positive organisms, and I don't see any reason why hydrated clay wouldn't grab and neutralize COVID on contact... even if it doesn't "kill" it directly.

Maybe someone else out there has different information, or a different perspective to share about the new vaccines.  But to date, the "problem" that I have with it is simply that we are marching into the unknown as far as potential unintended side effects!

Kind Regards,


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Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: Grit in clay
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Hi Rebecca:

We carry and use ultra-ventilated French green illite from Argiletz as a high quality edible clay.

Again, it depends upon the zeolite.  Standard quarry grade zeolite will not stay in water at all.  Zeolite, as far as all of the colloids we use, is the one that rejects water the most.  It is, in essence, rock.  But yes, all of these colloids are pretty much co-compatible, as they all carry the same electrical charge, and they are all (at least on this particular "list"), either pH nuetral or alkaline.

Eytons' Earth Discussions / Re: Grit in clay
« on: February 06, 2021, 04:06:19 PM »
Hi Rebecca:

That is probably the Argiletz.  Ordering clay termed "finely ground" with clay is like ordering chunks of rocks (lol)... this is why we only carry what used to be state certified "food grade" Argiletz, which is the ultra-ventilated.

But, it could also be the zeolite, if it is not micronized.  Zeolite has many more uses at a technical grade mesh than when used as micronized.

Either way, the "grit" is inconvenient, but nothing to really be concerned about.

You could "water wash" the clay.  Hydrate it the night before.  The next day, decant (or pour into another glass careful to leave the sediment in the old container).  Then, mix very well again.  Allow the clay to set for about 30 to 45 minutes.  Decant again, this time more carefully.

You can take the top 50% of the liquid, and leave the rest.

When I make clay this way, I usually use a very large culinary syringe to "pull out" the ideal clay water I want to use.  I actually LEAVE a small portion of the "top" layer as well; anything lighter than the water will stay to the top, anything lighter than the water, that isn't held in suspension via brownian motion (etc) will settle out to the bottom.

Chronic Ilnesses / Re: Multiple Sclerosis
« on: December 17, 2020, 10:23:49 AM »
Greetings, Vince!

...thanks for stopping by our little forum, here.

First thing, is that I truly believe that clay makes everything a little better.

As far as Multiple Sclerosis goes, I think MS should be listed as a syndrome.  Usually, syndromes are defined by the classification of the presentation of set of symptoms as the diagnostic tool (in the absence of any other formal diagnosis), but I think it should include illnesses that are defined ONLY by the associated symptoms or effects, rather than the root cause.  For me, it is more useful to look at it this way.

Therefore, clay's direct usefulness and efficacy is partly dependent on the actual cause of MS, which can be numerous things.

I don't believe that the immune system is stupid, and all of the sudden it decides it is going to attack itself for no reason.  There is always a trigger.  Finding that exact trigger may be very difficult, but considering that the assumption is that there is a pathogen, toxin, or protein that the body is reacting against which is causing the immune system over-reaction is a useful assumption.

Using clay internally absolutely helps the body balance immune system function.  Scientists now know that some of the symbiotic bacteria that live in the gut have cells very similar to brain neurons, and scientists have also recently discovered a direct lymph system link between the digestive tract and the brain.

In fact, no doubt in some cases, digestive system imbalances may actually be the causative factor for MS.

As such, I highly recommend that anyone interested in MS very carefully review the work done by Dr. Wahls ("The Wahls Protocol").  However, while using such an elimination diet (the strictest) is part of our own digestive system recovery program, it is very important to note that finding the exact right way for a person to eat, will NOT necessarily result in digestive system function restoration and healing. 

In fact, it seldom does.  So, while eating healthy can go a long way to restoring health, the results are usually either temporary or partial.  In some cases, the end result is that a person ends up only being able to eat a very few foods without reacting.  That is not actually healing, that is still treating symptoms.

Digestive restoration is best achieved from the top to the bottom.  That means starting with studying the health of saliva, then the stomach, then the small intestines, and THEN the colon....  and each interwoven system in between.

On the Earthcures main page(s), there is a digestive system cleanse that we recommend along with eating a truly science-based healthy diet.  It is a 2 month program.  The goal is singular, to transform the bio-terrain of the digestive tract, and especially to purge the "lethal" mucoid plaque that is almost always present in the colon.

Paying careful attention to the principles, rather than the program itself, is even more important, as it lists the things that absolutely MUST happen in order to achieve microbiome harmony.

There is also a good, two thread discussion on what makes a healthy diet, healthy, in the "nutrition" section of the forum as well.

As far as clay goes?  Absolutely!

...there is a continuation of this general discussion here:


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I've been working with the issue of "recovery diets" for a very long time, and of course there is no "one size fits all" solution, especially when it comes to the idea of "healthy" eating habits.

There are a few fundamental points that almost all nutritionists ignore or simply don't know; sometimes I think perhaps that it is too simple!

The first principle of nutrition, is that the body MUST be able to digest everything consumed.  While this sounds like a no-brainer, nearly all "experts" ignore this principle, and instead form elaborate rules and regulations governing eating habits to harness what they imagine to be how the body works.

Most of them are just plain wrong, which has been a real source of frustration for me over the years as I've tried to find and explore "the truth".

The second principle that they ignore, forget, or simply don't know, is that you have to feed the microbiome before you feed yourself.  This becomes very problematic in the modern world, since I would say that 90% of people's microbiome is ill, which means that it is not hospitable to human health and wellness.

Principle number one and rule number two are the primary reasons why people can't get well with diet.

Principle number two also gets complicated by the fact that this 90%, even if they are trying to feed the microbiome properly, are usually poisoning it and themselves.  This happens on several levels.  The first is digestive failure, or what you might want to call "pre"-digestive system failure.  What happens in the saliva and in the stomach.

Food that cannot be broken down becomes poison. This can be caused by lack of HCL production (often a function of deficiencies, such as minerals and in particular, iodine), lack of enzymes, and/or lack of cellular energy conversion coupled with organ deficiencies such as a low functioning thyroid.

Next, and equally common, is retention toxicity.  Even if primary digestive juices are adequate, many people experience liver retention toxicity, which translates to toxic bile (heavy metals are usually indicated here).  Bile is recirculated over and over again as it travels through the digestive tract.  This results in a very inhospitable bio-terrain for "beneficial" micro-organisms... but provides a great bio-terrain for many pathogenic ones...  the person is literally killing the good bacteria and supporting the pathogenic ones.

All of this eventually culminates into leaky gut syndrome, where the integrity of the colon wall is compromised.  This "compromise" also often includes a layer of mucoid plaque that exists within the colon walls.

I have not found any nutritional diet on the planet that purges mucoid plaque, and I've looked at them all.  Sometimes, someone might accidentally support their body in a way to create the right conditions to allow that purging and true colon wall healing... but it is certainly not by a "principle" of diet, because it won't be repeatable with any meaningful percentage of people.  It is usually just a "happy accident" or simply the mind/body connection working at a different level for healing.

Therefore, because of this, nobody using a diet to heal is actually transforming their bio-terrain completely.   Therefore, results are always going to be spotty, temporary, or illusory.  People end up doing massive amounts of very hard work on themselves, and getting a return that is often deeply depressing...  even though DOING that work is creating discipline which will always be very valuable.

I've worked with detox for a few decades, without that final key.  When I started experiments on myself, I did not think I would get any results.  Very few people on the planet have detoxed (but to be fair, I've done my share of modern world 'toxing" as well)  like I have.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I did a mucoid plaque cleanse that I actually DID have a purge, at about week three, and it completely resulting in the transformation of my bio-terrain, which changed everything.  It changed my taste, and it completely eliminated any and all cravings.

People with chronic conditions and illness have to put all of this together, and have to put it together in the order that is right for them.

My experience with nutrition is that extreme dietary philosophies, ideologies, and practices can be very useful for the short term, but rarely serve a person over the long term.  To complicate this, it can easily take ten years for dietary issues to show up as actual symptoms, by which time the damage has been done (but of course, is often "repairable).

This is why I have twenty five years of dietary research, but I still can't tell someone exactly how to eat.  Some people actually need to be on what I call the divorced cave man diet... what a "man" would do that loved hunting, but didn't particularly care that much for gathering, and certainly had no farming skills.

Other people (perhaps like yourself), may need the exact opposite for a period of time.

My long winded point here is that these extremes are usually only viable temporarily.

The great news is:  If a person does an elimination diet, a full detox and digestive system recovery program, one can then teach the body and the mind that the body's innate intelligence can once again be trusted.  One need not rely so heavily upon intellectualizations, no matter how well thought  out or convincing they may be.

Currently, the alpha testing for this program is in a holding pattern (anyone interested can still ask to join, though).

I would like to state that serious students of Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, and work involving the quantum physics "many worlds" model... where quantum mechanics intersects with metaphysics and spirituality, can join me in a new study group:

"Dr. Joe Dispenza - Advanced Studies: The Quantum Unified Field & Meditation"


This group is dedicated to solitary practitioners who are ADVANCED students; individuals exploring Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, the quantum unified field, and related modern meditation methods.

There are many great Dr. Joe Dispenza groups, good for general information and social interaction. However, I put each one to the test to see what kind of quality controls existed. All had the same basic, but extensive and tragic failures, that most Facebook groups contain. I'm never sure if admins just don't really know the work that well, or if they simply don't have the training or attention span to properly manage a group to make sure that lives up to the "founder's" teachings and principles.

As such, this group isn't for prayer requests, motivational meme's, cross posting conflicting ideologies (other work is accepted provided it doesn't contradict Dr. Joe's core formula, all content is welcome that is complementary), emotional "support", etc. There are some great groups out there for "general" students of Dr. Joe, and beginners.

By "advanced", I'm hoping that people attracted to this group have moved beyond working just "to get the things I want". There's nothing wrong with basic manifestation, but after so many "lifetimes", it gets a little boring.

I created this group to see if there is any interest in digging deeper into the philosophical issues, advanced challenges, for sharing advanced tips, etc... and identifying and resolving inaccuracies, identifying and resolving incomplete information, etc.

In this group, it is OK to question any idea or information for the purpose of deeper learning, understanding, gaining a superior perspective etc. I haven't met a perfect human being yet! Educated skepticism (this group isn't for casual individuals with a passing interest) is welcome, provided that it is approached with the right spirit.


I'm researching Dr. Joe's work and principles for the ADVANCED portion of the Beginner's Meditation Program mentioned in this forum thread!

...activated charcoal is great stuff, I think every household should have it.

That said, it really can't do all of the things that therapeutic grade edible clays can.

Like micronized zeolites (which is actually rock), activated charcoal is a "water rejecting" substance, and thus has no ability to form complex charge layers.  Unlike micronized zeolite, or other therapeutic clays, most activated charcoal used has quite chaotic particles.  They are often
 porous and strand like.  They also have no ability to respond selectively based on the local environment; this highly coveted property is what makes clay far more interesting and unique.

Fire produces chaos unless fire is taken to the extreme.  In other words, substances that are partially purified by fire are quite different than substances that are FULLY purified by fire.  To see how this works, look into the "sacred" production of purple, nine times roasted bamboo salt.

In order to fully purify by fire, you have to burn a substance until it can burn no more (it can take on no more electrons), and at temperatures that organic material cannot withstand at all.  This happens in places like volcanoes (volcanic origin clays), stars (where specialized elements are actually created), and in human procedures, which are usually hallmarked by burning substances at such a high temperature that it turns into actual molten magma.

However, like micronized zeolite, there are highly specialized forms of carbon nano-molecules which are highly organized and have very specific particle characteristics; highly ordered, non-chaotic, extremely dangerous OR extremely beneficial, depending largely upon the particle size and especially the SHAPE.  Those "tubular", strand like carbon particles so common in activated charcoal, have a similar/corresponding tubular shape in the nano-size range where the particles are extremely dangerous.  Thinks like C-60 or "buckyballs" should be used, which have "roundish" particle characteristics that help to prevent them from damaging cells.

Two of the benefits of activated charcoal:  1. ...activated charcoal does not really "hydrate" at all, it does NOT have a "sticky" state of hydration (sometimes this state IS VERY beneficial), and 2.  It has no ABsorption capability, does not "swell" with water, and thus it can travel through the digestive system with greater ease.

Sometimes I'll use activated charcoal just for the fun of it, but if I suspect any real toxicity exposure, my hand always reaches for hydrated healing clay instead, without hesitation or doubt!

Zeolite is some amazing stuff, but there is no company that I'm aware of, at least in the United States, that really represents their product honestly.  I use the word "honestly"  instead of "accurately", because-- while there are certainly issues with marketing companies and their accuracy-- you can be accurate and still not honest.

I would say that the exception is us, as I refuse to publicly write that much about zeolite, other than its fundamental properties.  I really like to have 10 to 20 years of experience with something new, especially if it falls in the realm of "alternative" rather than natural medicine.  Just because something is found in nature, doesn't mean it is natural medicine!

I do talk about zeolite quite a bit in this "Eytons' Earth Discussions" forum, but most of my focus in this aspect has to do with educating our customers about the differences between different colloids.  Here I'd like to expound upon zeolite itself, as far as consumer products available in the world, as used for health and healing.

There are four distinct, and quite different, classifications of "zeolite" (clinoptilolite).  They all share the same general properties, but they all work very differently in the body.

The first one is the most expensive and the biggest rip off, as far as I'm concerned.  It is usually called "liquid zeolite", which is a misnomer, because all zeolite is rock, and it is non water-soluble.  My regular readers know just how much I love it when marketing companies name their products impossibly!  Zeolite always is, always was, and always will be a non-water soluble colloid.  Even more than that, it is simply ROCK.  So, in other words, they call their product liquid rock.

In all of these types of products, there is only a minute amount of actual zeolite.  When it first came out,  after examining the product with a laser to check its Tyndall effect, I drank a six month supply in one sitting, and it did nothing (except rob my pocket book, but I wrote it off as a business expense as I was testing a potential product for our business).

This type of product is-- or so it seems-- actually, effective... but not for the reasons people think.  There appears to be a homeopathic response, as well as an elevated placebo effect.  Now, I'm all for utilizing the placebo effect, and I'm all for effective homeopathic remedies, but they don't work in the same way.

I've seen a few separate and independent lab studies that show that these liquid zeolites don't actually pull metals out of the body...  so, when they are effective, it is the body's response doing the work.  This is pretty easy look at, from an analytical perspective.  So, if you use this type of product, and it works, that's great!  If you recommend it to others for any serious condition, you are putting their health at risk, because homeopathics and placebo effects are very individual, not universal.

Let's be clear.  If a person has an MRSA (staph) infection due to a cut on the finger, 100% of the time our green desert clay, when used in hydrated clay gel/magma form, will eliminate the infection, and in very short order.  We have done time kill comparison studies in vitro lab experiments to prove it, and we've done many personal experiments, over and over across the years, as well.  It has even worked with diabete heart transplant patients on powerful immune system suppressing drugs. 

That's science.  We know the exact method of actions.  You don't have to want it to happen, or believe it to happen, and you can even strongly disbelieve it will happen;  it will still work.  It is not subject to the nacebo effect, either (natural clays are part of the animal kingdoms innate instinct, which over-rides the potential for psychological intentions to interfere... it truly does seem that the body "knows", right down to the cellular level).

Ok, the next type of zeolite, is the one which most of the world's most impressive studies have been done with:  Fully micronized zeolite.  This type of zeolite used to be widely available in North America until (of course) the FDA stepped in and pulled it all off of the shelves.  I have about five pounds saved from the last run we had, so that I can compare it to any other emerging products in the future.

The FDA stepped in, and stated that fully micronizing zeolite would "probably" liberate too much lead (zeolites are loaded with non-bioactive, non-bioavailable lead) from the zeolite crystalline structures.  They set  VERY low microgram dosage levels for human consumption... so, only the liquid zeolites can comply, since there is hardly any zeolite in any of them.

These amazing fully micronized colloidal particles are still "cage" shaped.  This has advantages and disadvantages, but is very important the smaller the particle sizing.  The "best" stuff is marketed under a process called TMAZ... the stuff you want to COMPLEMENT our product, is a product with particles sized from 0.1 - 1 micron in diameter. TMAZ is a PROCESS, so the particle size can any size, although it a wasteto use TMAZ to produce particles 10 microns and above.

These are the particles that the body pretty much treats as water; that's how tiny they are (although they are still quite LARGE from a nano-particle perspective!). They can enter and detox cells.  Because of the shape, they do not have cytotoxicity issues, as long as they are micronized properly (hence the TMAZ process).  They have two to four times the sorption power of other colloids/clays used for detox.

However, many people believe that these particles are too small to detox what I am currently calling mid-range toxic elements/compounds:
 Heavy metals and other positively charged particles too big to enter cells, but can still cause havoc in organs, soft tissues, and of course at and on the outer edge of cells.  This IS conjecture.  I've inquired as to the exact science, corresponding with some of the greatest minds in related fields, and no one is absolutely certain that this is the case, but it makes the most sense, given the differences in how people respond to use.

So, to be clear, these don't seem to do a great job at acting at the ORGAN level, or even really at the FLUID level.  I view them as specifically for "cellular" use.  There are CERTAINLY far superior things to use for blood, fluid, and organs.

Next, is what we currently love to use and carry in our wholesale store.  It is about "half" micronized zeolite. It is actually very well produced, and has "bell curve" particle sizing, with the top of the bell curve at about 10 microns (so, 10 microns would be the average particle size).  In the end, this translates to about half the particles small enough to enter the blood stream, and half that work through the digestive system.
As far a digestive system work goes, they at PHYSICALLY (chemically/molecularly) very similar to bentonites (smectites) and illites (mica)... but without the "healing" aspect.  The body has an innate awareness and intelligence when it comes to volcanic-origin ash type earths, but not zeolite, as zeolite is a rock.  There are quite a few things that zeolite doesn't do which healing clays do extremely well.

It should be noted that Indigenous cultures around the world have been using these "regular" healing earths long enough for them to become part of the human instinct.  The animals, same.  To date, we haven't found any animals chomping on actual rocks, and if they did, the particle size would be too large to be "cellularly" or biologically interesting to living systems. 

This isn't said to belittle zeolite, it's just an observation that zeolite has advantages and limitations.  By knowing what they are, you can develop the most effective protocols.

The final type that is used for human health is standard milled zeolite.  The best stuff is about 400 mesh (which limits the particle size to about 40 microns), but 325 will do (325 is actually larger than 400 mesh).  This type of zeolite works to detox the digestive tract; the particle are way too large to be biologically significant for any other function.

The benefit is that zeolite is "water rejecting" (I use to call it "water-hating", but, while accurate, the word hate is a bit too harsh!), so it is less likely to reveal/exteriorize constipation issues.  One should still drink plenty of water when using it, constipation can still happen, especially with those who are dehydrated or have thyroid issues (hypothyroidism).

The limitation is that it does not form charge layers, and so it has a very weak collective electromagnetic field... BUT, that "character" isn't needed to detox the digestive tract, anyway.  Again, micronized zeolite has a CEC rating of 2-4 times more than any other "detox" mineral/clay, so it has an amazing sorption capabilities. 

I had to find a specialized lab to do testing, all of the labs in the US wanted to prepare the samples incorrectly.  I found a lab in Canada where the scientists were familiar with the nature of colloids, so I tested a wide range of the colloids that we enjoy using.

Since it rejects water, it doesn't need to be "fully hydrated" to work, there simply must be water/fluid present. 

Here's just one  practical example of the differences being important:

One user had too great of a detox effect at the liver for standard healing clays; while this is very rare, it does happen.  So she tried using a "half" micronized zeolite, which doesn't do all that much for liver cleansing (compared to smectite with its "wafer" thin and flat particles) because of the shape of the particle.  However, the kidney reaction she experienced put her in bed.  That's two checks:  liver toxicity and kidney toxicity, no doubt resulting in the genetic down-regulation of Phase I - Phase II detox.  A complex, and often "catch 22" situation.

So, she switched to milled zeolite, and this worked perfectly. This allowed her to begin to detox the digestive tract without causing liver/kidney detox reactions.  The operative idea is to get as much work done where you can, in this case the digestive tract, and then SLOWLY expand.  A wise course of action would then to start to put TINY amounts of the "half" micronized zeolite into the mix, and proceed from there.

If I had my choice of product to use, it would be our micronized zeolite with the average particle size of 10 microns, mixed with 10-25% of European TMAZ zeolite sized between 0.1 - 3 microns in diameter.  If I had to choose between TMAZ 0.1 - 3 microns, and ours with a very wide range of particle sizes, I would choose ours.  There are other substances that can be useful for cellular detox... EXCEPT in rare situations, well a cellular effect may be absolutely critical.

The big issue with toxicity at these levels (such as the example, which is more common than one might think)...  is that things like ALA, EDTA, chlorella, etc... things that work at the level of Phase 1 - 2 detoxification... can cause a catastrophic detox reaction that can last, 3, 6, even 9 months of serious issues.

When people even have a smidgen of this type of detox reaction, they become very unwilling to try detox again.  They would often stay in their current, sometimes completely disabled condition, than risk another reaction like they experienced.  That is saying a LOT!

I've correpsponded with a few people that could only take some smectite clay (calcium bentonite), and place a glob of gel on the roof of their mouth, and then would spend 4, 6, even eight hours a day in a clay bath... with MCT and environmental toxicity reactions so serious that the only time they felt sane and "regular" was while they were in the clay bath.

These types of individuals swear that they can feel the clay gel pulling at the metals in their head/brain.  Later, they spit out the clay without ingesting it.  For individuals this ill,  the most "effective" detox agent that they can tolerate internally is water... anything else just sends them off of a cliff.  In some cases, milled zeolite may be a viable option.

It would be nice if we could find one "super mineral" that does everything.  It is just not possible.  You might find one that does everything YOU need it to do, however!  That said, you don't have to limit yourself to one colloid.

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