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You are very welcome.

When clay particles are floating around in water they are referred to as being "in suspension".  If, for whatever reason, they drop to the bottom of the glass and sit there they are "out of suspension".  It simply means that the clay is no longer mixed into the water at all.

Yes, it is most potent right after mixing.  As stated in my general instructions, I do like to allow clay to sit for two or three minutes or so, so any general "heavy" debris settles to the bottom, but that is not necessary.  Once clay is "hydrated" it is "activated".

If you go to the home page, to the left of every forum name, is an icon of a piece of paper with a "turned in" edge/corner.  When you have viewed all posts in that specific forum, it will be colored grey.  If there is a new post, it will be colored blue.

Also, if you sign up for the newsletter from the homepage, every so often the system will send out a list of the latest active posts on the forum.

At the moment, it's not too busy, so there is not a lot of activity.


Greetings, and thanks for "stopping by" our little forum, here!

You are very astute with your general analysis.  I would say the higher the quality of clay, the better it is to drink it all!

However, there are some very poor quality (by my standards) clay out there being used medicinally.  One example would be azomite, which the Weston Price Foundation recommends.  It is a great agricultural clay, but not the best for internal use.  It is, MAYBE, 50% clay, and the rest is dirt, silt, sand, etc.  Nothing WRONG with it, but for a clay like that, it is better to allow the larger debris to settle out before consuming.

Next, a good clay is rich with natural gas.  If you let clay sit and breath overnight after mixing it, nearly all of it will have out gassed.  This is great for those who are sensitive to it, and it certainly tastes better.  But, as far as true efficacy goes, it is more healing and generally therapeutic with all elements "intact".

The type of water used can impact the clay as well.  With some very mineral-rich waters, much of the clay binds to minerals, becomes heavier, and drops out of suspension.

For people who are ultra-sensitive, it may be a good idea to let the clay settle out as much as possible, leaving only the tiniest, non-visible particles.  This would be more along the lines of consuming highly structured water, whose properties are more oligodynamic and homeopathic.

Some with serious reactive limbic systems may, in fact, only be able to tolerate putting clay gel on the roof of the mouth, and never consuming it at all (these people always already know who they are).

Last, be sure to check out our "Beginner's Guide", if you have not already done so.  This is great to give to people who might--at first-- think that we are a bit loopy to be "eating dirt":


Back to dietary strategies for healing and health:

Here is another example where, what some people might consider a "counter-intuitive" approach is the only approach that works.  In cases like these, in fact, every other possible choice is simply a form of torture.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales explores the issue much better than I can:


To quote:

"Such patients do terribly with most fruits and leafy greens, which are very alkalizing, and cause their symptoms to get worse. Alkalizing fruits and vegetables stimulate the parasympathetic system, and in a parasympathetic dominant this is a disaster. Instinctively, such patients tend to hate salads and avoid fruits, but too often force themselves to eat such foods because of their highly promoted “health benefits.”

This  is also one reason why I wrote my "book" which outlines the pH testing protocol, because some people have such a messed up metabolism that the extra-cellular environment way too alkaline.  In the worst cases, a person can be both severely depleted of macro alkaline minerals, yet massively overly alkaline due to calcium leakage.

Imagine people locked in any central nervous system disorder, being coerced by dietary bullies, trying to force themselves into a dietary strategy that is quite literally poisoning them.  It happens all of the time.  Physiologically, the body will eventual win this "fight".  Psychologically, it can really severely damage individuals who are already ill and in need of real support.

This is also a reason why I chose a complete elimination diet as a part of my detox and nutritional program, which includes intermittent fasting:

Once you eliminate all food cravings, do a complete digestive system overhaul, and give the body exactly what it needs for base nutrition, you can then learn to trust what it is telling you.  A person can get back to trusting the instinctual drive, augmenting that with real nutritional science, and finally shed all of the intellectual confusion about diet and nutrition!

I spent about a total of three years working on a 120 day nutritional and detox program.

It is complete, but I need to do one more serious edit!

The concept is to go on a strict, nutrient-rich elimination diet (formulated about 70% by Dr. Terry Wahls) which includes intermittent fasting...while doing a full digestive system detox which includes blood cleansing.

When it is done, people then add back in one type of food at a time (to see how the body responds).

This takes care of 100% of food cravings, and helps to remake the microbiome.

To avoid potentially significant pitfalls with coconut-derived supplements (fatty acids), the body just needs to get in the proper amount of vegetation.  It doesn't have to be at the same exact time.  This has to do with an imbalance that occurs in the digestive tract when these types of supplements are used in higher amounts.... the imbalance occurs with an immune system over-reaction that never happens, because of the counter-balancing that occurs with the proper amount of vegetation.

It is not a big deal for people who are simply doing a tsp (equivalent) of coconut oil, or MCT oil, etc.

In order to avoid losing massive amounts of weight on an elimination diet...or having to consume too much substances like butter....  larger amounts of coconut oil or (real) coconut milk are utilized.

Thanks to scientists working with real, functional medicine, we are starting to really understand how to properly balance things out in the body.... And of course, this can be different for different people.


There may currently be alpha testing slots available.

Also, note that this group (references below) is for active participants only, it's not one of those general topic facebook groups.  There are plenty of those on meditation, this is specifically to test out and do the exploratory journey into the ways of modern meditation!

You can apply to join via our little Facebook group.  Please note that the initial questions must be read and answered, thank you!


Oh, last thing: Remember that this group is for those who are beginners, there won't be that much value for those who already have a regular meditation practice that they are happy with!

Healing with Clay / Re: fungus
« on: May 23, 2020, 10:29:07 PM »
Hi Mary, sorry missed this post.

For Ringworm, apple cider vinegar usually works very well.  You can put it in a small spray bottle, and spray it over the location at least three times daily.

Healing with Clay / Re: Using Clay on Deep Laceration and Sutures
« on: May 22, 2020, 09:27:16 AM »
This really applies only to treating areas when:

1.  A person is new to clay.  The body does need time to adjust to use.

2.  When using poultices over the areas above or around major organs.  It can cause exhaustion, sometimes, or rare occasions, even shock.

3.  When clay use is causing more extreme detox reactions.  This usually only applies to when clay is used over sensitive areas, and in larger volumes, but this isn't always the case.  Don't worry, though, the body will let you know!

There certainly are lots of "rules" to follow with clay use, as it is often much more powerful than one would imagine at first... But, there are just as many reasons and situations where it can be wise to "break the rules".  It's one of those things where it helps to really know the rules well so that you can know when to break them! :)

Luckily, a person can usually do very well by listening carefully to how the body responds, and acting accordingly!  If the body needs a break, it is certainly wise to give it one!

Healing with Clay / Re: Using Clay on Deep Laceration and Sutures
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:27:35 AM »
In essence yes.

What first would have happened is that all of the dead tissue and infection would have been pulled out.

Then, the wound would have healed from the inside out.

I did a concept study that showed that hydrated clay could be kept in a wound 24/7 during the healing period, and the wound would heal perfectly fine with very little discomfort/pain.

In such a situation, though, you would have to make sure that the clay did not dry out.

To put things in proper perspective, please note that supplementation of ANYTHING over long periods of time is actually pretty controversial.  Doing so is taking a position that is easily "attacked" from many different fronts.  There are a lot of perspectives out there, with extremely passionate and well-intentioned individuals that hold them.

One that I feel is worthy of mention is the Vitamin A and D controversy.   There are those that believe that a Vitamin D deficiency is caused by Vitamin A toxicity, and that Vitamin D levels should always be betweeon 20-40 ng/ml when this toxicity is resolved.

This doesn't match the research that I've conducted, but that doesn't mean that there is no merit to the idea.

Unfortunately, the scientific research that IS out there isn't the best research I've seen, and it doesn't take into account the relationship between vitamin D and vitamin K.  We know of many, sometimes serious, problems can occur when taking vitamin D apart from Vitamin K.  That's a no brainer.

Therefore, any valid research would have to take into account the proper supplementation of Vitamin D COMBINED with K FIRST.  Sadly, I have not seen one "anti-d" study that addresses this.  In fact, with some research, the topic is suspiciously avoided. 

People need to realize that nearly ALL positions out there are held by writers and researchers that cherry pick data.  When you see an otherwise brilliant paper or website, that ignores a fundamental issue that has been addressed, and they ignore it, it is usually on purpose.  People in this age have a strange need to write stories that completely agree with their narrative.

There are those who, of course, view unnatural supplementation as a "poisoning".  Our position is that nothing in creation is actually poison, but that toxicity of anything is directly related to concentration and volume consumed.  And, this, of course, may be variable based on individual conditions.

Some things are toxic in very low amounts and don't have any place in the human body, while even something like water is deadly if over-consumed.

What makes something health-promoting or illness causing cannot be evaluated based on chemical composition alone.  The only way this can be determined scientifically is through rigorous functional medicine research.  This type of research is not easy.  Luckily, as time goes on, more and more truly good science is emerging.

So, while I agree that it would be wisest to get Vitamin A levels checked and correct any imbalance, I haven't seen any functional medicine research yet that would sway me away from looking carefully at reasonable Vitamin D & K supplementation.

However, if someone out there has GOOD scientific data, I would love to look at it.  And, no, I don't see a study that injects Vitamin D into the bloodstream at high concentrations once monthly comparable in any way to oral vitamin D2 and K3 supplementation!

The truth is:  We would all be better served by living a healthy, natural life style in harmony with nature.  But that is almost impossible for most people in the world to do, and it is becoming harder and harder to do, not easier.

Hi Tosin:

That's interesting, I did not know that Astragalus could be used for chronic sinus issues.

I looked it up, and it seems that the benefit is due its immune system modulating effects.

Astragulus is not something I really have in my regular "arsenal", but since it also has major cardiovascular benefits, I might check it out further.

Thanks for posting! :)

Peddling conspiracy theories has become quite the art form, with promoters becoming quite good and throwing in just the right amount of a hint of trueness (not even necessarily "truth").

I like to self-study philosophy (not armchair philosophy sitting and reading books).  It appears to me that when a person believes that very first lie, they become unable or unwilling to see truth from that point on... concerning anything connected to or related to said lie.  Said person starts to become blind, and it is not always willful.

In fact, it doesn't even have to be a lie, it can be a purposeful misinterpretation of something that is otherwise true.

However, once a person clear's their own "belief system" (there is no law in the universe that says you have to believe...or NOT believe...  anything), that...gift of perspective... starts to return.

It is annoying to me, because there is so much manipulation in the world, so much self interest masquerading as selflessness.

I go through a process I like to call "mind washing the brain" to help clear out residual "beliefs" that may no longer be serving a good purpose.  It helps me to ****try**** to keep myself honest to my own core ideals.

Yes, some governments did a great job, like New Zealand and South Korea, for sure.

In our country, the federal government really botched things up, but it is the mixed messaging that has been the most harmful, along with the "health care" policies being implemented (well documented in the New York/pneumonia thread).

Millions of people are being fooled on both sides of the issue.

Self serving opportunists are lurking and thriving all over the place.  It is quite a sight to behold.

This ultimately will be a missed opportunity to rework our entire economy and health care system.


...I do not share your view about trusting governments, but I do share the view about NOT being "anti-establishment".

I'm getting ready to do a document that reveals the lies that the government, health authorities, and the mainstream media have perpetuated since the beginning of this pandemic...  the ones where the same authorities have done an about face and changed their information... I'm not even talking about the ones that independent research "outside of the box" is producing.

There is a saying that "water seeks its own level".

Governments don't seem to like state truths at all when they conflict with policy... and this is true even if the policy MUST be done, even when it is the only choice.

One simple example is WHO/CDC/Govts stating that standing six feet away from a person protects both people from a COVID-19 infection.  It most certainly does NOT.  Does it help?  Yes.  But the truth is (based on non-disputed science), that the distance should be 27 feet.

The government should give the statistical data so that people know.  The distance you must stay away from someone is also variable based on the environment.

But, the authorities think that is too complex for the plebes.  The should say things like "Staying six feet away from people when you are out doors on a calm day is perfect, provided that one of the individuals does not cough, sneeze, yell or sing".

Things like that may not be a big deal, but it is indicative of an attitude and is more of the norm as apposed to the exception.

One other example, is that CNN touted, early on, that masks offered zero protection from COVID-19, pretty much indicating that nobody should wear one.  They did this because they wanted the masks available for medical staff, they didn't want your average person buying one.

Diet and Nutrition (General) / Re: ReMag
« on: May 05, 2020, 10:58:24 PM »
...just remember it is only for skin cancers, and not melanomas!

The first is a product called "Cansema", a black salve marketed by Omega Labs.  Greg Caton has renamed it something like Amazon Black Topical Salve or something.  It is NOT fun to use, but it works very well.

The second is egg plant extract.  It works just as well, the difference is that you have to apply the egg plant extract every day for like two months.  With a properly made black salve, it is pretty much one application and done (for most people, anyway).


...even though these pages are called "Rumor" pages, I don't include anything that I don't feel has some important merit for consideration and real value.

Plus, I seldom post anything from armchair philosophers, I prefer corresponding with those with feet on the ground, those with direct experience.  But, yes, Mercola is hit and miss.

I have posted a few things that are questionable, but I still feel that the questioning needs to be done.

I've been mildly interested in some conspiracy theories for many years... but not because of boredom and You tube access, but rather because of many coincidences that have happened in the real world.  I will say that the things that I consider the real conspiracies very few people are even aware of, certainly not any of the conspiracy websites out there.

I have an axiom...  If I am not personally willing to do something about it, it is an abuse of imagination to rent head space to any controversy, conspiracy... or anything, for that matter, be it true or not. 

The problem is, getting caught up in these things (real or not) FEELS really empowering, but it is the exact opposite.  And many times these days, THAT is understood by information peddlers who take advantage of that, as well.

SO, anyone who spends all of their time in conspiracy head space needs to really do a personal inventory, and ask themselves why they are not actually DOING something of value with the precious life they have.

THEN, it does not take very long to realize that chasing shadows with axes is pretty futile.

That said, I do understand why people get caught up in things.  I still would suggest that a person employs the same axiom I have:  If there is an issue that has gotten you all worked up, do something meaningful about it to make the world a better place, or learn why you are obsessed with powerlessness.  I know, asking the hard questions is NOT easy, but self honesty can be very (and truly) liberating.

Back to the topic, I won't throw the baby out with the bathwater (with people like Mercola), but if I have missed the right perspective on something, I am always willing to take a look with fresh eyes!

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