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Yes, Jason! The main issue is finding a Teacher. I feel very lucky to participate in a living lineage, though it has its challenges. Namely that we cannot study something like TBM without first understating the Buddhadharma, as TBM cannot be removed from its Buddhist origins. And so, to study TBM is to also study Thai Buddhism. ;-) I often want to learn at a faster rate than what my Teacher wants to teach, and so I become frustrated!


I appreciate your passion and commitment in sharing your knowledge! I'm perusing your website now...

I have lived at high elevation in the San Luis Valley in CO many times over the past 18 years.
Most recently, I spent a year there and had some interesting observations based on my massage practice.

I study Thai Buddhist Medicine, which looks at health and wellness from the lens of the Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind).
Rather than chasing sickness through individual symptoms, Thai medicine seeks to treat the element that is presenting
as over excited, deficient, or possibly broken.  What I witnessed in the high altitude desert (8,000feet?) is that the effects
of excited/excess Fire and Wind with very little Water tend to take their toll.  More specifically, mental illness/imbalance from
excess Wind becomes alarmingly frequent. When the tissues/fascia of the body become very dry, there are also effects on the
overall health that become more evident over time. These effects manifest differently in different people, though what I'm observing
is that it creates an imbalance with Water. The water cannot move efficiently through the body when the other elements are stuck. Namely, Wind. For example, one of my clients had stuck water very deep in her lungs and was starting to suffer from asthma attacks. Her body was trying to move the water, but the wind was stuck in her chest/upper thorax. We worked to get the wind moving in her chest and rib cage while I was there, in two sessions (I worked on her in May). I left and prescribed hydrated clay poultices on her chest as well as internal clay use, and she is now free of asthma attacks. She reports some tightness in the chest, but is better able to manage with the clay and the wind balancing oil (a medicine made in our lineage) I left with her.

I don't purport to be a health expert. I have excess water :-) and adore the high elevation trips I make because it moves my water.
I have noticed that the transition to high elevation takes a bit longer to recover from, as I age (am now mid 40's). There are 3 lovely hot springs there in the valley which are also of great benefit to those who live there.

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