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The referenced article is such a beautiful insight into these horrors. I'm commenting on this older post because I think your thoughts about the biofilms being elsewhere/anywhere in the body are correct, and it is an active research topic for me. In particular I have been fascinated by the ability of microbes to embed heavy metals into their biofilm matrix, which might be one of the most catastrophic components that is often not considered (including in the beautiful article that you linked to). There is a nice short summary of this in the article below, and I think that zeolite can be another key strategy to breaking down these biofilms... especially in those 'hard to get to' places (if the zeolite is small enough). https://www.ppt-health.com/lyme-disease-basics/heavy-metals-in-biofilms/
Chronic Ilnesses / Re: Multiple Sclerosis
« Last post by vgand on December 17, 2020, 11:19:23 AM »
Hello Jason,

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. We are already on the Wahls diet - it has been a year now - and most of the supplements she takes is based on Dr. Wahls recommendation in her books and website.

In terms of trigger, my wife had, in retrospect, the first symptoms of MS in 2015: double vision for 3 weeks which we thought was a muscular, issue. This happened about 5 months after we received many vaccines to immigrate in the US - it included Hepatitis B. Should we maybe try clay bath? If this this information gives you a clearer idea, please let us know!

Thanks again,
Chronic Ilnesses / Re: Multiple Sclerosis
« Last post by Jason on December 17, 2020, 10:23:49 AM »
Greetings, Vince!

...thanks for stopping by our little forum, here.

First thing, is that I truly believe that clay makes everything a little better.

As far as Multiple Sclerosis goes, I think MS should be listed as a syndrome.  Usually, syndromes are defined by the classification of the presentation of set of symptoms as the diagnostic tool (in the absence of any other formal diagnosis), but I think it should include illnesses that are defined ONLY by the associated symptoms or effects, rather than the root cause.  For me, it is more useful to look at it this way.

Therefore, clay's direct usefulness and efficacy is partly dependent on the actual cause of MS, which can be numerous things.

I don't believe that the immune system is stupid, and all of the sudden it decides it is going to attack itself for no reason.  There is always a trigger.  Finding that exact trigger may be very difficult, but considering that the assumption is that there is a pathogen, toxin, or protein that the body is reacting against which is causing the immune system over-reaction is a useful assumption.

Using clay internally absolutely helps the body balance immune system function.  Scientists now know that some of the symbiotic bacteria that live in the gut have cells very similar to brain neurons, and scientists have also recently discovered a direct lymph system link between the digestive tract and the brain.

In fact, no doubt in some cases, digestive system imbalances may actually be the causative factor for MS.

As such, I highly recommend that anyone interested in MS very carefully review the work done by Dr. Wahls ("The Wahls Protocol").  However, while using such an elimination diet (the strictest) is part of our own digestive system recovery program, it is very important to note that finding the exact right way for a person to eat, will NOT necessarily result in digestive system function restoration and healing. 

In fact, it seldom does.  So, while eating healthy can go a long way to restoring health, the results are usually either temporary or partial.  In some cases, the end result is that a person ends up only being able to eat a very few foods without reacting.  That is not actually healing, that is still treating symptoms.

Digestive restoration is best achieved from the top to the bottom.  That means starting with studying the health of saliva, then the stomach, then the small intestines, and THEN the colon....  and each interwoven system in between.

On the Earthcures main page(s), there is a digestive system cleanse that we recommend along with eating a truly science-based healthy diet.  It is a 2 month program.  The goal is singular, to transform the bio-terrain of the digestive tract, and especially to purge the "lethal" mucoid plaque that is almost always present in the colon.

Paying careful attention to the principles, rather than the program itself, is even more important, as it lists the things that absolutely MUST happen in order to achieve microbiome harmony.

There is also a good, two thread discussion on what makes a healthy diet, healthy, in the "nutrition" section of the forum as well.

As far as clay goes?  Absolutely!
Chronic Ilnesses / Multiple Sclerosis
« Last post by vgand on December 12, 2020, 05:58:02 PM »
Hello everyone !

My wife has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a year ago. We've done many things - nutrition, supplements etc. - and she has improved a lot but still has a few symptoms. We are thinking/feeling that clay could be a really great help for her healing. We just ordered Bentonite on Greenclays.com and were wondering if anybody would have recommandations on how to best use the clay in this particular case.

Thank you very much !
...there is a continuation of this general discussion here:

Diet and Nutrition (General) / (Continued) - More Considerations Concerning 'Diet"
« Last post by Jason on December 11, 2020, 11:51:27 AM »
[Eytons' Earth answering question via email correspondence]
[in essence, a continuation of this thread: https://www.earthcures.org/forum/index.php/topic,3.0.html


I've been working with the issue of "recovery diets" for a very long time, and of course there is no "one size fits all" solution, especially when it comes to the idea of "healthy" eating habits.

There are a few fundamental points that almost all nutritionists ignore or simply don't know; sometimes I think perhaps that it is too simple!

The first principle of nutrition, is that the body MUST be able to digest everything consumed.  While this sounds like a no-brainer, nearly all "experts" ignore this principle, and instead form elaborate rules and regulations governing eating habits to harness what they imagine to be how the body works.

Most of them are just plain wrong, which has been a real source of frustration for me over the years as I've tried to find and explore "the truth".

The second principle that they ignore, forget, or simply don't know, is that you have to feed the microbiome before you feed yourself.  This becomes very problematic in the modern world, since I would say that 90% of people's microbiome is ill, which means that it is not hospitable to human health and wellness.

Principle number one and rule number two are the primary reasons why people can't get well with diet.

Principle number two also gets complicated by the fact that this 90%, even if they are trying to feed the microbiome properly, are usually poisoning it and themselves.  This happens on several levels.  The first is digestive failure, or what you might want to call "pre"-digestive system failure.  What happens in the saliva and in the stomach.

Food that cannot be broken down becomes poison. This can be caused by lack of HCL production (often a function of deficiencies, such as minerals and in particular, iodine), lack of enzymes, and/or lack of cellular energy conversion coupled with organ deficiencies such as a low functioning thyroid.

Next, and equally common, is retention toxicity.  Even if primary digestive juices are adequate, many people experience liver retention toxicity, which translates to toxic bile (heavy metals are usually indicated here).  Bile is recirculated over and over again as it travels through the digestive tract.  This results in a very inhospitable bio-terrain for "beneficial" micro-organisms... but provides a great bio-terrain for many pathogenic ones...  the person is literally killing the good bacteria and supporting the pathogenic ones.

All of this eventually culminates into leaky gut syndrome, where the integrity of the colon wall is compromised.  This "compromise" also often includes a layer of mucoid plaque that exists within the colon walls.

I have not found any nutritional diet on the planet that purges mucoid plaque, and I've looked at them all.  Sometimes, someone might accidentally support their body in a way to create the right conditions to allow that purging and true colon wall healing... but it is certainly not by a "principle" of diet, because it won't be repeatable with any meaningful percentage of people.  It is usually just a "happy accident" or simply the mind/body connection working at a different level for healing.

Therefore, because of this, nobody using a diet to heal is actually transforming their bio-terrain completely.   Therefore, results are always going to be spotty, temporary, or illusory.  People end up doing massive amounts of very hard work on themselves, and getting a return that is often deeply depressing...  even though DOING that work is creating discipline which will always be very valuable.

I've worked with detox for a few decades, without that final key.  When I started experiments on myself, I did not think I would get any results.  Very few people on the planet have detoxed (but to be fair, I've done my share of modern world 'toxing" as well)  like I have.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I did a mucoid plaque cleanse that I actually DID have a purge, at about week three, and it completely resulting in the transformation of my bio-terrain, which changed everything.  It changed my taste, and it completely eliminated any and all cravings.

People with chronic conditions and illness have to put all of this together, and have to put it together in the order that is right for them.

My experience with nutrition is that extreme dietary philosophies, ideologies, and practices can be very useful for the short term, but rarely serve a person over the long term.  To complicate this, it can easily take ten years for dietary issues to show up as actual symptoms, by which time the damage has been done (but of course, is often "repairable).

This is why I have twenty five years of dietary research, but I still can't tell someone exactly how to eat.  Some people actually need to be on what I call the divorced cave man diet... what a "man" would do that loved hunting, but didn't particularly care that much for gathering, and certainly had no farming skills.

Other people (perhaps like yourself), may need the exact opposite for a period of time.

My long winded point here is that these extremes are usually only viable temporarily.

The great news is:  If a person does an elimination diet, a full detox and digestive system recovery program, one can then teach the body and the mind that the body's innate intelligence can once again be trusted.  One need not rely so heavily upon intellectualizations, no matter how well thought  out or convincing they may be.
Currently, the alpha testing for this program is in a holding pattern (anyone interested can still ask to join, though).

I would like to state that serious students of Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, and work involving the quantum physics "many worlds" model... where quantum mechanics intersects with metaphysics and spirituality, can join me in a new study group:

"Dr. Joe Dispenza - Advanced Studies: The Quantum Unified Field & Meditation"


This group is dedicated to solitary practitioners who are ADVANCED students; individuals exploring Dr. Joe Dispenza's work, the quantum unified field, and related modern meditation methods.

There are many great Dr. Joe Dispenza groups, good for general information and social interaction. However, I put each one to the test to see what kind of quality controls existed. All had the same basic, but extensive and tragic failures, that most Facebook groups contain. I'm never sure if admins just don't really know the work that well, or if they simply don't have the training or attention span to properly manage a group to make sure that lives up to the "founder's" teachings and principles.

As such, this group isn't for prayer requests, motivational meme's, cross posting conflicting ideologies (other work is accepted provided it doesn't contradict Dr. Joe's core formula, all content is welcome that is complementary), emotional "support", etc. There are some great groups out there for "general" students of Dr. Joe, and beginners.

By "advanced", I'm hoping that people attracted to this group have moved beyond working just "to get the things I want". There's nothing wrong with basic manifestation, but after so many "lifetimes", it gets a little boring.

I created this group to see if there is any interest in digging deeper into the philosophical issues, advanced challenges, for sharing advanced tips, etc... and identifying and resolving inaccuracies, identifying and resolving incomplete information, etc.

In this group, it is OK to question any idea or information for the purpose of deeper learning, understanding, gaining a superior perspective etc. I haven't met a perfect human being yet! Educated skepticism (this group isn't for casual individuals with a passing interest) is welcome, provided that it is approached with the right spirit.


I'm researching Dr. Joe's work and principles for the ADVANCED portion of the Beginner's Meditation Program mentioned in this forum thread!
Healing with Clay / Colloidal Silver
« Last post by Happy1 on October 03, 2020, 09:46:08 PM »
Hey Jason!  I see you have used Colloidal Silver for several situations.  What recommendations do you have for sourcing colloidal silver?  Any "home brew" silver makes you feel comfortable about?  Thanks!
...activated charcoal is great stuff, I think every household should have it.

That said, it really can't do all of the things that therapeutic grade edible clays can.

Like micronized zeolites (which is actually rock), activated charcoal is a "water rejecting" substance, and thus has no ability to form complex charge layers.  Unlike micronized zeolite, or other therapeutic clays, most activated charcoal used has quite chaotic particles.  They are often
 porous and strand like.  They also have no ability to respond selectively based on the local environment; this highly coveted property is what makes clay far more interesting and unique.

Fire produces chaos unless fire is taken to the extreme.  In other words, substances that are partially purified by fire are quite different than substances that are FULLY purified by fire.  To see how this works, look into the "sacred" production of purple, nine times roasted bamboo salt.

In order to fully purify by fire, you have to burn a substance until it can burn no more (it can take on no more electrons), and at temperatures that organic material cannot withstand at all.  This happens in places like volcanoes (volcanic origin clays), stars (where specialized elements are actually created), and in human procedures, which are usually hallmarked by burning substances at such a high temperature that it turns into actual molten magma.

However, like micronized zeolite, there are highly specialized forms of carbon nano-molecules which are highly organized and have very specific particle characteristics; highly ordered, non-chaotic, extremely dangerous OR extremely beneficial, depending largely upon the particle size and especially the SHAPE.  Those "tubular", strand like carbon particles so common in activated charcoal, have a similar/corresponding tubular shape in the nano-size range where the particles are extremely dangerous.  Thinks like C-60 or "buckyballs" should be used, which have "roundish" particle characteristics that help to prevent them from damaging cells.

Two of the benefits of activated charcoal:  1. ...activated charcoal does not really "hydrate" at all, it does NOT have a "sticky" state of hydration (sometimes this state IS VERY beneficial), and 2.  It has no ABsorption capability, does not "swell" with water, and thus it can travel through the digestive system with greater ease.

Sometimes I'll use activated charcoal just for the fun of it, but if I suspect any real toxicity exposure, my hand always reaches for hydrated healing clay instead, without hesitation or doubt!
Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal will decrease your cholesterol, relieve you from flatulence and bloating, cleanse your kidneys, skin and whiten your teeth.
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