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Healing Muscles, Sprains, Bruises & Breaks / Lymphoedema and naturopathy
« Last post by marylise on July 11, 2020, 11:16:45 PM »

Any results with lymphoedema and naturopathy please? Thanks Corinne
Healing with Clay / Re: Information on how to drink clay for a newbie..
« Last post by Jason on July 09, 2020, 04:15:18 PM »

You are very welcome.

When clay particles are floating around in water they are referred to as being "in suspension".  If, for whatever reason, they drop to the bottom of the glass and sit there they are "out of suspension".  It simply means that the clay is no longer mixed into the water at all.

Yes, it is most potent right after mixing.  As stated in my general instructions, I do like to allow clay to sit for two or three minutes or so, so any general "heavy" debris settles to the bottom, but that is not necessary.  Once clay is "hydrated" it is "activated".

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Also, if you sign up for the newsletter from the homepage, every so often the system will send out a list of the latest active posts on the forum.

At the moment, it's not too busy, so there is not a lot of activity.

Healing with Clay / Re: Information on how to drink clay for a newbie..
« Last post by Moonbeam on July 09, 2020, 03:38:13 PM »
Thank you for responding Jason

I'm very grateful to be 'stopping by your forum!' - I did ask the person who we source our clay from: did they know if there was still a 'Harmonist' movement somewhere? And if so: did it have a website?
He gave me your website and another..

What do you mean by the following? 'Dropping out of suspension?'
The type of water used can impact the clay as well.  With some very mineral-rich waters, much of the clay binds to minerals, becomes heavier, and drops out of suspension.

So for me to be clear on the most efficacious way to ingest the clay. Are you saying: put your clay into your water; shake it up and drink immediately? And that way: we will get the gaseous part which may help even more with our issues?

P.S. I couldn't find my post without going to the notification email I got when you replied: I tried locating it just by going to the website but could not find it.
How do you see the latest posts please? 
Healing with Clay / Re: Information on how to drink clay for a newbie..
« Last post by Jason on July 08, 2020, 10:33:11 AM »
Greetings, and thanks for "stopping by" our little forum, here!

You are very astute with your general analysis.  I would say the higher the quality of clay, the better it is to drink it all!

However, there are some very poor quality (by my standards) clay out there being used medicinally.  One example would be azomite, which the Weston Price Foundation recommends.  It is a great agricultural clay, but not the best for internal use.  It is, MAYBE, 50% clay, and the rest is dirt, silt, sand, etc.  Nothing WRONG with it, but for a clay like that, it is better to allow the larger debris to settle out before consuming.

Next, a good clay is rich with natural gas.  If you let clay sit and breath overnight after mixing it, nearly all of it will have out gassed.  This is great for those who are sensitive to it, and it certainly tastes better.  But, as far as true efficacy goes, it is more healing and generally therapeutic with all elements "intact".

The type of water used can impact the clay as well.  With some very mineral-rich waters, much of the clay binds to minerals, becomes heavier, and drops out of suspension.

For people who are ultra-sensitive, it may be a good idea to let the clay settle out as much as possible, leaving only the tiniest, non-visible particles.  This would be more along the lines of consuming highly structured water, whose properties are more oligodynamic and homeopathic.

Some with serious reactive limbic systems may, in fact, only be able to tolerate putting clay gel on the roof of the mouth, and never consuming it at all (these people always already know who they are).

Last, be sure to check out our "Beginner's Guide", if you have not already done so.  This is great to give to people who might--at first-- think that we are a bit loopy to be "eating dirt":

Healing with Clay / Information on how to drink clay for a newbie..
« Last post by Moonbeam on July 08, 2020, 10:14:36 AM »
Hello Jason


I'm new to this forum and very new to clay in general!

I've been around the block quite a few times -  and I am really disappointed that I have only just come across how incredibly healing clay can be - I think it's criminal that so many people do not know about it and it is being lost in the annals of time..

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making a very valiant effort to educate and make people aware of how wonderful this simple 'earth' can be..

My question is: we have been drinking the water from clay after it has been steeped overnight; I have read your introduction to clay and it mentions both methods
1) Drinking as mentioned the water after leaving it 'steeping' overnight.
2) Drinking the clay water when it has just been shaken (with 3 minute wait)

I know you say in your article: that people do both BUT my question would be - which do you think is the most efficacious?

If you are 'only' drinking the cloudy water: the clay can be used until it is used up (am I correct in this?)
If you drink all the clay in with the water: then you are actually consuming the particles of clay and it will need to be replaced often

My rational tells me that the latter will be the most efficacious BUT I'm obviously interested in your experience/opinion and those of other experienced users..
Back to dietary strategies for healing and health:

Here is another example where, what some people might consider a "counter-intuitive" approach is the only approach that works.  In cases like these, in fact, every other possible choice is simply a form of torture.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales explores the issue much better than I can:


To quote:

"Such patients do terribly with most fruits and leafy greens, which are very alkalizing, and cause their symptoms to get worse. Alkalizing fruits and vegetables stimulate the parasympathetic system, and in a parasympathetic dominant this is a disaster. Instinctively, such patients tend to hate salads and avoid fruits, but too often force themselves to eat such foods because of their highly promoted “health benefits.”

This  is also one reason why I wrote my "book" which outlines the pH testing protocol, because some people have such a messed up metabolism that the extra-cellular environment way too alkaline.  In the worst cases, a person can be both severely depleted of macro alkaline minerals, yet massively overly alkaline due to calcium leakage.

Imagine people locked in any central nervous system disorder, being coerced by dietary bullies, trying to force themselves into a dietary strategy that is quite literally poisoning them.  It happens all of the time.  Physiologically, the body will eventual win this "fight".  Psychologically, it can really severely damage individuals who are already ill and in need of real support.

This is also a reason why I chose a complete elimination diet as a part of my detox and nutritional program, which includes intermittent fasting:

Once you eliminate all food cravings, do a complete digestive system overhaul, and give the body exactly what it needs for base nutrition, you can then learn to trust what it is telling you.  A person can get back to trusting the instinctual drive, augmenting that with real nutritional science, and finally shed all of the intellectual confusion about diet and nutrition!
chinchona bark, i.e., where quinine was derived from was the precursor to chloroquine, not wormwood.
Diet and Nutrition (General) / Re: OK, Folks, Stop it with the Bio-Hacking Already!
« Last post by Jason on June 20, 2020, 02:39:57 PM »
I spent about a total of three years working on a 120 day nutritional and detox program.

It is complete, but I need to do one more serious edit!

The concept is to go on a strict, nutrient-rich elimination diet (formulated about 70% by Dr. Terry Wahls) which includes intermittent fasting...while doing a full digestive system detox which includes blood cleansing.

When it is done, people then add back in one type of food at a time (to see how the body responds).

This takes care of 100% of food cravings, and helps to remake the microbiome.

To avoid potentially significant pitfalls with coconut-derived supplements (fatty acids), the body just needs to get in the proper amount of vegetation.  It doesn't have to be at the same exact time.  This has to do with an imbalance that occurs in the digestive tract when these types of supplements are used in higher amounts.... the imbalance occurs with an immune system over-reaction that never happens, because of the counter-balancing that occurs with the proper amount of vegetation.

It is not a big deal for people who are simply doing a tsp (equivalent) of coconut oil, or MCT oil, etc.

In order to avoid losing massive amounts of weight on an elimination diet...or having to consume too much substances like butter....  larger amounts of coconut oil or (real) coconut milk are utilized.

Thanks to scientists working with real, functional medicine, we are starting to really understand how to properly balance things out in the body.... And of course, this can be different for different people.
In rereading the posts above, you use the term..."In our 120 day nutrition and detox program".  I've read most of your posts but want to make sure I did't miss one.  As I stated, I had tried the BP coffee but dropped the butter and liquid MCT oil yrs ago.  I replaced the oil with a powdered MCT plus add a collagen powder.  I've been rewarded with improved skin.  You suggest to take MCT with fiber... veg.  The coffee was an easy place to put the two powders as I don't care for them in a cooler drink that doesn't mix well. I may make a small, mainly veg./ one fruit smoothie for my first food of the day at 11-ish. Always learning.  : )

There may currently be alpha testing slots available.

Also, note that this group (references below) is for active participants only, it's not one of those general topic facebook groups.  There are plenty of those on meditation, this is specifically to test out and do the exploratory journey into the ways of modern meditation!

You can apply to join via our little Facebook group.  Please note that the initial questions must be read and answered, thank you!


Oh, last thing: Remember that this group is for those who are beginners, there won't be that much value for those who already have a regular meditation practice that they are happy with!
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