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This is all so incredibly sad.  I am 2nd gen for exposure, plus my own personal exposure. My child, with even more vacc., add in exposure with food and air... That generation is going to have to fight to get close to old age healthily as my generation already is.
What is even worse:

The trans-generational effect.

The immune system reactivity/reaction gets worse with each generation.  I think I'm a 2nd generation (mother was over-exposed to mercury).  Kids of my generation... There are a lot of 3rd generation kids, and they can get TRAGICALLY reactive to heavy metals like mercury.

Dr. Christopher Shade did this work, and it provided so many answers to tough questions I had about exposure levels.
Good article...  As children, when we got a hold of a broken thermometer, we would empty the fun silver liquid and play with it. Add in Amalgam fillings and one starts to have toxins in the body at a young age.  Then we are exposed through food, air and water all through life. Its no surprise that the brain is affected with aging.
Researchers are always changing their minds about the causative factors in brain degenerative disease.  Why?  Because scientists are only really ever able to see "results"; what happened.  Then, they formulate theories based on observations.

However, new research strongly suggests that we're back to mercury, and not aluminum, as the primary causative factor.  It might be mercury that starts the chain of events leading to neuro-degenerative disease.

Is it the only cause?  Probably not.  Brain starvation (good fats) can clearly cause cognitive decline.

However, this research is compelling and well worth considering.

Mercury and all heavy metal detoxification is part of my normal daily activity.  You don't HAVE to have a fancy new drug to pull mercury out of the body!

RX Drugs usually have undesireable side effects, and can have unintended consequences...  Consequences which drug companies often try to mask or hide as best as they can for as long as possible!


Physical Exercise & Physical Therapy / Re: Red/NIR light
« Last post by Jason on March 19, 2019, 01:02:15 PM »
As far as full spectrum saunas go, I think that they are excellent, although I like doing steam ozone much better.

Here is a picture of my "make shift" full spectrum IR sauna:

These are the "good" quality halogen full spectrum IR lamps, and I made a canvas tent to use it in.  I would much rather have one of those fancy wooden saunas!  But there are too pricey.  Maybe one day I'll get one of the ones you can actually install in a bathroom.

But, it works!
Physical Exercise & Physical Therapy / Re: Red/NIR light
« Last post by Merrygoround on March 18, 2019, 02:33:19 PM »
Sorry, my fault, I read the last sentence wrong... the NIR/R light has a fan on it as it needs to be kept somewhat cool, might shorten the life putting it in the sauna. Those body hacking folks... combing the two therapies seems like a good plan.   :)
Physical Exercise & Physical Therapy / Re: Red/NIR light
« Last post by Jason on March 18, 2019, 01:55:43 PM »
Sorry, I didn't state that properly.

Far infrared won't negate the NIR therapy, too much NIR therapy will.

So, doing NIR before a sauna is fine... what people are trying to do is put NIR panels IN their saunas, and do both at the same time.  20 minutes is too long for these powerful panels!
Physical Exercise & Physical Therapy / Re: Red/NIR light
« Last post by Merrygoround on March 18, 2019, 01:51:39 PM »
The fact that one can negate NIR/R therapy with an adjacent sauna treatment is interesting. I would have thought the same way, it hope in the sauna afterwards to catch all the bases.  When doing the NIR/R light treatment and the cells are effected in a healing way, how does the sauna reverse that effect through sweating? 
Physical Exercise & Physical Therapy / Re: Red/NIR light
« Last post by Jason on March 18, 2019, 10:37:32 AM »
Oh and you are absolutely right.  The full spectrum saunas emit VERY LITTLE near infrared, and probably close to zero at 12 inches away from the light/heat source.

You can't replace NIR/Red light therapy with any kind of sauna infrared therapy, but it can also be said that you can't mimic the effects of full spectrum infrared sauna with NIR/Red Light.

A lot of people into this therapy do about six minutes of NIR front then back, and then step into a sauna.

Think of it this way:

NIR/Red Light therapy affects the mitochondria and cell function more, while sauna therapy provides a much greater systemic detoxification effect.

Some people out think themselves, and try to combine the two.  The TIMING and exact exposure is critical to NIR/Red Light therapy.  You need just the right amount of exposure for best results, and doing NIR therapy along with a 20 minute sauna will negate every last benefit derived from the NIR...  at least from a cellular function standpoint!
Physical Exercise & Physical Therapy / Re: Red/NIR light
« Last post by Jason on March 18, 2019, 10:31:11 AM »

...the price difference is due to the size of the unit ordered.  The super large one is about $600, the super small one about $100.

Keep in mind that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of these things that LOOK identical from the outside.  That doesn't mean that they use the proper power output, or that they are made with quality materials, especially since we're talking "made in China".

I think we got extremely lucky finding this source (we researched for close to two months), as it seems the quality is actual medical grade.

Joov is the gold standard (and based on pricing, I"m assuming they are made of gold LOL) to compare with.  $1195.00 for the same panel configuration as we have, with power output almost identical.

The difference is that our unit is the "old" analog technology, the new Joov units are digital.  However, this doesn't impact how the units actually function!
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