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Title: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: DancingTree41 on March 07, 2019, 07:21:03 PM
I really enjoy using Jason's way of doing a clay facial, using hydrated clay magma/gel and applying several thin layers rubbed in well and then kept moist. To the latest clay gel batch I made up with Green Desert Clay, I added some Sovereign Silver colloidal silver for using on my skin and in my mouth. After I did the thin layer application and massage to my face, my body gave me an intuitive message, "Now go do a Near Infrared Therapy treatment." So off I went, laying under my NIR lamp directed onto my face at about 16" for a minute or so for front, left, and right sides. (Or until my body said, "That's enough there.") I must say, the results were stupendous! Clearer, more vitalized complexion! The synergy of combining healing clay with NIR amazed me, the best of both worlds, and then some. It was my first experiment doing so. With successful results, I'll be experimenting with this again. Today!
Title: Re: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: Jason on March 07, 2019, 07:39:10 PM
Great, that's actually a really good idea that I hadn't thought of.

I have used my FIR TDP Clay Mineral Lamp with poultices and compresses, but I didn't think to use red light/NIR.  I think I'll try that the next time I use clay on the skin.

Clay does a fantastic job at storing and transducing energy.
Title: Re: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: DancingTree41 on March 07, 2019, 07:45:12 PM
I've been practicing listening to my body more and more. She has really creative knowings, worth exploring, I'm finding. Very dependable and trustworthy.

You've got my attention and my curiosity --- what's this about clay storing and transducing energy???
Title: Re: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: Jason on March 07, 2019, 07:57:43 PM
Just like quartz crystals can turn light into sound, and sound into light, clay can and does store and selectively manipulate energy.

This process is so complex that it is not fully understood.  Clay's selective interaction with biochemicals is quite dumbfounding. 

Most science focuses on clays amazing ion exchange capacity (CEC); its ability to sorpt and hold to surface other molecules with a positive charge.  However, very few researchers/scientists have focused on the FIELD that clay generates when in gel form.

For example (just one little field test experiment), taking a clay bath with 10 pounds of clay had no effect on a skin cancer lesion.

However, a clay pack about 3/4 inches thick and the size of a silver dollar made measurable changes, that were easily visible (less redness, no irritation, and flattened).  The actual amount of clay used was somewhere around a tablespoonful of clay powder.

When clay is in colloidal form, where the clay particles are free flowing in an aqueous solution do not have this amazing quality; this field whereby the strength of the field is dependent upon the amount of actual clay gel used.

This field effect defies simple logic.  It is truly homeostatic when considering biological life.

One study that was done shows how amazing the field effect can be, and doing the study required an amazing piece of custom equipment that can view reactions in real time.  Most scientific equipment captures the past... what was before, and what happened... not the process in real time.

The study was done by Sandia National Laboratory.  I keep a copy of it in the "science" section of Eytons' Earth.  It is quite technical.

The science section:

The study is in this .pdf:


Anyway, it is this field effect that gives clay its "magical" abilities.  I say magical, because the exact mechanics are not very well understood.

This is also why I would like to do much more research using clay baths made not with a cup of clay... but clay gel baths made with a few TONS of clay.

I don't have access to clay baths like Cano Graham developed at the Crystal Cross Clay Healing Center back in the 80's.  Maybe one day!
Title: Re: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: Jason on March 07, 2019, 08:03:35 PM
I am endlessly fascinated while studying this aspect of clay therapy.

Have you ever noticed after putting a big thick clay pack on that the subconscious mind sometimes RESISTS application?  The body can actually develop a nervousness and a stress response.

If you self-examine this process, you'll notice that there are a lot of changes going on, probably measurable in nanoseconds.  Like a dance between the clay and the body's own bio-electric field.

Then (usually...sometimes?)... in a moment the body will give in and accept the clay pack, and this sensation will pass.

Other times, there is an exact opposite sensation:  Clay application feels almost immediately comforting and relaxing; warm, soothing, calming.

I actually saw one person go into real shock via  a clay poultice application to the abdominal area.
Title: Re: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: DancingTree41 on March 07, 2019, 11:00:50 PM
Likewise --- I delve into and study the energetic and spiritual levels of healing. Exploring this geography, I've become increasingly aware of intricacy within these dimensions. There is more going on than meets the (physical) eye.

<<< Woo-Woo Alert >>>

The key for me is the Body. And it's nice, and essential, to have clear dialogue with the Body. The Body never lies. She (Note: gender reference is for my body) can only tell the truth. I subscribe to Hank Wesselman's teachings of Kahuna healing, and accept that the Body has her own Soul. This Body Soul has vast wisdom, knowledge, and creative capacity, inherent in her physicality, encoded in her DNA, and intimately connected/interfaced with her environment/planet, placed in timespace in this universe. She has a sentience and a Dreaming. And so, "I" am learning to deep-listen to her as my primary source of good information for healing her.

So how does this relate to healing? I find my Body knows the right timing, the next step to take, what to use and how to use it. "Interferences" come from the disease-causers that are also residing in my Body. They do not want to be eradicated, so they have their say about it. Whether it's the lobbying of the 9 trillion microbes in my microbiome against the 1 trillion of human cells, or the populations of pathogenic organisms vying to colonize my bioterrain, they all react against anything that seeks to control them. It's called quorum sensing with bacteria... these ancient creatures do know what's going on in their world, and can feel intentions directed at them. They've been perfecting the art of survival for a long time. As has my Body.

With this in my awareness, whenever I feel "resistance" to my taking the next step in healing, I ask, "who is talking?" And then I listen. And discern. With practice, I've come to distinguish my Body from the intruders. The quiet voice of my Body from the screaming of the others, who try their best to drown out the centered knowingness of my Body. They sound different, with practiced ears. So, "You are not going to kill us" sounds different from "Let's wait a few hours so I can digest and integrate that last treatment". "Or "Not now, I'm still hurting." Or "Please, I need a nap." My next challenge is to move into action when she (my Body) says, "Now!", guiding me to make my next healing move.

The beauty of this is that it is all within. All I need do is ask, "Will you help me?" And then listen for the answer(s). Granted, sometimes I've waited 10 years for an answer... Things sped up with practice and developing my listening muscles. My Body, my inner healer, likes talking with me. It's efficient.

So how does this relate to clay therapy? I find that Clay has its own sentience, wisdom, and creative capacity. It's magical when the Body and Clay synergize. They are both healers by nature. When I work with them, I deep-listen to both, Body and Clay. And then feel privileged to witness and experience what they do together, their dance. I learn from them. And I am grateful.


Now, to figure out just how to make a big vat of clay gel to sit in! :O)
Title: Re: Clay Facial Masque
Post by: Jason on March 14, 2019, 03:33:59 PM
"The key for me is the Body. And it's nice, and essential, to have clear dialogue with the Body. The Body never lies."

That's great, I agree, the body expresses as the subconscious mind itself, and it doesn't lie, but can only communicate quite literally with answers relevant only to the now "this moment".

I plan on doing some more interesting work with the ideas presented in the book "Power Vs. Force" by Hawkins.  Very unique work.  I have both proven and disproved the ideas presented!

I like the 2 person muscle testing method, and I like to use a scaling method as well.  I even enjoy doing silent questioning.

I used to use a single person method of muscle testing, and was quite good at it.  One day, it stopped working...LOL... I turned on and got stuck on "yes".  Everything tests yes.  Of course, this is different than listening to one's intuition or 'gut' instinct.

I even hired a talented energy worker to get me unstuck, and that worked for about three days.  I just decided that my body currently doesn't want me to use the single person muscle testing method, for whatever reason, and that's ok.